tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAmazon Tamed Ch. 01

Amazon Tamed Ch. 01


Keith had a successful day selling his designer product but was not looking forward to his last appointment

It wasn't that Greta von Eich was a good account but she was a bitch who thought she was better than anyone else. She worked out of her Mediterranean mansion that her late father inheritance had provided.

He rang the door bell and it was answered by her maid Paula.

" Hello Mr. Davis my mistress said to bring you in the parlor"

Keith noticed the red head was moving stiffly, but said nothing. Greta was waiting lounging like a queen in a two piece outfit that left little to the imagination. In addition to being rich Greta was a blond 6-2 Valkyrie who towered over Keith 5-8 athletic frame and Paula's petite smaller form

Picking up a riding crop Greta haughtily said " You can go girl but do a better job tomorrow or you will get the same punishment. Davis what junk do you have this time?

That's it he thought I don't need this crap "Stick it Greta if you aren't interested, don't waste my time"

"You will address me as Ms. Von Eich worm!

Keith groaned to himself she thinks she is a goddess , time to take her down a peg if she makes the move I think she will" I'm not one of your servants like Paula!"

"You will be" Greta rose and tried to slash him with the riding crop.

Keith was ready and used Greta momentum to bring her to the floor.

"Let me go!" Greta screamed

: Not so tough are you" Keith taunted. Quickly grabbing some ties from his sample case he bound her wrists and turned her around so he could admire his captive. Greta's face and body showed a mixture of anger and arousal

"Let me go who do you think you are!?"

He smiled" Your conqueror and superior, it's time for you to learn some manners!"

"She bit her lip" You won't do you know who I am?"

" Yes you're a bully who needs to learn people have feelings" He grabbed her chin" You are also a hot bitch!"

" Do your worse, you won't break me!"

Keith decided to play a hunch. In the obligatory party he had to attend every year at Greta's mansion a down stairs areas had been blocked off. Dragging Greta to her feet and went in that direction. The Amazon started struggling but a few swats across her ample brests with the crop cowed her. Going down the stairs he found his guess was right : A dungeon.

"Well this is how you have been treating Paula"

" She needed to know her place"

Well your place is on the table" Keith untied her"Now Strip!

Greta looked to run, but one look at Keith' eyes and she quickly obeyed. Using her riding crop he examined her brests and ass, dam she is hot, I am going to enjoy this he thought. He felt her snatch

"hmm wet you are enjoying this aren't you slut.

Greta's defiance came back some "You think a little wimp like you would interest me. You are not man enough to satisfy me!"

Keith put the crop down "You have it backwards Greta you are going to satisfy me" he turned knowing her next move.

She swung at him and was again countered, pinning her wrist against her back Greta screamed.


" Please what"

"Please let me go"

"Say that right word, slut!


He quickly tied her belly down to the table" It's time for your training" picking up a cat 0 9 tails"Kiss it" Greta hesitantly did"Now lick it!" She did more enthusiastically.

Keith began doing a figure 8 rytham, reddining the blonde's ass. Greta groaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure. After about 5 minutes her ass was warm and she was covered with sweat.

"Please fuck me I need it so bad!"

"Not yet, you have to earn it."

Keith flipped her over and tied her into a spread eagle. Then he grabbed a vibrator and started against her pussy.

"oh she gasped writhing in ecstasy. He started licking her breasts enjoying the taste.

Keith then stripped down" Now you are ready, suck my cock!

Greta enthusiastically went down and began giving him a great blow job. She was certanatly talented in this area he thought. Tempted to give her a little relief but knowing this was a great opportunity which might not occur again, he kept the vibrator going . They both came at the same moment.

Greta pleaded "You had your fun, let me go!"

"Not yet you haven't learned you lesson yet! He untied her

"What else?"

"On your hands and knees your ass needs more attention.

Greta flipped over, "Whose your master slut?"

"You are"

Do you want me to fuck you?"


Keith slammed his rod in driving it in and out like a man possessed. His kinky side was finally get a chance to manifest and who better to do it with than this beauty as a start.

Greta's mind was confused she was having a major orgasm like she never had when she dommed girls like Paula.

Keith finally pulled out" That was a fine start"

"Yes" she admitted .

"So you know what you are?

"I am a slut!"

" No you are slave slut " He grabbed her limp form and tied her to the X frame. "This is the only the beginning of your training."

Keith looked to the stairs "By the way, Paula did you enjoy watching?"

A nude Paula entered the dungeon looking at Greta with a malevolent smile, "I certainty did!"

To be continued

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