tagIncest/TabooAfternoon Delight with MIL

Afternoon Delight with MIL


I'm 70 years old now and I don't have sex as much as I used to. I do have some wonderful memories involving family members. I am aware that some are not interested in incestuous sex, but there are many, like me, who do love to read about it and given the opportunity, engage in family sex. This story is about my mother-in-law. She, of course, wasn't a blood relative, but I consider her family just the same. She's gone now, but she and I had some wonderful sexual experiences. There were others involving family members but this one is about my wife's mother. Her name was Thelma and she was born in 1914. Thelma was 50 years old the first time I ever met her in 1964. That was when my wife, Karen, introduced me to her parents. It happened at my wife's apartment. They had come to visit her with the express purpose of meeting me.

We went out to dinner after that but I like to think back about that first time because I was looking at the door to the bedroom in the apartment as I shook hands and thinking to myself... Mom and Dad it's so nice to meet you and if you'd turn around you'd be able to see the bed where I have been fucking your lovely daughter Karen every weekend. She sure does like to fuck and she even likes it in her ass. I think that's the main reason that I asked her to marry me because she really moans and trembles when I put her on her knees and slide my penis into her anus... well, as you probably have guessed, I didn't actually say that. But I wanted to.

I discovered later where it was that my wife got that sensitive anus. You guessed it... it was her mother. However, I am getting ahead of the story.

Nothing happened with Thelma until about three years after I got married to her daughter. I guess one could say that it started with the death of her husband Harold...my father-in-law. He was overweight... he had a heart attack. Too much meat and potatoes turned into a huge pot belly that he carried around. And then there was that big penis that he carried around as well. That probably tired him out too. He was never bashful about anyone seeing it when he took a piss. He never closed the bathroom door and I saw it more than once. It was about the same size as mine and mine isn't small. I do like penises and yes, that's a hint about my sexuality Don't get me wrong... I liked him and was sorry to see him go. Karen was pretty sad for a few weeks but then she pulled out of it and got on with her life. Thelma was pretty sad as would be expected, but for some reason didn't seem to take it as hard as his girls. It made we wonder about Harold and his daughters. My wife started almost immediately suggesting that Thelma move in with us because the kids didn't want her living alone in a small western Kansas town that was a long way from any doctors or even a grocery store. The nearest was over 30 miles away.

A few months after Harold's passing we were visiting Thelma and doing the same things that we always had done on a Sunday when we visited... get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, go to church, go home, eat lunch and then sit around watching TV. Well at least I watched TV. My wife and one of her sisters were yakking. Thelma was changing clothes after church and that was the first time that I was certain she did it.

She flashed her tits at me.

I'm not making this up. I had thought she had done it a few times in the past but I always convinced myself that it was just my imagination. I guess because I wasn't expecting it, that it took me awhile to catch on. My mother-in-law was flashing her tits at me!

From where I always sat to watch TV I could see her bedroom door. This was a small farmhouse. Not many square feet. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, one living room, and a kitchen. That was it. Sit anywhere in the living room and you can see both bedroom doors. Thelma had left her door ajar about 6 or 8 inches and was moving back and forth in the room... I could see her but wasn't paying attention until I happened to glance up and I saw her looking directly at me. She had opened the door a little more and I could see that she was barefooted and wearing a half slip and nothing else. As soon as I saw her she acted as if she hadn't realized I was out there and she gave a half smile with her hand to her mouth and turned away shutting the door at the same time. Shutting the door slowly, I might add. She didn't seem to be in a hurry to stop what I was seeing.

I guess I should give a brief description of my MIL before we go any further with this story because many times when I read accounts like this one, the woman is always depicted as a ravishing knockout... a Hollywood hottie with huge tits and an even greater sexual appetite. Thelma isn't ugly, but she sure isn't a smoldering sexual slut with pointed beach bunny tits that will put an eye out. At that time she was a fifty something farmer's wife. Short... a little wide in the hips... sturdy legs. She was a little overweight but certainly not blubbery obese like many women her age get. Her facial features were pretty but plain. Cupid's bow lips with slightly puffy cheeks. Starting to get a double chin but her skin was still smooth. Her breasts were one of her better features. Large but not bloated with fat. Pendulous, lovely tits with nipples that were hard to believe... thick, dark brown and at least half an inch long...probably more. They reminded me of my own mother's nipples. And yes... I lusted after my own mother. I admit it... but then that's another story.

