tagErotic HorrorAlien Panties Ch. 03

Alien Panties Ch. 03


Anna began to ball her eyes out at what she had just done again. Seeing Chris suddenly made her feel horrible for everything she had done and was still doing. Chris walked over and pulled her in to his arms trying to calm her down. He had no idea what to tell her or even what exactly was going on.

"Anna, what is happening?"

"I don't know! It started yesterday, when we had sex!" Anna started to cry again thinking about what she had done.

"Anna I need you to think, did you come in to contact with anything or get blasted by radiation or something?"

"This isn't a fucking comic book Chris!"

"I know but i have nothing to go with here. Come on, lets get you undressed and in to a shower." He said reaching for her bra strap when she suddenly grabbed his arm and pushed him away.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" she yelled in a deep voice that didn't sound like hers. He looked and saw her bra and panties doing something strange. It looked like some sort of liquid was on them moving around as a bunch of little wiggling tentacles started to reach off of them like they were defending themselves.

"Anna, what is that?" He asked pointing at the living underwear she was wearing.

Anna smiled as her eyes turned black. She walked towards him rubbing her hand on his crotch again. "Should we finish what we started last night!"

Chris knew whatever was happening to her had to do with this strange underwear she was wearing but it still didn't really answer any questions. She continued to rub his cock opening up his pants again.

"Woah wait, Anna you have to fight this! Please don't let it control you like this! I love you!" He said pleading with his possessed girlfriend who suddenly stopped and her eyes turned back to normal.

"What did you say?" She asked with her normal voice.

"I said I love you! Why do you think i waited so long for you to finally agree to have sex with me? I wouldn't have waiting if i didn't care about you!"

Anna suddenly let him go and backed away slowly. She looked down at her underwear as it was still reaching out small black feelers. She tried to take off her bra but it was almost sticking to her skin now refusing to let go. Chris tried to help her but as he got closer a small black tentacle reached out towards him with what almost looked like a mouth with teeth at the end hissing at him.

"What the hell is that!" He said backing away. The liquid began to spread along her body covering her even more. It almost looked like venom from the Spiderman movie as it spread out over her body. It moved up her neck stopping leaving her face and hair visible before she looked back at him with the solid black eyes again. She stood there completely covered with this alien goo that hugged her body showing every sexy curve she had like a leather suit. Her fingers seemed a little longer as well with pointed almost like claws.

"Oh my God Anna!" He said not knowing what to do.

"There is no Anna anymore!" She said with a strange voice that almost sounded like multiple people talking at once. She reached out and grabbed him by the throat lifting him up in the air and choking him.

"An...na ...don't...do...do...th...this!"

He struggle to get out as he hand got tighter and tighter. Just when everything started to go black he suddenly could breath again and felt himself fall to the floor.

"Don't follow me!" he heard the voice say. It took him a minute to focus as he was dizzy and light headed from the choking but once he could see again he saw the window had been smashed and she was gone. He pulled himself up and called her name out in to the cold but he didn't see her anywhere. He did see tracks in the snow so he climbed out the window and ran after her.


A few miles away town a young man by the name of John was closing up his convenient store and getting ready to go home. He was turning all the lights off when he heard the front door open.

"Sorry we're closed!" He said before he remembered that the door had been locked. Confused he walked towards it only to see the handle had been broken. He was a little nervous thinking someone had just broken in so he grabbed his bat from behind the counter and started to look around. He didn't hear anything which just made him more and more nervous as he looked around.

"Hello there!" A voice said almost making him jump out of his skin! He looked over and saw a girl leaning against the counter wearing a very low cut black dress. He was shocked by what he was seeing as this very sexy woman was standing in his shop. Her dress was split down the side showing off a little leg as well.

"Im sorry Miss, you startled me. How did you get in here?"

"Through the front door, it wasn't locked very well!" She said walking towards him slowly.

"Um...ok well, can I help you with something?"

She walked up to him reaching her hand out and rubbing his arm looking him up and down. he couldn't help but be attracted to her. She seemed like a sweet young pretty girl and for some reason she seemed to be flirting with him. She grabbed him by the head pulling him in for a kiss locking lips with him. he lowered his defense a little so she pushed him down to the floor with strength that caught him off guard. Before he could get back up she was straddling his lap.

"Woah now look here, I don't know what you're trying to do but um..."he stopped when she started opening up his pants and rubbing her crotch against his underwear. "Oh shit! I um... what are you doing Miss?"

"I need you!" She said as she ripped his underwear and dropped her pussy right on to him. Before he could protest she was already milking his cock.

