All in My Head


The thought of grudge-fucking Stacy was high on the list. The way she'd turned me down had kept me from getting any at all for a long time. Just making her say that she had herpes simply didn't seem like quite enough revenge.

I got ready for my first class, grabbed my bag, and headed out the door. A couple of blocks away, all of my plans changed.

Mrs. Swift was closing her mailbox, dressed in a pair of tight, really short shorts and a t-shirt. From the moment that we noticed girls, every guy in the neighborhood had secretly wanted her. I'd jerked off thinking about her more times than I could count. I used to go over to Joe's house all the time because his bedroom window overlooked her back yard, and she used to lay out every day all summer in the tiniest bikini I'd ever seen.

She was the ultimate MILF, and now I knew how to get inside her pants. I was rock hard by the time I reached the sidewalk leading up to her house. I followed her to the door, and she turned with a puzzled expression as I closed the distance.

The roar sounded in my head as I adjusted my cock and said, "Why don't you invite me in?"

Her eyes locked on the bulge in my pants for a second, and then she took a quick look around before opening the door. "Come on in," she said in a sultry voice.

She pushed the door shut behind me and immediately tossed the mail aside to squeeze my cock. "What have we here?"

"Why don't you have a look?"

She let out a purring little moan and went to work on my pants. She pulled my cock out and wrapped her fingers around it with an approving little moan.

"I've always wanted to see those tits, Mrs. Swift. Show them to me."

"Denise," she said, letting go of me to tug off her t-shirt.

They were everything I'd imagined. She had huge nipples, at least as bit around as my pinky. Her tits were so big that they hung down a little, but they looked awesome. She tweaked her nipples with a little grin, and then kicked off her shoes. Her shorts and panties dropped to the floor a second later.

Her pussy lips were light brown, and almost as big as Jackie's. She had an even thicker bush than Helen's, and it was dark enough that I knew that she wasn't a natural blonde.

Her shorts had no more hit the floor than she reached for the tail of my shirt. I lifted my arms to let her pull it off, and she jerked my jeans down to my knees a second later. I stepped on the heels of my shoes to get them off, and let the denim fall the rest of the way to the floor. As soon as my legs were untangled, she led me toward the couch.

We'd always said that she could probably suck a golf ball through a garden hose, and she proved us right when she sat down on the couch and pulled my dick in her mouth. I grunted in surprise when after only a few licks to wet me down, she swallowed me all the way — her nose nestled in the hair at the base of my shaft.

She sucked slowly back to the tip, and I put one hand on the back of her head while I played with her dangling tits with the other. She bobbed her head over my dick fast, sucking me hard and never scraping me with her teeth even once. Every few strokes, she would swallow me again. I could actually feel my dick in her throat, and she even swallowed around me.

My other hand ended up on the back of her head shortly thereafter. I tugged her over my dick, fucking her mouth at a quick pace. She gagged once or twice, but otherwise didn't seem to mind at all. From the look in her eyes as she looked up at me, she actually seemed to be enjoying it.

Needless to say, it didn't take much of that to get me there. I shoved my cock into her mouth and shot my load straight down her throat. She choked a little as I groaned, but then moaned around me as she sucked me with short strokes, milking me for every drop she could get.

I pushed her away, gasping for breath, when I couldn't take any more. I sat down hard on the coffee table behind me, and she licked her lips as she leaned back and spread her legs wide. "That was a lot of cum. It tasted so good," she said as she played with her pussy.

It took me a minute or two to catch my breath, but I had a good show while I did. She rubbed and fingered her pussy the whole time, spreading her lips open to let me see inside. "God, that was fucking good — incredible," I said once I could get enough air in my lungs to do so.

"Thank you," she said, and licked her lips again. "I like sucking cock, so I'm pretty good at it. How are you at eating pussy?"

I answered her by sliding off the table and onto my knees. She wriggled her ass a little closer to the edge of the couch, and I slipped my head between her thighs.

She smelled hot — musky, a lot more than any woman I'd gone down on before. Far from unpleasant, it was intoxicating. I dived into her pussy and immediately discovered that she tasted just as good as she smelled. She had an almost spicy taste, and I wanted as much of it as I could get.

