tagMind ControlAlan's Thoughts Ch. 05a

Alan's Thoughts Ch. 05a


Alan spanked her. Her ass felt firm, springing back against his hand, and the skin was smooth to his fingertips.

She bucked against him. He could feel the tight, wet confines of her pussy contracting around his cock. She moaned, throwing her head back. Her long hair lashed across her back, but the room was so dark he couldn't tell for sure the color. There was barely enough light to see a faint glow of skin on one ass-cheek, the small of her back, and up the line of her spine before it disappeared into her mane.

"Shit, yes!" she said, grinding against him. "Oh, I love that cock in me!"

He spanked her again, thrusting as he did. Then he grabbed the cheek, squeezing as much of it as he could fit in his hand. He pulled open her ass cheeks, watching her pussy lips part around his tool, and the contraction of the tiny button of her anus. He placed the tip of one finger there.

She recoiled a little. "No, not there, I don't like it in my-"

[You'll love it in your ass,] he thought at her. She paused, hesitating.

"Oh, what the fuck," she said. "Try sticking a finger up my ass."

Alan smiled and rubbed his middle finger in the juices leaking from her snatch. Slowly, he circled it around the entrance, wetting it more with some of his saliva, and smoothly pushed it in all the way to his knuckles.

"Oh, god, fuck!" she said, tightening around his finger. "Oh, shit, that feels..."

He thrust in harder with his cock and finger, building rhythm. She broke off with a loud moan. He swirled his finger inside, jerking his hips. She began to moan steadily, thrusting eagerly against his finger.

"Yes! Oh, baby, fuck those holes!" she said, voice rising. "Fuck 'em so so so goood!"

Alan thrust harder. He felt it building.

"Yes!" she almost screamed. "Yes, do me like that! Fuck!"

Alan was thrusting with abandon. It felt amazing. He was almost...

"Yeah, fuck fuck FUCK me, Jackson!"

Alan was almost... wait, Jackson?

Alan's eyes snapped open. He was staring at the familiar off-white of his bedroom ceiling. The light cutting across it through a gap in the blinds seemed blinding: his head throbbed angrily.

It wasn't the only thing throbbing. He looked down to see his light blanket had been thrown off in his sleep, and his pulsing hardon was tent-poling the sheets.

He sighed, and rubbed his hands against his temples. The pain felt like it was centered there, but went up in lines to the crown of his head, and ached on the back of his eyes. He rubbed his eyes too, but it didn't seem to help. It made him just faintly nauseous. He glanced at the clock. He was ten minutes early to his usual alarm.

Sighing, Alan pushed himself out of bed, his wood slapping with unrelenting hardness against his thigh. It flopped heavily in his boxers as he stood. He paused at the doorway, letting the fan there cool away some of the sweat from his bare chest. It only helped a little.

He trudged to the fridge, paused there looking at it dumbly, and then went to the cupboard for a glass. He filled it with water from the fridge's filter, downed it, and then another. His head felt better while the water was going down this throat, but then immediately went back to feeling like an well-used anvil. He added a pair of aspirin to the equation, and drank half of another glass, pouring the rest into the sink.

He paused there, glancing into the little living room where his weight set and matt were. He shook his head at them, and instead turned to the shower. He turned the water on, waiting with his hand in the water while it went from lukewarm to cold to warm again, and then stepped inside.

He leaned against the shower wall, letting the water flow over his face. He was sure how long stood there, but eventually the headache died to a dull throb. Alan sighed with relief, and opened his eyes. He blinked, and looked down. His hardon, however, was still going strong. He frowned at it, and shrugging, got to shampooing and soap.

He was was still swinging a plank when get got out, dried off, used deodorant, tapped a finger of cologne on his collarbone, and put on a clean pair of boxers. He paused at the clothes he'd set out the day before, hanging on the door. Instead of his usual business casual, he had a nice button down shirt in light blue, slacks, and suit coat.

He snapped his fingers, remembering.


Alan set his bag down next to his desk, pulling off his coat to hang it on a peg on one side of the cubicle wall. He heaved a bit of a sigh when it was off: just wearing it on the walk from his car to the building had started to build up sweat.

"Well, someone is a dapper Dan today," Laurel said, turning in her chair to look him up and down. "And when it's sweltering hot out, too. Got a hot date after work, or something?"

