tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAmazon Tamed Ch. 05

Amazon Tamed Ch. 05


CH 5 This Amazon takes control

What you missed after Keith doms Paula and Greta, Paula begins her bondage session by capturing him.

Keith regained conscious and found that he had been stripped naked and his arms were tied to two pillars totally exposed.

"Awake at last" Paula said from behind him. She brushed a flogger over one of his shoulder as she vamped in front of him. She was dressed in a black tank dress but had discarded the goggles letting her hair hang down. He was already getting hard.

Paula laughed, "Not yet Keith, you are my slave tonight." She flick the whip on his butt.

"Yes Mistress Paula."

"I told you that you were dealing with a strong woman, you were very imaginative with Greta and me. Not it's my turn ."

"Yes Mistress"

Striding behind him, Paula began whipping him in a figure eight pattern" What do you say?" she demanded.

'Thank you Mistress"

'That better" She continued the pattern making Keith ass red. "Time for a change of tools" Paula picked up a quirt and rubbed it gently against his balls.

"Ah. "Keith breathed.

"Now kiss it." Paula instructed."

He obeyed."

"I think 10 should suffice." Paula began going at him hard, After the 5th Keith finally screamed.


"Poor baby, but you are here to disciplined, so lets continue." Paula hit him four more times. Keith grimaced but managed to hold back another scream. "That's better darling. Are you enjoying submitting to me?"

Yes Mistress Paula," he admitted.

"Are you saying that to please me or do you believe it?" Paula kissed him" Be honest with me."

"Yes," Keith answered " You are so incredible."

"Flattery will not stop this session" Paula admonished" But for now" unzipping her top. "suck my tits."

Keith eagerly went to work.

"That's a good slave" The red head grabbed his cock and began giving him a vigorous hand job. "But don't cum." Paula looked him over. "Now my stallion are you ready for my next test"

"Yes Mistress"

"Good" Putting a mask on him. "I have another surprise for you."

Paula was getting hot, she slapped the quirt against her palm and was pleased to see Keith react.

She stripped out of her dominatrix outfit, he knows I am the Mistress; she thought gleefully. Moving pieces of furniture and boxes she had the room ready.

She grabbed a cock ring and leash and attached it to Keith's cock.


"Mistress Paula" she admonished pulling the chain slightly.

"Ah, yes Mistress Paula."

She untied him and removed the mask "On your knees" puling the chain driving him to the floor.

"You are nothing but my bitch right now aren't you?"

"Yes Mistress"

"You enjoyed leading me around yesterday. Didn't you? But I have control now. You are going to run my course now. Begin."

Keith began crawling over the furniture and boxes, Paula would pull the chain slightly causing him pain and making him losing his balance, knocking over the boxes. "You failed" The penalty is 10 strokes," whipping him .

"Again" Paula let him go half way before jerking the chain. "You are not that coordinated" she taunted. "Try again," letting go of the chain. "Now run pet."

Keith did so, climbing and crawling like a dog.

Paula clapped "Much better." she regain control of the leash ,"Lick your Mistress ass."

"Yes Mistress Paula," as he went to work.

"Maybe I should have brought Greta here to help me." Paula said. Keith stopped for a second.

"Don't worry " Paula laughed merrily, "I am keeping you all to myself, back to my ass worm!" Paula let him continue for a few moments and than walked over to the table and grabbed the chloroform rag. Putting over his mouth "Now to sleep," she cooed as he went out.

Paula was finding this power to be a powerful aphrodisiac. She had always known she was different. Whenever she found a man or a woman to dom they were weak mentally, uncultured and were drones. Likewise when she subbed, her partners were only interested in pain. Greta had been a good example of this, until she and Keith had changed her attitude. She sensed Keith was a kindred spirit. Dragging him over to the mat she secured his arms and legs so his body was totally exposed for her whims. Putting a pair of vampire gloves she began her next torture.

Paula began stroking his inner thighs with her talons.

Keith stirred 'hmm"

"Ready to continue my sex toy?"

"If you wish, Mistress Paula."

"Now you are learning" she removed his mask "It's what your Mistress wants that is important."

She scratched his chest. "And right now your Mistress wants her pussy serviced." Paula went to his head and lowered his snatch. "Begin"

Keith drilled his tongue and started simulating her.

"That it make your Mistress cum." Paula exclaimed she started grabbed the cock leash adding some pain. "Harder!"

Keith mind was going insane as Paula exploded..

"Oh Mistress! Keith exclaimed.

Paula gently released the cock ring, I've made you wait long enough love." She began deep throating.

"Please Mistress keep going, " than Keith came.

Paula laid back "How are you feeling?"

"Awesome. Mistress and I want more."

"Forget the Mistress for now, she attached a collar to his neck. "You are still mine" untying him "but we both need to fuck!"

Keith laid back and brought Paula to him. She arched her back as he thrust in. "You made me wait long enough bitch!"

"Hey I am the one who was doing the work. Harder!" She demanded. Keith rolled her over as her python legs wrapped around, he penetrated again. "That's it, yea!"

Keith flipped Paula over and grabbed her waiste,"It's time for your punishment now!"

"That kind you can always give me." as he straddled her butt. Finally they released.

"That was wonderful" Paula said" Now my slave you have two more tasks to show your devotion"

"Anything Mistress Paula"

Standing up Paula sat on the edge of a table, Kiss my boots!"

Keith obeyed slowly licking and polishing.

Paula lifted her right foot "Don't forget the heels, deep throat it!"

"Good boy," The dominatrix grabbed the chain and lead him to a bed and tied him speed eagle. Than she place a blindfold on him. "You are going to stay here like this tonight." Kissing him, "I will release you in the morning"

In the morning Paula released him. "How are you feeling?"

"A little stiff you put me through a lot."

"Yes I did " She said proudly, Did you expect any less? Now lay back I will give you a massage to ease the kinks."

Keith did so and Paula began rubbing his back.

"That feels good" he grabbed her head and kissed her. "Are there no end to your talents?"

"Why spoil the surprises." she said mischievously.

As they got dressed, Keith palmed the cloth.



Keith grabbed her as to kiss than placed the cloth over her mouth "Breathe in baby , time for you to get some sleep."

To be continued

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