Amy Ch. 16

byParis Waterman©

"Are you okay, Amy?" her lover inquired quietly, brushing a strand of hair from her eyes.

"I'm fine, but you haven't fucked me yet.

"Well let's remedy that right now," John said as he pushed her back on the bed. Amy waited as he went to his knees. Her head fell back and she moaned when she saw him placing her legs on his strong shoulders.

John groaned when he saw Amy's dripping sex up close. He could see a tiny river of clear juice running from her pulsing hole, trickling down and disappearing between her cheeks. With an animal like moan, he opened his mouth and sucked her flesh inside.

"OHHHHH!" Amy screamed as his mouth closed over her sex once again. And her hips bucked as his tongue laved the entire area of her wet pussy. She grabbed his head, pulling it into her steamy cunt. Amy almost passed out when his tongue split her folds and forced itself inside her. His tongue seemed to have a life of its own as it twisted and squirmed around her trembling vaginal walls.

He drew his mouth from her sex and looked up with a question on his face.

"Oh God Please, I've got to have you," she hissed as she looked between her legs at his wet face.

John rose up, his prick bobbing with his excitement. He looked down at Amy and saw her swollen sex bared to his gaze. She was breathing heavily, her chest heaving; she looked almost out of control with lust.

"Please fuckkkkkkk me," Amy pleaded.

John positioned her at the center of the bed and crawled between her knees. Amy moaned once more and opened her arms to him.

With a growl of savage lust, John leaned forward over Amy. He bent his head and kissed her lips as he held his weight on his arms. "Put me in," he whispered.

Amy's hands were shaking so much that she had difficulty grasping his cock. She used both hands to steady it, pulling it almost harshly toward her waiting hole. Amy thought she would climax when the large purple head touched her lips. In an almost timeless gesture, Amy fit him into her small hole and pulled.

"Mmmmmmm!" she moaned in satisfaction as the head slipped inside with a little help from John.

John wanted to plunge his weapon into her and not unlike the ancient members of the golden Horde pillage her until she was totally vanquished. But did not, instead he took his time, easing into her slowly, enjoying the clutching spasms of her cuntal walls on his throbbing cock.

Her legs wrapped around his back and her hands grabbed his strong buttocks. She pulled hard and he slid easily into her sopping wet channel. His balls made contact with Amy's ass and he knew he was as deep as he could go.

Amy could barely get her breath. One part of her wanted him to fuck her as he had the night before. The other wanted to make this last forever.

John made the decisions for the two of them. Slowly, he began to pull out. When he was an inch or two out, he pushed slowly back in, causing Amy to moan. He did it again, coming out a little further. As soon as he felt her relax, he surged in faster.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!" Amy gasped and her hips began to move.

John began to move even faster. Soon, he was moving in and out of her tight cunt at a rapid pace. He began to fear for Amy's well being, for it appeared Amy was having a fit under him. Her fingernails dug into his back and her teeth were bit into his shoulder. And all the while a steady moan of pleasure issued forth from her throat.

At some point Amy began to climax. It was difficult for John to tell when it started. Amy moaned and he felt the throbbing of her cunt as it squeezed him, making it very difficult for him to hold back. He felt his balls begin to churn, demanding release. It was almost impossible for him to form words, but he needed to warn her.

"Amy . . . God!"

"I'm getting . . . close!

Meanwhile Amy had lost count of the number of climaxes she had already enjoyed, but this seemed to be the best one. Warmth and darkness enveloped her. She was floating on a cloud of sensual pleasure.

Their lips locked together as her hips began to buck into him faster than he was fucking into her.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!" Amy hissed.

"Jesus," Amy cried out after turning her head and catching a view of them fornication in the mirror on the dresser. She was especially enthralled with the sight of John's ass as it pumped his cock into her.

Amy's face was a mask of lust. Her eyes were closed and her cheeks were flushed as her hands squeezed John's buttocks, pulling him forcefully into her. Her legs were wrapped around his waist and her hips bucked upward to meet each of his downward strokes. John's naked body almost covered Amy. He raised her legs, placing them on his shoulders and in the process, almost bent her double. This gave him the leverage to force himself as deeply into her as he could possibly go. Wanting nothing more than to give Amy another unforgettable moment, John moved his hips in powerful strokes, pummeling her cunt and cervix.

"Oh Sweet Jesus, I'm going to COME!" She closed her eyes and locked her legs around John's neck; her body tensed and began to shake as convulsions of pleasure beguiled her. Little whimpers slipped from her open mouth and her breasts rose mightily as she strove for more oxygen in her lungs, then crashed downward on filling them.

Amy came and came.

Each time it appeared that she was done, she started another. And so it went, with the sloppy sound of her cunt being pounded relentlessly by her loverman echoing throughout the room until John moaned that he was going to come.

Then it was John's body that tensed in pleasure and the room reverberated with his loud roaring moan, "That's it baby! That's it! Here I come ready or not!"

Then he froze, bellowed once more with his prick buried deeply in her cunt; then filled her with his ejaculate.

