tagIncest/TabooAn Adopted Son

An Adopted Son


This story is an entry in the Summer Lovin' Contest 2011. It's a short, fictional story. I appreciate your comments, votes and feedback. Thank you for taking the time to read it.


I had a wonderful final year of college and was looking forward to a long, relaxing, enjoyable summer before joining the work force in the fall as a newly licensed attorney.

I'm twenty five years old, looking forward to a long, successful career in law in Southern Florida. I love the single life, especially living here, with plenty of attractive, sexy women to choose from, scantily clad and available.

I was orphaned as an infant, my mother gave me up for adoption at birth, unable to raise me as a young girl, still in high school.

I have no regrets, was raised by a wonderful family and had all of the finer things in life. My adopted parents financed my education at Harvard Law School. I was raised with two brothers and a sister, all biological siblings of the parents who adopted me. I was never made to feel different, never being treated better or worse than my siblings.

Like any other adopted child, I always wondered what my real mother and father looked like, where they lived and who they were. Unfortunately, the birth records were sealed, never to be disclosed as agreed upon at the time of adoption. The only information I knew was my birthday and birthplace, Tampa, Florida.

Anyway, I rented a beach house in Miami for the summer, just a cozy little place, all I really cared about was the location. Luckily, I was able to find this place close to Miami Beach, a bachelor's playground, and I just so happened to be unattached at the moment.

I was surprised with the intensity of the heat and humidity in Florida, having been raised in the northeast. No wonder everyone down here is on the beach or inside with air conditioning during the day.. I quickly found Miami Beach to be a smorgasbord of sexy women, scantily dressed in micro-bikinis. My first day on the beach was an eye opener, it was difficult keeping my cock in check. I kept turning over to lay on my stomach to hide my growing erection as sexy women strutted and bounced their tits, walking by me, leaving little to the imagination.

I was getting a few looks myself, not being too hard on the eyes, and made sure to make eye contact with many of the women. I didn't know anyone, so was all by myself until a couple of young, sexy ladies set up next to me, spreading out their blanket and supplies. One of the women was dark and looked to be of middle east descent, looking very exotic, with long dark hair and great curves. She had an hourglass figure with large, natural tits and wore a flattering white bikini, contrasting nicely with her dark skin. The other woman was blonde, tall, tan and very thin, with exceptional fake tits. They were large and round, her nipples protruding nicely through the thin material of her scant g-string bikini. She had a great, muscular ass and was proudly displaying it. I couldn't have had two hotter women any closer to me than they were, their blanket touched mine.

I enjoyed watching them lather each other with suntan oil, especially when the dark lady was massaging the oil into the blonde's ass. After both ladies were adequately oiled, they rolled onto their stomachs and untied their bikini tops, allowing the sides of their tits to be exposed. I got hard just looking at them and remained on my stomach as well.

I couldn't keep from staring at them, each of them noticing, exchanging glances. The blonde turned slightly, exposing her entire tit as she repositioned, looking at me as she did so. The women were whispering something to each other, both looking right at me. I was going nuts with these two teasing me.

The dark woman then mimicked the other, repositioning as well, showing me her tit, smiling. Now I knew they were teasing me intentionally, possibly even interested in me, at least I had hoped. I didn't dare to say anything in case I was wrong, afraid to scare them off and end the show.

"Hey there, where you from?" the dark lady asked.

She was looking right at me, waiting for a response. "Me?" It was all I could say.

"Yes, you. You've been looking over here enough so I thought I'd say something. What's your name?"

"Ah, my name's Chad. I'm originally from Boston but just moved down here."

"Well Chad, what do you do?" asked the blond. She was leaning on her elbows, giving me a clear view of her gorgeous tits. Her tits were so firm and large, but didn't even hang down. They were definitely fake.

"I just graduated from Harvard, I'm taking the summer off. I start working as a lawyer in the fall."

"Damn, good looking and a lawyer as well," the brunette said. Her eyes wandered the length of my body.

"What are your names?" I asked.

"I'm Sandy and this is Patty," said the blonde, looking at her friend.

"Very pleased to meet you." I couldn't take my eyes off Sandy's tits, still in full view, her body arched.

"Are you with anyone?" Patty asked.

"No, I haven't met anyone down here yet."

"Well, you have now," Sandy said, settling back down just enough so her nipples touched her blanket.

"Are you ladies spoken for?"

"For the night or period?" Patty answered seductively.

"I'm not sure how to answer that."

"We have an apartment nearby, maybe you'd like to stop by for a drink or two? We could even show you around town if you like," Sandy added.

"I'd love to, When?"

"How about right now?" Patty asked.

The ladies each tied their bikini tops and sat up, then stood and started collecting their things. "Are you coming?" Patty asked.

I was almost in shock. "Sure." I stood, having to reposition my semi-erect cock, then collected my stuff as well and followed them up the beach. Sandy's ass was incredible, firm and muscular, impossible not to stare at. I scurried quickly to catch up to them and walk along side.

"Let's all go in our car," Patty said. "Unless you'd rather follow us in yours?"

"Your car would be great." I swear I stuttered, nervously. I felt like I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

Patty got behind the wheel of her BMW, Sandy slid into the back seat, motioning for me to join her, her palm patting the seat next to her. I wasted no time complying.

"Ever had two women pick you up before?" Sandy asked, her hand resting on my knee.