John felt really good but he still tried to protest as none of this made any sense to him. He had no idea who this girl was or why she broke in to his store to have sex with him. He tried to think but soon the sensation began to take over. His arms began to tingle a little which surprised him as a warm feeling started to build up as well.

"Woah I feel strange all of sudden!" He said.

"It doesn't matter, this feels good doesn't it."

"Oh god yes!"

"You don't want me to stop right!"

"No! God no!"

"Just give yourself to me! Give in to your desires! Enjoy the feeling!"

John could feel the sexual pleasure building throughout his body. He had never felt anything this good his entire life. He soon didn't care about the who's or why's and just cared about the sexual satisfaction he was experiencing right now. She moaned out louder and louder as he could like he was going to explode. He bucked his hips up and yelled out as his cock spazmed and squirted in to her. He bucked his hips and continued to yell as his whole body shivered with orgasmic delight while every bit of body heat he had went flowing in to him. His skin began to go cold, dry up and crack as his warmth flowed out of every split part of his body and she absorbed it through her skin.

Her hips were still moving until she realized she was grinding air as he had turned to dust beneath her. She stood back up as her black dress liquefied and turned back in to the full body covering it had been before.


Chris was still following her tracks and had gotten to town. He was shocked when her bare foot prints almost looked like they had changed in to dress shoe prints. He looked all around until he noticed the convenience store with the broken handle. He ran over pushing the door open and looking around only to see a pile of dust on the floor and some clothes.

"Shit!" He said still looking for her when suddenly a large black tentacle came out of nowhere and threw him against the wall. He saw Anna standing there black eyes and all with him pinned. He tried to break free but it was no use.

"I let you live before, you had a chance to let me her go but you chose not to!" She said in that strange multi alien voice again. The alien goo was starting to spread as if to smother him.

"Anna don't do this please! I can help you! You can't let it consume you." He pleaded with her.

"Its too late for that!"

"No its not! The Anna i knew wouldn't just give up like this! I don't care how many people this thing has killed! I love you and will do whatever it takes to save you!" He said as the goo was about to cover his mouth and suffocate him. He took a deep breath and waited for the inevitable when suddenly he was let go again.

Anna stood there for a moment without moving. He wasn't sure what she was going to do but got up and walked towards her.

"Anna?" He said reaching his hand out but she screamed an Alien like scream and knocked him down before running out the back door. Chris pulled himself up running after her. It was hard for him to keep up as he was still a little messed up from last night plus the beating he had been taking from Anna but ran as fast as he could. He looked around for her not being able to see her very well in the dark until he looked up and saw her standing on the dock looking down at the icy water of a nearby pond. He ran over to her but stopped when he reached the dock.

"Stay there!" She yelled at him.

"Anna come away from the water, I can help you!"

"No you can't! I know what I have to do!"

"Anna don't do anything stupid, come here to me!"

"I can't! I can't go back. I killed Jenny, I killed Mr Williams, Albert, I put you in the hospital and now I've killed some random shop owner. Im a monster!"

"It wasn't you! It was this thing that killed those people! you're a victim here too."

Anna stood there for a moment before she said "You're right, and I can't let it kill anyone else!"

She jumped in to the icy pond right before his eyes. He ran down the dock after her as he could hear the creature crying out in pain from the ice cold water. He watched it let her go and try to crawl along the ice toward shore. He jumped in after her hoping he could pull her out in time.

The black ooze clung to any piece of ice it could moving slower and slower the closer it got to shore until and shrunk down in to a ball trying to hold any warmth it had but soon went solid. It began sinking to the bottom of the pond.

Chris dived looking for Anna but it was hard to see and it was extremely cold. He looked and looked starting to panic as he could not find her. He surfaced again looking all around when he noticed an odd shape between 2 pieces of ice. He swam towards it as fast as he could and it was Anna. She was not moving or breathing and her skin was blue. He grabbed her and pushed her up on to the dock. He was running on pure adrenaline at this point as he pulled himself up and scooped her up before running back in to town.

He looked around for anywhere they could go to warm up when he saw the town Gym was down the street. He ran as fast as he could praying it had a sauna or a hot tub to warm her back up. He put her down and broke the front window with a rock before picking her back up and walking inside. He couldn't feel his hands or feet any more but he didn't care, all that mattered to him was saving her.

He searched around desperately until he found the pool. He looked all over and saw a little alcove with a hot top. He ran as fast as he could placing her in the water which was a little cold and walked over to the temperature dial. He could not feel his fingers and struggle to turn it on but the tub started bubbling and began to warm up.

