All Hallow's Eve


I was sharing an apartment with sister just off campus and had been racking my brains for a week now, pondering what I was going to do for Halloween. It had been three years now since I followed through on a pact I had made with myself to not let my favorite holiday go by without taking full advantage of it. On this one special day, society sets aside it's social hang-up and actually seems to become more acceptable to those who normally wouldn't step outside what society deems as normal. This essentially allows some of us to express a side of themselves only alcohol can normally bring to the surface.

But here it was just four days short of All Hollow's Eve and no particular parties around the school or off campus was shaping up to meet my particular criteria. I wasn't normally a party kind of guy, often drifting to the edges and clinging to anyone I knew instead of mingling. This all stemmed from a childhood in which I thought I was different and spent my energy shying away from other kids. The solo act continued throughout school and carried on into college where the frat life had no appeal. My sister, despite being outgoing and popular, did me a favor and chose to go in on an apartment together. Costs were tight and my sister, unable to live a solitary lifestyle that I found necessary, had been conspicuously absent most of the semester despite making her classes.

Upon cross examination, it became clear that she was hanging out at a sorority across campus. On the rare occasion that she wasn't in class, working or at the sorority she would stop by the apartment and dig into whatever I had cooking on the stove. Tonight, however, she had brought two of her friends home and the three of us made due with the pizza I had ordered. Fortunately I often lived on the stuff for days and ordered enough for plenty of leftovers.

My sister Katie was a year older and her blond hair and blue eyes didn't hurt her popularity. As I often heard from my friends, her five foot four, petite frame and short bob haircut certainly didn't hurt either. Her friends Laura and Melina, both tall brunettes, had had similar lives growing up in suburbia and shared in being popular as well. I had the pleasure of meeting most of the sorority gals and the rest represented the entire spectrum from tall to short, thin to heavy, athletic to voluptuous. Every creed, color and nationality seemed to be represented and on the extremely rare occasions that they had parties at the house, I was left drooling at the possibilities.

Despite being an introvert, I seemed to be comfortable around the group and thought for sure that some type of relationship would blossom. My best efforts seems thwarted at every turn and I often wondered if the fact that my sister was an honorary 'sister' had worked against me as much as I had hoped it would work in my favor.

The meal had transpired like many other where we had guests and although there were three women sitting at the table around me, my mind continued to wonder, the distraction it seems didn't go unnoticed by any of the three.

"What's up with your brother?" Lisa asked, as though I wasn't sitting there. I would have thought it was only fair considering I was eating silently, not really tuned into the conversation over pizza.

"Not sure." My sister replied without looking at me. "Could be any number of things I guess."

"Should we ask him?" Melina inquired.

My sister shrugged her shoulders and took another bite as I continue to sit there quietly, my mouth full of unchewed breadstick. I was wearing a smirk on my lips as I watched all three picking at their meals.

"I'm sorry." I said apologetically.

"He speaks!" Melina mocked, winking at me teasingly. We smiled at each other for a moment but I knew, in no uncertain terms, that nothing was going to develop between us. I could feel two other pairs of eyes on me now and I turned to find Lisa, seated across from me, watching with an amused look on her face, and my sister, seated to my left, showing an unidentifiable mix of emotions.

"Give it up. What's with the you tonight." Katie asked.

I shrugged, which I'm apt to do, but all three could sense there was more to it. I have to give Lisa and Melina credit but Katie knew I why I was riding in my own world solo tonight.

"Just pondering this weekend and trying to figure out what I'm going to be doing and so far I'm coming up dry."

I turned my gaze down to the my plate and poked at the crust with an extended index figure as though trying to find it appealing once again.

"We're having a party Sunday if you'd like to come." Melina offered.

This revelation snapped my head up where I met her eyes looking for any sign of deceit. Any other time, my sister was spending weeks to talk up events at the sorority, trying to get me to commit. I was getting better about going now and I couldn't think of any reason why she wouldn't have mentioned it. I shot locked on her with a glance but it was her turn to exchange uneasy glances between her cohorts. Her eyes darted my way for a second before returning to her plate.

