tagMind ControlAlan's Thoughts Ch. 09

Alan's Thoughts Ch. 09


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


"Oh, yeah, Unc, shove that cock in me," Mira purred. Her voice echoed in the small shower, loud enough to be clear over the sound of the water.

She arched her ass toward Alan in all its glory, glistening with sweat and soap and water, her hands resting on the shower walls and her head, heavy with wet hair, half turned to him.

Alan spanked her, and grabbed a handful of one boob to roll her nipple while he lined his dick up with her. He thrust inside hard enough to make a loud slap as their bodies slammed together, and buried himself to the hilt inside her pussy.

Mira drew a quick breath. "Ooooh..." she moaned, mouth going wide, her eyes fluttering closed. "Yes, oh, yeeeeesss..."

She smiled, and gave him a heavy-lidded look. "Shit, I love how that happens every time."

Alan pulled out until just the tip was barely inside her, and then slide it home again. She bucked.

"Yes, pound me," Mira said, her smile growing teeth as he started to hammer her steadily. "Fuck me with that fucking god-cock of yours. Oh, you make my pussy feel. So. GOOD!"

Alan pressed up against her, torquing on his hips so that his tool slid up and down in shorter strokes, right around her G-spot. She let out a louder moan, and Alan could feel the skin of her back and ass shifting against him as her muscles tensed and loosened. She started to work her ass against him, jamming him inside more firmly.

"Harder!" she said, twerking. "Faster! Rougher! Fuck me up!"

Alan felt a surge of adrenaline and libido. He reached up and grabbed her soaked hair, right near the roots, and yanked on it, arching her head back and to one side. With the other he lifted her leg, planting her knee high on the shower wall, and started to plunge inside her snatch with more force.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes!" she snarled. She reached down to help him hold a leg up and grabbed his ass with the other, digging in her fingernails. "Yeah, like that, like that, you fucking—oh GOD so GOOD!"

Alan was pistoning faster, pressing harder. Then he suddenly let go of her hair, and grabbing her other leg just behind the knee, he lifted her completely off the shower floor. She was pressed hard into the wall, her legs deeply spread. Her mouth and eyes went wide when he slammed her down on his cock with the combined power of her body weight and his hips.

"Oh, FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK!" she screamed as he pounded, faster, faster, giving her everything he had.

Then Alan felt his peak coming. He pulled out just in time to slam his cock head up between her asscheeks, shooting a load up her back and into her hair. Another sprayed her ass, and then another all the way up to her turned face as she screamed at him, before it settled and drizzled steadily where he pressed it against the small of her back, just above her ass.

A line of cum dripped down her, settling in the crack of her ass, and her scream died down to panting. Alan's arms were starting to burn, even with the help of the wall to press her against, so he slowly lowered her to the tub floor.

Mira stayed there a moment, gasping with her head and hands on the wall, sitting on her knees with her legs spread. Then she arched back, shaking herself. She looked back at Alan, flashing an open-mouth smile at him, and then looked down at herself.

"Well," she said when her breathing had steadied, "I guess it's a good thing we're already in the shower."

She put a hand on the wall, and pushed herself to her feet. She turned and pressed against him, kissing his mouth, reaching down to jerk a last few dribbles out of his dick.

"Like I said," she said, pushing him back so the water flowed over both of them, "you can cum inside, you know. I'm on the pill. The chances are super low."

Alan made a face, but didn't answer. She laughed.

"Is this your way of clinging to thinking you're avoiding incest or something? Cuz that ship sailed, Unc." She grinned. "And it must be a fucking Disney Cruise with all the fireworks it's been firing off."

Alan's expression didn't change. Mira giggled, patting his face.

"You're cute. Now, what say we actually wash up now, before this shower gets interrupted *again*, k?"

Alan nodded. He should be able to keep his hands off her. For a while, anyway.


Alan was on his couch, chewing on his lip as he sat back and stared at the ceiling. He could hear the muffled sound of Mira talking with someone on the phone behind the closed door of the guest bedroom. Her voice would rise for a moment, breaking in laughter, before sinking down again to a conspiratorial murmur.

It made Alan's ears itch.

Abruptly, he stood. He marched over to the door, grabbed his keys, and reached from the knob. Then a sudden, insistent pounding knock hammered his door. He hesitated, frowning, then squinted through the door viewer.

He didn't recognize the woman on the other side, whose face looked stretched across most of the view like a fisheye lens. He tilted his head, and then stepped back and cautiously opened the door.

