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Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 04


Alicia carried herself warily through the black, chitinous corridors of the xenomorph hive with vigilance and caution. The blond-haired marine took deep, steady breaths as she passed through corridor after dark corridor. Her weapon was at the ready as her alert eyes scanned around for the skeleton-like, midnight black adversaries that inhabited the colony.

The steadfast woman glanced around herself as she walked through the caverns. What was once the Main Processing Reactor Station for the entire LV-374 colony had been crudely yet resourcefully converted into a dark labyrinth and breeding ground by the xenomorph aliens. Traces of human construction could be seen here and there as judging by the occasional stairwell or overhead "Emergency Exit" sign, but those details were greatly overshadowed by black, moist, resin-like material that coated much of the walls and original façade of the station.

What little ammo Alicia had left was tucked into a satchel and slung over her shoulder. Her pistol was pointed out in front of her as she used it and the equipped flashlight to scan the dark corridors to her front, left, and right. Her armed hand was steady despite how tired and weary she was as a result of the mission's endeavors. The corporal had had enough experience in combatting the xenomorphs thus far to know that lowering her guard down, especially whilst entering the xenomorph's hive, meant certain death or worse for her.

Alicia had much motivation to keep her going though, enough so that she wouldn't let the outwardly creepy, imposing appearance of the xenomorph hive scare her or shirk her away from her goal. Taylor. This man whom she'd always jokingly referred to as her "partner in crime" was, to the best of her knowledge, the only surviving human left on the colony besides her. This was also the man whom she'd always had intimate feelings for but had not professed them, save for that one moment several hours before when they were alone in the Admin building, about to share their first kiss together, before they had been interrupted.

Just before he'd been snatched off by the xenomorphs and dragged into their lair, Taylor had told her to leave without him. She could not easily honor this request given their history together. In the past, he'd joked with her by calling her a "very stubborn woman" who could not be deterred away from a mission whenever she set her mind to something. She now found it ironic that this particular "stubborn" mission of hers was to rescue the very person who'd told her that in the first place.

At this point, she was willing to fight to the death against the entire xenomorph hive to have Taylor back at her side. She had nothing else to lose...save for him.

Alicia wiped a sweat from her forehead, brushing a strand of short, blond hair from in front of her eye as she walked step by step through the decrepit halls of the former Reactor Station. Her footsteps gave an eerie echo with every pass, making her spine crawl with the mere tension of it. She began to also sweat a bit more as the temperature began to rise as she ventured deeper into the hive. She felt as if she was walking into the belly of the beast in that very moment.

She stepped forward past an open floorboard, but not before flashing her light down that hidden crevice to scan for xenomorphs or facehuggers. The flickering lit sign above herself indicated as "C Level" opened up into a short stairwell that went down one level. With a quick glance to the corridors at her left and right, Alicia grit her weapon and flashlight tightly before swiftly descending the stairwell before her.

Upon stepping out into the new passageway, the humidity in the atmosphere reached its apex as Alicia wiped her forehead of moisture again. Throughout the dark hall in front of her, there was not a sound, except for the idle trickle of moisture from the ceiling and Alicia's steady breathing and dexterous footsteps.

As Alicia spun to the right to gain a sense of her immediate surroundings, she came upon a grisly sight. She gasped aloud as she beheld a husk of a human corpse cocooned upon the black, chitinous wall. The man – once a colony technician – had his head slumped down and his mouth hung open. He was clearly dead as a testament to the gruesome hole upon his chest, where a xenomorph implanted inside his body had apparently burst out some time ago.

Alicia shook her head and turned away, sighing to herself. "Obviously I'm getting close," she whispered to herself. "I will find you before the same thing can happen to you, John. I promise."

Alicia took a few more steps down the hall, scanning her circumference for sudden threats as she went. She suddenly flinched and diverted her gun and flashlight in all directions across the corridor in front of her as a screech pierced the silence of the dark labyrinth. However, as quickly as the cry of a xenomorph was uttered, it quickly evaporated; the terrifying sound having deteriorated back into the idle pitter patter of dripping moisture once again.