"I don't think he's . . . ready for our All Hollow's Eve party this year. Maybe next year."

I looked at all three but couldn't figure out what they were referring to.

"Ready?" I queried. "How exactly does one get ready for a Halloween party?"

Lisa's mouth opened, possibly getting ready to utter some clue but the only sound I heard was my sister verbally stepping in.

"The All Hollow Eve's party isn't your ordinary sorority affair. It's . . . intimate and by strict invitation only I might add." She said, as though admonishing our guests.

They both nodded, as though feeling guilty of some unseen indiscretion and became quiet, finishing off the food that was left on the table.

"You're joking, right?" I asked incredulously. "How exactly does one prepare for a Halloween party?"

"It's complicated." Lisa tried to explain, but it was clear that I wasn't going to let a perfect opportunity like this just slip away since I didn't already have a plan in place.

"In addition to it being a party there is some role playing that goes on." She further tried to explain, suddenly struggling with finding the right words, her hands turning as though trying to mold the right phrases in front of us. Eventually, she exhaled deeply as though frustrated.

"Well?" I prodded, eager to find out exactly what I had to do in order to qualify. I wasn't sure why I suddenly needed to be at this party but as much as my sister resisted, I only insisted.

She continued to stammer and the only thing that came out was, "We'll see."

That seemed to satisfy the three of us at the table who looked at one another with wide smiles of satisfaction although there was something else coming from Lisa and Melina that I couldn't identify. It was better than an absolute 'No' and I knew that with four days left I could hammer away at her reluctance and ensure my invite. The only problem, I knew, would be finding her. I couldn't get to her in class, but I was often in the coffee shop where she worked and would hound her until she finally gave in.

"I said, we'll see." She responded, reading the sly grin on my face and knowing exactly what you happen next.

The rest of the evening was uneventful and I was once again alone in the apartment with only my books to keep me company this evening.

My eyes were getting tired and the thought of hitting the sack was interrupted by the ringing phone. Living in a college town, I was used to it going off at all hours of the day and night and had become accustomed to unplugging it and relying on my cell phone for any emergencies that might come up.

"Hello?" I said.

"It's me. You've been formally invited to the party on Sunday. Be here, at the sorority at 4 p.m."

"Starting early?" I asked.

"Yes. We always start getting ready in the afternoon and knowing your discomfort for being out in daylight 'in costume' you can get ready here, the girls have volunteered their room. I assume you were planning on getting dressed up for Halloween again this year?"

I didn't want to sound too excited so I stopped for a second as though pondering my answer. "Yes."

"I suspected as much."

With nothing else to say, she was going to hang up but she must have sensed my apprehension.

"Did you tell them . . . what I was planning to wear?" I stammered.

"Of course I told them. I tell them everything!" she replied, knowing she was just getting me fired up.

When I didn't reply, she let me off the hook.

"Don't worry about it. Just bring your costume and assorted accessories and be here promptly at 4 p.m. I know you're never late for anything, but if you're not here promptly at 4 p.m., the bus is leaving without you."


"Figure of speech. Just bring your stuff and be here at four."

She hung up without another word. I dropped the phone back in the cradle and did my happy dance in the kitchen, relieved that my plans were set and that they were with a group of people with whom I liked to party. I reached up, unplugged the phone, set the deadbolt, switched off the light and called it a night.

I had managed to keep my heat in the game as the week wound down towards the weekend, but my heart wasn't really in it. It was especially bad as Saturday ticked away and I was forced to blow off my studies and just crash out in front of the television. I tried to sleep in Sunday morning as late as possible but the butterflies in my stomach sprang to life the minute I came away and there would be not more rest today. I got up, ate leftover pizza around noon and wiled away the hours as they passed excruciating slow. Three o'clock finally came and I got ready and packed a large shopping bag with everything I would need tonight for my costume. As was often my habit, I climbed into my car ten minutes earlier than necessary and found myself parked in front of the sorority house fifteen minutes before my appointed time.

