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There is something comforting about submission. To know that one can remain safe in the face of aggression by dropping one's resistance and succumbing to the will of the aggressor can be very reassuring. Life requires so much assertion and resistance. Sometimes it is a luxury to give in. Not to influence, but to be influenced. Not to fight but to concede.

One week ago today I woke up late. I made myself some toast, had a glass of juice, and a quick shower. I had a lunch-time date. Nothing serious, just a quick catch-up with Geoff, a friend-of-a-friend I had been seeing on and off for a few weeks. We'd had dinner a few times. I felt comfortable with him, but I wasn't really sure where things were going. He was a lovely guy - sweet and genuine, desperate to please me. We talked about my work, but not his. I wasn't interested in his database management and I suppose it showed, but he politely listened as I told him about the tribulations of a primary-school teacher - which kids were nice, and which ones were little brats. He'd sent me an email the day before to tell me he would be in my area, and suggested a quick lunch.

I wasn't particularly attracted to Geoff in a sexual way, but I was nonetheless feeling that if things were going to move along at all then they should get moving. At some level I realized I would have to be the one to do it, because Geoff just wasn't going to put himself out there in the near future. To be honest, I suppose I must have been feeling a little sex-deprived. At 27 I had only had a handful of boyfriends, and, with one or two notable exceptions, I wasn't the type of girl to have casual sexual encounters. But it had been over a year since I'd been fucked, and a warm bath and a dildo only go so far.

With all this in mind, instead of my usual comfy cotton panties I put on a lacy red g-string, and a knee-length black skirt. Under my usual white blouse I wore a matching push-up bra - my petite A-cup breasts need all the help they can get. Of course nothing was going to happen at lunch, but it made me feel sexy, and perhaps that might give me a little extra drive to encourage Geoff to take the next step.

The day was an ordinary one. Most of my time is spent disciplining boys with short attention spans, and its easy to get to the end of the day feeling that I haven't taught the children anything. I was glad to get away from the classroom for a moment.

Lunch with Geoff was pleasant but uneventful. I tried a few times to steer the conversation in a bit of a provocative direction, but he never followed through on it. I told him I liked his pants - that his ass looked good in them. He blushed and thanked me. I even told him about a french movie I had watched over the weekend because I had heard about the explicit sex scene in it. He didn't even reply. As we were about to go our seperate ways he asked me what I was up to tonight.

"Well," I hesitated, making it up as I went along,"I need some new lingerie, so was going to go shopping."

"Oh!" he blurted.

"I have a few other things to get too," I added hastily, not wanting him to feel too uncomfortable, "We could meet up if you want?"

"I'm not sure," he practically stammered, "maybe we could see a movie?"

We agreed to meet at 7:30 at the cinemas. It hadn't gone as well as I'd hoped, but it was something.

The rest of the afternoon went as slowly as usual. I caught up with some of the other staff for afternoon-tea and complained about the child I had sent out of the room for the third time for pulling one of the girl's hair.

I didn't hang around after school, wanting to get home to freshen up before the movie. The train was crowded with high-school kids, and I took the front carriage where they don't usually congregate. I pulled out my novel and settled in for the thirty minute ride.

After a few minutes I was a aware of a couple of young college kids coming down the aisle and stopping to sit down across from me. It irritated me because there were plenty of seats, and it seemed to violate my personal space when they sat where they did. I glanced up from my novel - two scruffy-haired, pimply-face kids were giggling, giving me side-long glances. I went back to my book.

After a few minutes I was aware of how strangely silent they were, and looking up suddenly I caught them holding an iPhone near the floor, pointing directly up my skirt.

"What are you doing?" I demanded.

They quickly pulled the phone up. "Nothing!" they both replied.

"Show me your phone," I said, putting my hand out.

"No way, you can't look at my phone", the larger of the two said, placing it in his pocket.

"I know what you were doing," I said, "and I'll tell the train security."

"They can't do anything," the younger on retorted insolently.

The taller boy pulled the phone back out of his pocket and started doing something on it.

"You're deleting it now" I said, reaching out again, and beginning to stand up.

"I'm not deleting anything,"said the taller boy,"You can look at it if you want."

He let me take the phone from him.

The photo software was still open, and in a moment I was looking at a photo of my long legs disappearing into the darkness of my skirt. Above the skirt was the cover of my novel, and above that my face was clearly visible. I zoomed in on the photo to see, dark but easily distinguished, the point where my thighs came together at the crotch of my silky red knickers. I gave the boys a disgusted look, and hit the delete button. After confirming there were no more pictures of me I tossed the phone back over.

"You boys will get yourselves in real trouble if you keep that up."

