tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAmazon Tamed Ch. 02

Amazon Tamed Ch. 02


What you may have missed, Greta is a blond Amazon tried to dominate Keith but she ended up as the sub. Paula her attractive maid has just entered the dungeon.

'How long did you know I was there?" Paula asked

"From the beginning" Keith looked her over he can see that Paula was in excellent shape with some martial arts training likely.

Paula walked over to him" I thought you might appreciate a strong woman after dealing with this bully" She struck quickly grabbing his head and bringing it in for a passionate kiss

"There is a lot more to you than it seems"

"Of course, I wouldn't allowed you to bait me like that"

Despite her predicament Greta burst out, "Paula you whore! You will pay for your insolence!"

The red head looked amused" With your permission Keith can we quiet her?"

He smiled "Be my guest:

She grabbed a ball gag and forced in Greta mouth" That's better" She looked back at Keith" "Let me demonstrate how sexy a woman who is your equal can be" She than took a fighting stance.

Keith set his position" Are you sure about this?

Paula grinned "Don't worry I won't hurt you but if I win, I might want my pleasure served. There was confidence and cockiness there but not arrogance, he was getting aroused but calmed his reaction. Paula threw a punch and as he counted she slid her ankle into a sweep taking him down. She then tried to mount him but rode too high and he switched position having her underneath him on her back

"Give up?

"Not a chance" Squirming she slid out and then went for another sweep, he caught the ankle as she expected. Before he could react she wrapped her legs around him. It was like a boa constrictor. "She smiled "Now you give up"


Paula started to squeeze" See Greta how a real woman fights."

Keith braced himself and managed to stand lifting Paula in the air." It seems we are in a stalemate"

"Yes, I am really horny, I want to fuck your brains out.

Keith knelt down and Paula released her legs. "Your pleasure my first my lady"

"Thank you kind sir"

Keith parted her legs and began licking her pussy, his tongue hitting her sensitive G spot. "Oh yeah you are making me cum keep going" Paula screamed. For about several minutes there was ecstasy and than Paula exploded. "After catching her breath Paula went on her hands and knees. "Take me and use me"

He needed no urging and began thrusting in and out he started light spanking on her ass at the same tie. Come on girl show me what type of woman you are"

" I am a true Amazon " Paula gasped" that doesn't mean I don't enjoy being your slut! Now fuck my pussy or else!"

"I will give into your demands "as she went on top, he massaged her breasts as he fucked her

After they recovered" He looked at the spitfire "Strong woman are sexier"

She whispered "Yes we are and I have a proposition for you" But lets keep Greta in the dark.

Keith grabbed a mask and head phones. "This will make her deaf and blind while we talk"

Upstairs still both nude they enjoyed a glass of wine" Wondering why I let Greta treat me like this?

"I did don't let it go to your head but you are the superior woman"

I need the job with the economy the way it is to finance my new venture and that leads me to my proposals lends me the money at normal interest rates I need 20 thousand."


"Let me take over training Greta for you at least for tonight. I owe the bitch!"

"Besides great sex what's in it for me.?"

"After I break her I will give myself to you as a sex slave for the next night. Think about it a strong woman as your slave.

Keith looked at her" This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

Paula went down stairs back to the dungeon, while Keith took a shower and than planned to leave coming back on Saturday morning. Striding up to the bound Greta she removed the mask, head phones and gall bag.

Greta snarled "Release me now and I might only punish you some!"

The red head shook her head" New reality for you dear" as she loosened her bounds. "You are no longer control. Keith has agreed to give you to me so I can continue your training:"

"You think I will serve you two."

"Who knows I am attracted to him and he likes strong woman. We could definitely use a slave if we get married, but that's getting ahead of myself. For now this is simple pay back bitch!"

Greta laughed" You a broke scrawny wench.! Now released she took a swing at Paula. But was countered and staggered towards the wall.

"You are a clumsy one" Paula taunted Greta rushed again and Paula casually tripped her to the floor. Quickly grabbing some rope she tied her wrists than hog-tied the woman on her belly.

"Here is the next part of your lesson. I am going to punish your ass but unlike Keith I am not going to be so merciful. With open hand she started slapping and spanking Greta's ass. Greta struggled but could do nothing except take it.

What are you"

"Keith may have mastered me but you wont!

"I am glad you are not giving up, Paula rose and grabbed a paddle. And started wacking. "Please stop!"

"Who is the superior? " "Wont say it"

Wack wack "Call me Mistress"

'Please Mistress!"

"Mistress what?" "Mistress Paula!"

Paula than turned Greta over on her back and released her legs and put her in a kneeling position. "Now lick your Mistress pussy"

"Please no"

Paula grabbed her former mistress head and forced her down" Now lick!

Greta obeyed" Revenge is sweet, cunt. You have no idea how long I wanted to hurt you."

She let Greta go for several minutes "now lick my ass." There was no hesitation as Greta humiliated yourself.

Paula let her rest for a few minutes than came back wearing a strap on.

NO!! Greta even tied tried to run away, but like a cat Paula played with her and dragged her back to the table.

"We can do this the easier way or the hard, No! I am doing it the hard way". She retied Greta on the table. "Now spread you legs.!"

Greta with her tears streaming obeyed And Paula went to work. Yes slut take it take it! Once again Greta did not know what to think. She was an elite but for the second time she had a great orgasm being a sub. She took it her ass , than Paula retied her in a butterfly went to work on her pussy "Come on take it whore.!" Both had great orgasms "Now slut clean it"

"That was a good start"

"Please Mistress let me go"

Paula smiled at her captive "We have much to do but I am tired leading her back to the X frame.

Resecuring her and blocking her senses again. She attached a vibrator with a random timer than lifted one ear plug. "I'll see you in the morning

To be continued

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