"Strange." I commented to myself. The house looked much like it always did, only a front lawn full of colorful, fallen leaves giving any hint that it was fall. There were no decoration of any kind indicating that Halloween was approaching, much less that a party was going to happen. Sis did say that it was a fairly small affair and the last thing you would want to do is advertise a party at a house smack dab in the middle of college house row.

I listened to a few more songs on the radio before retrieving the key from the ignition, checked the time and with it just five minutes shy I determined, with a margin of error, that I was technically inside a window that would clearly make me on-time and not early. I retrieved my shopping bag from the trunk, looked around nervously, and began the walk up to the house, my body jingling with anticipation.

My hand was out, reaching for the bell, when the door opened up and my sister was standing there. She was dressed in a toga type of affair, the hem of the white dress hanging just above the knee. It was decorated with gold trim and she had on some of her gold jewelry and a pair of well worn gold colored sandals to complete the look.

"Nice costume." I commented.

"Thanks." She knew I was sincere and smiled awkwardly at the compliment. She was putting on a happy air, but it was clear that something was weighing on her mind.

"Everything OK?" I asked. I was a guy, but not totally devoid of some perceptive skills. She was my sister after all.

"I think everything is going to be just fine tonight." She said. "I'm in charge of a lot of the arrangements for tonight and just want things to go smooth."

She added the last part as though it were an after thought and it didn't sound overly confident.

"Come on. I'll show you to Lisa and Melina's room."

The rules of the house were pretty strict, especially when it came to male guest, and my sister, not even being an official resident, wasn't about to cause a scene by letting her little brother wander aimlessly through the sorority.

I dropped into step behind her and noticed that the inside of the house wasn't decorated for a party either. Strange. We climbed the carpeted stairs and walked down the long hallway before stopping at the last door on the left where Katie knocked and we waited. Only a few seconds later, we heard the words 'Come in.' through the flimsy cardboard portal and we walked inside. I had never been on the second floor before but it wasn't much different than I had imagined. Smallish sized bedroom painted in a feminine color with the usual trappings. One door in, one typical closet, one window looking out. This room had a bathroom of its own and I suspected this was probably not the case with all the others.

Melina was lying on the bed wearing the same outfit that my sister wore, but for obvious reasons, the effect it had on me was quite different. She flipped the magazine she was reading onto the nightstand and stood up to greet us with a beautiful smile on her tan face.

A terrible thought struck me when she approached but it didn't form itself into words until her roommate Lisa stepped from the bathroom, running a brush through her hair as she finished getting ready.

"I didn't know there was a theme!" I exclaimed, trying to sound calm but knew I hadn't managed to pull it off.

The three of them smiled but just stood there as I opened the bag in my hand a bit and stared down at the contents as though they might actually change under my will.

"Don't worry about it. We've got you covered." My sister finally said, much to my relief before continuing.

"The rules are simple since you and I are both guests here tonight. Do what Lisa and Melina tell you to do and don't leave this room unless they say so. If it's on fire and they aren't around, you go out the window, got it?" She asked, pointing at me.

I nodded vigorously.

"And you two." She said, point at the deviously looking pair trying to look innocent. "Play nice, got it?"

They nodded vigorously, but both were chewing on their bottom lip, trying to keep their smiles in check.

"I'm going back downstairs to check on some of our arrangements. Come and get me when you're ready."

"Yes ma'am." The pair declared in unison as they saluted my sister as she opened the door to leave.

"Have fun." She said, taking one last look at me as she closed the door, the same nervous smile on her face.

As I continued to watch to door, following her departure, I felt a tub on my arm and my shopping back being whisked away.

"Let's see what you brought!" Lisa declared, turning quickly and setting it on the bed, Melina right at her elbow, both blocking me from retrieving it.

"Ladies please. Don't do that. I can take care of it. Thanks." I begged them. But it didn't matter. Within seconds, I could see the contents being pulled out and laid carefully on the bedspread.

