tagNonHumanAlpha Protection Ch. 05

Alpha Protection Ch. 05


I can't believe the emails I have gotten from everyone waiting and wanting this chapter. I have saved them all to remind me that so many people want me to finish this story. I have three pages of emails asking, begging, and demanding. Well I am happy to say that here it is.

I thank you all for your support and hope you like this one as much as the others. There have been a few questions and I would like to remind people two things. 1.) This is a fictional story 2.) These are not real people so their sizes can be anything I want especially in Werewolf form. So why can't a very large Werewolf have a very large penis?

Thanks so much for the support and please bare with me because I can't promise another chapter right away. I am sorry for the delay and what I am sure will be the delay in the next chapter.


P.S. Vote and Vote and Vote!!

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Val leaned against the door frame and watched Cat sleep. He knew she slept naked, something he'd found out after her first night here. Seeing the bare satiny looking skin of her shoulders had him licking his lips. He wanted to pull away the covers and lick her from knee to shoulder. After that he'd pull her to her knees, mount and claim her. He could smell her and barely stopped himself from doing what he wanted to. Pushing himself away from the frame he nearly snarled.

"Get your ass up Kitty the boss wants us in his office," he growled the words then moved back into his room to get dressed.

Cat's whole body jerked at the gruff words then the sounds from the other room. With a sigh she got out of bed dragging the blanket with her so that she remained cover. Walking over to the door she didn't bother to glance into the larger room before reaching out and slamming the connecting door. Walking back across the room she let the blanket fall to the floor as she reached the closet. Why couldn't Val be anything like what she dreamed of she wondered. Her body still tingled over the erotic dream. She didn't even mind the thought of being bond to the bed, at least not in the dream. The very real aspect of it terrified her with good reason granted, but she couldn't manage to get the dream out of her mind. Dressing she returned to the connecting door and flung it open.

"Oh looking the good little puppy knows how to wait," she said throwing him a smirk before heading for the main door.

Val growled and moved quickly snagging her around the waist. "This -wolf- knows how to bite to bring pleasure or pain. Don't make me punish you," he growled in her ear before releasing her. Stepping around her he lead her down the hall to Maddox's office.

****** ***** ***** ***** *****

In the last few months Maddox hadn't pushed for answers from the sisters. The annual meeting of the Alpha Council wasn't far away, and he needed answers before other alphas descended on his home. With the meeting only a week away something had to be done. Since neither woman had said much about what they were or even what his family was he didn't know where they stood. If the two were something that would cause the other alphas to get hostile he needed to get them both out before then week was up. Smelling Tempest before she knocked he growled at the thought of having to take her out of his house.

Opening the door at Maddox's growl she poked her head inside and smiled. "Am I too early?" she asked him.

With a shake of his head Maddox waved her in. Rolling back from the desk in his chair he made room for her on his lap. "Come sit. Val and Cat should be here soon," he told her trying to look relaxed.

Moving across the room she let her eyes roam over him hungrily. When she licked her lips she heard a low growl and tried hard to not laugh as he adjusted himself. She'd never felt as sexy as when she just had to look at him and he was ready. Careful of her still tender back she climbed onto his lap and snuggled up close. With a wicked smile she nipped at that sensitive spot just below his ear then kissed it. Feeling the shiver run through his body she giggled. It hadn't taken her long to realize the wolf in him liked to be bitten as well as it liked to bite.

"You know you could have just talked to me about this. There was no reason to involve Cat as well," she told him.

He was about to answer when the door opened and Val ushered Cat inside. Looking over his brother he lifted an eyebrow but said nothing. There wasn't much one could safely say to a wolf that tense. He knew Val was ready to explode and wondered why he kept denying himself. Though when he looked at Cat he knew she was refusing to admit she wanted Val as much as he was denying he wanted her. With a shake of his head he waited until they were seated before he began.

"I haven't pushed in the two months you both have been here but the answers can no longer wait. The annual Alpha meeting is next week and we need answers. The only important one is what you two are," he looked between the sisters.

Over the last two months neither had admitted they were sisters and none had admitted to being werewolves. It wasn't as if they were trying to hide the facts from each other, but neither saw the need to say what was already known.

A look passed between the two women then they seemed to nod to each other. Tempest started to speak when a bright almost neon blue and violet light appeared in the room. The light flickered and waved as if it was a flame in a fire. The four could not see beyond they light but they could hear the musical voice when it spoke.

"Sometimes you should not question the gifts I sit upon your lap Alpha. A dying race sits in this room; a race many believe is already gone. I have gifted you with the last two living beings of this race. Protect them well Alpha for the children they bear will not be hybrids but pure bloods of your race or theirs. I give you the gift so many would seek, care for it well," the musical voice faded just seconds before the light vanished suddenly.

A low growl started in the stunned silence. "Bloody hell am I a gift," Cat snarled. "I sure as hell not some breeding bitch for a dog either," she added.

Maddox watched Cat still rather shocked that the Goddess had shown her presence. While watching he thought about what the Goddess had said but more of what she hadn't said. As Cat spoke the duel color in her eyes began to swirl.

