tagNovels and NovellasAll Things Come... Vol. 2 Ch. 11

All Things Come... Vol. 2 Ch. 11


This is the final chapter, and then Luke and Uli are going to be laid aside: I've gone as far as I can with them. There's too much of it, but I couldn't risk splitting it or there'd be another long wait. This way I've been forced to stay engaged. My apologies to all of you who wrote, (some angrily, some pleadingly), wanting to know when the story would be finished. It's way, way too late, but real life intervened, (earning a living, fending off nymphomaniacs, stuff like that), and then I was busy with "Roomers", and the selfish anti-hero of that short series, Doug, refused to let me go till I'd finished his confessions. Better not to offend someone with his unpredictable talent.

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I settled into the drivers' seat feeling childishly pleased. Cash had worked its magic and I'd paid considerably less than I'd expected for the motor-home. Big enough for a shower and toilet, small enough to handle like a car. I couldn't wait to try it out.

I'd stocked the freezer, prepared the house for summer, arranged for Señora Montero to open it and air the rooms when I called her, paid outstanding bills, promised everyone's kids that the blonde señorita would be here very soon and of course we'd go to the beach: the only chore left was to go and collect the señorita herself. Alicante to Munich isn't really that far.

Traveling as a self-sufficient party of one is a liberating experience. If you want to stop, detour, play music far too loud, whatever, then that's what you do. No-one asks questions or complains or makes sour comments. I didn't hurry, but kept going steadily and was a hundred kilometers past the French border when tiredness caught up with me. I pulled into the next rest area, clambered between the front seats, and was home.

Supper, a little reading, testing the surprisingly spacious bed: all of it was like a birthday treat. I woke at about four and made coffee before setting off again, and at ten the following morning I stopped twenty kilometers outside Munich. I shaved and experimented with the shower: when I checked myself it seemed to have worked just fine, so I put on clean clothes and headed for town. I refilled the water tank first though: thinking ahead.

She answered the phone so quickly that she must have been sitting next to it.

'Luke?' Caller ID spoils all the fun.

'Hello, sweetheart. Are you packed and ready?' Once again I realized how much I'd missed her. Whatever happened to the old Luke?

'Of course I am. Where are you? How long till you arrive? What's the van like? What...' I cut her off ruthlessly.

'Look out of your front window and tell me what you see.' There was a pause, and then the window flew up and a blonde head with a phone clamped to its ear popped out. I craned my neck out of the van and waved: I heard her shriek through the phone and through my other ear as well. Surprise in stereo.

'Already! Hang on.' The window slammed shut, and two minutes later she burst out of the door with a pack over one arm and a bag in the other. I opened the side door and slung the luggage in, then scooped her into my arms.

'Hello properly, Fräulein Fischer. Are you ready for a summer of adventure and fun?' She squeezed me so tight that I nearly choked.

'Only if there's plenty of love and sex too. I've been bursting to see you, and Lottie sends her love, and says "see you soon", and when we get to a quiet place I want to drive and...' Over her shoulder I saw a policeman approaching, fumbling for his notebook, and I hustled her into the van, hopped in and pulled into the traffic as quickly as possible. It never pays to argue with German cops. I was concentrating on getting out of town in one piece and couldn't pay attention to her gasps and coos as she explored. After ten minutes she squeezed between the front seats and settled herself, fastening her seatbelt.

'Luke, it's lovely, like a dolls' house for grown-ups, and curtains and everything. I thought the beds in these things folded up and down, does the toilet really work?' She was bubbling with excitement, eyes sparkling, slim tanned body alive with energy.

'You can fold it up if you want to, but there's plenty of room for just two people so there's no point, and yes, everything works and I'll show you properly later. Now tell me where we're going. I haven't thought further than picking you up and being back in Brussels by the twelfth. So that's nine days just for us. No-one knows where I am, and now no-one knows where you are either.'

'I'll unpack my stuff and think. Which way are we going at the moment?'

'South-east, more or less.' She unlatched her seatbelt and climbed into the back again. I heard her moving about as she put things away, then the noise of the curtains being drawn, and suddenly a pair of panties floated over the back of the seat and landed in my lap.

'You'd better find somewhere to park,' she said. 'I feel faint so I've had to loosen my clothing and lie down.' I smiled and looked at the clock.