As I was saying about Thelma... she was showing me her tits. There wasn't any doubt about it now. I was just sitting there in a recliner and staring at her bedroom door... and honest to god... she opened it again! Karen and her sister Judy had gone outside and were now chatting with the neighbor woman who lived across from Thelma and Harold. I could see them through one of the windows in the living room. They were yammering away about something. Anyway, I was still a little fazed by what I had just witnessed from my MIL. I started wondering if she'd do it again and what it was that she might be wanting? For some reason, it just didn't occur to me right then that she might want to fuck. Don't get me wrong... I am very sexually attracted to middle aged women. I always have been. You're probably wondering about me and my mother again, aren't you? Here's a hint... my mother is a middle aged woman with beautiful tits and she too is single now. I'll tell you more another time.

Sorry... another digression. Thelma opened the door and leaned out. Her tits swinging seductively. She looked back and forth and then at me. I was staring again... finally I looked at her and said softly, "They're outside." She looked right at me and smiled. Her arms fell to her sides and she just stood there wearing a white half slip and nothing else. She turned to one side a little and then back again to the other... like she was modeling her tits for me. Then she pursed her lips and pooched a kiss at me. You know... moved her head forward with a little pantomimed kiss. Then she closed the door again.

With almost every adult woman I meet, I make a quick judgment in my mind. I think most men do. Some just won't admit it. We make a decision. Would I like to fuck this woman, or not? We all have certain things in a woman that excite us. All of us are different. At the top of my list have always been mature women. And they don't need to look like a movie star. In fact the movie star types go lower on the list. I still want to slip my dick inside them, it's just that I am really attracted to the plain Janes more. I don't mean women who look like Quasimodo, I mean middle aged mother types. Like my mother... and my mother-in-law.

I was sitting there staring at the bedroom door. My penis got hard... very hard. I shifted my legs a little and adjusted it with my hands as I sat there. I was wearing walking shorts and I arranged things so the head of my cock just showed out from the hem of the shorts. I touched the head and felt a drop of precum as it oozed out. Took the slippery stuff on the tip of my finger and sucked it off. Then the door opened a little. Thelma was peeking out again. She glanced quickly at the window a few times and I realized that she was silently asking me if her two daughters were still outside. I glanced at the window and then turned to her and nodded rapidly... telling her they were still visible out in the yard. She was now looking right at my crotch and she opened the door more. At that point I decided that I was in all the way. I spread my legs even more and reached down to my crotch. My hard penis was peeking out now and I pulled the edge of my shorts back even farther so that its entire length was now showing. I stroked it slowly and looked at Thelma. I used both hands and pointed it right at her face. Now her lips were parted and her tongue was touching her lower lip. Her eyes moved back and forth several times from my engorged cock to my eyes. We stared at each other. I stroked my penis again. My heart was beginning to pound. She opened the door more. I could see that her breasts were now flushed and red. Her face and her throat were flushed as well. She reached up with both hands and took a nipple in each one... twisting... tugging. Her eyes were getting that far away look.

I was thinking... My god... what can we do? The girls are right outside. I really think that my mother-in-law wants to fuck and we don't dare. What if I just got up... stepped over to the bedroom door... turned her around... lifted her slip and mounted her? I was seriously considering that when Karen and Judy decided to come back inside. Thelma heard them at the same time I did. The door closed quickly. I shifted the recliner back down to the floor rapidly rearranged my cock and my shorts. It helped that my cock wilted like a deflated balloon.

I thought my heart would explode when they came into the room, chattering.

"We're going into town honey," said Karen. My heart was still pounding and I just nodded.

"Do you need anything? Where is Mom?"

I tilted my head toward the bedroom and Karen stepped over and knocked on the door. "Mom? Judy and I are going into town. You wanna go? Mom? You in there?"

The door opened and Thelma stuck her head out. I could see that she was wearing a robe or a housecoat of some kind. "I don't think so honey," she said in her sweet mommy voice. "I was just there yesterday. You go ahead. Will you be back for supper?"

