tagChain StoriesAH Fantasies Ch. 03

AH Fantasies Ch. 03

byAnonymous Author©

"I owe you a lap dance," she said in a low whisper. For her, sex had always been a means of escape. And after all, when last had she … And she was so wet. All she wanted was to forget about reality for a few minutes. She wondered briefly if she could do this without guilt, but when she saw the look of absolute lust on Abs's face, she made her decision.

Straddling Abstruse's lap and lifting her short skirt slightly, she moved her hips so that her sex was perfectly resting against Abs's. She could feel their heat and wetness radiating and merging, even through their clothes.

Abs leaned back comfortably against the couch, as she gave this Goddess absolute power to seduce her. She managed to growl a low "Oh god, fuck …" as Vana's knees pushed determinedly on either side of her hips.

Vana smiled, and bit her bottom lip as she felt that familiar sense of power return. "How much she wants me" she thought. Abs's laboured breath sent shivers through her body. They still held eye contact. Vana's eyes were darker and more determined than ever, and dared Abs not to look away. "Watch me seduce you. Watch me take my clothes off for you. Watch me when I have my mouth on you. Watch me when I . . . Her challenging stare did the end of the sentence more justice than words ever could.

At the back of her mind she still had niggling thoughts about Samandiriel, her soul mate and Significant Other. She pushed the thoughts aside. This was right now, and this was real. The top button of Abs's shirt between her fingers was real. The ragged quality of her breathing was real. And so was the glazed-over looking of wanting in this woman's eyes.

Abs also wondered for a brief moment about Vana's intentions, but she had no such inner-struggle. She had wanted this for longer than she could remember and she was not about to say no now.

Vana opened a second button and saw the tops of Abs's soft, inviting, curvy breasts. She anticipated how those hard nipples would feel between her fingers – in her mouth … against her thighs. "I should have done this long ago "she thought, as she slid one more button open.

Abs was breathing hard. She had the most beautiful woman on her lap and this was nothing like she had imagined it to be. So many nights of fantasising about what she would do to Vana. And now she was powerless to the seductive charms of the woman on her lap. And she needed Vana to do whatever she wanted with her…

With three buttons open, Vana pushed the satin shirt back over her shoulders. Her hands moved down urgently to open the rest of the shirt. Her eyes approved of what she saw - eloquent shoulders and voluptuous breasts. She wore no bra. Less to remove, Vana smiled wickedly.

For a brief moment Vana's rational thoughts reminded her that she was a taken woman, but then she stopped thinking, and placed her hands on Abs's stomach, her fingers pointing upwards, and sliding slowly towards Abs's breasts. Abs shivered. She was clay in Vana's hands. Vana's fingertips reached the underside and she caressed slowly down her abdomen again, her fingernails following the path her hands had taken, down warm, soft skin. She let her thumbs trail the underside of the curve of Abs's breasts, and watched the woman arch her back and moan with pleasure.

The rest was a blur. Time simultaneously stood still, and went too fast. She felt hard nipples against her cheek as she took her in and pushed her face into the crevice of this womanly body. She came alive with warm flesh in her greedy hands – touching, kneading, needing, caressing. Nipples in her mouth, between her teeth - she lost herself in the body that wanted her so much.

Abs's hands were in Vana's hair, loosening the tie-up, letting golden locks trail over her shoulders, her fingers caressing and playing through soft, sensual curls.

Vana's body grinded into Abs as she moved into the kiss. She captured Abs's top lip between her teeth and bit down as her tongue snaked into her lovers greedy mouth. The kiss was urgent and wet, and after some breathless moments of lust, Vana pulled away from her.

The next moment, Abs plunged her face forward, kissing Vana's neck hungrily, and then licking painstakingly slowly towards her ear. Her hands moved down fast over Vana's curvy body. Vana felt hot breath in her neck as the flat palms of Abs's hands travelled determinedly up from just above her knee, to underneath her skirt.

