tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAirport Reunion

Airport Reunion


It has been two months since you left. I haven't seen you or touched you. Last night, I dreamt that I came to visit you.

I arrived at this tiny airport and walked around looking for you with anticipation. You came from a small crowd of people and ran toward me. I jogged toward you and when I reached you, you grabbed me around the waist and lifted me into the air. I hugged you with my arms around your neck as you lowered me to the floor. I moved my hands to your face and pulled your lips down to mine for a kiss. This wasn't a quick peck of kiss. This was a "we'd rather we taking our clothes off but children are around" kiss. We pulled away and you grabbed my hand to lead me to the car.

You asked me if I needed to use the restroom before we left and gestured to a women's bathroom. I had just come from a bathroom in the gate, but I noticed this one was a single stall. I smiled at you and asked if you'd like to come to the bathroom with me. You looked around nervously like someone might be listening to our conversation, but the small waiting area had already mostly cleared. I dropped your hand and walked toward the bathroom, looking behind me to make sure you were there. As I opened the door and entered the bathroom, you slipped in behind me and flipped the lock.

The lock flipping was like the flag waving in a drag car race. I dropped my bags and pushed you against the wall, moving my hands all over your chest. I didn't need to contain the kisses anymore. I kissed you hard, moving my tongue in circles, sucking on your tongue. You kissed me with one hand behind my head and one hand moving from my tits to my ass and back again.

I knew we didn't have much time but I wanted to hear you moan with excitement. I moved my hands down and unbuttoned your jeans, pushing them down to the floor. I knelt down in front of you slowly, pulling up your shirt and biting your chest and stomach as I moved down. I slipped my fingers in the waistline of your boxers and gently tugged them down while I looked up and made eye contact with you. A familiar "Oh fuck, baby" came out of your mouth.

Your hard cock flicked out of your boxers as they fell to the floor. I gently moved the tip of my tongue along the sides and base of your cock, not letting my lips make contact. I moved spit down my tongue until it was dripping. When you were good and wet, I opened my mouth wide and took all of your cock into my mouth. I slowly reached the point where I could feel the tip hit the back of my throat, but I opened wider to take you even more. I held you there for a few seconds and could feel the blood pulsing through your veins. I pulled back slowly with light suction. My tongue played with your tip as spit dripped down my chin.

You were running your hands through my soft hair and pushing your pelvis slightly towards me while your back was still on the door. You whispered "Faster, baby, oh fuck, please faster" as I took you back in my mouth. I happily obliged the request, using the full weight of my body to thrust my wide open mouth toward you. You completely filled my mouth as you started to thrust your hips back at me. 10, 20, 30 times I took you in and out of my mouth. I had to pull away so I could breathe, taking a moment look up and smile. You were looking down at me, your face both elated and desperate for more.

I moved your hand to the back of my head. I let you tell me how fast you wanted to go while I got to decide how far I took you into my mouth. One of my hands reached down to your balls, massaging them in my palm. My other hand went to your chest, my thumb and index finger lightly pinching on your nipple. You were getting louder, a string of expletives and my name falling out of your mouth, and I knew I needed to finish you soon before we got caught.

Pulling my head back, I took your cock in my hand. You were absolutely soaking wet from my mouth so I had no problem moving quickly up and down your shaft. With forced breath you said "Coming", and I put you back into my mouth. Your body pulsed as you filled my mouth. Your gasping breathes became less intense and you moved your hands to your head in disbelief. I pulled back and swallowed, standing up and kissing you with a closed mouth and a smile.

I turned and splashed my face with water in the sink. While my eyes were closed, I felt you come up behind me, your pelvis directly behind my ass. You used your left hand to pull up my torso, hand on my right breast, and your right hand slip down the front of my pants. You bit on my neck and told me how much you wanted to taste me, to be inside me, to have me completely. I could feel my cunt getting wet for you, but the things I wanted you to do to me couldn't be done in a bathroom. I told you to take me home and make me squirt. You pulled your fingers out of my pants, sucked them off in your mouth, and told me "Happily."

I imagine that would have felt like the longest car ride ever.

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