"We may not get back by then, Mom, but we can bring you something from McDonalds or whatever you like."

"I don't want anything Karen. I'll just fix Paul and me a sandwich or whatever he wants to eat... OK? I have my sewing machine all set up and my pattern all cut out. I'm going to work on that."

Karen looked back at me. "That OK with you honey? Sure you don't want to go?"

I shook my head and tried to look like an annoyed husband. "I definitely don't want to go shopping for clothes for four hours... or however long you'll be... you and Judy go and have a good time. I'll be ok."

"OK sweetie." She leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"How long do you think you'll be?" I asked... trying to make it sound like I really didn't care. It was a little after one o'clock in the afternoon.

"Oh honey... you know it takes 30 or 40 minutes just to drive there... and then the same coming back. By the time we do some shopping and then get something to eat, we'll probably be gone for four hours... maybe even more, but at the very least, four hours. Is that OK? We'll be back before it gets dark."

I could barely contain myself, but I just nodded and said "Sure. I'll watch the ballgame and your mom is going to sew. We'll be ok... take your time."

I leaned back in the recliner and acted like this happened all the time. My mind was racing... of course... I said to myself... I'm pretty sure that I'm going to fuck your mother while you and Judy are gone. My god... if you're gone for four or five hours, I may fuck her twice. I wonder if Harold ever fucked her in her ass?

About five or ten minutes later... after they had gathered up their purses and anything else the needed... and after each of them had squatted and peed, they left. (I love to listen to women squat and pee... it's a sexy sound.)

Yes... they left. I made sure of that. I watched them get in the car... back out and drive away. I watched for maybe five minutes just to make sure they hadn't forgotten something and returned. I was nervous as hell. Not because of what Thelma had been doing, but because all I could think of was Karen and Judy driving back up to the house and Thelma on the couch... naked with her legs up over my shoulders and I'm eating her pussy and then sliding my tongue up inside her pink anus hole. Her soft sweet thighs have blocked my ears, she's cumming and squealing and moaning and neither of us hear the car or the garage door. As things turned out... well I'll explain later.

Finally I sat back down in the recliner. I turned the sound down on the TV. I was still paranoid about hearing a car or a door slam. I stared at the bedroom door. It was sort of like waiting for the porn movie to start but I didn't know for sure what exactly was going to happen.

Thelma opened the door and stepped into the living room. She was wearing a lightweight summer housecoat. It wasn't sheer but it was thin enough to let sunlight from the window through and I could see the darkness of her pubic bush. She was naked under the housecoat. The half slip was gone. I was back in the same position on the recliner that I had been in before but my cock wasn't visible. Thelma was staring at my crotch so I spread my legs out wide. My penis was erect again and the bulge was very noticeable. She looked directly into my eyes and a soft sigh escaped from her lips. She stepped toward me tentatively and then walked softly over and stood by the recliner. her eyes were shyly looking away and she glanced at the TV.

"What are you watching, Paul?" Her thigh was touching the side of the chair and I dropped my arm off of the side and just behind her.

"Just a ballgame Mom." She liked for me to call her Mom. I like to do it because it gives me an incestuous thrill whenever I call her that. She was breathing quickly and she moved her leg back and touched my arm which was behind her. She gave a soft "oh" when we touched and then pressed harder against my arm and hand. I only hesitated for just a moment and then I found the inside of her calf and my hand moved up... stopped again caressing the inside of her thigh. When I did that she stepped sideways spreading her legs and opening her crotch. Then I did it. God my engorged penis was just throbbing. Fingers found her pussy lips and two of them slipped inside her and then all but my thumb. Her pussy was just absolutely soaked. There is no other way to describe it. It was certainly lubricating. As my fingers moved into her sopping cunt, Thelma gave out another gasp and squealed out loud.

"Ooooohhhhh! Oh Paul!"

