tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 22

Allison's New Life Ch. 22


When Allison found out that Todd was buying a new house she was thrilled, especially because he'd told her that he was buying from a couple who also had... unusual tastes... and there was a special room in it just for him and her. A full dungeon... and he was going to keep it well stocked with toys for when she was good, and other things for when she was bad. The thought sent shivers up and down her spine, she'd found that she really liked giving up control to him.

Granted, she was horny as all fuck and she abhorred her leather chastity belt - the thing was obviously evil - but she also liked that she had no control over any of it. There was a curious sense of freedom in all of it... and even though she was pretty much willing to do whatever Todd asked of her, there were times when she misbehaved just to rile him. With a full dungeon at hand there might be more of those times... she wondered what it would look like, what he would have in it for her... what he could do to her while they were in there. More shivers, it was a completely soundproofed room... no more having to struggle to keep quiet so that the neighbors wouldn't complain - again.

Thinking about all of it her hand slipped down from her breasts where she'd been gently squeezing her nipples, and it drifted over her stomach... and then hit leather.


Stupid chastity belt.

She glared down at her crotch. It was all she was wearing right now, no one else was home. Roger had taken Diana over to meet his parents (Allison wondered what that must be like... Todd had apparently severed all ties with his family a long time ago, he didn't even know where they were now.). Pretending she was a demure lady was probably killing Diana - especially since Allison knew that Roger had made her wear a vibrator under her chastity belt. Where did men get these ideas like chastity belts? Her hand had drifted back up so that both of her hands were squeezing her breasts harder and harder, pinching the nipples so that she writhed in her sexual frustration.

Looking at the clock she wondered when Todd was going to be back, he was closing on the house today. Closing her pretty hazel eyes the sexually frustrated brunette thought about the past few weeks since Diana's birthday and the gangbang. They'd been pretty much orgasm free as well... not for Diana, but Todd wanted their next real night of sex to be in his new house. That and he really liked having her squirming. She was getting better at waiting although it didn't make her anymore patient. The night before he had taken her out of the belt and tied her down, licking her pussy until she was sobbing and begging for him to finish her... and nothing. He hadn't even let her suck his dick, instead he titty-fucked her, chafing her breasts, until he came all over her tits and neck.

Suddenly angry, Allison started trying to get under her chastity belt for the first time in weeks, struggling with it, trying to slide just ONE finger under the damned thing!!!! And then it happened, her pinky slid under... she must have lost weight or something because it was the first time she'd ever gotten anything under. Leaking wet now, excited and ecstatic, she inched in up along her pussy lip towards her clit, shivering with the delight of having something touching her pussy. She had to be careful, the leather was wedged so tightly against her lips that there were a couple times when she pressed too hard and her pussy was caught between leather and finger, causing little bolts of jagged pain. Still, even that just made her wetter at this point. Working so slowly she finally reached her clit, and a spasm of ecstasy made her shudder as she pressed against the little nub.

Leaning back onto the wall, her legs splayed wide, her free hand was pinching at a pink nipple while she began rubbing and pressing against her clit as much as the confines allowed. Biting her lower lip, her cheeks flushed, and her eyes half-closed, she was the very picture of naughty sexual excitement, a schoolboy's vivid wet dream.

Unfortunately for Allison, she was also in very deep shit. With her back arched and her mouth open, completely lost in the buildup to her first orgasm in two and a half weeks, she was rudely brought back to earth by the door slamming open. Screeching, she lost her orgasm and her balance at the same time, falling to the ground with her legs spread and her pinky still under the chastity belt, shocked eyes looking up at Todd.

He grinned, it wasn't a very nice grin, and stepped forward to stand over her as she struggled to pull her pinky out from under the leather - not that it would do any good now - and he stood over her so that she was in his shadow.

"Looks like we're going to be using the new dungeon a little earlier than I thought," his gaze took in her still hard nipples, and the pussy juices that were coating the tip of her pinky and he shook his head in disappointment at her disobedience.

"Todd, I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself," tears popped up in her pretty hazel eyes, a result of the loss of her orgasm and having disappointed him on something that should have been so easy when she was wearing a chastity belt.

Shaking his head, he helped her stand up and started to propel her towards the bed room, "I know you're sorry Princess, and you're going to be a lot more sorry before this night is over. Come on, we need to pack for the night."


On the way over to the new house Allison was already sorrier than she had been in a long time. She was no longer wearing the chastity belt, but Todd had replaced it with by placing his biggest buttplug into her ass. That buttplug was the bane of her existence, he'd made her put it in her ass herself the last time, when they were on one of their "dates", and it had been terrible then. This had been much worse.

He'd bent her over the bed and begun lubing up her ass with his finger... that had been rather pleasant, shivery sensations rippling through her eager body. It had felt so good in there... so close to her aching pussy. And then he'd added a second finger... and then a third... she'd groaned in discomfort as he added a fourth. Her burning hole had been deliciously stretched, much more than it had been in long time. Then he'd brought out the plug.

Begging, pleading had done nothing. Brown eyes had simply glared at her through her protests, until she'd wilted under that steady gaze. Turning around, she'd submissively bent over the bed, realizing that it was going to be much worse now that she'd resisted. Although he'd lubed the plug as well as her ass there had been very little mercy shown, it had been pushed almost straight in, very swiftly and she squealed. He'd stopped it at the widest point and pulled it out a little before pushing it back in, pumping it a few times in her overstretched and agonized asshole, she'd shrieked and writhed, trying not to actively resist.

Pulling it all the way out of her ass, he was still looking at her with a quiet gaze when she turned her head towards him, her body bent over the bed. Tears in her hazel eyes, she hoped that it was over. Instead he just looked at her and said quietly, "Spread your asscheeks for me princess. Beg for it."