Laurel had a fan going at her desk, in addition to the AC roaring dully in the background. She still glowed slightly.

Alan shook his head. "No, just a job interview."

"Oh, I see. In or out of company?" Her eyes lit up. "Oh, you're applying for that job over in marketing, aren't you?"

He nodded, smiling a bit anxiously.

"Who's interviewing you?"


Laurel paused, eyes narrowing. "Just Alyssa?"

"Yeah, why?"

She stared at him a moment, her face quirked like she was trying to stifle a smile, and then down at his pants. He'd done his best to hide it, but a little bulge of his dick still showed through the slacks.

"Well, I think you'll do just fine," she said evenly.

"Uh... really?"

She smiled, mostly on one side of her mouth. "Oh yeah. You're going to blow her mind. She won't know what hit her."

Alan shrugged. "Well, I don't think I would go that far."

"I think you will," she said, shaking her head. "I really think you will. Anyway, notice anything different about me?"

Alan paused. His eyes narrowed, darting over her. He knew this was a dangerous question to get wrong. Her top was black and white horizontal stripes, and a thin, gauzy material. It both clung to her nice curves, and made her chest seem even bigger. Her skirt barely went past mid-thigh, and she wore nylons and open-toed sandals. Then he spotted the glint on her left hand. His eyes opened wider, and she smiled, holding up her hand to display the decent-sized rock that glittered on it.

"Congratulations!" Alan smiled. "When's the date?"

"TBD, but we're hoping for the fall," she said, glowing. "We're just starting to get things like the venue and the dress pinned down. But it's super, super exciting!"

"I'm glad," Alan said. "You deserve it."

She grinned. Then she took a quick glance at the two other ladies who shared their cubicle. Both had headphones in, busily working away. But she moved in closer to him, lowering her voice.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, by the way," she said.

Alan titled his head sideways, looking a question at her.

"I mean, when you told me I'd be fine enjoying sex with Josh after doing it with you," she said. "Turns out, all I had to do is be a little more assertive, take some control. It's been great."

Alan shifted slightly. This was not helping him in the tight pants area.

"To tell you the truth, it would have been nice to do it one more time with you, because that shit was mind blowing," she continued nonchalantly, "but I think I'll stick to being a one-man women from now on."

[We should do a threesome sometime,] Alan thought.

She perked up, smiling and licking her lips. "Ooo, maybe I could convince Josh to do a threesome sometime. Between his big stud cock and your magic, I just might blow a gasket."

Alan blinked. He hadn't actually thought that at her, he had just thought it.

She tilted her head, frowning at the middle distance to the right. She shook her head. "Well, we'll think more about that after the honeymoon."

She turned back to Alan. "Besides, it's not like you need the action."

Alan tried to keep his face neutral. "I don't know what you mean."

"Sure you don't," she smirked, turning back to her desk.

Alan stared after her a moment. He drummed his fingers on his chin, but then shrugged.


Alan whipped his suit coat off from where it hung on the peg and slung it on. He bent to check the clock on his computer: 12:00, lunch time. He had a note on his desktop, reminding him to take a short one to make it to the meeting on time. His coworkers that shared the cubicle were already gone. Nodding, he locked the computer, pushed in his chair, and stepped briskly out of his cubicle.

"Ah!" someone yelped, and he had to screech to halt to avoid crashing into them. After taking a hasty step back, he focused on Aviendha.

For some reason, Alan's gaze was drawn first to her full lips, lipstick in a dark red. She had her dark hair loose and long, framing her bust in incredibly straight lines. Her maroon top had a slight glitter to it, and a generous cut out to show a wave of cleavage, if not as generous as Laurel was wearing these days. She wore tight floral pants that clung nicely to her, especially the nice curve of her ass and her long legs.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't-" he began, but she ran him right over.

"Get out of my face," she snapped, waving a hand sharply at him.

Alan blinked, hesitating. "I'm sorry, I really-"

"Yeah, yeah, you're sorry," she sniffed, hugging herself and turning away from. "Well, I'm sorry, I'm not letting you get nothing."

Alan opened his mouth, and then leaned forward slightly. "What?" he demanded.

"You can't fool me, Alan," she said, taking another step back. "I'm not letting you anywhere near me. I'm not sure what you got going on, but I am not becoming another one of your trophies. You hear me?"

Alan stared at her. "What the hell are you- I was just-"

"We're done here," she said flatly. "You just stay the hell away from me."

