tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAftermath... Yet Again! Ch. 02 - Caught In-Between

Aftermath... Yet Again! Ch. 02 - Caught In-Between


Vanessa jumped from her bed and looked around. She looked like she was frantically in search of something. A couple of minutes passed before she realized she was in a familiar setting - her own bedroom; still dressed in her charcoal coloured cotton blouse that had already creased which she wore the day before. The hemline of her black tube skirt had ridden up, displaying her luscious legs clad in a pair of 25-denier mocha-coloured Wolford sheer tights detailed with fine ribbings. Strewn across the duvet was one of her lady lynch high-heels. Her hair was in a dishevelled mess.

Vanessa slumped back onto her mattress and laid there for a while, a sigh of relief filled the quiet bedroom. She took some moments to gather her composure while her fingers coursed through her messy tresses to tidy up. Recurring images of that fateful night in the dark alley still haunted her now and then. But this last one she woke up from was unusually different from all the previous - it was vividly surreal that Vanessa felt the aches and stiffness all over her body.

As she recounted the images of her dream, Vanessa's right hand had subconsciously slipped between her nylon legs, her fingers working deftly to her silken-covered pussy. The tenderness of her fingertips gave Vanessa a frenzied shudder - but only momentarily. The warm mucus-like sensation that her fingers delighted in snapped her back to her senses... She was wet from the horrid dream!

How could this be?! Vanessa wondered.

She brought her slime-coated fingertips closer to her nostrils; the scent was undoubtedly musky as she took a whiff. She stuck her tongue out apprehensively to taste the slippery substance.

One lick. Two licks. Somewhat salty.

While relishing in her own feminine fluid, Vanessa turned her head to the bedside table to check the time - it shot back loudly at her.

"9.00am!!" exclaimed Vanessa.

"Shucks! I'm bloody late for work!" Vanessa muttered beneath her breath while hurriedly pushing herself off the bed and bolted for the bathroom to freshen up. In a couple of minutes, she emerged back out, removing her blouse.

Vanessa opened her wardrobe and instinctively grabbed for a simple light grey knitted top. Her tube skirt flopped to the parquet flooring, followed by a sultry shimmy of her hips to allow a black colored knee-length centre-slit skirt to slide up.

"Argghhh...!!"- her fingers fumbled trying to tuck in her knitted top. Vanessa paused briefly, contemplated whether to change out of her moistened pantyhose. The damp squelchy nylon gusset smeared against her puckered labia gave her an indescribable arousal; an "empowerment" of sorts to face the day's challenges.

She checked the time on her mobile.

9.20am. No time to waste.

Vanessa picked up her handbag, slipped into a pair of black velvet 5" spike heel pumps and trotted out of her apartment. There were days when Vanessa had to work past midnight and returning home to sleep in her work clothes were a norm. This was one of those days.


Not a sight of a cab. Vanessa decided to use her mobile app to engage a private hire.

"$50 bucks just to get to work?!"

Vanessa would normally commute to work by train. If she was late, it would not have cost more than 20 dollars to get to work from her home. Due to peak hours and the fact she was awfully late already, she probably had to fork out more.

She tried the carsharing option instead.

"$40 bucks?! At least it's cheaper." Hopefully the cost will be shared with other passengers.

Within five minutes, a silver Toyota Prius pulled up in front of her. The windows were tinted and the interior obscured from the outside. She opened the passenger back door and saw a bespectacled guy in his early 30s; his hair was neatly combed to the right, decked in a crisp navy-blue suit and matching pants seated at the farthest corner of the back seat. He smiled briefly at Vanessa and returned his gaze to the window.

Vanessa got in and sat herself at the opposite end. She noticed the driver was wearing a pair of shades, a baseball cap cocked sideways and earphones plugged in. Obviously, he was not into making any small talks with his passengers.

Silence filled the backseat of the Prius while it manoeuvred around the neighbourhood. A couple of minutes had passed and the vehicle came to another halt. Vanessa was getting restless. She messaged her boss to let him know she would be late for work with the excuse, "stuck in traffic". The door beside Vanessa opened. Another gentleman, probably in his early 50s, grey hair, popped his head in.

"May I?" the gentleman asked politely.