The first thing he noticed was her height, or rather, her lack of it. She barely came to Alan's chest, and he wasn't exactly the first one chosen in pickup ball.

The next thing he noticed was her face. With it now in normal proportion, she was actually quite pretty. She had a small, sharp nose, a pointed chin, and gray eyes. But those eyes also had bags under them, and it was clear she hadn't put any makeup on, and her black hair was mussed. She was dressed in an off-white robe that appeared to be thrown on over a pink nightie, her shoes were a pair of slightly mismatched crocs.

And Alan could have been wrong, but it seemed like she was hiding a buxom, hourglass figure under that big robe.

"You—" she started, mouth almost curled into a snarl. But then she suddenly seemed to freeze. Her eyes traveled over his face for a moment, but then down his body. They lingered there for a moment. Her cheeks went slightly pink.

She had to shake herself and draw a deep breath. "Look," she tried again, tone milder, "I don't mean to be a pain in the ass. But, uh... you see, I work nights. I'm a dancer at a club, actually, and I—"

She paused, mouth open and a panicked expression on her face, like she hadn't meant to tell him that last part. "A-anyway, I really need sleep around this time. I understand we all live crammed together, and that we have to live, and we all get strong urges, and with the way you make girls scream you must be AMAZING, but—"

Her face went pinker, and she licked her lips. "What I mean to say is, could you, uh, try a little more to keep it down? I mean, once or twice is understandable, but over and over and over—look, I just really need some sleep, okay? Could you, I dunno, gag her a bit? Maybe she's into that. I know I sure as hell am."

They stared at each other a long moment, the girl's breath speeding up, Alan shifting awkwardly. And feeling his dick stiffen.

"I'm sorry," was all he could think to say. "We'll try."

"O-okay, that's good, just, you know, trying to... well, see you around, maybe?"

She backed away quickly, shuffling down the walkway without taking her eyes off of him, so she almost ran into someone. After a quick apology, she fled down the stairs. The person turned to Alan, giving him a raised eyebrow. It was Sarah.

"Okay..." she said, "what was that?"

Alan gave her a miserable look. "It's... hard to explain."

Sarah shrugged. It drew Alan's gaze to the way her white t-shirt hugged her substantial bust, framed by her leather jacket. Her jeans that were tight enough to show off those powerful legs. "I got the time," she said. "It's my day off."

"It seems like it's your day off a lot recently."

"Shut your hole and let me inside."

Sarah pushed him away from the doorway and closed the door behind them. She waltzed in and opened his fridge, grabbing a Coke. She sat back on the kitchen counter.

"So what was up with that girl? Someone new you're banging?" she asked as she opened the bottle.

"No," Alan said evenly, "she's just my neighbor. I think. I've never seen her before."

"Okay, sure. What did she want? Besides your cock. That much was obvious from the way she was drooling all over you."

Alan's face twitched. "She, uh, she came to complain about the noise."

Sarah wiped her mouth. "Really? She was whining at you when you're all crammed together here?" She shook her head, looking skyward. "I would rather *die*. Seriously, you live in a place like this, it comes with the territory." She paused, giving him an arch look. "But I'm guessing I know what the noise might be. So who's—"

Just then the door opened, and Mira stepped out. She wore a black halter top that showed a lot of midriff, and a pair of yellow skinny jeans, and no shoes. Her hair was still a little wet. She paused, phone pressed to her ear, when she saw Alan and Sarah. She smiled, giving Sarah a little wave and nodding to the phone, before she also opened the fridge, grabbed out an apple, and then retreated back into the guest bedroom.

Sarah smirked at him. "Well, I guess that answers that. Damn, she's got an ass on her. Isn't she a little young for you, though?"

"Yes," Alan said. "Yes, she is." He sat down on his couch, pressing his fingers into his forehead. "And she's also my half niece."

Sarah choked, and had to wipe her mouth with a sleeve. "Say what? You're banging your niece?"

Alan heaved a sigh. "Half niece. And mostly in the ass. And I haven't cum inside."

Sarah rolled her eyes. "Oh, well, that makes it okay then. You sick bastard. How did this happen?"

Alan threw up his hands. "She just randomly showed up at my doorstep the day before yesterday, saying she just needed to stay a few days, and well, one thing led to another, and—"

"—and now you're making her cum so hard it's disturbing your neighbors," Sarah finished. She shook her head. "Well, it's not technically illegal... but it is pretty disgusting. Why do it? Don't you have plenty of hot bitches lining up to fuck? You couldn't hold out for a few days?"

