tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 21

Allison's New Life Ch. 21


One of the first things that Roger and Todd did before the gangbang was to empty out the girl's bowels, having them take turns in the bathtub as their asses were filled with warm water. Then they amused themselves by making the girls hold it as they lightly spanked them and then allowed them back into the tub to release. They enjoyed this activity so much that they gave the girls each four enemas, the last two rounds the water ran perfectly clear, but the guys insisted that more was needed.

In order to make things a little easier on the girls during the gangbang, Todd, Roger and 12 other guys stood around and watched as Allison and Diana "warmed each other up". The girls had the feeling that all the guys just wanted to watch some hot lesbian action, but they weren't adverse to the idea. Both of them were turned on by exhibitionism, and there was some definite excitement that they were finally going to get to cum. In fact, they practically attacked each other's bodies, both desperate to get the orgasms that had long been denied to both of them. Allison quailed a little at the thought of so many guys... her last one had not been nearly this many guys and all of the ones around her looked to be very well endowed. But her pussy was so needy at this point that she couldn't even work up the fear that she knew she should be feeling.

Instead she concentrated on opening up Diana's holes, they were so tight after their lack of usage during the past two weeks... although she was definitely leaking enough fluid to keep her lubricated. Things were the same on Diana's end as she fit three fingers into Allison's pussy and two into her ass, pumping them vigorously as she moaned. Neither girl was having any trouble working up towards an orgasm as they licked and sucked, plunging their fingers in and out of each other's holes. They ended up being lucky in that the surrounding guys were so enthralled by this enthusiastic display of lesbianism that they didn't want to interfere. Sucking and licking, fingers busily moving inside each other's holes, Diana and Allison were finally able to give each other the orgasms that they'd long been denied.

Feeling her holes finally being stretched out was slightly painful, but much more pleasurable than any discomfort could cause Allison. Her pretty brown curls were back in a ponytail so as not to get in her way during the evenings activities. With two fingers in each of Diana's holes she was started to feel lightheaded, she was so aroused and having such a large group watching them just made it even more intense for her. Wanting to really give it to her friend, she tried to spread her fingers apart in each of the holes, feeling Diana wriggle on top of her ass her muscles tried to clench back. When Allison sucked her friend's clit into her mouth, her fingers lost the fight as Diana squeezed in orgasm. The pretty Asian's passionate screams into her pussy finally pushed her over the edge, and both girls were writhing in ecstasy, making all of the guys moan in correspondence.

No sooner had the girls finally reached their climaxes then they were pulled off of each other. First guy up in Allison's pussy was Todd, and she could see Roger taking number one position with Diana's body as well.

"Enjoy Princess," he pulled her head down for a deep kiss, as he did so her bent body allowed for another guy to press his aching cock into her slightly stretched and very wet asshole. Allison moaned into Todd's mouth as she was completely filled, sandwiched between two thick pieces of meat. It felt heavenly after her long stint of abstinence and she lifted up her face to take another dick between her pouty lips. Todd had a great position to watch the dick sliding in and out of her mouth, feeling the other guy in her ass next to his own dick. Although he was feeling more and more possessive of Allison, he did admit that he got a thrill out of watching her used by multiple guys. And even more so knowing that she would never do so without his permission and involvement. He marveled that this heaving, moaning gorgeous brunette on top of him would be so in his thrall that she would willingly accede to this kind of abuse.

For her part, Allison was feeling good. Finally she'd had one orgasm, and with all her holes filled she was quickly working her way up to a second one. Underneath her was Todd, and despite the fact that he was sharing her his eyes were glowing with something that branded her as his, just with his look. It made her shiver delightfully to see herself so possessed by him, knowing that she would have gone even more weeks without an orgasm if he'd wanted her to. As the thrusts into her body became more brutal she had no more time for reflection, hands came from all sides, running up and down her back, pinching her nipples and twisting them hard. Shuddering, she lost herself and her thoughts in a sea of pleasure.

On the other side of the room Diana was ecstatic, she'd never had three cocks in her all at once and she found the feeling incredibly sluttish, she wanted more, much more. She wished she had more holes for the meat to push into her. As it was, she thought she was going to burst from the amount of male meat that was pushing in and out of her body. And on every side of her there were more, more cocks waiting to be serviced, hands touching all over her body. Completely overwhelmed by this overflowing of sexual attention Diana shrieked - allowing the guy in her mouth to bury himself completely down her throat - and she came hard, her small body gyrating as she shuddered her climax. Beneath her Roger groaned and spasmed, loosing a torrent of cum into her rippling cunt.

A few minutes later the other two dicks occupying Diana's body also detonated, and she was dripping cum from every hole as a new batch of guys took their place.

It became almost like an amusement park, with Allison and Diana being the rides. Guys would finish with one and go stand in line for the other. Allison was exhausted, her weeks without orgasms had suddenly developed into one amazing orgasm after another, her pussy was burning with the need for rest. In fact, a few times she'd tried to fight as she was placed atop yet another cock, but she was so weak that her struggles didn't do much good. And, truth be told, once she was riding she couldn't help but try and work her way up to another painful climax.

Cum was everywhere, leaking out of her holes, filling her stomach, covering her body. Hands that had been playing with her breasts now rubbed the sticky stuff into her skin, coating her with it. She felt like a complete whore, her pussy and ass holes were gaping, they probably weren't very tight around the guys anymore and yet they still continued to take her. Slower, admittedly. But there were so many guys that at least one of her hole was filled at all times, and the same went for Diana, while in between assaults the guys got to rest and re-coop.