Before Vanessa could answer, he had already planted one foot into the back seat, shoving Vanessa towards the centre as the gentleman took his seat. She loathed sitting in the middle with the air-con blowing directly in her face, and the hump at the centre of the vehicle. Especially on a day like this when she was wearing a centre slit skirt, her two male passengers were in for an eye-candy treat.

Vanessa was disgusted by this 50-year-old bloke who did not choose the passenger seat in the front. She reluctantly propped her slender legs up onto the hump, cautiously interlocking them; bringing her left over her right, a soft audible rasping sound from the rubbing of her 25-denier gossamer nylon material, escaped between her legs. The two gentlemen simultaneously peeked over their shoulders, their eagle eyes tracing to the source - a pair of tantalizing semi-glossed mocha-coloured legs. The elder gentleman swallowed hard while his younger counterpart just gawked.

Vanessa felt squeezed, their broader shoulders forcibly made her contracted hers. At times, she had to lean forward to relax, which unknowingly caused her light grey knitted top to slide up; flashing the dark welt of her mocha-coloured pantyhose waistband to the prying eyes of her male counterparts seated on either side.

Both gentlemen could not resist stealing glances at the provocative sight. Furthermore, it was not often they get to sit beside a gorgeous woman like Vanessa. Her outfit, particularly her centre-slit skirt coupled with her interlocked thighs revealed a significant portion of her silken-smooth legs that looked so cock-teasing to them. Her exposed pantyhose waistband further fuelled the stirring of their loins.

The driver interrupted the three passengers thoughts with a mumble of the F-word. The two gentlemen beside her followed suit. Vanessa craned her neck higher to look out the front windscreen and she was greeted with the exact sentiment; long stretches of vehicles lined up in parallel columns on the highway. The vehicle soon slowed to a crawl and joined in on the queue.

Not a great way to start the day.

"9.47am". Vanessa mumbled to herself; her head hung low in resignation.

Her lower back was tightening up and she was getting more fidgety, trying to ease the discomfort. The elder gentleman noticed a restless Vanessa and shifted his body towards the passenger door.

"Why don't you ease up and lean back, miss?" He offered, breaking the silence.

"I assure you both of us are not unreasonable as you may make us to be; besides, it's going to be quite a journey before we arrive at our destinations", giving a wink at Vanessa. The younger gentleman shifted himself as well. Vanessa contemplated before relenting and eased back onto the cushy backseat.

Time ticked by slowly, yet both gentlemen kept glancing over at Vanessa occasionally; her seductive posture and the occasional peek-a-boo served as massive distractions to the traffic situation outside. Their lusty leering at her pair of mocha-coloured legs continued to infuse a stirring of their hardening crotch; quietly fantasizing in their own ways of what hid beneath that alluring centre-slit skirt. The more the two gentlemen fantasized, the bigger their bulges grew in size and hardness inside their pants till their discomfort began to show on their faces.

The atmosphere in the backseat grew unusually tensed. Maybe it was the slow traffic, or perhaps the time that was crawling by. Or maybe it was just Vanessa being sandwiched in between...

A tingling sensation came abruptly from Vanessa's left side. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed an index finger was sliding slowly along the length of her skirt. She subtly shifted her left leg away from the prying fingertip, but only momentarily. Within seconds, it was tracing the length of her skirt again like a magnet drawn to its positive polarity. Vanessa shifted a little more, until she could move no further.

The index finger wriggled along; pressing against the soft fabric, tracing the outline of her left upper thigh as Vanessa continued her feeble attempts to fend off that relentless finger. She looked at the elder gentleman with a growing sense of irritability, but his gaze was fixed on the outside of the window. In that instant, another index finger, this time to Vanessa's right, drew her attention away from the elder gentleman. It was mimicking a similar action as well - sliding along the length of her skirt.

Trepidation was written on Vanessa's facial expression. She had both her hands pressed on either side of two advancing index fingers, but that did not stop them from moving further up. In an unexpected move, the gentlemen used their free hands to grope Vanessa's bosom blatantly through her knitted top on each side. They kneaded and massaged her breasts as Vanessa tried to suppress her squeals of protest. She nervously checked on the driver to see if he heard her. The driver remained focused, his left fingers tapping on the steering wheel to the beat of the music blasting through his earphones.

