tagLoving WivesAlly is a Tease

Ally is a Tease


~~ This is the second of Ally and Ian's teasing adventures. Thank you for the amazing response to the first one. ~~

It had been one short week since the morning when Ally had woken early and given Ian the blowjob of his life, a blowjob which had everything - except an orgasm for him. That day, and for the following couple of days, Ian had been ever so attentive to her and her needs. Helping with the housework, letting her control the remote, trying his best to make her cum. Hell, he'd even bought flowers for the first time in months.

Slowly, however, their lives and their sex-life had returned to normal. Twice a week, a roll and a bang, an orgasm for him and - despite his more enthusiastic oral efforts - none for her. If only, Ally thought, he could have continued as he'd started after her morning tease.

Surprising as it may seem, Ally didn't immediately put together the teasing incident and his attentiveness. After all, surely it was more likely that her acting like a complete slut and giving him hot dirty sex-on-the-floor would produce a happy hubby than a morning's denial, right?

Slowly, however, she began to suspect that the opposite was true. By denying him ... by teasing him then stopping at the last moment, she had somehow created the perfect husband, if only for a few days. She wanted that perfect husband back, and if this was the way to get him ... well, there were worse ways to start the day.

That night, she set the alarm for 5 AM and turned the volume down very low, enough to wake her but not - hopefully! - enough to disturb him. Ian slept like the dead anyway. She lay beside him, fading away into sleep, planning what she would do and how bad she would be.

Ally woke of her own accord about thirty seconds before the alarm was due to go off. Ever noticed how people do that? When we're waking for something important or exciting, our body clocks can be startlingly accurate. Ally, of course, was waking for something both important and exciting. She slipped out of bed and into the next room, where she had previously secreted her outfit for the morning. A dark blue teddy, with two lace panels running down the front, over her breasts, to join between her legs. In good light, her nipples, and the trimmed thatch of hair which surmounted her pussy, could just be made out. In the pre-dawn dark, however, the lace could be seen, but not the goodies beneath. She also slipped on a matching pair of stockings, connected to the teddy by straps which hung from her hips. It was a knockout outfit.

Slipping into the bathroom, the applied a hot red lipstick, lining it in a darker shade. SO 1995, of course, but it turned Ian on like crazy for some reason. Her fingernails and toenails were already the same hot shade of scarlet. She pirouetted slowly in front of the mirror. It was exactly the look she was after. She wasn't able to look 18 again, of course, but this would do for now.

Her final step before re-entering the bedroom was to collect the two glistening silver handcuffs she had hidden in the bottom of a clothes hamper. They came with keys, but were also fitted with a quick release mechanism. She'd been practising, and by now she could get them on and off without looking, and with one hand.

Ally slipped back into the bedroom and stood over her oblivious husband. A thrill ran right through her and she smiled, biting her lip slightly in anticipation. Slowly, without waking him, she connected one end of each cuff to the bedstead above his head. Taking his right wrist, she slowly moved it up into range of the cuff, and with a click he was secure. He half-rolled in his sleep, and Ally held her breath, expecting him to wake as his wrist encountered the pressure of the cuffs, but the moment passed and his breathing deepened once more. Walking round the bed, she repeated the process and in a few short moments was able to look down at her securely bound, still slumbering husband. It was time to wake him up.

She crawled between his legs and started gently sucking his balls, running her tongue wetly over the crinkled skin of his sac, then starting to gently nip the skin with her teeth. This caused a sharp but mild stinging which, under normal circumstances, drove him crazy with lust. On the third nip, his eyes shot open and he tried to sit up. He couldn't of course, and struggled a few moments before realising that his wrists were entirely secure. All the while, Ally continued to nip at his balls, to ensure he was awake.

Finally he found his voice. "Ally?"

She lifted herself up, kneeling upright and looking over him, lit only by the ambient glow from the streetlights outside. "Of course, Ian. Who were you expecting?"

He was confused. "What ..."

"Shush," she cut him off, laying a finger on his lips. "Just lie back, darling - like you can do anything else anyway - and enjoy this."

Ian was awake now, and right into this. His wife had become the dominatrix of his dreams overnight, and had just given him every guy's favourite sexual instruction - sit back and enjoy.

He gave no resistance when Ally produced two lengths of rope for his ankles, even moving one ankle towards the side of the bed to help her. In a couple of minutes, he was bound spreadeagled, and completely open to the wicked plans she had in mind. Ally smiled ... everything was going according to plan.

She stood at the end of the bed, just within his visual range, and slowly, seductively, peeled off the teddy. She started by deftly unclipping the stockings one by one, her eyes always on him. She slipped the shoulder straps from her shoulders, holding the teddy on only by the swell of her breasts, and her hand moved to the snaps which held it together at the crotch. Two clicks of her nails and it was open - unnecessary, of course, but a great effect. She wriggled slightly, and the teddy started to slide down her body, revealing first her breasts, and then - too far south for him to see - her pussy. She kicked the teddy to one side, and mounted the bed again, crawling up between his legs.