They didn't respond to me, but giggled at each other instead. I shook my head disgustedly and picked up my book again.

From across the aisle I heard the smaller boy speak. "I love your red panties."

I lowered the book to glower at them.

"You're a teacher at the primary school, aren't you?"

I hesitated for a moment. "Yes I am," I spoke with false assurance.

"Do you always wear sexy red panties to school?"

I was so shocked at their persistence and brashness that I was lost for words.

"Do you like showing them off to the little kids or something?" said the older one, and they both laughed.

"Yeah, or do you let all the male teachers take them off in the staffroom?" laughed the other one.

"That's it," I said, standing up. I took my own phone out, intending to take a picture of the boys in order to report them to... someone. The police perhaps. It would be humiliating, but it was the only thing to do.

"You didn't delete it, you know," said the older on. I paused. "I emailed it to myself already".

For the second time I was lost for words.

"I could send it off to anyone I wanted to. Maybe I'll send it to your head-master, or to some of the kids."

I just continued to stare, bewildered.

"Why don't you let us take a few more?" the smaller boy jeered. "We'd promise just to keep them to ourselves and nobody would need to see any of them." The older boy nodded.

I didn't know what to say, or what to do to begin correcting the situation. I was suddenly aware that it was my stop, and as if by instinct I grabbed by bag and fled the train. Only once I was through the station gates did I realize the two boys were following me. I hurried, but they continued to follow me until there were no other commuters around us.

"Go away!" I insisted.

"Just let us take another picture of you," the smaller boy jeered.

"Yeah, let us see your panties from behind," said the other.

I kept walking. There was another ten minutes before I reached my house. I didn't want them to know where I lived, but I was so flustered I wasn't sure what else to do.

"Do you want us to email your panties to the Parent's and Teacher committee? They'd be interested to see the sexy red panties you teach in," persisted the smaller boy.

"C'mon, all you need to do is stand still for a few seconds with your legs apart. It won't take a second, and we'll promise not to email the pictures".

The walk seemed to take an hour. Every few seconds the boys would make another comment, and I'd walk on in silence.

"What about opening your blouse so we can see your bra," suggested the younger boy.

"Don't get so upset about it," called the older one, "just because we think you're sexy. Lots of boys think teachers are sexy. There's nothing wrong with it."

"Are you some kind of frigid bitch or something?" said the younger one.

The aggressive language and tone in his voice made something snap inside me. I was overcome by a feeling of hopelessness. "There's nothing that can be done about this," I seemed to say to myself.

"Hey, bitch," called the taller boy. They laughed.

He called out again, but this time his voice was loud, and forceful.

"Stop, bitch, we're talking to you."

I stopped. The two boys caught up, and came around in front of me. They were unattractive young men, not necessarily because of their looks (although they were not attractive in that way either) but because of the nasty look in their eyes. The taller boy was about my height, and the other only came up to my chin. Right now, the shorter boy was looking up and down my body from only a foot away. The taller boy was looking into my eyes.

"Just think about it," he told me,"We can send that picture to anyone we want to. If you don't mind that, then thats fine. We'll just do it. But if you don't want us to, all you need to do is show us your panties and let us take another picture or two. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I said. A strange sense of relief ran over me. I didn't need to fight any more.

"Okay," continued the taller boy, "so just stand still and put your legs apart."

He began to take this phone out of his pocket.

"Not here," I said, "Somewhere private."

I began walking, and the two boys jostled behind me like dogs after their bitch.

In a minute or two we had reached my house. I couldn't bring myself to let them into my house, so I unlocked the side gate and led them into the back yard. The high timber fence made it private - something I'd always valued about my house. I briefly thought of all the times I'd hung out washing in my underwear, or gotten changed with the lights on and the windows open. I'd even masturbated in front of my bedroom window, letting the morning light illuminate by slim and sweaty body.

"Okay, so lets see those panties, bitch," said the taller boy, shocking me out of my daydream.

"What do you want me to do," I asked.

"Just spread you legs a little," said the younger boy.

There I stood, on the paving, my legs parted with about two feet between my shoes. In a moment the taller boy had his phone out and was laying down. After working on it for a second he looked up my skirt.

"Sweet!" he beamed, "Okay, hold still."

I heard his phone make the shutter-like noise of a photo being taken. What a sight I must have been - a respectable teacher standing, legs spread, over a grotty kid.

I began to step away.

"Hold on!" he barked, "Its too dark. Stay there."

I stopped. I supposed I would have to give them what they had expected.

"Do you want me to go under the awning there the sky wont be so much of a contrast."

"That's a good idea bitch".

