tagIncest/TabooAlex & Alexa Ch. 02

Alex & Alexa Ch. 02


Chapter 2- Becoming Good Friends

I was waking the following morning because someone was caressing my hair. Gentle fingers stroked through it as a soft voice gently lifted me out of slumber.

"Hey, sleepyhead," said a newly familiar voice. "Ready to join the living?"

I rolled onto my back and groaned my way through a big stretch while Alexa, my nineteen year-old aunt, sat next to me. I was vaguely aware of a soft source of light not far away and assumed that she must have turned on a lamp when she came down so she could see when she woke my up.

I blinked my eyes awake and saw her sitting next to me on the edge of my bed. Her hand was still in my hair but she wasn't looking at my face. She was, in fact, looking down my body and wearing a rather amused smirk.

I looked down and went pale- beneath the sheet that was covering me, I was sporting a huge erection.

"Oh, shit!" I said hastily as I sat up, almost bringing my knees to my chest in attempt to hide my shame. "I'm... oh, God, I'm so sorry, Alexa!"

She gave me a wry grin. "Why? Because you're a functional male who gets morning wood? What's to be offended about? Were you raping kittens in your sleep?"

I shook my head. "No, of course not."

"So, then you either have to go to the bathroom or were having perfectly normal dreams, what's the big deal pardon the expression."

"I... I'm just sorry you saw me like this." I said, no doubt still crimson with embarrassment.

"Oh, please," she said, rolling her eyes and smiling. "There's co-ed changerooms all over Europe. If I had a nickel for every uncircumcised johnson that I saw in the shower or tenting a blanket during a camping trip..."

She smiled at me. "Trust me, it's not a problem, Alex. Would you expect me to be embarrassed if my nipples started involuntarily poking out of my shirt if I got cold?"

"No, I guess not." I said.

"It's not like you showed up in my room, waving that thing in my face, you were asleep." Alexa reasoned. "Anyway, I didn't come down here to freak you out. It's six am and I meant to ask if your parents went running or something, because they're not here."

"Oh, uh, yeah," I said, trying to distract myself from my hard-on, which seemed determined to not go away. "Yeah, they run in the morning every day before they go to work."

"Hm, I should probably go with them, if they wouldn't mind," she mused, staring off at the wall and mercifully no longer at my erection. "What do you think?"

"Well, if you're a runner it's not a bad idea, they're pretty dedicated. I've thought about going with them, but never really did."

"Just something to consider, then," she said, smiling and now giving my knee a squeeze. "Well, I'll go back upstairs and leave you to your, um, business. Your mom bought some European-style coffee for me and I'm going to make some, if you want any."

She then turned and wiggled her way up the stairs. This was the first time I noticed she was wearing her tank top and boxers from the night before. And it still looked completely amazing on her.

Once she was gone, I sank bank onto my bed, my hands over my voice and groaning in despair. Why the hell did she have to come down at that moment? I couldn't even remember what I was dreaming about now! All I could picture was my boner and her looking on in bemusement, wondering what sort of pervert I was.

I slung my feet out of bed and trudged my way toward the bathroom. Taking a leak didn't help, so I began running my hands under ice-cold water from the faucet and stared at the toilet brush. Soon enough, my third leg was gone and I could safely go upstairs. I put on a robe and shuffled up to the kitchen, where Alexa was making the strong-smelling coffee. She beamed a lovely smile at me and came over to give me a hug.

"Good to see you, Alex," she whispered in my ear. "Thanks for coming up."

"No problem," I replied, hugging her back. "Sorry about earlier."

"I told you, silly, no worries." Alexa said, smiling at me now and releasing me to continue making coffee. I was glad to see she'd also put on a robe, which was probably a good idea for when my folks got home. She was wearing it somewhat loosely and the swell of her bosom pulled the top apart and definitely created some cleavage.

She finished the coffee and poured us each a large cup. I was amused when she added sweetened condensed milk to hers, but apparently it was something she'd learned in Thailand, so I just ran with it. Me, I took my coffee black. We leaned against the kitchen island and conversed for a few minutes, perfectly comfortable with our proximity to one another, no more than two feet apart.

"Hey, may I asked you something?" Alexa interjected. I nodded my assent. "Well, I'm crazy about taking pictures in my life and I have absolutely none of you or the two of us. May I take our very first picture together?"

