tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 20

Allison's New Life Ch. 20


A few weeks went by with a new routine. Diana no longer had a stream of men coming in and out of the apartment, instead it was just Roger. Although it was a little weird for both him and Allison at first, neither Todd or Diana had a problem at all with the set-up. Eventually Allison got used to hearing Diana crying out his name at night in the other room and to walking around nearly or totally naked in front of him. One morning the guys shocked the girls by bringing them breakfast in bed - although Allison thought that Todd might have had an ulterior motive as he slid the peeled banana into her soaking slit. It felt so odd... so soft and yet somewhat firm... a very strange texture... it wasn't long before she was moaning and trying to fuck the fruit. However, bananas don't stand up too well to the firm clenching of an aroused pussy and he soon had to pull it out as her cunt got sloppy. Leaning down he licked the sweet juices, lapping up the taste of her mingled with the banana. Not wanting any to go to waste he slid two fingers into her pussy and scooped out the pulpy fruit covered in her juices to feed to her. Watching her lasciviously lick his fingers quickly led to an object much more firm than a banana making its way into her pussy.

About a month after the day at the clearing Roger approached Todd and Allison while they sat watching TV, Diana was out buying groceries and running other errands.

"Hey..." both of them looked up at him, Todd's arm was around her waist and his hand up her shirt but he didn't stop playing with her boob even though Roger was looking right at them. Allison blushed and tried to move her arm to hide what was going on beneath her shirt. "It's Diana's birthday next week, and I really want to do something interesting... but I would probably need some help."

Todd raised an eyebrow, "Sounds interesting... what were you thinking of doing."

"Well, ever since she saw that video of Allison getting gangbanged she's pretty much wanted the same thing. I'm not really into sharing - and I think she likes that for the most part - but I know it's something she wants and I'd like to give it to her for her birthday." Roger confessed, looking a little nervous and not nearly as confident as he usually did these days.

Smiling, Todd said, "That sounds great... we'd be glad to help." At his 'we' Allison's gaze centered sharply on his face, he ignored her and continued, "I know several guys from my old frat, we all make sure to keep ourselves clean and tested and they'd be glad to help out. Plus, they wouldn't expect any kind of further relationship."

Roger relaxed although Allison didn't as the possibilities of 'we' tumbled through her mind. Grinning happily now Roger replied, "That's great, I'd like to do it on her actual birthday, next Friday."

"Sounds good," Todd's fingers were pinching her nipple now, making it very hard for her to concentrate on the conversation and look normal, "I'll have no problem getting it set up."

"Great," and Roger went off to do something in Diana's room as Allison looked up at Todd.

"We?" she asked.

"We," he said, sliding his other hand up her shirt so that he could pinch both nipples as he pressed her back on the couch, his lips only inches from hers. Hers parted, anticipating a kiss, "We are going to help because I think Diana should have a friend doing it with her to make the experience a little easier on her."

Allison's eyes opened wide at the thought of another gangbang, she was getting very aroused from the way Todd's hard body was pressed against her, his dick digging into her crotch and his fingers twirling her nipples. She shivered in apprehension, remembering just how rough that experience had been on her... it had been days before she'd felt normal again... and yet it had been so hot too. It was impossible to tell if she was getting turned on because Todd was on top of her and playing with her breasts, or from thinking about the gangbang.

Lifting her shirt up he began to suck and nibble on her nipples, biting them hard between his teeth so that she sucked in air in pain, shuddering as he played with her. Running one hand into her shorts he started to roughly press his fingers into her body, first two and then three, as the third finger stretched her pussy she arched her back and cried out, pressing her nipple more firmly into his mouth. Closing her eyes she could see the video of the gangbang in her mind, guy after guy invading her holes... as if he knew her thoughts Todd yanked down her shorts and slammed his dick into her pussy. Clutching at his shoulders as he roughly fucked her Allison was lost in a haze of lust while he whispered in her ear.

"You're mine... and your pussy is mine and your ass is mine," as if to emphasize this he reached around and pressed two fingers into her dry asshole, making them burn and seem bigger than they actually were, "And your mouth is mine... but next Friday I'm going to share you, and afterwards you'll still be mine, all mine." Almost as if he was seeing her already being fucked by men other than himself he started to move more roughly, punishing her body for the image in his head. He began sucking on her neck as he slammed her into the couch, sucking a big red hickey onto her pale flesh. Completely enthralled with the way he was claiming her, his words and the way he held her tightly while talking of sharing her with other men, Allison was on the brink of her climax when he shoved a third finger into her ass.

Burning with pain and lust she screamed out as she came, her legs and arms wrapped around his thrusting body, vibrating with ecstacy as his name left her lips, over and over. With one final hard thrust he speared her body, groaning as she rippled around his thick meat and he spent himself in her pussy. Finally breath came back to her as his dick began softening inside her pussy, she whimpered in disappointment when he pulled out. Pressing two fingers into her pussy he watched as she arched and moaned, and then he scooped out some of his cum, bringing it to her lips so that she could clean his fingers. Three times he covered his fingers with their messy juices and watched as she licked him clean.

That night Allison did not get laid. In fact, the next day and night she did not get laid either. Starting to feel rather frustrated she practically attacked Todd the next morning... but rather than fucking her, he pressed her head down to his dick where she gave him a blowjob. An fantastic blowjob brought out of her own frustrations, she immediately swallowed his entire length down her throat. Her sucking skills put a Hoover vacuum to blame. Unable to help himself when she was being so enthusiastic it was only a few minutes before he was cumming and she slurped up every last drop. Seeming determined to continue and bring him to hardness again, Todd had to pull her off his dick.