I walked under the awning and spread my legs again. A second later I saw the same scruffy, sandy hair between my legs.

"Okay, hold still."


"That's better," he said, "I can totally see your mound. What a great lesson in biology."

I blushed, and again began to step away. Two firm hands came down on my shoulders.

"Wait! Its my turn bitch," said the smaller boy.

He released me and an a moment, I saw his smirking mouth and pimply nose beneath me. He worked on his phone for a moment. I could tell by his movements that he was raising his hand to get his phone as close to my crotch as possible.


"Oh... my... god," she snickered. "That is so sweet. I've got pubes and everything."

"Is that all boys?" I asked.

"Just untuck your blouse so I can see up to your bra," said the little boy.

"I'm not doing any more," I told him.

"But we promise not to show these pictures to anyone. Just untuck your blouse," he repeated.

"Just do it, bitch," said the taller boy, behind me.

I untucked my blouse.

"Lean forward a bit," the smaller boy said.

I lean't forward.



I looked up to see the taller boy taking pictures from in front of me.

"Nice," said the smaller boy after a moment.

He squirmed out from underneath me.

"Do you wanna see?" he asked.

He handed me the phone, and stood beside me so he could also watch the screen.

The first picture was a little blurry, but clearly showed the top of my thighs and the curve of my ass-cheeks separated by the thin red g-string. Sure enough, curling out from the edges of the material were a few dark pubic hairs. My labia could be made out pushing against the panties, with a very slight depression where my lips were - a classic camel-toe.

My panties were still visible in the second picture, atop my long slender legs. Above them, through my blouse, my bra was visible.

"Nice matching bra," snickered the smaller boy. "You are, like, the hottest teacher ever."

I smiled vaguely.

"Lucky you're not a teacher at our school," said the older boy,"Some of those senior kids would have gotten their hands on you by now for sure."

"Is that everything now," I asked.

"Just one more thing," said the taller boy, "We need to see your panties in better light, so just lift up your skirt."

"No, I can't," I whispered.

"Come on, just do it. Just lift up your skirt," said one.

"Just lift it up. Its nothing," pestered the other.

Again, I sensed how easy it would be to just relent. I lifted my skirt from either side, until the very top elastic of the g-string was visible. The two pale globes of my ass would have been on display from behind, subdivided by the narrow red material.

"Oh my god!" they said as they got their phones ready. The older boy began taking pictures from various angles - up at my crotch, from front on, and from behind me. The younger boy also walked around me, and I realized I was being recorded on video. These brash kids were getting to fully appreciate the effort I had gone to for Geoff.

"Guys must want to have sex with you all the time," said the younger boy.

"Not really," I said.

"Why not. Any guy I know would fuck you in a second."

"Yeah... you could get laid any time you wanted to," said the taller boy.

"Its hard to get a man to appreciate you for who you really are," I found myself saying.

"Check out that ass! Bend over a little bit," I heard the smaller boy from behind me, and next moment I felt hands on my hips, tipping me forward.

"Touch your toes," said the taller boy.

I touched my toes and listened to the sound of photos being taken from behind me.

"How did it look?" I heard one boy say.

"Good! Now get one with me in it," said the other.

I looked between my legs and realized they were posing at my ass.

"Thats great," said the other, "I got her face in that one. It looks like she's looking at you when you're about to finger her."

"Check this out," said the one who was posing.

As I heard the camera's click, I felt a rough tongue pressed against the thin material covering my labia.

"Auggh!" I yelped, leaping forward. The two boys were laughing hysterically. "Now piss off, both of you. Just fucking piss off!" I screamed.

They two boys looked shocked for a second, but recovered quickly. They ambled out my gate, sniggering at each other as they went.

I slammed the gate and returned to the back verandah. Sitting down, I lay my head in my hands on the table. I took a few breaths, allowing myself to recover from this unbelievable ordeal.

After a few moments, a reached down to scratch an itch. The touch of my finger tingled, stirring an automatic reaction in my central nervous system. I slid a finger under the g-string, feeling my thick labia and slickly warm vaginal interior. I let my finger glide easily and sloppily into my cunt, where I had so recently and so needfully been kissed. I wasn't going to get eaten out by Geoff tonight, that was for sure, so I decided to make the most of the attention of someone who really, desperately wanted me.

I worked my pussy hungrily and desperately, folding my lips apart with my other hand to let a finger massage my clitoris. I withdrew my sloppy finger and, with my cunt drawn lewdly open, reached over for my phone. With that slippery, cunt-soaked finger, I smeared the screen until I managed to get the video working. It was time to get this pussy appreciated...

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