I nodded again and she seemed very pleased. She fished a small cellphone out of her robe pocket and then came over to me and snuggled into my side. She held the camera up over us and snapped a few pictures. On the last one she turned her head and kissed my cheek, causing my eyes to go wide and her to giggle.

But then we heard the front door opening and I immediately retreated to the far side of the island, where I sat on a stool and continued drinking my coffee. Alexa winked at me right before my parents came in.

"Hey, you!" my mom said brightly as she saw her sister. She and dad were both wearing their jogging sweats and judging by the look of them, they'd run to the moon and back, they were both soaked. Regardless, Alexa hugged them both and offered to make them coffee. They said maybe after they showered and changed, since they were both sweating messes. But then my mom saw me sitting on the far side of the island, as far away as I could be while still technically inhabiting the kitchen with them.

"Alex!" mom scolded, giving me a look. "Act like a higher primate and get over here and be sociable! Have you even said one word to your aunt yet?"

"Yeah," I said plainly. "She was telling me all about Thai coffee right before you got home."

"All the same, quit being such a grump and join the rest of us!" mom said firmly. I sighed and pulled up a seat closer to them, now part of the group. Mom nodded, finally satisfied with my efforts to be sociable.

"Okay, Mike and I are going to go get cleaned up and then we'll be back. Alex, be a gracious host for a change and talk to your aunt."

With that, the two of them went upstairs and we waited until we heard the door to their bedroom close. Once it did, Alexa exhaled and giggled.

"Nice acting there, Olivier," she quipped reaching over and tousling my hair. "I think you've got them completely fooled."

"Thanks," I replied, pleased for whatever reason with her reaction. "As long as you know it's just an act."

"I wouldn't if I weren't in on the the gag," she said, grinning. "I guess my part is to just pretend to be patient, right?"

"I have no idea, to be honest," I admitted. "I've never pretended to not like a girl before."

"So you do like me," she almost purred, grinning again. "Well that's good to know, because I'd hate to think you were just putting up with me or humouring me."

"No, I genuinely like you," I replied. "You're a lot cooler and more fun than I thought you would be."

"How do you know I'm cool or fun?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. "We haven't even left the house since I got here yesterday."

I shrugged. "No one who's traveled Europe and sleeps with a webcam trained on them can be boring. I was expecting more of a scholarly dork like my mother, not to mention someone close to her age."

"Well, thank you, that means a lot to me," she said, smiling prettily and giving my hand a squeeze. "And I'm finding you quite fun to be around as well. It's good to already have a friend."

"Yeah, it is, isn't it?" I mused, smiling.

"So what do you think we'll be doing today?" she asked, her hand still on mine.

"I dunno," I replied, thinking about it. "Do you wanna go with mom and dad to the university and check it out?"

She thought about that. "Well, maybe. Will you come along to show me around?"

I nodded. "Sure, I'd be happy to. My courses finished early last week but there'll still be lots of people around and it'll be lively."

"Perfect!" she exclaimed, clearly delighted to have me along so she didn't have to meander alone.

We waited for my parents to come downstairs and Alexa gave them coffee. Then she sprang her question.

"So I was wondering if I might accompany you two today to the campus?" she suggested in a tentative voice. "Thought I would give it the once-over, maybe start getting a feel for if it's where I want to be."

Mom and dad looked at one another and then back at her. "That's not a bad idea, Alexa, but we'll both be busy all day," my mother said. "We won't exactly be around to give you a tour."

"Oh, okay." Alexa said. "I can still go and walk around on my own, then just meet you when it's time to come back."

"Nonsense," my dad snorted, pausing in drinking his coffee and looking at me. "Alex, you go with her, show her around."

I raised an eyebrow. "Me."

"Yes, you," dad said, staring at me levelly. "It's not like you have anything better to do. I heard you talking to one of your friends the other day, saying that your plans for today included playing video games and stuffing your face."

I sighed, clearly resigned to my task.

"Oh, cheer up, peanut," she mom said cheerfully. "Be polite and show your aunt around and we'll all go out to that Mongolian grill for dinner after your dad and I are done. Playing tour guide for one day won't kill you."

Alexa looked at me with her eyebrow raised. "Peanut?"

I went scarlet as I sat there and she began giggling. My dad chuckled and needlessly explained. "Used to be one of his childhood nicknames, that and 'Thunky'."

