tagNovels and NovellasAli's Art Ch. 07

Ali's Art Ch. 07


I spent Sunday on my own, finishing up two papers I needed to hand in Monday afternoon. Despite the success of our website and the time I put in creating content for it, I still needed to study and submit work to my teachers. I was just lucky that Ali had been through the mill and was able to give me some help and advice, could tell me just how much work was required. She still made me do the work myself, but a lot of the time she was a lot more useful to me than my teachers.

Monday evening Sandy arrived, alone, and the three of us sat around the kitchen table while Sandy quizzed us. She was dressed in a new top and skirt, and pulled a pair of black glasses out of her bag and put them on to read her notes and the documents she asked us for. She was completely different, this was her subject now, and she was in charge.

She asked us about the art materials we used, the laptops, even the pencils, pens and crayons. She wanted every receipt we could find and how often we paid fees for the website, whether we logged onto other sites to see what competition was out there. After forty minutes she sat up and pushed her hands back through her hair, twisting in her chair.

"OK. Bottom line, if you don't sort yourselves out soon, the IRS are not going to cut your balls off. Ignorance of tax law is not a defense. You're lucky I came along. Now, do you want me to sort all this out for you?"

"Would you?" Ali said.

"I can," Sandy replied. "I'll need paying, but I'm cheap."

"Whatever it costs," Ali said.

Sandy laughed. "First lesson. Never say that to anyone ever again. I'll pretend I didn't hear it. I'll charge you $10 an hour for all the work I do, plus expenses. You'll pay your filing fees and any other fees that may be needed. So, what do you think?"

"Please," Ali said.

Sandy turned to me. "And you, Tom?"

I nodded. "You can see we have no idea what we're doing, Sandy. Can you sort us out?"

"Of course I can," she nodded. "I'll make a start tonight. And before I leave I want to talk to you about something else as well."

"Anything," I said, and Ali nodded, agreeing.

Ali and I left her to work. We both went down into the studio and started to sketch. I hung around for a while, leaning against a beam, watching Sandy as she laid her work out neatly on the kitchen table. Ali had offered her the desk, but she said she could do with more space, that she liked to lay everything out and work through it logically.

She sat at the table, a pad of ruled paper open, the receipts we had managed to find in one pile, one of the laptops pushed off to one side so she could look up any information she needed. Sandy glanced around, satisfied herself everything was ordered and arranged, and took a pair of glasses from her bag and slipped them on. She looked so beautiful, even more than usual, that I just stood there and stared. Luckily she was absorbed in her work, or I might have had trouble explaining why I just stood looking at her.

I jumped slightly as Ali came and slipped her arm through mine. I had been in a world of my own, enchanted by Sandy.

"You'd fuck her," Ali said softly, too quiet for her voice to carry.

I nodded. "Too right."

"Mm. Me too."

I glanced at her. "You would?"

"Fuck yeah. You know me and women. And Sandy is one hell of a woman. I wonder if she's into girls? Knowing my luck probably not."

"That would be fun, wouldn't it, Al?"

She looked at me. "What would, Tom?"

We were both talking softly, not wanting Sandy to hear us.

"If we both fucked her," I said.

Ali's mouth twitched up at the corner. "You've got a dirty mind, Tom Graham."

I raised my shoulders.

"I like it though," Ali said, and I grinned.

Sandy glanced up from her papers and saw us. "Tom, Ali, I've got some receipts here and I'm not sure how to classify them. Can you help me out?"

"Sure." Ali left my side and walked across to her, pulled a chair up and started looking through the pieces of paper.

I continued working and after a quarter hour Ali came back.

We both lost track of time and when Sandy spoke I had no idea how much time had passed.

I turned to find her sitting on the steps that led down from the main living area to the studio. She had tucked her short skirt down between her thighs, sat forward with her hands draped between her legs.

"I'm done for now. I'll need to come back, and if you want me to I'd like to make this a regular thing. You're going to need at least half a day a week to keep on top of all the paperwork."

"Not a problem," I said, already looking forward to Sandy becoming a regular visitor.

"And I said I wanted to talk to you about something else," she said.

"Anything," I replied.

She looked at me, at Ali. She appeared to be making up her mind about something. She had removed her glasses and her bright blue eyes regarded us seriously.

"This enterprise of yours," she said. "The website, the drawings, how serious are you about it?"

"I'm not sure I follow you," Ali said.