Ally started to slide her body along his, tracing patterns around his cock and balls with her hair, rubbing her nipples against his, sliding her cheek along the slight swell of his stomach, rubbing her pussy gently up and down one of his legs. Her breathing deepened, and she occasionally let loose a little moan of satisfaction as she rubbed against him, finding ways to pleasure herself just so ... but doing little more than teasing him.

After a couple of minutes of this treatment, he was rock hard. "Baby, that's sooo good," he whispered. "Why don't you blow me now, baby?"

In her mind, Ally laughed. he was bound hand and foot to the bed, and still thought he could run the show. She spoke, in a slightly stern voice. "Ian, you will get a blowjob when - and if - I decide you have been a good enough boy. Now, I said to lie back and enjoy this. So shut up."

He shut up, but his beaming face told her more clearly than words could have, that he was having the time of his life.

Ally slid back down his body, giving him every bit of skin-on-skin contact she could manage, until she was kneeling between his legs again. Ian, for a moment, thought that he was to be given the blowjob he had just asked for. Ally bent over his cock and opened her scarlet-red lips just a little. Dawn was, by now, beginning to light the room, and he could see the pursed cupid's-bow of her lips descending towards his penis. He closed his eyes in anticipation. Ally stopped just above his cock and began blowing gently, breathing warm air onto his erect shaft.

She blew a soft jet from tip to balls and back again, the hair on his scrotum swaying slightly and raising goosebumps all over. A droplet of pre-cum oozed from the very tip of his penis, and she blew gently on that, too, blowing the viscous liquid along as it descended over the head of his shaft and became lost in the folds of foreskin beneath.

Ian's moans had a begging quality to them now. So much stimulation - her, sliding along his body, the touch of her breath on his dick, all calculated to bring him to a fever pitch of desire, but not nearly enough to let him cum.

Ally moved up now, squatting over him, one stocking-clad foot either side of his hips. She placed her hands on his chest for support, and lowered herself down towards him. Her pussy, by now slick with arousal and swollen slightly, made the briefest of contact with the tip of his cock. It flexed suddenly in an involuntarily spasm, his penis with a mind of its own seeking its way inside her. Ally lifted off and waited until all was still again, then lowered herself back down, rubbing her pussy ever-so-gently against his dick, using its head to trace up and down the lips of her sex. He was less than an inch from fucking her, but couldn't get inside. He moaned, but this time it almost sounded like a sob of desire.

She decided to turn up the heat still further, and changed the angle of her hips, bringing his cock into contact with the entrance of her ass, wet from the run-off juices of her pussy, which had made their way behind her. Ian could hardly believe his luck - she almost never let him fuck her there, and it looked like this morning would be the morning.

A little more pressure, and the tip of his cock was nudging at her asshole. Just a little more and it would start to make its way inside. Ian held his breath, his entire being concentrating on that tiny point of contact. She licked her lips, took a deep breath, and lifted off, leaving his poor cock flailing in thin air for the target which had eluded it. "Please, baby!" Ian begged. "Please, just let me inside you."

She lay down over him, her mouth to his ear. "If I fuck you, baby, will you promise not to cum without permission?" He nodded. Anything. By now, he'd agree to anything.

Ally smiled, and backed down slowly, using her hand to guide him inside her pussy. He was so deliciously hard, she loved riding him when he was like this. Thick, warm, solid and unyielding. She moaned happily as she settled down onto him. Suddenly, however, she felt pressure from him.

Despite his bonds, he tried to thrust up into her, to fuck her from below. Ally wasn't having any of that. She lifted away, and brought her face down to his. He was a picture of frustration, incredibly aroused, a little angry, frustrated both by his inability to cum, and by the fact that she held all the cards. "Do NOT try that again," she whispered, "or this will be your last fuck for a month."

His eyes widened. She hardly ever used words like that. He nodded, and she smiled innocently, backing her body back down over him. Again she settled on that beautiful cock, just letting it soak inside her, feeling herself filled by it. She stayed this way for perhaps thirty seconds, watching as his level of frustration increased by the moment.

She began to ride him then, thrusting backwards and forwards, watching his face and feeling his hips beneath her to judge his level of arousal. "Don't you cum," she whispered. "Don't you fucking dare cum without asking first, Ian." Her eyes held his, and he nodded slightly, every effort in his body trying to stop his natural impulses to thrust upwards, to fuck the woman sitting on his cock, to deposit his seed in her.

She rode him harder now, increasing the pace. He was going to cum. She knew the signs, he was maybe ten seconds away now. Really winding up. 5 seconds. 3.

Ally lifted off, and stood up.

Ian groaned now, a loud groan of anger and frustration, which soon subsided into begging. "Oh, come on, baby! You need to let me cum! Please, Ally! Please?" Ally smiled, rolled off the bed, and stood over him, kissing his cheek. "Not now, darling. I need a shower. You ..." she giggled ... "stay here till I get back."

Picking up her teddy on the way out, she left her perfect husband to await her return.

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