"Thunky..." Alexa choked out, trying not to burst out laughing.

"Yeah, your sister called him 'Peanut' because he was so cute," dad continued. "I called him 'Thunky' because his head was gigantic on a tiny body. Like an orange on a toothpick. His head made a 'thunk' noise on the floor whenever he got unbalanced and tipped over, hence 'Thunky'."

It was too much. Rather than burst, Alexa chose to let it out and began laughing hysterically. Her cup trembled on the table from her hand shaking so hard. Even my mom was snickering at my father's rather blunt explanation of how I acquired my nicknames. I just sat there sullenly, taking my licks and knowing better than to try and respond.

"Alright, alright," I groused. "Anything to make this stop."

"Thank you, baby," my mom said before getting up and walking away. "Be ready in about forty-five minutes." My dad stood up and joined her, heading upstairs. Alexa was still snickering when I looked at her. She stopped and cleared her throat, composing herself.

"So," she said quietly. "Thank you for doing this, Alex. It means a lot to me."

"Well, in spite of all that nonsense, I'm still happy to do it," I sighed. "Just promise me that'll you'll try to find out embarrassing crap about me directly from me so that I don't have to go through that again."

"Oh, that all depends," Alexa said, tracing a finger around the edge of her coffee cup. "If you tell the stories as humorously as your dad does, then I'll agree. Otherwise, I'm going to him for the dirt on you."

"Yeah, my dad's a regular bard, isn't he?" I muttered. "For the record, I'm pretty damn funny when I choose to be. At least let me attempt to tell you before you go running back to him. After all, saving some shred of my dignity is all I'm gonna come away with from this."

"Oh, not true," she said as she finished her coffee and came around the table to hug me from behind, her arms around my chest and her breasts squashed into my back. "You're making your new friend Alexa feel very welcome and at home. And she appreciates it."

And then she gave me a kiss on the cheek and squeezed me before heading upstairs. As she was ascending she slipped off her robe, revealing her tank-top and boxers from last night. She looked back at me and winked before disappearing.

I sighed and went downstairs, still feeling her arms around my and her lips on my cheek.

And yet another damn boner.


"So are you two going to ride with us?" mom asked as we were all getting ready to head out the door.

"I think it makes more sense for me to take her in my car," I replied, checking my jeans for my keys. "That way if she finishes touring or gets bored we're not reliant on you for mobility."

"That sounds good," she said before looking at Alexa. "Make sure he actually talks in the car and tries to be engaging, okay?"

I rolled my eyes as Alexa giggled and nodded. Out we went and clambered into our vehicles. We had three, since mom and dad each had one and I had my car. As we were pulling out of the driveway, Alexa was looking at the property. I couldn't help but notice how remarkably pretty she looked, wearing her golden hair in a long braid, a form-fitting printed t-shirt with a v-neckline and another pair of the European jeans that looked like they were painted on her. She was wonderful to look at.

"You guys have a nice backyard," she remarked. "Is that a hot tub on the veranda?"

"Yup," I replied, nodding. "I like it, use it a lot after a good workout."

"Ooh, gotta try that," she said, grinning. She pulled out her phone and began recording herself, speaking to the camera in what sounded to me like Danish. She pointed the camera at me and mentioned my name but I was driving and didn't turn my face toward it. After about a minute she put it away and smiled happily. "So what'll we do when we get to campus?"

"Depends, I guess. Am I right in assuming you're more interested in the arts like me, rather than the applied sciences like my mom and dad?"

She nodded. "I can do cold, hard math and chem, but they're not my passion. I'm more into history and other humanities, anthropology and so on."

"Then you'll need to check out the same part of campus I attend," Alex concluded. "There's a cluster of buildings where the liberal arts and humanities are all taught, it's pretty convenient. Some student housing nearby and a nice commons building where we can grab something to eat when you get hungry."

We talked some more about the campus and what we were both thinking of studying. We eventually entered the university grounds and we pulled off from following my dad's vehicle. He waved out the window as we went our own way. Alexa spent a lot of time looking at the campus and the buildings, along with the grounds. She remarked about it being pretty.

"I'm sure a lot of the buildings look really new to you." I mentioned as I drove. "I know some of the universities in Europe are nearly a thousand years old and some of the buildings must be a few centuries. Oldest buildings here are maybe a hundred."

