After the Rape


It started as a very strong, intense and powerful, warm tingly feeling that spread from her clitoris to her vagina, and then through her whole lower body. Very quickly her clitoris, vagina, crotch muscles and butt squeezed and pulsed a few times, and her first orgasm from her dad vibrated all through her. Cassia felt her toes curl, and she alternated from holding her breath and breathing really fast. Her body tensed up and jerked uncontrollably as a series of gasps, and groans came from her. The intensity of her orgasm was mind numbing. The pleasure was intense and fulfilling.

He couldn't get over how wonderful his daughter was. He knew Cassia loved him very deeply, why else was she was doing this. She had steadily gotten hotter and wetter and he knew from her bouncing all over the bed, she was cumming. He really couldn't hold back anymore and all of the time of having nothing exploded from him. He shot jet after jet of hot sperm.

Cassia felt his penis swelling and hardening, and then twitching and pulsating deep inside of her. The power was intoxicating, she loved the thought that it was her that had made him get to this point. Her body had connected with his in a passionate and sensuous joining of their souls.

Her dad collapsed beside her and they basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking, tenderly kissing and holding each other.

Cassia wasn't stupid, what she and her dad were doing could never make her forget what had happened that day, but she knew it would help her to live with it. She also knew this was only the first of many times to come for them, maybe even again this night.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/12/18

So sweet of him.

To show her truly what making loves all about. They need to continue and have her overcome what happened to her. Also Daddy needs to continue to show her his love and complete devotion to her.

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