She pulled me hard against her and ground her pussy into my face. I considered ordering her to give me a little air for a second or two, but never did it because I kind of liked it. She wanted it bad, and so did I.

I don't know how long I was down there, her juices smeared all over my face and the hairs on her mound scratching me as I heard her moan and tell me to lick her over and over again. She pulled me over her clit, and I sucked it hard. Her thighs around my ears muffled the scream, but I knew that it had to be loud.

I could barely get any air as her thighs tightened against me and she held me against her. She trembled and cried out, leaking pussy juice all over my chin, and I lapped for it in between almost desperate gulps of air. As soon as her grip on me loosened, I pulled back with a gasp.

Her juices were smeared all over her pussy, and a dollop of the creamy stuff dribbled out of her as I sat back on my bent legs, looking almost like cum leaking out of her. She rubbed it into her pussy lips with a shiver and said, "My husband hasn't done that for me in forever, and he was never that good at it to begin with." Another shiver shook her, and she laughed.

I was a little surprised that I was still half hard, and I felt tingles in my dick as if it was trying to come all the way back up again. I gave it a squeeze, and she leaned up to look down. "Oh my," she moaned, and then crooked her finger to me.

I got up onto my knees, and she pulled me toward her to kiss me. She licked her juices off of my face, and I felt my dick getting harder as I realized she was tasting her own pussy.

"Mmm — stand up."

Hey, I'm the one giving the orders here, I thought, but I stood up anyway.

"God, I love young cock. Always ready," she said, and then started licking me.

A few strokes of that soft, wet tongue was all it took. I was hard as a rock, and she was as ready as me. She kissed the tip of my dick and lay down, putting her left foot on the floor and letting her right leg rest against the back of the couch.

"Come up here and fuck me," she said, and spread her lips wide apart.

I didn't waste any time climbing up on the couch and between her legs. I put one foot on the floor, one hand on the back of the couch past her leg, and guided my cock inside her.

"Ooo, yeah," she said as I hit bottom and leaned forward to put my other hand next to her head on the arm of the couch. "Give it to me."

Give it to her I did. She was sloppy wet, making little squishing sounds every time I jammed my cock inside her. She wasn't quite as tight as the girls in the shower, but she was more than tight enough, and when she squeezed, it was incredible.

I took slow, hard strokes, grunting with effort as I slammed my cock into her. Her huge tits bounced with every thrust, and she gasped every time my balls pressed up against her. "Oh! Oh yeah, I like that," she said as she brought a hand down to her clit.

She rubbed her fingers back and forth over her clit as I picked up the pace, without losing much of the power. Every so often, she would slap her pussy hard, and then go back to rubbing.

I didn't even feel close to coming — probably because I'd blown my load in her mouth so soon before she got me hard again. I pounded my cock into her hard and fast, and she stared up into my eyes the whole time saying things like, "Do it. Fuck me. Harder. Faster. Tear that pussy up." Her tits bounced and jiggled all over the place.

"Oh, I'm going to come. Going to come on your cock," she cried out, her fingers a blur over her clit. "Fuck me hard. Make me come."

I put my other hand down on the arm of the couch, on the other side of her head, and gave her all I had. She screamed, long and loud, and then her legs snapped closed around me while she grabbed me and dug her nails into my back. She held me buried inside her, and got off like I'd never seen before.

Denise let out an explosive, high pitched breath as she let her legs fall limp. "Oh — oh yeah," she said, and then smiled up at me as she laughed. "I want more. Do you want to take me from behind?"

"Hell yeah," I said and pulled out of her.

She let out a disappointed sounding little moan as I slipped free of her. My dick was covered in her cream, and it was seeping out of her just like it had when I licked her. I moved back enough to let her roll over, and she popped up onto her hands and knees with her hands on the arm of the couch. I didn't need an invitation, and slid right back into her hot pussy.

"Oh yeah, I love that cock," she growled as I drove my cock home again. "Pull my hair. Spank my ass. Fuck my dirty little whore pussy and fill it full of cum."