As both index fingers went higher, more fingers joined in the foray till their whole hands were rubbing against her skirt. They were feeling the tautness of her thigh muscles, which Vanessa worked them out in the gym 3 times weekly with countless reps of squats, lunges and the likes. Anticipating where the hands were heading, Vanessa instinctively clamped her pantyhose legs tightly together, still entwined in a cross-legged posture.

"Those hands are not going any further", she thought.

Realizing the resistance, both hands did an about-turn and headed south, caressing her nylon clad knees in circular motions. They were relishing in the sensation of her Wolford hosiery, the exquisiteness of the diaphanous material that was unbearably enticing to the touch. Their hands could not get enough as they continued stroking; one hand moving down to her diamond-shaped calf accentuated by the wearing of her high heels; caressing her soleus down to her Achilles and back up in repeated manner. The other hand slid up to her thigh, grabbing and kneading her inner leg, attempting to relax the vice-like grip of her crossed-legs.

Vanessa was uncomfortably rattled by the double sexual advances the gentlemen were making on her. The resistance of her interlocked legs was waning from two pairs of hands violating her all over; one pair groping each of her 32B breasts on either side, fondling the soft flesh through her thin knitted top and brassiere, while the other pair caressing each of her mocha-coloured pantyhose legs. Vanessa held on to keep her legs locked for as long as she could.

Her assailants' hands fondling Vanessa's breasts divided her attention from the caressing of her legs. Two index fingers traced the outline of her balconette-cupped bra and wriggled themselves inside to feel for her nipples. The incessant flicking around her areola by those wriggly fingers aroused her reluctantly as she grabbed both gentlemen's wrists and tried to pull them away from her breasts. The other two hands that were feeling her sheer silken-clad legs paused momentarily. The two gentlemen looked across towards each other, and without any verbal communication, the elder gentleman gave a snickering grin towards his younger compadre.

Vanessa stole a quick glance from the corner of her left eye on the elder gentleman and caught his devilish grin. She could tell he was sending some sort of non-verbal message to his younger partner in crime. Vanessa then glanced to her right and noticed the younger gentleman nodding in agreement. Before she could respond, the two gentlemen had already grabbed a fistful of her skirt at the top of the centre-slit and yanked it in opposite directions; ripping the centre slit higher up and exposing more of her mocha-coloured thighs and the darker welt of her pantyhose reinforced crotch.

Vanessa immediately released her grips on the pair of hands fondling her breasts and grabbed those pair that were tearing up the slit of her skirt. She pressed down hard with all her strength on both hands, shaking her head violently in protest. But she was no match for them.

Her assailants continued with their assault; this time both their hands dipped straight into the middle of her interlocked gams. They each grabbed a palmful of her silken-smooth inner thighs, trying to force them apart. Sensing an impending invasion of her legs, Vanessa rotated her left ankle downwards sliding it under her right for a double cross-legged posture, protecting what was precious; her modesty. She did not want her molesters to find out she was naked beneath her only layer of protection; the sheer pair of pantyhose she was wearing.

With that taken care of, Vanessa brought her hands back up as she tried to pull those annoying hands away from her breasts. However, the elder gentleman's right hand continued to paw on Vanessa's exposed mid-thigh, feeling the wispy sheerness of her smooth silken leg, distracting her from fully concentrating and taking away those lecherous hands groping on her breasts.

For some unexplained reasons, those nimble caresses gave Vanessa goosebumps and strangely warm shudders she could not quite figure out. Was she enjoying this? Being molested outrightly in the back of a car against her will?

Vanessa got lost in her thoughts. Her assailants, in a reversal of counter-attack, twisted around Vanessa's grip on their wrists and grabbed hers instead. She was caught off-guard, turning to both gentlemen; the younger one first followed by the elder one. But they merely gave her a sniggered response. In a coordinated effort, both gentlemen pried Vanessa's hands apart, leaving her knitted top fully defenceless. Her feeble resistance did not last long before her waning strength fled from her.

Recognizing that Vanessa was too weak to resist, the two gentlemen held her hands tightly while they continued their onslaught at their respective targeted area; the younger bloke fondling and massaging her right breast with his other free hand. His index finger dipped into the outline of her bra cup and flicked at her nipple, causing Vanessa to cringe at the slightest touch. The sensitivity made her quivered and trembled, involuntarily making her nipple erect within seconds.

Meanwhile, the elder gentleman's hand clamped between her pantyhose legs had deftly slid his fingers deeper and was moving towards to her pelvic. His fingertips invading the tight nylon crevice, digging and burrowing through. Vanessa squeezed her double-crossed legs even tighter still, her last line of modesty defence.