'I had a bet with myself that you'd be naked in less than half an hour, and it's twenty-seven minutes. Try to stay calm for a moment.' I felt my cock stirring as I parked, then squeezed between the front seats and pulled the privacy screen down

She'd turned the quilt back and was sprawled across the bed, a picture of innocent sensuality, her slender body glowing in the light filtering through the curtains, one hand stroking her mound delicately and a finger dipping occasionally and caressing her swollen lips. My cock jerked uncontrollably and I hurried to get rid of my clothes. I was still unbuttoning my shirt when I felt her other hand unzipping me and worming into my crotch.

'I've missed you so much, and I'm never going to miss you this much again, ever. It's been nearly two months, and... ' She was talking a little too fast.

'You've been a good girl for two months? Cross your heart and tell me that again.' She blushed.

'You always know. Just once, three weeks ago at a party, and that was because he looked a bit like you, but he was too quick, so I had to finish myself off afterwards in the toilet.' My chinos were round my ankles and my boxers followed them, and then I was on the bed with her, holding her tight against me.

'If you had to sort yourself out then it definitely doesn't count. What shall we do first?' She pushed her head into my neck and bit me gently.

'Everything, all at once. I love you so much, Luke. Can we lie quiet and hug for a bit?' Fine by me. We stayed like that for nearly twenty minutes, our bodies molded together, letting the knowledge that we were together again sink into our bones. Slowly, in the most natural way in the world, awareness grew, and I realized that now the scent of her perfume was underlaid by the familiar aroma of her need. She stirred and pressed herself harder against me and I began to respond.

'Gently and slowly, please' she murmured, 'just to take the edge off.' I felt a rush of something in my head and as if my heart was going to burst out of my chest.

'Not too slow: we're in a one hour parking zone.' She shifted and raised one leg and I slipped between her moist folds, feeling like a man coming home after a long exile. She sighed contentedly and I felt her stretching to accommodate me, her arms tightening round my neck. Her pussy rippled and began to caress me rhythmically, squeezing me to fuller hardness and her hips started to sway, pulling me after her.

It seemed to go on for ever, but I suppose it was only ten minutes before our tempo increased till slow and gentle was only a memory, and our bodies were locked together as we matched each other's movements, helping each other to the summit. Her breathing grew more ragged and the beloved fluttering of her abdominal muscles told me that she'd reached the point of no return and I drove myself harder, pushing her ahead of me in the way we both loved. We were simply satisfying our physical needs: there was nothing hovering round us, and I took us over the edge with two hard strokes and she spasmed against me and moaned deep in her throat, then gave in to the waves pouring through her. My balls tightened and I felt the warm flow beginning in the root of my cock and rising through the shaft, then I spurted into her, letting my pent-up longing fill her completely. Our bodies tensed against each other then relaxed.

After a little she pressed herself against me and kissed my neck.

'I can concentrate now. When I want you like that my brain just stops working except for planning how to get you into me.'

'You could try asking,' I said lazily. 'I don't often refuse you.' She bit my shoulder delicately.

'Persuading you is lots more fun, and then I can save having to beg and plead for when it's really and truly urgent.' She wriggled under me. 'Can you show me how to use the toilet and the shower?' Demonstrating everything took a while, and her disappointment that the shower was low pressure and only gave eight minutes of flow was hilarious to see.

'It's not big enough for both of us even if we squeeze together like mad,' she said, and pouted exaggeratedly. 'We'll have to stay in hotels every three or four days just to be able to have our games.'

'And in between we can be completely by ourselves and do what we want and still never need to be dirty. Three minutes each is plenty if you do it right. You're just too used to luxury. Where are we going first?' She was drying herself and rummaging in the drawers for clean panties.

'I'd like to go home for a couple of days to say hello to Mum and Trudi, and Karl too if he's there, if that's OK with you, and then we can go back to Brussels really slowly, unless there's anything special you want to do.' She looked at me cautiously. 'Were you serious about not being with anyone else unless I'm there too?' I nodded.