Later that day Allison and Diana realized what the boys were doing to them... they were getting them extremely horny and prepared for Diana's birthday. Roger had already told Diana what he was going to do for her birthday and ever since then she hadn't been getting any either. Planning rebellion, the two girls figured that they could give each other some relief when the boys left the house. No such luck, the first time that both of them were going to be alone without either of the guys around Todd took Allison over to his apartment. He didn't even take any chances then and left her tied in a large X to each of his bedposts... lying there bound and naked without even the hope of an orgasm was incredible torture. Fortunately he was only gone for two hours... unfortunately when he got back he decided it would be fun to play with her. Running his fingers up and down her body, tweaking her nipples... she was on the verge of tears when he finally released her and allowed her to give him a blowjob. She ended up with a very sore ass afterwards, she'd tried to touch herself while sucking him and he'd immediately pulled her off his dick and spanked her very hard. Of course that only fed her arousal, but he held her hands as she finished his blow job and rubbing her legs together didn't give her nearly enough stimulation.

Diana had spent the day the same way, only in a slightly more torturous position. Tied face down to the bed she'd spent her two hours rubbing her pussy mound on the fabric, managing to work herself up to the brink but not getting enough friction to bring her over the edge. The pretty Asian was in tears from frustration when Todd and Allison came home and released her. Both of the girls spent the first few days tied up at a night so that they couldn't try to stay awake and then tease the guys to hardness while they were sleeping. That Friday both the guys left to run an errand, but they'd come up with a new tease for the girls. Instead of tying them to separate beds, they tied them together on one bed. Facing each other and close enough to kiss, soft bodies pressed together, the girls couldn't get off. They could kiss, rub mounds... but there was no way for them to reach climax... after weeks of rough sex and constant orgasms and then this stint of abstinence... to say that they were frustrated was the understatement of the year.

When the boys came back they brought with them a new torture device: chastity belts. Both of the girls were locked up in leather chastity belts, the guys were the only ones who were going to be able to open them up. The first time that they were left alone after that they spent a frantic few hours trying to wiggle their fingers under the leather, to complete and utter failure. Exhausted and still unfulfilled they held each other and cried until the guys came home.

That night Todd tortured her even more, removing the chastity belt and tying her face down on the bed. In that position he fucked her ass... but only after putting a small dildo with balls into her pussy. The rubber balls hung down in front of her clit and she was denied even the stimulation of his own sack slapping against her pussy. Thrusting in and out of her ass fast and hard, Allison was still starting to feel her orgasm building when he suddenly stopped, fully buried in her tight ass and started to cum. She cried out in abject despair as his hot cum flooded her ass... there was no chance of an orgasm that night either, and he immediately locked her back into her chastity belt as soon as he was done with her ass. It was a long night after that for her, wriggling around and trying to rub the leather of the belt over her clit - to no avail. Finally she fell asleep.

The whole week was awful... on Tuesday she and Diana got so desperate that when the boys left they sat and just played with each other's nipples and breasts. Allison's were so sensitive anyway, and it had been so long since she'd had an orgasm, that she was actually starting to build up to some kind of climax when the guys came home and found her body arching on the floor underneath Diana's. Immediately, with displeasure in their eyes, they separated the girls.

Todd took Allison back to her room, and she made things worse by struggling along the way. She couldn't help herself though, she'd been so close and to have been denied just made things all the worse for her. And then she paid for it. Not brutally, not really, but very appropriately. He tied her down to the bed, face up, and not only that but he even removed the chastity belt. Taking the crop that he had - and which he had so far only used on her once ever - he lashed it across her breasts and she shrieked as it hit her nipples. Ten strokes across her aching breasts did a lot to rid her of the pleasure that Diana had built.

And then he did something even worse. That had just been the punishment for trying to get off while he was gone, now she needed to be punished for fighting him. What a devious, horrible punishment he had in store for her too. It was two hours before they left the bedroom, two long horrible hours where he rubbed the warming lotion into her skin, spreading it over her entire body from her neck down to her knees. She was burning with desire and the tingling the lotion caused. Coating his fingers in the stuff he pressed it into her pussy and ass, fucking her with his digits as she writhed like a cat in heat. Two whole hours as he tortured her, fingering her, plucking at her nipples, even licking the strawberry flavored stuff from her pussy... and not allowing her to orgasm once. Allison was completely exhausted by the end of her ordeal, sweat-soaked curls on the pillow and hazel eyes dull with frustration even as they glinted with tears. Her body trembled every time he touched her, it didn't matter where anymore. When he finally put her chastity belt back on and untied her she was sobbing.

Holding her gently, he stroked her body as if she was a little girl, murmuring into her hair what a good girl she was and how he was so proud of her. Despite her frustration and acute arousal she liked to hear those things from him and she slowly calmed. Later that evening she would marvel at his ingenuity - punishing her without actually hurting her so that she would still be prepared for the gangbang. Diana had suffered a little worse, Roger had just tied her into the shower and let the water play over her pussy for an hour before bringing her back into the bedroom and just leaving her there. Without his company, without touch, without anything... just tied to the bedposts. Of course, Diana viewed Allison's punishment as being worse than hers, at least she hadn't been teased mercilessly during all that time other than the thoughts that had run through her own head.

By Friday both of the girls were eager and panting for the gangbang, heedless of the consequences to their own bodies.

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