Nodding to his younger counterpart across the backseat, both gentlemen forcibly brought her hands they were holding towards their own crotch. Realizing what their plan was, Vanessa made another futile attempt as she struggled to fight back. The tightness of her double-crossed legs gradually loosened and the elder gentleman advanced between them, gaining a foothold to further his carnal lust.

Under their coerced guidance, Vanessa's hands were frenziedly rubbing all over her assailants' crotch; she could feel the growing hardness beginning to bulge through the cotton fabric of their business pants and fill her palms. A couple of squeals escaped out from Vanessa's cherry-coated lips. Her eyes darted towards the front to check again if the driver heard anything; his expression was nonchalant as before.

When her elder attacker reached his intended target - her pantyhose-encased pussy; he began indexing the outer folds of her velvety labia with his fingertip in long lingering strokes. Another wave of warm shudders enveloped Vanessa, quivering from his fingering. She found herself reluctantly loosening more her grip with the elder assailant's finger firmly pressed against her nylon crotch and stimulating her sexual arousal.

The 25-denier pair of Wolford pantyhose Vanessa was wearing for two straight days would not hold up much longer before the growing moistness of her pussy permeate through the nylon-woven gusset. She hated herself for not changing to a fresh pair of hosiery this morning, or at least wore a pair of panties beneath for safety reasons like now. Vanessa's labia slowly became engorged and a moistening sensation within her impassioned pussy. She could not believe she was getting aroused from the outraging of her modesty.

"What's happening to me?!"

Her thoughts were interrupted again; this time by her younger assailant who was gently pinching her erected right nipple that made Vanessa moaned softly, "Oohh...". He kept at it for a few minutes until Vanessa caved and shrilled in intermittent arousal. Her moans grew louder each time he twisted it left to right and back repeatedly.

The young assailant hurriedly pressed his lips roughly against Vanessa's, muffling and subduing her noisy elation. His tongue slithered out to taste her cherry coated lips, sucking on her plump upper. It then snaked its way to her lower as he gently bit the fleshy muscle. Vanessa writhed her body to pull herself away but her elder attacker held her firmly in position, while her young attacker's tongue penetrated inside, forcing her lips to part and dived straight for her own. Both tongues slid against each other, at times intertwined together. Her young assailant was lapping up Vanessa's saliva like a thirsty dog, slurping every drop secreted; his tongue sucking on hers in conquest, devouring the succulent meat. Vanessa's protest was drowned out in smothered muffles.

As he continued tasting Vanessa, the young molester skilful slipped his right hand beneath her knitted top to fondle her left breast from the inside. The slightest touch of his warm fingers caused her left nipple to hardened like a pencil eraser. He then clasped her erected nipple between his index finger and thumb, twiddling it left and right in gentle tenderness, causing Vanessa to moan again in suppressed pleasure.

Turned on by her horny moaning, the elder gentleman reached out to grab her jaws between his thumb and his fingers and yanked her away from his younger compadre. Wanting to taste the sweetness of her lips, he puckered her lips and uncouthly plunged his lips against her own. His tongue slithered out to penetrate inside her mouth, suckling on her slippery tongue while slurping on her wetness.

With the double whammy of assault on her sensitive areas, Vanessa was losing control, at times succumbing to the tantalization of this sexual provocation. Her eyelashes fluttered between half-closures. Her eyes rolled upwards in arousal while her head thrown back in ecstasy; with both men forcing their lips on hers, taking turns to taste the sweetness oozing from her mouth.

Seizing the moment, both her attackers acted quickly to release her hands momentarily to unzip their pants and eased out their hardened erections. Before Vanessa came around to her senses, both men took hold of her hands again and had wrapped them around their thick girths. Her fingers could barely reach around the circumferences while her attackers guided her hands in an up and down manner, stroking the length of their throbbing cocks.

The young gentleman then slid his right hand down between her double-crossed legs, again digging and burrowing the weary grip of her slender gams and gaining deeper access. With one hand on either side, the two gentlemen grabbed Vanessa's inner thighs and began pulling each of her pantyhose-leg towards himself. Her left ankle hooked under her right ankle could barely put up a feeble fight as it gradually un-hooked from a double cross-legged.

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