Todd decided to change things up for her a bit, turning her over he got a couple of the other guys to help him lower her asshole onto his dick. Now she was face up, her breasts jiggling as he started to thrust in and out of that loose hole. Cum churned in her body as his cock sloshed through it, and then another guy got between their legs and pressed his own dick into her pussy. Allison had to admit that this did change the feelings... her ass hurt more for one, she felt tighter there, and her clit was swollen and chafed, rubbing against the other guy's body. Reaching around to grab her breasts, Todd pinched her nipples roughly and pulled them, like he was milking a cow.

Allison screamed out yet another orgasm, tears falling from her eyes as she tried to hold back the painful ecstacy, her pussy and ass clenching hard. Her holes felt like they were burning as they accepted yet another load of cum.

Roger called to them, "Bring the slut over here, you guys can keep fucking her, but we're gonna have some fun with Diana. I think she should get to see it."

So as the guys pulled out of Allison's abused body, Todd picked her up and brought her over to where her friend was lying on her back, two guys holding her legs spread and her arms immobile as Roger knelt between her thighs. Diana looked as bad as Allison felt. Cum was dried in patches all over her skin, and where it wasn't dry it was still slick and slimy. Someone had obviously cum on her face and her eyelashes and eyebrows looked sticky, her hair had been up in a neat bun and now it was halfway undone and also shiny with male juices. Between her legs her pussy and asshole gaped obscenely.

Todd lowered Allison's body down onto yet another guy, who immediately started pulling her body up and down to make her fuck him. She moaned her agony... but that was nothing compared to Diana's reaction as a guy ran to the kitchen and then returned to hand Roger a very large and bumpy cucumber. Diana's pussy was not done stretching for the day as the cucumber was even thicker than Todd's cock, and covered with ridges that would stimulate her sore pussy.

Allison groaned in sympathy as the cucumber was pushed into Diana's pussy. The abused girl arched her back and whimpered, weakly trying to struggle against the two guys that were holding her, to absolutely no effect. Roger just kept pumping that cucumber in and out of her pussy, making sure to rub her clit every time his hand got close enough.

Suddenly he paused, "You know... she's pretty stretched..." And he pulled the cucumber from her gaping hole. Pressing three fingers into that open cavern, he found that they slid in easily. Allison gasped as another guy pressed into her ass, apparently his dick had been brought back to life by watching Diana get fucked by the large green vegetable. Continuing to be rocked back and forth on their dicks she moaned as Roger began to push four fingers into that loose pussy. As he pressed his thumb flat and began to work in his whole hand, Diana started to thrash and shriek, pleading with her boyfriend to stop.

It was complete mental chaos for Allison as this once gentlemanly guy ignored the high-pitched pleas and worked his entire hand it until his wrist was covered. She could see his muscles moving and realized that he must be making a fist inside her friend's body. Fear swept over her, that Todd might want to do the same to her... but no, he didn't seem turned on by that. Instead his eyes were focused on her, watching her face as both of her own holes were pounded and she watched her friend's sexual torture.

Diana continued to whimper and thrash, gasping for breath as Roger started to move his arm back and forth in her pussy, grinning up at the guys he commented, "Well, she's plenty tight now!" And they all laughed. Another two guys took their place at Allison's holes, and she started cumming again, unable to help herself. Watching Roger's hand moving her friend's body was turning her on, she couldn't help herself, even though she was filled with horror at the sight of it.

Slowly, as the two guys worked at her pussy and ass, Allison stared moaning again, her first orgasm not quite diminishing as she was pounded away at. Before her, Diana's whimpers were taking on a different quality, and she was starting to move her hips to the rhythm of Roger's arm. His eyes were filled with lust, there was something very intimidating about him even as he was kneeling on the floor. Allison shuddered. Maybe there was no such thing as a real gentleman, maybe all men had this hidden beast inside of them.

Wailing her own pain and discomfort, she orgasmed again, just as Diana started to scream her own climax, sobbing ecstacy as her body was tormented and stretched.

A couple more rounds for both of them - no one used Diana's pussy again, just her mouth and gaping asshole - and then none of the guys could get it up anymore. It didn't seem too surprising considering the state of their bodies. Allison couldn't imagine that they looked very attractive or appealing anymore. She lay gasping on the floor, her head resting on her arm as her belly roiled at the amount of cum she'd swallowed. Listening to the guys thanking Todd and Roger as they left she thought that she could do with another couple weeks of chastity. A light touch on her fingertips told her that Diana's hand had found hers. The girls curled their fingers around each others in comfort. They had come through this together.


Later, a week later, both girls were horny again and in their chastity belts. They hadn't been horny for the past week really, mostly they'd been recovering. The guys had just put the belts back on them yesterday, not wanting to rub their poor pussy lips raw with the leather until they'd had plenty of time to recover. In all the time in between the guys had been abstinent as well, other than a few blowjobs. Really, they'd been very tender and caring of the girl's, bringing them meals and watching movies with them, handling them as if they were precious and delicate China dolls. Neither girl objected or even wanted anything different... no this was just perfect right now.

Two weeks after the gangbang Allison was feeling VERY horny again... and she had the feeling that Todd was now just holding out to tease her. Roger had taken Diana back to his place with him the other night, so she couldn't be sure that they were fucking, but in her imagination they most definitely were while she was getting nothing.

It didn't sooth her too much when Diana came home and complained that she hadn't gotten any either, by now both girls were horny. Sighing, they resigned themselves to their lots until the guys decided otherwise. They definitely weren't going to ask for another gangbang.

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Fuck, I wish Allison was fucked by two cocks in just her pussy 🤤🤤

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