I gave her ass a sharp smack, and then what she said dawned on me. "Come inside you?"

"God yes, fill my pussy full of cum," she demanded as I grabbed a handful of her hair. She cried out as I pulled and used the twin handles of her hair and her hip to pound my cock into her saturated pussy.

I was feeling my cum bubble up this time, but it was a slow burn. I wondered if I was going to last long enough to get her off again, until she let me know otherwise.

"Oh fuck yes! I'm getting there again. Give it to me. Fuck me. Fill me up."

I growled as I gave her all I had, my balls slapping against her and getting wet from her juices squirting out around me every time I thrust. She screamed, the sound warbling in time with my hard, fast thrusts, and slammed her hips back at me all the while. When her pussy squeezed down on me, I knew she was there. Her scream jumped to a higher pitch as she came, and I was right behind her.

My groan as I emptied my balls inside her sounded like a death cry to me. My head drooped as I spurted inside her, and she panted for a few seconds before she said, "Oh, so good. I can feel it inside me. So hot."

I couldn't take her tight squeeze for long after that, so I pulled out of her with a gasp to sit down on the couch. She sank down until her head was resting on the arm of the couch, her ass still high in the air and my cum dripping out of her pussy onto the cushions.

Finally, she sat back down, not seeming to care that she was in a puddle of cum, and asked, "Do you want something to drink?"

"Yeah," I said, still twitching as my cock softened.

"You need to get your energy back up, because I'm going to get that cock hard again. I want more." She stood up, gave her ass a smack, and sauntered off to the kitchen.

"Oh boy," I breathed, and collapsed back into the couch.


Denise was as good as her word. It was still weird to think of her like that, but thinking of her as Mrs. Swift after I'd come inside her twice just didn't work.

She had to work at it for a couple of hours, but she coaxed that hard-on from me. She got off three more times before I blew another load inside her. After that, we exchanged cell numbers, and I headed for home.

I was walking a little funny and wincing a bit. Denise had given my dick a workout like nothing it had ever had before. I walked in the house, and my mother looked up from the television to stare at me with a puzzled expression.

"What are you doing home so early? Don't you have a baseball game today?"

"That was yesterday," I corrected her, still heading for the stairs up to my room, because I certainly needed some rest.

"No, it's today. I know because I checked the schedule. That's why I don't have anything ready for you for supper."

I rolled my eyes and said, "I didn't feel like playing," not in the mood to argue with her.

"I'll call when supper is ready," she said as I climbed the stairs.

My cell beeped, letting me know that I had a text message. I ignored it for the moment, because I'd stuffed it in my bag when I left Denise's. Once I made it into my room, I flipped it open to see a message from one of the guys on the team.

The message read, Where are you? Game tonight.

Has everybody lost their fucking minds? I wondered, and then I noticed the date on the message.

"The hell?" I muttered, and clicked back to the main screen. Monday, it read.

I looked at my watch.


I checked the computer.


That's impossible. I couldn't have imagined a whole day.

I walked over and looked out the window. I saw one of my neighbors walking her terrier and heard the roar in my head as I thought, Snap the leash like reins. Hi-yo Scottie — away!

Nothing. The dog walked over to a tree and peed on it.

I tried again with another neighbor. He didn't turn around and spray his house with the hose that he was using to water his lawn. The kid from down the street didn't ride his bike off the sidewalk into the grass.

I sat down on my bed and shook my head. I must have dreamed it all. Fuck.

My cell beeped again. I flipped it open and looked to find a message from Denise.

My pussy hurts. It was worth it.

Another beep sounded, and I clicked to the next message.

Hubby gone all week. Come over after class. Licks, Denise.

I lay back with a laugh. I'd walked up to Denise thinking I had powers that would make her do whatever I wanted, but apparently it was what she wanted that mattered.

It wasn't all in my head after all.


Hope I didn't tick anybody off with the twist at the end. Felt like writing something different, and this is it. Leave me a vote, and drop me a line, if you're so inclined.

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Loved the twist at the end .

Read with interest ,Really liked the twist at the end....Keep'em cuming....

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