"Very interesting costume!" Melina cooed with obvious excitement, holding up the red wig I had set carefully into the bag. It was shoulder length with curls to give it some body. "A little too much red for your complexion I think. I picture you as more of an dark auburn." Her smile grew even wider as my uncomfortable appearance. I could feel the blood rushing to my face and small beads of sweat forming on my slightly receding hairline.

"Your makeup here is pretty close too but just a shade or two off. We can work with this." Lisa added.

"Work with what?" I asked, now thoroughly confused.

"Your sister was nice enough to mention what you were thinking of doing for the party and we offered to help out with your . . . preparations." Melina said with a smile as she set down the wig and stepped forward, taking my hand.

"She told you?" I asked. "Katie didn't know what I was wearing tonight."

"No. She didn't exactly what you were going to wear to night, but she had a pretty good idea about some of what you had in mind." Lisa said, holding up the lace bra from my shopping bag. She set it down on the bed with the other items, stepped forward and took my other hand.

"This will be so much fun." Melina said as Lisa nodded, both watching me now for a reaction.

"What will be?" I asked, licking my lips that had suddenly gone dry.

"Helping you get ready silly. Makeup, nails, hair. We want to help."

I didn't know what to say, my head swimming from the revelation that these two beautiful, young women wanted to help me transform myself.

"I guess I could use some help since I don't do this very often." I said in my defense, not able to look directly at either one of the them directly.

"Really? From what Katie was saying, you practice quite often." Melina countered.

The hot blood that had been building in my face drained completely away and it must have been apparent to the pair as they watched me very closely for my reaction.

"It's alright." Lisa said supportively as she stepped even closer, placing my hand on her narrow waist. "We think it's great and your sister was very careful in confiding in us."

Melina nodded, also moving in closer now, the mixture of their perfume reaching my nose.She ran her fingers up through my hair as she continued probing my psyche.

"So it is true then? You like to get dressed up?" she asked.

My eyes darted back and forth between them but drifted away to my items lying in plain view on the bed, unable to do anything but simply nod an acknowledgment.

Lisa reached up and gently grabbed my chin, turning my face towards here where she continued to lock her eyes on mine. When I turned by gaze to meet hers she finally spoke.

"It's alright with us." She said, noting the tears welling up in my eyes. "Why wouldn't we be flattered?" she asked, turning to Melina who simply shrugged.

"You like feminine things and like to appear feminine. You're not doing it to mock women but rather emulate us? How could we not be flattered?"

Melina shrugged again, apparently wondering the same thing. I looked at each with a skeptic eye, wondering if they were yanking my chain.

"It's true. I do."

"We thought so."

"There is also something else she told us and we have to clarify this before the party tonight?"

I shrugged expectantly as they looked at one another. Melina spoke up for this round.

"She said you might be a virgin but didn't know for sure."

My mouth dropped open as I stood there, a beautiful woman in each arm.

"I . . I've been with a few women." I replied in my defense.

"We thought so, but because of tonight's party, we have to be sure. I hope you understand."

I didn't and the look on my face must have told them just that.

"Still flipping for it?" Lisa asked Melina as each took a step back.

"You're on!"

Lisa produced a coin and flipped it with Melina calling it in the air.

"Heads of course."

The coin landed on the carpet and heads came up, much to Melina's enjoyment.

"Two out of three?" Lisa queried but Melina wasn't having any of it, stepping back another step, reaching behind her and slowly lower the zipper on her costume as she watched my every move. In seconds, the costume was on the carpet and the remaining items were coming off just as quickly. When she was through, Melina stepped up and helped me out of the polo shirt I had on.

"We don't have much time you understand, so we'll have to work quick." She said, running her hands across my cleanly shaven chest and shoulders. "I hope you don't mind."

I was speechless and powerless in her hands as she went for the latch on my jeans as Lisa watched on from a few steps away.

"You are so lucky?" she said before finally walking to the bathroom, returning with something in her hand. I didn't know if she was talking to me or the brunette on her knees in front of me. By this time, I was fully erect against the loose boxers that were quickly coming away under Melina's excited grasp.

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