"I can give just as good as I get." Abs whispered past Vana's ear. She accentuated it with a kiss to that spot just underneath her ear, and added "… if not better …" Her thumbs edged along the side of Vana's G-string and moved slightly underneath as Vana arched her back.

Lifting herself just enough for Abs to move her thumbs a little more into her panties, Vana muttered something inaudible. Abs's thumbs were tracing along the lips of her sex, spreading wetness, and feeling her hot, throbbing need urgently becoming unbearable. Abs had her fingers at the top of Vana's G-string, her thumbs still stroking over wetness. They met the rest of her fingers and she ripped Vana's panties down roughly. They were in the way, and had to be removed. Vana grinded into her through bunched up fabric when she felt thumbs open her up.

"Take it off, please just take it off" she begged Abs with ragged breath. She raised herself, and Abs pulled her g-string off urgently. And then she was inside of her, feeling wetness and warmth and desire and lust. Vana was clenching hard around her fingers, enjoying the feel of Abs sliding slowly in and out of her. She rode her fingers, allowing Abs to fuck her deep, and thoroughly.

Abs felt every spasm, every sensation as her other hand moved up to Vana's clit, dragging along the slippery wetness. Abs's thumb made circle movements as she rubbed her clit. Vana groaned, and all she wanted was to be fucked like this forever, but she knew she was too close to release for it to last. She moved urgently with Abs's hand, moaning her name, with Abs's thumb still rubbing against her clit.

Vana's orgasm took over as she felt the wave of release push her towards ecstasy again and again. She fell forward against Abs and mumbled something about not wanting it to stop. "Not yet" Abs said as she pulled the beautiful blonde to her, holding her trembling body close and gently kissing her mouth and bringing her down from that sexual high with tenderness.

She let Abs undress her then – slowly. Once again, they held eye contact, except for when Abs kissed each new fragment of skin that became exposed. Lust still reflected in her eyes. Vana's need to have this woman became urgent again, as she snaked down between Abs's legs, peeling her pants off as she went along. When eventually she was on her knees in front of her she looked her in the eyes, as she licked her clit with the tip of her tongue. Heat soared through Abs's body and blood pounded through her head and she reacted with moans and sighs and many "Oh God Vana" 's. She came within moments, with Vana's slippery tongue flicking expertly over her clit.

As much as Abs wanted this golden hair siren to stay between her legs, she became aware, all of a sudden that it was uncharacteristically quiet outside her office. As she looked up, and through her open office door, she could see more than a few regular patrons staring at them. They were all smiling from ear to ear.

Vana tilted her head around to look at the crowd that had gathered. Her eyes met Fem's. Fem winked at her, and Vana turned back to Abs, getting onto her lap, and moving closer to her, arms around her, and kissing her mouth.

Between sweet Vana kisses, Abs managed to mumble an apology that sounded something like "… forgot where we were for a moment …"

"Yeah, right!" Femininity said. "She crossed her arms and stared straight at Abs. "We promise that Sam won't find out about this, but on one condition."

Abs sighed, partly because Vana had returned to kissing her neck gently, and partly because she was amused at Fem's statement.

"Name your price, Nambiotch"

"That was no lap dance. Where's the music? And I didn't see her taking her clothes off for you either"

Abs pulled Vana's mouth to hers for the longest, sexiest kiss and then whispered in the blonde's ear. "She's right. You do still owe me a lap dance. And I bet they'd love to see you strip. But for now, you're mine and I am far from done with you."

Vana shivered as she pulled herself off Abs's lap, took her by the hand and proceeded to lead her through the office. The stunned group of patrons made way for them as the naked couple walked.

Abs had the biggest smile on her face as she looked back at Femininity. "I believe I will become very familiar with Vana's Nest of Blankets soon." she smirked as Vana led her up the spiral stairs to her loft.

"But, what about the lap dance?!" Femininity argued.

Vana looked down at the bar for a brief moment, before she walked Abs backwards towards her NoB.


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