Several minutes later, Amy finally sat up. Her hair was a mess, her makeup smeared and her legs still akimbo with strings of sperm beginning to drip from her overly stretched hole. She looked into the mirror and saw a stranger; a stranger whose face was still flushed with the excitement of what had just occurred. And worse; the face bore a morbid hope that more was coming and soon.

The next thing Amy knew, she heard John whispering something to her.

"Amy, are you alright?" he said for the fifth time. Her body had convulsed for a long time and then collapsed. He was still on top of her, his arms holding his weight, his penis still inside her filled hole. He could feel Amy's muscles still rippling deep inside.

"Oh my God, John," Amy whispered weakly when she could speak again. However, that was all she could utter. She pulled him down to her and felt his hot body cover hers again as their lips met.


The following morning Amy arrived at the theatre for the first day of rehearsal with more then the usual amount of apprehension. The rehearsal hall was under the Port Authority and shabby, not shabby sheik, but just shabby. Actually Amy was entering the theatre from the rear entrance. The theatre itself was located on 42nd Street.

Almost immediately, Amy recognized the raven haired Elsie and her friend, the blonde haired Linda standing together while others passed them by to greet others. Linda spotted her first and waved and Amy quickly walked over to them, casting furtive glances about for her nemesis, Maury.

Elsie had been regaling Linda about her so-called boyfriend Joe.

"Amy ya gotta listen to this story. Elsie has this thing about guys, y'know? She meets the damnedest ones and always has a great tale to go with it. Go on Elsie, tell Amy about last weekend."

"Okay, okay," she glanced around and said, "we've got some time, so okay. So, Joe just left. Not this morning, but in my story, okay?"

"Joe just left. I'm woozy. We had like this 13-hour date, followed by a heated hookup. Drove upstate, where we quasi-hiked and picnicked on a mountain: très romantic. He gathered a bunch of wildflowers and handed them to me with a shy smile. We love a lot of the same books, and he said he was going to give me a novel he'd just read next time he saw me."

Elsie, always the actress, threw her hands in the air to emphasize the next line. "Sometimes I love presumptuous men, y'know?"

"But he was gonna give me the book 'cause he wanted to hear my opinion of it. He talked very openly about his family and his work."

She sighed adding to her little drama. "Y'know, I love people who love what they do and might even have enjoyed Joe's enthusiastic descriptions of innovations in colorectal medicine had we not been eating. I suppose it was cute in a really nasty way."

Elsie looked the room over once again before continuing. "Couple of not-so-promising things though; a half hour into the drive back, he asked what I thought about his Porsche. I told him the truth: I wasn't thinking about it. But this didn't go over with him, so I added, "I guess it's pretty," which I don't think is exactly what he wanted to hear. Anyway, back in the city, we inhaled a Greek dinner and went back to my place. And there we were, stretched out on my sofa, Fiona Apple in the background. He is a fantastic kisser, which is a relief, because who wants to teach?"

Both Linda and Amy laughed heartedly at this.

"In fact, good thing we were lying down, because when we first zoomed in for the tonguing we were standing up and almost fell, that's how all-over-each-other we were. We just made out for a couple of hours like teenagers. Joe didn't even try to involve my boobs at this juncture — very respectful."

Linda caught Amy's eye and arched an eyebrow. Amy stifled a giggle, truly enjoying her moment with the two women.

Elsie went on. "Then, at the end of the night, he sighed this into my ear: "You make me soooo hard — more than most girls."

Amy thought that romantic.

Linda gave her cause to rethink that thought, saying, "Major detour, that."

"Oh yeah, right as rain, Linda --- Ick, I turned off. I mean, we'd already set the tone: slow and steady. The porno soundtrack would have been fun if we were a bit closer to actually using the engorged genitalia in question. But I thought we had something deeper going . . . as opposed to Deep-In-Me . . . Oh, the ugly question reared up and bit me on the ass. So, is Joe only interested in sex with me? If so, why had he bothered confiding in me all day? Was the Porsche-and-poppies thing just an advanced seduction technique?"

"So I reminded Joe that we were pressed together, which gave me tactile evidence of his excitement, and therefore verbal advertisement of hard proof was unnecessary."

Elsie grabbed Linda by the arm. "Okay, okay, I know I've been bellyaching over my recent celibacy, Christ knows I'm horny as hell, but listen to this . . . Joe admitted that sometimes he was immature, but follows it with: "But never premature, hopefully you'll find out."

Linda pried Elsie's hand from her arm and said, "The swine."

Elsie, lost in her own thoughts didn't hear her friend and said, "But, yeah, hopefully."

Then things got going. The first hour was spent with the Equity representative, a pert brunette named Kimberly. Amy had made sure to join some six months earlier on a trip to the city and eagerly showed her card to the rep.

Kimberly told everyone about some wholesale changes to their medical coverage because of costs, but Amy wasn't listening, for her attention was focused on the two stars, real Broadway stars who were only twenty feet away from her. The glistening, black haired Anthony Spano, who was to play Bernardo and the calm, cool Anna Esefan, who had the major role in the production, Maria. Between them they had starred in a dozen hit shows and probably as many shows that fell short, but to Amy's way of thinking, the failures had not been theirs, but the productions.