With that, she gave him a dismissive flick of her head, and marched on passed him. Alan stared after her. He felt his gut stiffen, and a burning sensation in his chest. He could hear his heartbeat thudding in his ears. His hands were knotted into fists.

As he watched her strut away, she glanced back. Her nose wrinkled and her lips curled back, like she was going to puke.

There was a clicking sound from Alan's jaw. His reaction was purely instinctual. As she met his gaze, he lashed out with a thought: [Cum!]

Aviendha stopped so quickly, her heels caught on the carpet and she nearly feel. Her eyes bulged as her hips started to buck. She had to snatch desperately at a cubicle wall to keep herself from falling as her pelvis jerked uncontrollably beneath her. She let out a brief, loud moan before she was able to slap her free hand over her mouth.

She rode her orgasm out for a few more moments, twitching and convulsing. When it finally settled, she sagged, still hanging on the cubicle wall for support. Her bent ass was pointed right at Alan. He could see a rapidly spreading dark spot soaking through the floral pants, clinging to her pussy lips to give him a fantastic view of her camel toe.

Aviendha pulled herself upright, shaking slightly, mouth open and panting as her head whipped back to him. They stared at each other for a moment. He was standing at least 30 feet away from her.

She looked at him an instant longer, eyes wide, and then turned and ran. She made a break for the far exit, and the door closed loudly behind her.

Alan frowned after her.

"Huh," he muttered under his breath. "That was different."


Alan leaned back in his chair. The little mall's food court was bustling with lunch time traffic, especially heavy that day. He watched wave after wave of people quick step through the line of glass and metal doors, and pause there to heave a sigh of relief as the AC came blasting down on them. Not a few of them were young girls, dressed to beat the heat wave.

Alan turned back to his netbook on the table.

{Aug 26th. Something definitely seems different since this morning,} he typed. {Started with a very provocative dream, and then a terrible headache. There was an interaction with Subject A that was strange. Just a stray thought, not even directed at her, seemed to influence her a lot. But more telling was some that happened with-}

He paused, considering. He scrolled up, looking at his list: Subject A, Exhibitionist, Free Spirit, Ass Master, Fake Tits, and Officer Femdom. So Aviendha would be...

{-Subject G, a.k.a. Camel Toe.}

Alan stared at that a moment, then smiled and gave it a satisfied nod.

{Contact with Camel Toe had been pretty limited to this point. Not that she hasn't been noticed, with that great face and the figure she cut, but always from a distance, and never in any focused way. There were plenty nearer by. After a surprise confrontation from her, in a heightened emotional state, I used my...'influence' seems like the wrong word in this case. There wasn't time to hint, or sway, or wear on her psyche in any appreciable way. But when pushed on mentally in a forceful way, her reaction was instant, strong, and involuntary. As if it had been a command and not a persuasion. She definitely wasn't showing any signs of attraction-it seems odd she could possibly go from totally turned off to orgasmic throws just like that.}

He paused, looking around.

{Commencing additional testing. Not being in that heightened emotional state, effects may be mitigated, but I have an idea what might be happening. Instead of going right a similar reaction to Camel Toe's, testing will begin with attempts at more moderate commands.}

Turning from the netbook, he rested back in his chair and pulled out his phone. He bent over it just a little, as if he were reading something from it, but instead scanned the crowd. There were plenty of great subjects, but few that were alone, or stationary enough.

Then he spotted one. She sat alone at a small table near a corner. Her yellow tank top clung tightly to her pert little tits, and barely went down to her midriff. Her stomach and arms were long and skinny. Barely-there jean shorts and a pair of flip-flops completed her outfit. She had short, spiky blond hair, a tiny nose ring, and was slurping down a large smoothie.

Alan drew a deep breath. [Pick your nose,] he thought at her.

The girl paused in her slurping, and her hand twitched. She frowned a moment, then shrugged, and went back to her smoothie.

Alan nodded. He closed his eyes. He imagined her pulling down his pants, licking the tip of his cock. He opened his eyes, and found she was licking the straw, mouth slightly open. Then he thought at her, {Pick your nose.}

This time, her hand went all way in, fore finger up her right nostril, digging. But for only a moment. Then she started, yanking her hand away. She took a quick look around, to see if anyone had been watching, but Alan had already carefully diverted his gaze.