"It's not possible. The only race that can breed with another and not have hybrids had been gone long before even my birth. The last of the Fae died nearly a hundred years ago," Maddox said more to himself then the others.

Tempest laughed and shook her head. "Nearly a hundred years ago a bastard daughter was born to a Fae. The daughter was Fae who had a son, our father. Our grandmother was slain just weeks before we were born. She made our father promise to separate us at birth. For the Fae twins are very rare. Separating us was to ensure that one of us lived if the other was killed. Father took me and Mother kept Cat, but neither could seem to leave the other. So they raised us simply as friends who look alike. It's not uncommon for humans to look alike so it wasn't just something people found funny."

"We use to tease Mom about having a thing for fictional men. We learned of werewolves at a young age when our step-father married our mom. As I told Maddox he was killed protecting us though at the time we didn't know that. Being around a wolf or two taught us how to spot them along with other Weres. Anyways we are Fae twins and as the Goddess said the last of our race," she finished glancing at the still angry Cat.

Maddox was smart enough to realize it was time to let the cat out of the cage so to speak. "Val we'll speak later about last minute preparations for the meeting. Why don't you both go get something to eat," he told the two with a smile.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Valerin followed Cat out having not said a word since the visit from the Goddess. Watching the pretty woman stalk down the hall in front of him he thought over what he had learned. Even in the Were's world the Fae was more myth then real, until now. Having two under his family's roof could be a gift, but he knew that it could also be a danger. The reactions from the other alphas weren't something that could be predicted so this meeting very well could be violent.

Swaying hips distracted Val from his thoughts. Walking behind her he smirked knowing she couldn't see him. "I think I like the way your ass moves when you're angry," he told her.

Cat growled and turned down the hall to their rooms. She had learned after talking with Maddox when she first arrived that Val was actually her bodyguard so to speak. With no one knowing who had hurt Tempest he wasn't about to leave either female alone. Of course she hadn't bothered to tell either one of them that most thought her to be dead after her own attack. The only thing she had been willing to share with the Alpha was that without a doubt Tempest had been taken by rouge Weres.

She walked into his room and slammed the door before he could get inside. The smirk on her face died when she felt a strong hand wrap around her upper arm before she could make it to her room. Her body went stiff when she felt his front against her back. His arm wrapped around her waist to hold her into place.

"Most women would like that a man thinks their ass is hot," he whispers close to her ear.

His hand flattens as he spreads out his fingers over her stomach. Turning his hands so that his fingers are pointing down he slips them into her jeans just barely. Val brought his free hand up to cup Cat's right breast. With a chuckle he captures her hardening nipple between his fingers. Moving his hand slowly he slips it farther into her jeans until he can feel the top of her panties.

"Relax Kitty I'm just going to pet your pussy," he teased as he slipped his hand over her bare mons. "Hmmm what a good Kitty you are to shave. Makes my mouth water just thinking about licking all that sweet bare pussy."

Cat held herself stiff or so she thought she was until one rough finger brush over her clit. No matter what she told her body it arched into the hand inside her pants. She could feel herself becoming wet as that finger continued to stroke over and over her hard clit. It throbbed as if it was begging for more, needing more. Her hips rocked in the motion set by his hand encouraging him. So lost was she that she never noticed her pants were suddenly open giving him more room.

"You're so hot and wet Kitty that I think you like this. Your pussy is weeping to be filled isn't it," he whispered slipping a finger up into her. When she whimpered and began to ride his hand more he smiled.

Using both hands she held onto his forearm under her breasts. She wasn't aware of her nails biting into his skin or the muscle under her hands flexing as he played with her nipple. She wasn't aware of anything other than the finger moving in and out of her, the heel of his hand rubbing her clit with each stroke, and his fingers plucking at her swollen right nipple. Cat was so lost in the pleasure he was giving her that she didn't even realize the whimpering cries echoing in the room were her own.

Val moved his finger in and out faster when he felt her inner muscles began to milk at his finger. He nearly came himself when she orgasm so violently. Pulling his hand from her pants he brought it to his mouth and licked his fingers clean. "Taste as good as you smell. Sweet and spicy," he told her.

He had just picked her up and places her in his bed for a little more fun when the knock on his door sounded. With a growl he threw the cover of her limp body and stalked to the door. With his teeth bared he yanked the door open and was about to tear into his brother. Before Val could kill his younger brother the other rattled off the message and ran.

Turning back to look at the bed and Cat he gave a low curse then walked out of the room. On his way to the front room he was surprised to find that his wolf was content for the first time in two months. Not getting his own pleasure didn't bother the wolf, knowing that its mate had gotten hers was enough for him. It was a strange feeling for Val, and one he'd have to deal with later. For now there were other things to tend to, like the strange Were that came knocking on their door.

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Great flar and twist to the plot.

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Great flar and twist to the plot.

Your world is great, the story is sensual but cuts through to the point. seeing things from diffrent perspectives is a good view. I would love to see this story progress far beyond a short story.

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