"What do you want out of it? Where do you want it to go?"

"We haven't thought about it," Ali said. "It's just something we do. I guess I just like drawing dirty pictures, and I've corrupted Tom now too."

"Me as well," Sandy said, laughing. "But I didn't quite mean that. Do you want this to grow, to earn more money?"

Ali shrugged. "I guess."

"How, uh, emotionally attached are you to it?"

"Don't understand," Ali said.

I watched them both, starting to get an idea where Sandy might be going with this.

Sandy leaned forward, her top opening as she moved, providing a delightful view down onto the top of her beasts.

"I think... what you have created has enormous potential," Sandy said. "I think you could both come out of this with enough money to last the rest of your lives."

Ali shook her head, not believing what she was hearing.

"But that's not going to happen if you continue running it the way you have been, hand to mouth, unplanned."

"We're not business people," I said. "This is all just an accident."

"I can see that. And I'm not criticizing. You can keep on as you are, and you'll tick over. You're doing OK at the moment, but pretty soon things will start slipping. Unless it changes, eighteen months, two years from now it'll be costing you money and you'll be a slave to turning out work."

"So what do we do?" I asked. "Pull the plug now?"

Sandy shook her head. "Do you trust me?" she asked.

I looked at Ali. I nodded. Ali nodded.

"Really? You don't know me."

I laughed. "I think I know you well enough." I was thinking back to the night we filmed her with Jack and I had ended up cumming in her mouth.

"You sure?"

I looked at her. "Are you going to rip us off, Sandy?"

She shook her head again. "I'm not. That's not who I am. But you don't know that."

"I trust you, Sandy," I said, looking directly into her eyes.

She stared back at me, then nodded. "OK. I believe you. In that case, I want to put together a proposal for you. It's going to involve other people, but they're people I know. One of them is Jack. Another is a guy we've known for years. The fourth is someone I know and trust."

"And what will all these people do?" I asked.

"I want you to consider whether you might want to sell your business - and I want you to start thinking of it as a business, not a hobby. Would you be willing to do that?"

"Now?" Ali said, and I could see the anguish in her pretty face. I felt the same thing, a sense of impending loss.

"Not now," Sandy said. "In a couple of years, I would think."

"A couple of years?" Ali said.

Sandy nodded. "A business is just another thing. You can have a Mom and Pop store, or a cousins store," she grinned, "And you can make a living from those, but that's all. If you want to make serious money, you need to start a business and from the outset know your exit strategy."

"This is too much for me," Ali said. She held up her hands, then went on, "I can see what you mean, but this is all too much too soon. Can we think about it, at least overnight?"

"Sure," Sandy sat back, twisting again to ease her back. "I've laid a lot on you all of a sudden. Think it over. But think on this, too, please..." She looked at us both, her beautiful face serious. "Do this right, and in two years, even before you graduate Tom, you could both walk away millionaires."

Ali just stared at her. I wasn't sure I believed it.

Ali sighed. "I just thought we could make some erotic sketches and sell them. It all seemed so simple six months ago."

Sandy looked at her and smiled. "And you both do that so very well. Your drawings turn me on so much." She stood up and walked into the studio, stopped and looked at the drawing I had been working on. My laptop was on beside the easel, a still frame from the movie we had made of Sandy and Jack frozen on the screen. Sandy's hand rested lightly on my shoulder. I could feel her body warm near to mine.

I had cropped the frame, zoomed in on Sandy's face and breasts. I had removed Jack from the drawing completely.

It showed me with my cock in her mouth. The ridges and veins stood out clearly. Sandy's eyes were open, although in the image on the monitor they were closed. I had drawn her pupils large, her lips open around my cock so it could be seen disappearing gradually into the dark cave of her mouth.

Sandy didn't move. If anything I thought her hand gripped my shoulder a little more tightly.

Finally she said, "That is really hot, Tom."

"You like it?" I said, turning towards her.

She nodded. "I like it a lot."

"You don't find it weird, seeing yourself drawn like that?"

"What, with your cock in my mouth?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Why? I liked it when you had it there, why would it worry me to see it again like this?"

"What about other people seeing it?"

She shrugged, then turned her full lips up in a smile. "What Jack told you was true. I get turned on at the idea of people watching. This is turning me on right now, Tom. Just thinking about all those guys out there who might look at this and jack off to it, that turns me on."

"It does?"