"It's still very pretty to look at," she said, still staring. "Oh, are there always deer walking around randomly on campus?"

"Yeah, it happens quite a bit," I replied. "It's one of the attractive features of coming here, so students know better to mess with them. The faculty and the student council have come down like the Hammer of Thor on morons who harass the fauna."

"That's encouraging to hear. So you'll just be my tour guide around the place while I check things out? I don't plan to register today or anything."

I nodded. "Sounds good. We'll wander around and I'll tell you about all the buildings and some of our profs."

We eventually found a parking lot near the building I took most of my courses in and parked. I got out of the car and started to show her around. Predictably by now, Alexa had her cellphone out and was taking pictures of everything that caught her attention. She put her arm through mine casually as we walked and I made no demur. It felt nice to have a pretty girl on my arm, even if she was my aunt.

Not that anyone around us knew that.

I was indeed getting subtle looks from people as we walked around, with me pointing things out to her and laughing as I told her stories about some of the insane things that had happened on campus. I waved to quite a few people who called out to me as we walked by.

"Well, you seem popular," Alexa said lightly as we strolled around. "Especially for a freshman. Your girlfriend here on campus with you?"

I looked down at her. "What girlfriend?"

She now looked back up at me. "Am I to understand you don't have a girl? How the hell is that possible?"

"I dunno," I replied, shrugging. "I've mostly been focusing on my studies, to be honest. Yeah, there's a few girls I've gone out with, but nothing long-term or serious."

"That's hard to believe, you're so handsome," she said, as if it was common knowledge. "Are girls really this frigid around here?"

"It's probably not that," I said, blushing. "And it's not that I'm playing hard to get, either. It's just that, well, none of the girls around are worth spending my time on when I could be acing my studies and other activities."

"So you don't even have a casual partner, a fuck-buddy?" she almost exclaimed loudly, as if she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

She stopped our walk and looked up at me, her eyes serious. "You're not a virgin, are you?"

I almost laughed. "No, I'm not a virgin," I said as I made us resume our walk. "I'm not the most experienced guy out there, but I've been with a my share of girls and they never complained. It was just never serious for me."

"Well, that's good to hear," she said. "At least you're not some big, slobbering virgin."

"I take it your life in Europe was not without its hedonistic trysts?" I inquired.

She smiled. "It's safe to say I've been active, not to mention I'm bisexual," she stated, taking another picture of us as we walked. "So I've always had it easy when it came to finding playmates."

"I'd imagine so, looking the way you do." I added, smiling and giving her arm I was holding a squeeze.

"Oh, that's sweet of you," she said, beaming a smile at me and returning the squeeze. "But seriously, you should at least find a girl who can be a friend with benefits for you, Alex. You're going to explode if you don't."

"Sounds great, but most of the girls I would consider for that role wouldn't go for it and the ones who would I am worried have more diseases than a biological weapons lab. People don't really carry around sexual resumes here."

She giggled and put her cheek to my shoulder for a moment, snuggling me as we walked. The she saw a sign and her eyes lit up. "You have a hedge maze here on campus? Show me, I love hedge mazes!"

Our university did indeed have a hedge maze, thanks to our established and renowned botanical sciences department. We also had a small but decent Japanese garden as well as a Victorian one. I told her we'd see those later but for now, the hedge maze.

The university was proud of it, and rightly so. It was very well-maintained and the walls were thick and lustrous. It was also quite high, the best part of ten feet. Overhead lights were spaced around the maze and turned on after dark to prevent excessive abuse of the dark and remote locale. During the weekdays during class hours, though, traffic was minimal.

In we went and she seemed genuinely thrilled to be walking around. Her camera saw plenty of use as we wandered about. The walkways were carpeted with lush green grass and just wide enough for Alexa and I to walk side-by-side if she pressed a little closer to me. Eventually I just put my arm around her.

"That feels nice," she said softly. "It's nice to have someone you can be comfortable with physically."

"Yeah, it is." I agreed, smiling down at her. We walked around for a bit, determined to get lost. Finally we found the center of the maze, a small open area with a small sculpture at the center, a bronze sphere sitting on top of a tapering stone plinth. It was maybe five feet tall and had a plaque with a Latin inscription. She took a picture of us in front of it, wearing cheesy grins.

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