'I've spent a couple of nights with Anita and three with Elena since May. Not Magda, because she's too busy with her German stud. But they know about us, so it's different. I'm not against it on principle, but when you're not there something's missing.' She smiled and ruffled my hair

'I said it wasn't really that important to me, and I meant it, but I'm still pleased. We'll need to work something out for next year though.' She pulled her T-shirt over her head and smoothed it over her breasts. 'Now, I want to find somewhere to practice driving this thing and then go home and make them all jealous.'

Munich to Vienna is not very far at all, and even with brief halts for driving practice and one longer one for more hanky-panky it was only late afternoon when we pulled up outside the big townhouse. The van had barely stopped when Uli was out and hammering on the front door. I knew that she was hoping her mother would be in, and I'd called ahead to make sure she would be.


Don't come between mother and daughter when they're as close as those two. They fell into each other's arms and I slid past them and down to the kitchen to say hello to Cook. When I'd escaped from her crushing embrace and she'd gone into overdrive, planning a celebration dinner, it was Trudi's turn: considerably less suffocating and much more fun.

'It's so good to see you,' she said when we came up for air. 'It's ages and ages since Christmas, and I'm really bad at e-mails, and I've been so busy, I never wrote properly like I meant to, and phone sex is just too frustrating.' She pushed her crotch against mine and wriggled. 'How long are you staying and when am I going to get some of this?'

'Talk to Uli, sweetheart. As far as I'm concerned as soon as possible, but I've put her in charge of all that side of things for the summer. My idea, not hers.'

'I thought you might do that.' She disentangled herself, a look of disappointment flickering over her face, but then smiled. 'I'll beg and whine till she gives in, so you'd better plan to be exhausted. Tell me how Magda is.' I didn't have a chance because at that moment there was a clatter on the stairs and Uli erupted into the kitchen and leapt at Trudi, hugging her and sniffing.

'We're all going to have dinner together and then the three of us are going to go out and find Inge and make a night of it, and I've got so much to tell you, you wouldn't believe, but let's call Inge first to make sure she's free.' Her glance flicked over to me. 'Girl-talk, Luke: go and find Mum while Trudi and I catch up with each other.' One eyelid drooped fractionally, and I took the hint. Never interfere with girl-talk.

Angela was in the living-room of her suite, nursing a glass of wine and looking a little weepy, I sat down next to her and put an arm round her and squeezed her gently.

'Don't feel sorry for yourself. You're busy and happy and so's she, and when you want her she'll be there. Me too. We're all pretty lucky.' She rubbed her head against my shoulder and I felt her relax.

'Tears of happiness mostly, Luke. Seeing her so alive and so in love and doing what she wants to: it's wonderful. There's a tiny part of me that's jealous though. When I compare her with myself at that age, it seems unfair.'

'If you hadn't done what you did there'd be no Uli, and I wouldn't have met either of you and then where would we be?' She smiled faintly.

'I've never known anyone like you for looking on the bright side. Tell me what you've been doing since the spring. That was such a lovely weekend, and those nice women too. I want to know everything.'

We were swapping news when Uli came in, still fired up and in full organizing mode.

'Making out with my own mother while my back's turned, eh? And without inviting me. Shift up and let me have your other arm and I'll tell you what I've arranged.'

'Do I get any input here?' I asked tentatively, 'or am I just a helpless pawn?' She snickered.

'You'll get your chance at input later, and you'd better not be too tired. Trudi knows it's going to be a sort of goodbye for a while and we're all of us going to have to be gentle with Inge. Trudi says she's carrying a torch for you but won't admit it. And then tomorrow we'll take Mum out somewhere nice and talk about everything. I didn't tell her the whole Dieter story yet, nor about next year, nor about her rights.' Angela reached across me and stroked Uli's cheek.

'My needs, you mean, and your generosity. If it was me I'd be keeping him all to myself and snarling at every other woman who crossed our path.'

'Which would drive him away in ten minutes,' said Uli, 'and you know it. Don't be grateful, Mum: it doesn't suit you, and anyway we've already talked about that.' She bounced up and grabbed my arm. 'Come on, you: we're going to have a proper shower and a nap, and no distractions. Tonight's going to be full of fun.' It looked as if being a helpless pawn was the best option.

When we were clean and stretched out on my old bed, relaxed and content, she wormed closer into the crook of my arm.