"Sure." She was completely unembarrassed, and I realized she was the ultimate erotic animal, totally into sex, totally unworried about what anyone else might think.

She kissed me lightly on the cheek, said, "I'm gonna go see what Ali's done."

She walked across to where Ali was working. I watched her go, enjoying the way her ass moved inside her skirt. I watched as she put both hands on Ali's shoulders and leaned over as she had to me, spoke softly to her about the drawing. I could just about see where Ali had drawn Jack's attempt to push his cock into Sandy's asshole. It was too big, of course, and hard as they had tried he had managed to force no more than the very tip into her. Ali's drawing had caught the effort of that, but also the utter sexual abandon on both their faces.

I stood up and went over, wanting to see the drawing more closely. I leaned across, my arm around Sandy's shoulder, not with any intent, but just as something to lean on.

Although the still image did not show it, Ali had drawn Jack's cock just as it had started to ejaculate. The first spurt was emerging and pushed aside onto Sandy's ass. The drawing was incredible, the sexual power coming off it huge. I had started to become immune to the many drawings of sex and bodies that were scattered around the apartment, but this was something extraordinary and I felt my cock stiffen in my pants.

Sandy put her arms around Ali from behind and kissed her on the earlobe just showing where she had tucked her hair back behind.

"You're a genius, Ali, you know that?"

Al laughed. "Yeah, sure."

"That is so fucking hot," Sandy said.

Ali nodded. "It is. I'm drawing it, but even I can see that."

"It's amazing," I said, and Ali turned, not aware I had been standing there.

She smiled softly. "Thanks, Tom."

"And Sandy's right. You are a fucking genius."

Ali laughed. "OK. Enough. Let's take a break for a minute."

I stepped back and Sandy unwound from Ali and Ali stood and we went through to the kitchen. Sandy had cleared up the papers, put them away in labeled envelopes.

"Have you finished?" Ali asked.

"For the moment. I need to do more, but we probably have to talk about that. Are you going to want me to do this on a regular basis?"

"Can you? Are you happy to do that?"

"Sure. But I'll need paying regularly too," Sandy sounded embarrassed, but firm.

"Of course," Ali said. "Of course we'll pay you."

"Does the ten dollars an hour sound OK?"

"Sounds fine."

"I'll need to give you receipts, and you'll need to keep a record of it, but I guess I'll do all that for you anyway," Sandy said.

It was early evening, and I went to the refrigerator and opened a bottle of cold white wine.

"Drink, Sandy?" I held the bottle up.

She looked at it, then nodded and sat down. She didn't seem to be in a big rush to get away.

"Where's Jack tonight?" I asked.

"He's got a late lecture, then he's going to the Times offices. He's got himself a contact there who said he can go over and get a feel for a real newspaper office. He's also got some ideas for marketing your website, if you're interested."

I poured wine for each of us, sat across the back of a chair facing the table.

"When you bring these people around," Ali said, "We'll make an evening of it. Cook some food, have a little party at the same time."

Sandy smiled. "You two have no idea how to run a business, have you?"

I laughed and Ali joined in and said, "Why should we? Why would we want to? I'm hoping you and these people are going to do all that for us. Me and Tom, we just draw dirty pictures."

Sandy laughed. "Good dirty pictures though." She drank some of her wine, said, "Do you think I could take a look at the stuff you recorded the other night? The little I saw was turning me on. Would you mind?"

"Of course not. I'll bring a laptop out. Do you want to watch it, you know, on your own?"

Sandy looked puzzled. "No. Why'd I want to do that? But would you think me awful if I got carried away?"

It was Ali's turn to look puzzled.

"Looking at your drawings, seeing that little bit of movie, got me pretty wet. I think if I'm gonna watch it all I'll need to bring myself off." She was not at all embarrassed to admit to her arousal, and that turned me on even more.

"And you're OK with us, uh, seeing that?"

"Sure. I said, it would make it even better for me if you did. You wanna film me doing it? That would be cool, me watching a film of me being fucked while I bring myself off. Fucking cool."

"Uh, yeah, we could, but-"

"I wouldn't want paying or anything," Sandy said suddenly, interrupting Ali. "After all, I'd be getting my rocks off anyway."

"What about Jack?" I asked. "What would he think of you doing it in front of us?"

Sandy laughed. "Jack's cool. He won't mind. I'll tell him all about it when I get home and we'll fuck. I might jack him off while I'm telling him."