The female marine's spine tingled and the hand holding the gun shook sporadically. As her trembling body took a few steps back whilst she still sought out the origin of the screeching noise, she froze as her back collided with something. She spun back around and her skin paled as she recognized a familiar face.

Perched up upon the wall before her was the body of her commanding officer, Lieutenant Kramer. The tall, mustached man was mounted upon the chitinous resin like a trophy, his skin slickened and pale. Like the colony technician that she'd seen moments before, Alicia noted grimly that Kramer's chest was opened and bloodied due to the nonconsensual birthing of a xenomorph that the man had been forced to endure.

Oddly enough, Alicia finally noted that Kramer didn't look all too terrified. Like the other human male corpse, he looked so exhausted that he was almost more of a husk than a man who had experienced an agonizing death. Alicia speculated that Kramer's relaxed facial expression had to have been attributed to something that the xenomorphs had done to him in his final moments to make his grim demise more...bearable. This was confounding to her because she would have never expected the xenomorphs to show any degree of mercy to their victims or those that they captured for breeding.

Alicia turned her gaze lower and her eyes widened at what she saw. A large hole was torn through the front of Kramer's breeches and his flaccid cock was shiny and slick with some kind of clear fluid.

Alicia shook her head, trying to make sense of what she had seen.

"Jesus, Kramer. What the hell did they do to you?" she asked softly, looking up into the dead face of her former comrade.

Alicia nearly jumped out of her skin as another screech pierced the air, this one louder than the first. She glanced up at the sound of a subsequent hissing noise. Right above Kramer's hanging body, a black domed head stared back at her from out of a hole in the wall.

The single xenomorph lunged from his hiding place at Alicia. She grunted and jumped to the side to avoid the assailant's slash at the last moment. The xenomorph hissed, recovering from the jump to attack her again, brandishing its razor sharp tail. It charged again.

Alicia fired a barrage of rounds from her pistol as the xenomorph charged. The alien screeched in pain as the rounds pierced its dome head and body, splattering acidic blood across the ground. The xenomorph's body nearly fell on top of her as it died in mid-charge and Alicia had to roll away from the falling corpse to avoid being burned by the blood dripping down its body.

Alicia gave a sigh of relief as she reloaded her pistol. However, this was a short-lived reprieve because, like clockwork, more hisses and screeches began to erupt throughout the cavern in response to the cries of pain from the slain xenomorph.

Alicia scrambled to regain her footing and spun around to the noise with pistol in hand. Through the darkness, she could make out many black, crawling forms skittering toward her and she could see razor-tipped tails flailing as more xenomorphs converged on her location.

Though courageous and a good markswoman, Alicia knew when to retreat just as any other proficient soldier. She spun around and ran as fast as her slender legs could carry her down the adjacent corridor as the hisses and screeches got louder behind her.

Alicia dashed forward into what used to be a mess hall to seek sanctuary from the group of xenomorphs pursuing her. A ceiling board burst open in front of her as a xenomorph emerged in front of her to intercept her path. Alicia shrieked and fired another burst into this xenomorph in front of her before turning to run in another direction through the mess hall. She didn't stop running even as the shrieks of pain from the new xenomorph were emitted as the rounds had met their mark.

After exiting the mess hall and ending up in another network of resin-covered corridors, Alicia began to realize how hopeless her current strategy was. She realized that running and gunning through the xenomorph hive would only succeed in alerting the entire hive to her whereabouts, cause her to quickly run out of energy and ammo, and get her nowhere closer to finding Taylor.

"This shit isn't working," she concluded to herself. "They're going to catch up eventually. And I'm no good to Taylor dead, which is what's going to happen if I keep running around, stirring up the hornet's nest! What do I do?! Think, goddammit!"

As she ran, Alicia began to formulate a crazy yet potentially effective plan. Thinking back to Kramer's body, she came to the conclusion that the xenomorphs would prefer to take her alive rather than dead so that she may be used as another host for more embryos. What she knew about the xenomorphs indicated that their primary instinct and means of existence lied in reproducing for the sake of the hive. If she could somehow exploit this to her advantage, then the xenomorphs would have to take her alive and bring her to where they were currently holding Taylor...or so she was hoping at least. If that worked, then she could worry about freeing him and escaping later on.