He waited a few moments while she settled back, watching her in his peripheral vision. Then he thought at her, [Grab your right nipple.]

Sure enough, she reached one hand up, gabbed a hold of her tit through her tank top, and latched on. This made her start so hard she knocked over her smoothie as she yanked her hand away again. Her face flushed dark, and she looked around wildly. No one seemed to be watching, including Alan, but clearly she had had enough. She left the slowly leaking smoothie cup right where it was, jumped to her feet, and started off at a brisk walk.

Her chosen path happened to take her right by Alan. Right as she was just a few feet away, pretending he was looking in another direction, he thought at her, [Pull off your shirt.]

Even as she walked, her arms crossed at the wrists, and she grabbed the bottom hem of her top in both hands. She pulled it up high enough to give him a generous view of her underboob, and show plainly that she was not wearing a bra. But instead of pulling it all the way off, she managed to quickly yank it back down, and break into a run. This drew more than a few stares and abruptly halted conversations.

Alan scanned for another. He saw a girl a couple seats down from him, sitting across from another. She had dyed red hair, a tight white t-shirt, and vibrant red lipstick.They were talking rapidly together. He couldn't see her lower half from this angle, but her bra was clearly visible through the shirt that stretched around her nice rack.

[Say 'I love sucking dicks,'] he thought at her.

"-and I just was literally staring at him I love s-" she stopped talking abruptly, face confused.

"What?" her friend asked. "What's up, Kenna? You okay?"

Kenna waved a hand. "I'm fine. Just like for a second my mouth started to move on its-"

[Say, and I love cock,] Alan thought at her, pushing harder.

"-own and I love c-" she started, but then abruptly bit off the words, eyes wide. She started to feel at her face. "What the hell?"

Alan frowned. He could probably push harder, but... instead, he did kept the thought at the same level, and thought, [Spit on your chest.]

At this, she made a loud hocking sound, and spat a big stream of saliva right onto her white t-shirt. She stared, mouth open, as it stuck there, a large wet spot on her boob.

"Kenna? What the hell?" her friend said, recoiling. "What's the matter with you?"

Alan turned to the friend. It was hard to tell what she looked like from this angle (he could only see her slight shoulders and a wave of blonde hair) but he gave her a [Lean over and lick the spit.]

Without pause, she leaned down and took a big lap of her friends saliva-spattered tit. She instantly froze, and she and her friend stared at each other, eyes wide.

"Oh my God, Rachel," Kenna said. "Did you just- why-"

"I don't know I don't know I don't know!" Rachel yelped. "My body just... acted!"

They stared at each other for another long moment.

"L-lets get out of here," Kenna said.

"Yeah, like now."

Both pushed quickly to their feet, gathering their things, and took off. But just as they were about to round a corner, Alan thought at Kenna, [Spank Rachel.]

Her open hand smacked against her friends right butt-cheek, and both of them jumped. After another wild glance exchanged, they both took off at a run, too.

Alan watched them. Then he turned back to his netbook.

{This new ability works appears to work very differently from the 'influence',} he typed. {It doesn't seemed to affect their thoughts. They are not persuaded to perform the action like previously. It's almost as if it passes higher brain function completely and directly affects the brain stem. Like... inputting commands to the body directly.

{Additionally, so far effects seem very temporary. Perhaps because their own conscious thought reasserts itself?

{The commands seem more effective when giving simple actions. Complex functions like speech, or compound actions (i.e. 'do the Macarena' or 'give X a blow job') likely won't achieve the same level of results.}

He frowned a moment. {To establish a lexicon: if the initially discovered power can be called 'Influence', this new one would be 'Direct Input'.} He smiled at that. {There should be a great opportunity to test them both more soon.}


Alan practically pranced up the last few steps to the office doors, and swung it open with a smile.

"Hey, Alan!" he heard someone call, and he paused to look at Ally, who was standing behind that tall front desk. She wore a white, sleeveless dress that came to about her mid-thigh. It was very slimming on her, and did a nice job of hugging her curves without clinging to them too much. Her dark hair was loose (had she gotten it trimmed a little?) and her lipstick was a bright red. Her tan looked a little lighter, but it could have been his imagination.

"Hi Ally, what's up?" Alan said.

She smiled. "Nothing much, just wondering if I could talk with you in private for a minute." She gestured to the line of little offices set aside for small meetings.

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