This girl was unbelievable.

We drank our wine, neither Ali nor I wanting to make any move, neither of us wanting to seem to be pressuring Sandy into anything.

I glanced at Ali as I drank from my glass and she raised an eyebrow.

I topped our glasses up, and then Sandy stood and stretched. "Can you get me the laptop then, Ali? I'm feeling so fucking horny I'm gonna melt if I don't do something," and she put her hand down directly over her pussy and pressed against herself. Then she looked directly at me and said, "Tom - I know I said I was gonna do myself, but would you mind fucking me instead?"

I felt my mouth drop, and heard Ali splutter in her drink.

Sandy lifted her shoulders and gave a cute smile. "Please?"

"What about Jack? I don't want to-"

"Jack's OK with it. I told him I'd like to fuck you and he said that was cool. We're both cool about fucking other people. But we always tell each other. We always ask first. Jack could see I liked you the other night. It's fine with him."

"Uh, well, yeah, I guess." I glanced at Ali, who had now recovered, and she was watching us both with a flush on her face.

Sandy came around the table and put her arms around my shoulders. I put mine around her waist and she lifted up and kissed me on the mouth.

When she pulled away she said, "Mm, good. I wanted to fuck you as soon as we met." She pressed her hips forward into mine, smiled. "God, I'm so fucking horny. Do you mind if I cum quick and then we do it slower?"

"No, whatever you want, Sandy."

She grinned. "Oh, good. 'Cause I might want a lot. I haven't fucked anyone else for a while now. I'm looking forward to this."

Her openness was unbelievable. I had never experienced anything like it, and was at a loss how to proceed. But Sandy took my hand and led me across the room, towards my bedroom. She looked back at Ali and said, "You are gonna film this, yeah? I wanna see that film as well."

Ali put her glass down and went across to the small camcorder, checked the battery, changed the memory card.

Sandy led me into my bedroom and dropped onto the bed, fully clothed, and patted the mattress beside her.

"Let's pretend we're teenagers, Tom, making out on the bed and we get carried away. Yeah?"

"You like role play?" I asked, lying beside her, putting my hand on her slim waist.

"I like fucking," she said, and pulled my head down so our mouths met.

Despite her arousal, there seemed no rush. We kissed for a long time, exploring each other's mouths. Sandy tasted fresh, her tongue agile against mine. I kissed her face, her ears and neck, found particular points she liked being kissed on, different points to others I had kissed, the wonder of women that they were all unique.

I touched her breasts through her tee shirt and bra, fondled them, put my hand down over the prominent mound under her skirt and pressed my fingers against her and she moaned and moved her hips from side to side.

Sandy lifted my tee shirt and touched my belly, her other hand found the ridge inside my linen pants and gripped it, traced it with her fingers and she smiled.

She kissed me again then turned to look at Ali, who was crouching ten feet away with the camera to her eye. She had brought in a tripod and the SLR as well, and as we looked at her she clamped the video camera to the tripod and started taking still pictures as well.

Sandy licked my neck and said, "I want you to make me cum, Tom. Can you do that for me, and then you can fuck me anywhere you want."

"Careful what you offer," I said, smiling.

Sandy shook her head. "No. Anywhere you want."

"I'll fuck you where you want to be fucked, Sandy," I said. At the same time I had drawn the fine material of her skirt up to show her panties. She had been right. The front of them showed a huge wet patch. I leaned down and kissed her skin, kissed the smooth skin just on the waistband of her panties. I could smell her sex, strong and musky, and I wanted to taste it but I was making myself go slowly.

Sandy rolled over on top of me. I slid my hands down onto her ass, inside her panties, loving the smoothness of her skin, the round firmness of her ass.

Sandy pushed her tongue in between my lips hard, tried to push it as far into my mouth as she could and I lifted her tee shirt and gripped her breasts trapped in the dark blue bra.

She pushed my hands away, slid down and started to unbuckle my belt, working as slowly as I had, undoing the button at my waist and gradually tugging my zip down. My pants were loose and gaped as my zip came down, exposing cotton briefs. My cock formed a long ridge, angled upwards, and Sandy stroked it, then lowered her mouth and put her lips over it. I groaned and pushed up against her, but she wanted me to wait and pulled back grinning.

She turned to look at Ali and said, "You've seen Tom's cock. I know you're gay, but it is a nice cock, don't you think?"

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