After the first hour everyone moved next door to the Clurman Theatre where a lovely spread of nice things to nibble and drink awaited and Amy had her next opportunity to catch up with Elsie and Linda.

"So ya got the role, didja?" Elsie said knowingly.

"Elsie!" Linda said chiding her for both knew what Amy had had to do to lock up the role.

"Well I didn't show up early today," Amy said, as her nostril's flared defiantly. "In fact, this is the first and only place I intend to be today."

"Wow!" Linda gasped.

"Really?" Elsie said with obvious disbelief.

"It's true!" Amy retorted, reading the meaning and significance of Elsie's comment.

"I spoke with someone about Maury and he made a call. Maury won't be bothering me again," she said, adding strong emphasis to her words.

Both women were impressed, readily accepting the fact that Amy had such a powerful friend in the industry.

The general schmoozing continued and was followed by a series of short welcoming speeches from Yves Tolbur and Larry Silvers, the main producers, Kathleen Sullivan, director and choreographer and Ray Cappelstein, the co-producer.

It was Cappelstein who spoke about the play itself.

"This is of course, a gripping love story. Romeo and Juliet retold by Tony and Maria. I'm guessing now, but everyone here has seen either the production or the movie or a recreation of the show in summer stock." He looked over the anxious faces around him and continued.

"In West Side Story, Leonard Bernstein created a new and unique form of music theatre. The work's world premiere in 1957 in New York's Winter Garden Theater was a run-away success, leading to 733 sold-out performances there. And believe me, I know other shows have exceeded that number performance wise, but the reality was, still is for that matter, money talks and Hollywood wanted to make a movie. The show closed, they made the movie and fuck knows the show could have gone on since they didn't use most of the Broadway performers in the film. They lip-synched more than half the songs for fuck's sake."

Cappelstein shook his head as if to clear a bad taste from his mouth.

"Anyway, the texts to the songs are from the pen of Stephen Sondheim: the classics "I want to be in America" and "Maria" may be the best-known numbers in the score. Originally the script was to have dealt with a Christian/Jewish romance (called "East Side Story"), but Bernstein decided to choose a more immediately relevant theme. Ironically, neither Broadway nor Hollywood was able to rise above its own institutionalized racism to cast a Latina actress as Maria."

He waited some thirty seconds before continuing.

"Well it's finally happened. Let's all welcome the two great Latin stars who will make this show the greatest West Side Story ever! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Anna Esefan as our Maria and Anthony Spano, of course as her lover, Bernardo!"

Everyone cheered and only moment's later people seemed to have paired off into smaller groups. Amy already knew the Broadway community was fairly small in size and was thrilled to find herself in a circle of admirers listening to Anna Esefan answer a lot of questions about her experience with "In Walked Love," a show that closed after only three nights. Amy was bewildered that these people had such strong opinions about a show that many of them couldn't have possibly seen, that is until Elsie nudged her and hissed, "They're just kissing ass, Hon, that's all."

A few minutes later, Kathleen Sullivan, director and choreographer called for their attention.

"People! People! Everyone, may I have your attention, please!"

When she heard the conversations fade Ms. Sullivan went on.

"If you'll all form a line to my right, you'll have an opportunity to see the beautiful model of the set design by John L. Sullivan, no relation, if that's what you're thinking," she added and got a big laugh, for Kathleen Sullivan was known far and wide as a bull dyke.

"Now our production will actually open at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre at 8th and 45th Street. The Hirschfeld, formerly known as the Martin Beck, is where "Man of La Mancha" closed several months ago. It has been completely refurbished and restored and West Side Story is the first show to open since the work was done. It's beautiful! Lots of deep red and gold leaf and the ceiling is just amazing. It seems that the set design follows that theme. There's lots of deep reds and burgundy and gold leaf in our sets and I want to thank all those involved in restoring the theater. It's simply lovely, thank you one and all."

Amy had a quick lunch and quickly went to a read through of the play sans music. It was immediately apparent why each person was cast in their role as each piece fit beautifully. Amy thought Anna Esefan seemed perfect for Maria. Her walk through the reading was casual, understated and self-deprecatory. And then she appraised Anthony Spano's reading of Bernardo. Marveling at his line readings, but wondering if he could carry off the singing role.

As she read her lines, Amy, for the first time began to feel uncomfortable with the looks she was getting after landing such a plum part with no former experience. She flubbed her lines twice, but was reassured by non other than Anna Esefan herself that it was only first time jitters. Amy calmed down and finished flawlessly and even drew the applause of the major stars.

Later that day, Amy signed up for singing lessons with Veronica Treat – two hours three times a week at five P.M. Her dancing would be taken care of during show rehearsals.

Following that Amy applied for enrollment in a prestigious acting class, knowing her chances were slim in this area, for most applicants waited several years just to audition.

With all that accomplished, a very weary Amy headed home, or at least to Uncle John's.

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