Moaning she'd reached her hands behind her, round breasts pressing firmly into the bed, and she pulled her asscheeks even further apart than the already were. She could feel her hole, a point of burning pain in the center of her cheeks. Whimpering she laid her head on the bed, one cheek against the soft fabric, "Please Todd, put it in my ass...

"Beg," his whisper demanded, and she could feel the tip of it at her unhappy hole, pressing just slightly so that it gaped a little.

Another whimper, "Please Todd, put it in my ass... stretch me open..."

"Why?" hateful whisper, demanding, burning...

"Because I'm a slut... I'm a dirty horny slut who couldn't keep her hands to herself," Allison could feel the tears in her eyes again, shame and disgust at herself rolling through her, "I was bad, I was a bad girl," Amazing how much of a turn on those words could be, even in her current position, "I'm a dirty girl, I was playing with myself... I'm sorry I disappointed you... please Todd, please punish me, put it in my aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed as the entirety of the plug suddenly lunged forward and was swallowed up by her afflicted hole. Her fingers gripped her asscheeks hard, white imprints were her fingertips were as she sobbed her distress. It burned, cramping her bowels as it pressed against her insides, rolling inside of her as Todd twisted the base. The pretty brunette writhed on the bed, her hands still holding open her ass as Todd's brown eyes burned in lust at the sight.

In the car, Allison winced as they hit yet another pothole in the road. At least Todd no longer seemed angry at her, the buttplug was still painful inside of her body, but she could handle that. And other than the ache in her ass, the ride over was very pleasant as he told her about the house. One master bedroom (and a bathroom with a jacuzzi), two guest rooms, a wide airy kitchen, a living room and dining room... and a dungeon. The dungeon he didn't describe at all, just alluded to it... it was his favorite room in the house... there was a storage closet in it... there was - well it wasn't quite a bathroom, chuckle chuckle... she was beside herself with nerves, thinking about it. Apparently he'd already stocked it with many many toys. Yes, Todd Rinald had certainly come up in the world, a very long climb from where he'd started.

The pretty blonde gasped when they pulled into the drive (and not just because it was a little bumpy on the road), the house was gorgeous. Beautiful, painted a tan color and with a small garden along the front - Todd had hired a company to take care of the garden of course - and was just so elegant. Inside was even nicer, windows everywhere, everything was light and airy. The back porch was complete with a very large hot tub, a pool on a lower deck and a gazebo where people could sit and watch either.

The kitchen was the last room they went into, a buffet island and tan cabinets, everything was blue, cream and tan, country and homey.

"Oh Todd," Her eyes were shining when she turned to look at him, "I love it!"

His smile was pleased, happy that she was so enthralled with it. Although he thought it was a great house, what he was showing her now weren't the reasons he'd chosen it, "Would you like to see the dungeon?"

With that reminder Allison quailed a little, "Is that a question? Or do I have a choice?"

"No, you're right," he grinned, stepping forward to pull her into his arms, his lips only centimeters from hers, "You're my horny little Princess, and today you don't have a choice." His mouth descended on hers and they kissed, passionately and wonderfully, his arms tightening possessively around her. Hands caressed her body, sliding under her skirt and fingertips trailed up to her asscheeks, making her shiver as goosebumps covered her legs. When he reached her buttplug, he twisted it in her ass, feeling her groans against his mouth. Thrusting his tongue into her throat, he pulled the plug from her unready ass, her cheeks clenched as her ass burned. She shuddered in his grip, whimpering against his insistent kisses as the plug was pulled from her body, and then she relaxed as it finally pulled all they way out, sighing against his mouth.

They continued to kiss, and he began pressing her back until she was against the buffet island, then he suddenly pulled his mouth from hers and turned her around. Pretty hazel eyes over lips swollen from kisses gave him a sultry look over her shoulder as he lifted her skirt, undoing his belt with one hand. The island was just tall enough that if he bent her over it her tiptoes would be on the floor, and he did so, admiring the view of her firm asscheeks, the way her asshole still gaped slightly from the plug. Raising one hand he slapped her right cheek, listening to the way her startled shriek echoed around the kitchen. Smiling, he slapped her left buttcheek, leaving a red impression on the creamy flesh.

Allison moaned with painful pleasure as he began spanking her, her ass cheeks burning as he slapped her. He was given the erotic view of her ass flesh quivering with every slap, her moans and shrieks reverberating against the tiles of the counters, her hips moving against the island in rhythm to the beating. With his dick raging in his fisted hand, he decided that enough was enough. Pressing forward, he suddenly invaded her pussy, filling her with one brutal thrust that made her arch her back and shriek again.

It was harsh, he rode her roughly, his hands under her shirt and squeezing her breasts without mercy as he punished her stretched and dripping pussy. Everything was happening so quickly that she was barely aware of what was going on, just that her pussy was now burning as much as her ass had been and her whole body was shaking with pleasure. Just on the brink of her orgasm, Todd thrust one last time and spilled his seed into her needy pussy, filling her with hot white cum before she could bring herself to the brink. The horny and frustrated brunette cried out her disappointment, a voiceless groan of interrupted orgasm that made Todd smile.

Pulling from her grasping cunt he let his hand trail over its swollen folds, tickling the little swelling that poked out from beneath its hood. Allison let out a shuddering moan as her clit throbbed, trying desperately to get its needed friction from the light touch of his fingertips.

"Do you want to cum Princess?" His voice was low, cruelly amused.

"Yes, please," her own voice was a mere whisper, hoarse and pleading.

Suddenly he grabbed her and spun her around, kissing her roughly. Startled, she responded, her aching mound rubbing against his leg, pussy trying to find purchase on his body.

Just as suddenly he stopped and smiled down at her, "Come on Princess, it's time to visit the dungeon."

Allison shuddered in his arms.

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