He jumped in and started rubbing her chest and doing the best he could trying to do CPR breathing in to her mouth. His heart was stopping as he waited to see if she would come back hoping the gradually warming tub wouldn't cause any damage to her. he was starting to lose hope when nothing seemed to be happening. the water was warming but not very quickly.

Suddenly she started coughing and Chris breathed a sigh of relief holding her close as the water warmed up around them. "Im cold!" She was able to wheeze out. He held her tight in his arms trying warm her as the water was warming up but the aliens alterations to her might still be a factor. He suddenly got an idea, It was risky but if she was still the way she was it might save her life.

He took his pants off under the water and did what he could to try to get himself hard

Given he was still a little frozen himself. She was barely conscious so he slid himself inside her without any protest. She was still warm enough inside for it to feel good and he began to thrust. He felt very strange and almost guilty like he was trying to rape her but it would be worth it if it saved her.

The water was getting warmer and warmer but he still knew it wasn't enough. He moved his waist the best he could trying to get her turned on because he wasn't sure if it would work. He thrusted and thrusted starting to think it wouldn't work as she was breathing but was still limp in his arms barely able to keep her eyes open. He wasn't sure it was helping until his arms began to tingle.

"Yes!" He said to himself and continued to thrust. She began to moan in his arms as the pleasure hit her. She held his neck and began to move her hips as well. He felt the warmth building inside him and knew it was working. He held her close hoping it would help warm her faster as he got closer and closer to orgasm.

"Oh shit! Oh my god!" He said as it truly felt amazing. He began to think of the people who had died and how happy they were when they did. He wasn't sure if his life would end but he knew it was worth it if it saved hers.

His cock spazmed inside her and he cried out as his orgasm hit. She moaned out her self and they held each other in the hot bubbling water as his body heat started flowing in to her he felt the most amazing orgasm he ever felt. "Holy SHIT!" He said enjoying the sensation feeling himself flow in to her.

She opened her eyes and looked down at Chris who was still cumming and sending heat in to her. "No!" she yelled out when she realized what he was doing. Chris shot more and more until everything went quiet and dark.


3 Years Later

It was a beautiful hot sunny evening in Southern Florida. The sea breeze did little to break the heat as a young woman sat on her back porch looking out at the waves crashing against the shore. There were people walking along the beech as the sun set, children playing, dogs were playing fetch, it was a beautiful site to see.

She pondered back to the events that transpired exactly 3 years ago that day. The people that died and the effects it had on her. It was something that she would never forget. Especially the selfless sacrifice made by the man she loved. He risked everything to save her life despite what she had done. That's what love is, and that's what you do for the people you care about. She would always remember that night. A tear began to run down her cheek as it had been an taxing experience for her and thinking about it made her emotional. She tried for many years to put it behind her but she knew she never would. She also thought about what would happen if anyone ever found a small black frozen rock in that pond and warmed it up.

"Hey honey!" A males voice yelled from inside the house. "Are you alright?" He said seeing the tears in her eyes.

"Im fine!" She replied wiping her cheek.

"Come here!" He said taking her by the hand pulling her in to his arms and holding her close. He held her for a moment before he said "You know, I was going to jump in the hot tub if you wanted to join me!"

Anna smiled and looked up at her man. "Chris, I will never say no to that!" She replied with a smile and a kiss before she pulled away and ran for the tub yelling "Race you!" Chris laughed and ran after her.

That night 3 years ago the hot tub kept Chris warm enough to keep him alive. What was done to her body unfortunately turned out to be irreversible however it did become less deadly and more manageable in time after being separated from the creature. She cannot have children and they had to move to a warmer climate but Chris did what ever he had to do to stay with her. In his eyes she had nothing more than a condition that needed to be managed and she was worth all of it.

Over time they realized they didn't have to sacrifice their sex life either, but they needed to make some adjustments. If she was already warm enough then the less she needed to take from a mate. She held on to heat very well now that the creature wasn't sucking it out of her. The warmth didn't feed her or serve any useful purpose really, she was was mainly a tool for the alien symbiote. It was a long time before she was willing to try anything sexual again but once they figured out how their relationship got much better. The only up side to what the alien did to her was the intense orgasm's she had and gave her victims before they died never lost their intensity. Their were night's where they were so loud the neighbors called the cops after.

They didn't necessarily need a hot tub to have sex but it was always a good option. They were probably the only couple in Florida who used a space heater in the bedroom year round. It took a while for her to get over what had happened but Chris helped her along the way and she loves him more and more each day for it. They've been married for 2 years now.

The End!

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