'Can I ask something?' Her voice was hesitant and I twisted my head to look at her closely.

'Is it something to do with your Mum?' She bit my shoulder again. This was becoming a habit, I thought.

'You are so annoying sometimes. I was going to ask what you'd think about inviting her down to Spain for a week. She needs a break and I'd like to see her properly, without being rushed, and we could have a nice time. We'd need to talk about the sleeping arrangements, but I won't say anything if you're doubtful.' I looked at her again and wondered if this was sensible. Her instincts were usually good though: to hell, if it looked like going south I'd try to trim their sails a bit, and if it worked it'd be stupendous. Temptation is a terrible thing.

'Talk to her and see what she thinks. Not more than a week though, or I'll get claustrophobic. Do you really think you can handle it?' She nodded.

'It's scary exciting to think about, but she's my mum and we all love each other in different ways. I need to be a bad girl sometimes and so does she. We'll talk to her tomorrow night.' I wondered if I'd have to end up spanking both of them simultaneously.

That evening the four of us sat in a booth in Gustav's bar and restaurant. Uli had made sure that Inge was next to me and Trudi opposite. She was controlling somehow, and I was watching her fascinatedly and wondering how she did it. She was coaxing Inge to talk, and Trudi was helping, reminiscing about Christmas. There didn't seem to be much for me to do, so I didn't.

'Do you remember the little red fish?' asked Trudi. 'The way they used to come and nibble our pussies, tickling? It was so much fun.' She turned to Uli. 'You'd have loved it: we spent half the time wishing you were there and the other half being glad we had him to ourselves. I even wished Inge wasn't there sometimes, and then I felt really guilty and let her go first the next time.' Inge drained her glass and gestured to Gustav for another.

'I spent all the time wishing it could go on forever,' she said, 'and I still dream about it.' From the corner of my eye I saw Uli glance at Trudi, who reached across the table and stroked Inge's cheek.

'Do what I've done,' she said. 'Start thinking of him as an occasional bonus and stop seeing everyone else as a substitute. When I started looking around again I was quite surprised at how much fun it was.' I felt uncomfortable about being talked about in the third person, but gentle pressure on my calf from Uli kept me quiet. She and Trudi had the evening planned and I wasn't going to butt in. She kept the drinks coming, though I noticed that hers were still half-full when they were cleared and replaced.

'I think we ought to go and sweat some of this off,' she said after an hour. 'Did you bring the keys, Inge?' Inge perked up considerably and burrowed in her bag.

'Whenever you like. It's been ages since we were all naked together.' I stayed quiet, though my heart rate had risen. They'd planned an evening at the spa, and all that that entailed. I caught Uli's hand as we left the bar.

'Making up for low pressure showers already?' She giggled softly and squeezed my hand.

'A therapy session with fun thrown in. Poor Inge's got to reclaim her life before she gets all bitter and starts hating me and you and everything. She's a bit pissed already and Trudi and I are going to help you fuck her silly and then Trudi will talk to her afterwards and fix her up with a nice kind dominant guy who'll be good to her. Trudi's been scouting for candidates and she's going to suggest testing them out together first.' Women constantly astonish me: they're a mixture of the romantic and the practical that I'll never figure out.

I didn't want to wake up at all. I was far too comfortable, it was far too early, I didn't need to piss that badly. I turned over and tried to escape the commotion that was happening round me but it got worse.

'Luke, it's half-past ten and we need to go shopping. Sit up and drink your coffee. Why are you so tired anyway? Trudi and I did most of the work: all you did was lie there with your cock sticking up like a flagpole, and that can't be as exhausting as you pretend.' There was laughter lurking behind her brisk tone and I levered one eye open and peered up at her.

'It's not exhausting at all till three energetic women take their best shots at it. When that happens there's a strong need to recuperate. Why have we got to go shopping anyway?'

'Stuff for the van of course,' she said promptly, 'and a present for Mum, because it's her birthday next week, and I need some clothes for the summer, and those shoes of yours are a disgrace, and...' I struggled into a sitting position and accepted the coffee. As I sipped I thought that this wasn't going to work at all unless I learnt to enjoy being organized. I'm not the sort of guy who says "yes, dear" very convincingly. I flagged that idea for further contemplation and looked up at Uli.

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