"I tried!" Alan said through his teeth. "I couldn't stop. Ever since I got in that car accident, it's like—it's like everything's been thrown into overdrive."

Sarah studied him. "You mean you think it has something to do with your..." she said, pointing at her head.

Alan spread his hands. "I don't know. All I know is it's suddenly harder for me to control, and I feel... up for it all the time."

Sarah leaned forward. "Really? How many times have you fucked her?"

Alan's face felt stiff. "Five times." He cleared his throat. "Uh, since last night."

Sarah spat Coke onto his kitchen floor. She stared at him. "Five times? Not, like, five positions, or five mini sessions in one long love-making throwdown, but five separate times where you weren't naked, got naked, got into it, fucked, and both came?"

Alan nodded once, shortly.

"Holy shit!" She stared into the middle distance. "No wonder your neighbor came to complain. No wonder she looked like she wanted in on the action."

Sarah turned back to him. "And when was the last time you shot your load on your niece?"

Alan shifted. "Less than an hour ago."

"And you think you could go another round, right now? That you could get hard again already?"

Alan looked down at his pants. "I... uh, I already am."

Sarah stared at him, and then chugged the last of her Coke, and set it on the counter with a thunk.

"Okay, this I gotta see. And by see, I mean test. And by test, I mean let's fuck right now."

"Wait, what?"

Sarah had already dropped her jacket to the floor, and undone the button on her jeans. The zipper came down and she shucked them down, kicking off her sneakers along the way. She hurled the pants aside, and stood upright to reveal a midnight blue thong.

"Wait, my niece—"

"—will have to wait her goddamn turn," Sarah cut him off.

Before Alan could do more than sit up straight, Sarah planted a foot on either side of his legs, straddling him, bent her knees, and planted her crotch onto his face. She was wet enough that she immediately soaked through the fabric and all around his lips.

Sarah reached down, grabbing his head with a hand, and started to grind her cunt into him.

"Yes, fuck," she purred, working her hips. "Oh, I love the look on your face. You like my pussy, but you don't like being my sex toy." She ran her tongue over her teeth. Her hand tightened on his head. "Well, too fucking bad. You're my cum machine. So let's skip the foreplay. Do your thing, and make cum right goddamn now. Now!"

Well, she asked for it. Alan gave her a nice blast of Direct Input. [cum Cum CUM!]

Sarah's whole body tensed, muscles standing out, especially her thighs. She pressed her lady lips into him so hard he sank into the couch. "Yes yes yes YES OH FUCK YES SO FUCKING GOOO—"

The rest was cut off after Alan DI'd her into slapping a hand over her mouth. She rode it out for another twenty seconds at least, face going a little dark and nostrils flaring. Then the shuddering slowed and she sank down, settling in his lap. Her hand came off her mouth, releasing a short wave of panting.

"Oh, shit," she moaned, "I am never, ever going to get tired of that." She smiled, and then crossed her arms to reach down, pulling off her shirt. Alan got a great view of her toned abs, and saw just a flash of her t-shirt bra in silver-gray before she reached back and yanked it off. Her boobs burst out, as big as he remembered, nipples diamond hard on those delicate, wide areola.

Then she reached down, and with both hands, undid his belt, button and zipper in rapid succession. The next moment, his pants and boxers were down, his cock pointing straight up in the air.

"Fuck, you *are* hard," she said, squeezing him a little. "Let's test this, what do you say?"

She turned, and bending, she yanked down her panties, stepping out of them with just one foot, and then squatted over him. She put her hands down, waving her ass in his face a bit while she scooted into place so her pussy lined up, and then slapped it down over his cock.

Sarah breathed in sharply, a couple times, her hips jerking. Then she snarled through her teeth, "Oh, yes, fuck, god, fuck, I love how GOOD that shit is!"

She turned to him, her dark blue eyes boring into his, her mouth open in a grin. "Now, let's just see how long it takes me to milk that jizz out of you." Her ass came up, and then sank back down, hips working. "Then—nnn—then I'll know you're telling the—mmm!—the truth! Fuck!"

Alan grabbed her ass with one hand, his thumb going up inside, and started to thrust back against her. Their combined power started to make a hard, heavy slap when they came together.

And then the door opened to the guest bedroom.

"Hey Unc," Mira said, looking at her phone as she walked out, "I'm just gonna... oh."

Alan started, losing his rhythm, but Sarah kept right on slamming her pussy onto his cock. "Hi, niece," she said easily. "Name's—ooh—Sarah. I'm a friend of your uncle's. And—mmm, mmm—what's your's?"