She leaned over and threw her arms around my neck. My fingers had been in her pussy from the back and I quickly pulled them out and brought my hand around to the front of her. She spread her legs even wider and leaned down and kissed me...hard. Her tongue in my mouth and her breath still coming in gasps. My hand went back into her cunt and my thumb and forefinger found her clit. At that point her legs turned to rubber and she fell into the chair with me. My fingers continued to caress and stroke her clitoris. She was sprawled across me face up but with her right leg almost straight up. Her ample ass moving in slow circles as my hand continued to stir her cunt and her clit. The housedress was now clear up around her neck and she sat up, pulled it the rest of the way off and threw it on the floor. Her now naked ass was sitting right on my crotch. My hard penis was rubbing against the mound of her cunt but it was still inside my shorts. I tried to free it and couldn't without taking my hand out of her swollen, wet pussy. By this time Thelma was humping her pussy and clit against my hand hard. She turned her body halfway around toward me and lifted one of her breasts to my mouth.

"Suck my tit, Paul! Bite my nipple! Suck it...HARD! Ohhhhhhh... Ohhhhhh!"

It dawned on me that she was getting ready to cum. I could feel her body trembling with a building orgasm. Her legs went straight out... her arches clenched... toes pointed. They went rigid and then started to almost vibrate. My god... I thought as I sucked her hard nipple into my mouth, she's going to cum! And I haven't even had my cock in her yet! The palm of my hand covered her vulva and my fingers were inside her vagina... grasping her sexual mound like it was a handle. I was strumming her clit like playing a guitar... as fast as I could and all at once her pussy just erupted.

Women do squirt when they have an orgasm. Well, some of them do. Thelma is one of them. A milky liquid exploded from the lips of her vagina. Her shoulders were against my chest and her heels were on the foot support of the recliner. Her entire body was arched between with her hands on the chair's arms. This fifty-something woman was lying on top of me and having a world class orgasm. Her pussy gushed... and then again... and again. Each spasm brought a squealing, high pitched throaty moan from her lips.

"Ohhhh Paul! Ahhhhh...ooohh! I can't... I can't..."

I took my hand and fingers from her cunt. I honest to god thought she might hurt herself or tip us both off of the recliner.

"Don't Stop! she screamed right in my ear. Her hands grabbed for mine, attempting to put my fingers back on her lips and clit. "Ahhhhh!. Please...Ohhhh!" Her own hand went to her crotch as she continued to hump... the orgasm still pulsating.

This woman... this farmer's wife could cum harder and with more force and energy than any women I had ever fucked before, and I have fucked quite a few.

I wrapped my arms around her... her hips still bucking but starting to subside. "Thelma sweetie...Thelma," I cooed in her ear. "Let's get on the sofa."

She couldn't catch her breath. "Oh...uh, O...uh...O...Kay" Her lips found mine again and her tongue darted into my mouth. "Oh...uh...uh... Paul...oh god...Paul. I've wanted you to fuck me ever since the first day I saw you. Oh GOD! Please don't think bad about me...Ohhhh! Please don't tell anyone... Promise me!"

"Shhhhh Thelma," I said, caressing her face. "I won't tell anyone. I promise." I tilted the recliner down and finally got her to stand up. She was still trembling. We stood together by the recliner and I kissed her once again. My hands lifted to her breasts and fingers found her nipples.

"My god you have nice tits, Thelma. I just love your breasts. They are beautiful mommy tits. You must have known when you were showing them to me that I love mommy tits."

"I could tell," she said with a smile. Her breath was slowing now, "But you've seen what I look like, now you need to let me see you."

My mother-in-law was standing in front of me... naked. Her lovely breasts moving slightly as she was still breathing a little quickly. Her hand went down to my crotch and started undoing my belt. In a few moments I was stepping out of my underwear. I had already removed my shoe and socks anticipating what was happening right now. She helped with my polo shirt and then I was done... naked as she was. My penis was erect again. It had been since she stepped into the room. It was hard and throbbing... standing up at a nice angle. We've all seen a hardon and mine was a grand example. I know that sounds arrogant but it really was... and is. Thelma took it in her hand and the other one slipped beneath my balls... just touching... stroking. I felt my penis pulsate from her touch. God, I didnt want to cum yet. She must have read my mind... or more likely, she knew how men are. She released my penis and stepped over toward the sofa. I watched her buttocks undulate as she walked. I'll say it again... I love mature women.

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