Alicia stopped in her tracks as she suddenly came upon a dead end. She stood in a small room at the end of the corridor that she'd been scrambling down to avoid the pursuing xenomorphs. She spun around, taking a deep breath of resignation while preparing to launch her plan into action.

Four black, skeleton-like forms trotted toward her on all fours. The room that she was in contained a single dim, flickering light above her which illuminated the four alien forms as they emerged before her. The four xenomorphs blocked her one way out of the room and her chance of escape, hissing evilly through their vast array of teeth and clenching and unclenching their inner jaws in a hostile expression at her. Clearly they weren't pleased with her dispatching several of their fellow brood members earlier.

Alicia noted that the lead xenomorph appeared to be larger than the other three and with a more pronounced black dome upon its head. She deduced that this was a Praetorian – one of the vanguards of the xenomorph hive and among the stronger members of the species. Vicious trickles of saliva dripped from the Praetorian's maw as it hissed, approaching her with barbed tail raised to strike. The other three xenomorphs stayed back, looking at her menacingly while lying in wait in the event that Alicia tried to make for the door.

Alicia let out a deep breath as the Praetorian xenomorph moved toward her.

"This is fucking nuts," she whispered to herself, feeling her cheeks flush. "But it's now or never."

Alicia gave a silent prayer that the xenomorphs would take the bait and that what she was about to do would translate to these creatures the way she wanted it to.

Before the lead xenomorph could come any closer, Alicia suddenly tossed her pistol to the side and unslung her satchel from her shoulder, letting it fall to the ground behind her.

The Praetorian and the subordinate xenomorphs stopped their movements toward her. They hissed passively but still kept their tails poised to attack if need be. They looked at her with curiosity as she disarmed and dropped her belongings in a deliberately vulnerable manner.

Alicia took a deep breath to calm her nerves as her shaky fingers went to her marine uniform. And then, as much as her conscious mind screamed at the craziness of it, she began to unbutton her uniform. When it was completely unbuttoned, she slowly drew it off of herself and tossed it to the side.

The four xenomorph onlookers cocked their heads at her and glanced at each other respectively, hissing in bafflement at the human female's peculiar actions. They turned back to her to keep watching as their tails swayed steadily behind them with their curiosity, almost like a puppy dog's would.

Alicia prepared to surrender the next piece of her dignity and clothing as her fingers eased their way up to the button and zipper of her pants. She was dreading the next phase of her preposterous infiltration scheme but pushed that off to the back of her mind for now as she began to loosen her pants, drawing them down her lithe, toned legs and revealing the panties underneath. When she was done, she kicked those into the pile along with her uniform and other items.

Alicia stood before the group of xenomorphs in nothing but her tank top, panties and boots. The blond-haired marine began to sweat, and not just from the humidity this time but more out of fear and anticipation. But, nevertheless, she pressed on, hoping to get through to these creatures.

She sat herself on the ground while their eyeless gazes were all fixed upon her. She spread her smooth, silky legs out before her in a deliberately shameless and open posture. Shakily, her hands moved up to her tank top as she drew it up her chest, bunching it up and exposing her athletic bra and breasts underneath. With her tank top bunched up, she reached behind herself and unclipped the bra while biting her lip, while the four black dome heads watched her actions with inhuman patience.

Her bra loosened off of her and she threw it too into the pile with the rest of the clothing. Her perky, supple, creamy-smooth breasts were revealed for the four aliens to view unobstructed. She thought that faintly heard a sharp hiss emitted from one or two of the xenomorphs, but she didn't know if that was an indication of anything in particular.

Below her exposed breasts, past her smooth belly and between her legs, Alicia's fingers trailed down to the band of her panties. She hesitated for a moment, remembering why she was doing this by thinking about Taylor, before her fingers plucked her panties off to the side. Gradually, her slit and the pink lips of her pussy were revealed as she pushed her panties off to the side.