It took Mira a bit to answer. Her eyes seemed to follow the bounce of Sarah's massive tits for a moment. "I'm, uh, Mira." Her mouth twitched. "And you look like much more than a friend to me."

Sarah laughed, pausing from slamming Alan's cock inside to grind on it for a bit. "Ooo—no, your uncle is a nice guy and all, but believe me, it's purely physical between us."

Alan watched Mira's gaze lock on them, her hands absently trailing down her sides to her hips. A flash of an image sparked in his mind, and at the same time Mira's eyes widened.

She suddenly reached down and undid the button and zipper of her yellow jeans. They were tight enough it still took a hard tug to them pull them down. She revealed a pair of cream-colored, silky hipster panties, and as she bent down to strip her pant legs off, she showed off how her ass stretched them almost taut in back.

"Nice," Sarah said, smiling as she started to pump her hips again, shaking her big tits, "but you'll have to wait a bit while I—"

Then she stopped dead as the panties came off and Alan's thoughts bowled her over. Sarah's eyes and mouth were wide, and Alan could feel her pussy suddenly clench around him.

"Holy fuck," Sarah said, transfixed. "I... I want that ass in my face."

Then she blinked, head shaking as if just hearing the words coming out of her mouth. "Wait, I—I mean, no, I—"

Before she could say more, Mira bent over, lined up, and shoved her anus right onto Sarah's mouth. She grabbed the larger woman's head with both hands, and ground a slow, hard circle with her fabulous cheeks pressed hard.

"Oh, fuck, that is hot," Mira said, giving an open-mouthed grin. "And I'm not even into girls. Come on, bitch, don't stop fucking. You gotta make my uncle cum in that slutty twat of yours, right? While you're at it, get that tongue up my ass."

Sarah stared at her a moment, eyes wide, but started to jerk her hips up and down, pumping Alan's cock into her tightened love box. Then she tilted her head a little, trying to get some space to breath through her nose, but Mira pressed harder, giving her a heavy-lidded smile. Sarah struggled a moment, and then slipped her tongue up the younger girl's anus. Then she started to work it in earnest.

Mira's eyes widened, and she arched back. "Oh my god," she moaned, hips jerking a little. "Oh my... oh shit, you're good!"

At some point, Alan had grabbed Sarah's hips, and started to pound against her from below. This jarred her a little harder as she worked Mira's backdoor, vibrating it.

"Oh, yes, god!" Mira said, eyes closed. "Yeah, tongue fuck that ass, slut! Oh, you're so good!"

Sarah was starting to let out muffled moans as Alan jacked into her harder, reaching up to squeeze one of her wagging tits, pulling on the nipple. He reached down with other, and started to softly roll her clit. Her eyes bulged open, her pussy tightened more, and she let out a strangled noise.

"Oooh, fuck yeah, Unc!" Mira snarled, hips almost vibrating as she looked back at them. "Work that whore's pussy! Fuck it white!"

At that, Alan felt a twang run through his body. Three thunderous strokes later, he let out a growl, and started to pump jizz inside Sarah. Her sounds were now so loud they could be heard clearly through Mira's still-grinding ass, and Mira went wire-tight.


Then her jaw clamped shut, and the three of them were a mass of writhing, grinding, vibrating bodies.

Alan was the first to sag, panting slightly while the two women continued to ride their climaxes out. Then Sarah fell back on him with an explosive breath, gasping at air, and Mira leaned forward for a moment, hands resting on her knees.

After a minute, she straightened and looked back at Sarah. "God... If I'd known a girl could get me off like that, I would have tried one years ago." She frowned slightly. "And my roommate *is* fucking hot..." She tilted her head, and then shook herself. "Ideas for later."

Mira smiled, looking down at the still heaving body of Sarah, and then at Alan. "Come on, Unc, you can't be done with just that." She bent down, and fishing under the couch, pulled out a bottle of lube he kept there. She opened the lid just slightly, and gave him a wink. "After all," she said, picking up one of Sarah's legs and pulling out Alan's slightly limp dick, "she's got another hole to fuck."

Mira jammed the bottle of lube up Sarah's anus, and squeezed. Sarah jerked slightly, eyes widening. Mira grinned, and slapped her tits, shoving in more and squeezing harder until oil was pouring out her ass on onto Alan's dick. Which got hard again.

"That's more like it," Mira said as Alan slide out from under Sarah. "You take over here. I wanna play with those huge tits some more."

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