The Praetorian xenomorph hissed and saliva dripped from its wide, gleaming mouth with intrigue as Alicia exposed her most feminine treasure to him and his fellow brood warriors. It lowered itself down onto all fours so that it could watch the curious female human more closely as the other three did likewise.

Alicia, doing her best to ignore the devious stares she received from her xeno onlookers, closed her eyes and she unraveled the next part of her plan. Her fingers, moving past the pulled-off panties, brushed across the silky pink petals of her pussy. Her fingers plucked apart the pink lips of her labia, showing off her feminine glory openly and in a way that would surely entice and provoke a response from a human male. Meanwhile, her fingers traced a delicate, sensuous circle about her smooth, flat belly.

Though not particularly aroused while performing these lewd, peculiar actions before these xenomorphs, Alicia was hoping that revealing herself in such a surrendering and uninhibited manner would translate to them that she was allowing herself to be taken as a host for their facehuggers. Seeing as how there was an obvious communication barrier between their species, the only way that she knew how to appeal to their asexual reproductive instincts was by opening herself in a manner that suggested sexual reproduction.

She supposed and hoped that although these creatures couldn't possibly reproduce or mate the way humans did, her openness and exposure of her femininity and fertility would provoke the response that she was hoping for.

Alicia opened her eyes and retracted her fingers slightly. The four xenomorphs were still watching her calmly and were not making any move to seize her and bring her deeper into their lair like she wanted.

"They aren't taking the hint, but at least they haven't decided to kill me yet. Maybe they need more motivation to get moving," she mused.

Alicia again lowered her hand down, running her fingers across her lips again, letting out an unconscious sigh as she did. The fingers of her other hand reached up to grope at her right breast whilst pinching at the gradually hardening pert nipple there. Though she wasn't doing this for the sake of personal gratification or pleasure, she unconsciously let her mind again drift to lewd thoughts that fueled her arousal.

Last time, when she had sought solitary pleasure earlier that day in the security station, she had thought of Taylor naked in the shower room. This time, however, she took that fantasy a step further as she imagined herself giving Taylor a blowjob in the shower room. She imagined the stunned look on his face as she grabbed him firmly by the buttocks just as he'd been soaping his muscled body up. Before he could question her, she pressed him up against the wall aggressively, dropping down onto her knees beneath the raining water, and took his thick, veiny cock into her mouth unceremoniously. She twirled her tongue around the thick mushroom head, staring up into his face through her blond hair with fluttering eyelids as she began to bob her head to the tandem of "Ugh...Corporal," being moaned by a pleasured Taylor.

This wild fantasy was working her up much quicker than expected and she found herself rubbing her pussy with more vigor than expected whilst she twiddled her stiffening nipples. She began to forget about her plan and even the fact that four xenomorphs were watching with fixed gazes and undivided attention at what she was doing. The pleasure and warmth spreading through her body combined with the slickness between her fingers as she rubbed her pussy was so sudden at first that she didn't even realize that it was there.

But the xenomorphs watching her, being creatures who thrived off of detecting pheromones, were certainly not blind to this change. The Praetorian xenomorph hissed and clawed idly at the ground as he cocked his head at the human female. He picked up the change in the female's body heat and smelled her raging hormones with precision. This, combined with the enticing display of the female rubbing her sexual parts and driving her fingers in and out of her pussy was bringing about an instinctive urge in both the Praetorian and his subordinates.

Unbeknownst to Alicia, her display was having an effect upon the xenomorphs, but it was not the one that she would be expecting. Already, the Praetorian hissed, clenching at the ground as it felt a certain part of itself began to extend outward to its full extremity, extending longer and longer between its long black, bony legs. The three xenomorph warriors behind him were undergoing the same thing as they too grew anxious and erratic as they beheld the human female stimulating herself and emitting intoxicating pheromones that caused certain male parts of themselves to grow hard and erect.

Finally, the atmosphere became too much for the Praetorian to handle and he found that he would not merely stand by and watch the captivating display from the female any longer.

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