"Is that what you're doing? If it is, the answer's definitely no. I've never met two more beautiful women in my life either."

"Well, let's see what we're working with." Sandy's hand dove beneath the waistband of my shorts, pulling free my throbbing cock.

"Damn, this guy's packing some serious equipment," Sandy said to Patty, as she tried to watch in the rear view mirror.

"Let me have a look," Patty said. Sandy slid my shorts to my ankles, exposing my full erection. "Damn girl, you're right. Let's get him home."

Sandy stroked my cock, staring at it, then leaned down, taking me in her mouth. I reached for her tits, easily pulling them free from the tiny bikini top. They we very firm, almost hard, her nipples stiff already. Patty watched closely in the mirror, barely watching the road as Sandy devoured my shaft, sliding up and down the entire length with ease, coating my cock with saliva.

The car stopped, arriving at their apartment in just a few minutes. Sandy sat up, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, pulling her top back up, covering her tits.

"Hey, it's my turn. Let's go inside, I want some of that'" Patty said, scurrying from the car to the door. Sandy was already joining her as I sat pulling up my shorts, trying somehow to cover my raging erection.

I trotted after them as they opened the door, almost falling into the house clumsily. Sandy stripped immediately, standing in the living room, looking at my crotch. Patty tugged my shorts down and stuffed my cock into her mouth, moaning and slurping, her tongue running along the underside. I reached for her, pulling her top down, exposing her large, natural tits. They were so big that they sagged just a bit, but were still perfect, her nipples hard already.

I couldn't believe my luck, it was my first day on the beach, already picked up by two horny, sexy women. Sandy stood in front of me, watching Patty, her tits close to me. I leaned over, taking one in my mouth, then the other, nibbling and sucking them hard, Patty continued sucking my cock.

Patty released my cock, then stood, leading me to the couch. The ladies sat next to me, each stroking my cock, staring at it. mBoth women leaned down and wrapped their tongues around my eight inch cock. Their hands and tongues stroked and massaged my cock and balls. I reached for each of them, squeezing and caressing their tits, enjoying the attention I was getting.

One stuffed my cock in her mouth as the other licked my balls, then they switched places. My cock was shining and slippery, coated with saliva, the head oozing with pre-cum. I had never had women so hungry for my cock, they were attacking it, feeding it to each other.

Sandy was the first to stop, and sat in my lap as Patty guided my cock into her sopping wet pussy as she slid onto it, not stopping until my balls were pressing against her. I leaned forward, my lips finding her tit and started sucking one, then the other. Sandy started sliding up and down my shaft. Patty was on her knees with my balls in her hands, fondling them.

Patty's tongue wrapped around my balls as Sandy bounced up and down, then her tongue traced my shaft as Sandy rose, licking the folds of her pussy as well. Sandy plunged down, shuddering in orgasm as I felt her release, her moisture soaking my balls as her pussy contracted around my shaft. Patty's tongue eagerly lapped every drop as Sandy rose from my cock, lifting herself off me, letting Patty take her place. Sandy guided my cock into Patty's pussy as she lowered onto my cock. Her pussy was so much tighter than Sandy's, my cock barely fit, her pussy squeezed it like a vise.

Patty moaned as she forced my cock into her, arching her back, tilting her head back with her eyes closed. "You're so big," she moaned. "Fuck."

I grunted as I pushed upward into her, my cock made slow progress, guided by Sandy. Sandy's lips were now wrapping around my shaft and tracing down to my balls as Patty continued sliding downward, a little at a time until she had all of me. Then she slowly slid up and down, getting comfortable, adjusting to my size, moaning with each down stroke.

She closed her eyes and started to quiver, forcing all of me into her, her hands clenching my waist as she came. Sandy continued fondling my balls until Patty lifted off me. Both ladies then attacked my cock, first one taking me into her mouth, then the other, each guiding my shaft into the others mouth. Their saliva coated the length of my shaft.

My orgasm neared, my cock swelled and pulsed as I tensed. I lifted my ass and forced my cock deep into Patty's throat as my first load of semen gushed. She eagerly swallowed, then released my cock as Sandy stuffed it into her mouth. My next shot of cum splashed into her mouth as Patty jerked my shaft up and down, she milked my semen into Sandy's mouth, my fingers tangled in her hair, holding her head down, not letting her up for air.

Sandy sucked and swallowed every drop as Patty milked me until my cock softened. She eased my cock from her mouth, then kissed and shared my semen with Patty. My cum oozed from their lips as they moaned and exchanged my gooey semen. They swallowed, then returned to my cock. Their tongues worked together to clean the remaining fluid from me, my cock now flaccid.

"Damn ladies, that was so fucking good," I moaned.

The women just mumbled something, a quiet, satisfying moan from each of them, not speaking a word.

We lay there together on the couch for a few moments, each lady tucked under an arm, lying on top of me. I almost fell asleep.

"Are you ready for us to take you back to your car?" Patty asked. She sat up and gathered her clothing.

"I guess. Will I see you two again?"

"Absolutely, we'll be back on the beach again tomorrow," Sandy said.

We dressed, then they drove me back to my car. Not much was said in the car as Patty drove, Sandy cuddled with me in the back seat.

"I hope I see you ladies again tomorrow," I said, exiting the car.

"You will," Sandy said, joining Patty in the front seat. They waved and drove away, leaving me staring at them.

I returned to my place, it was late so I went to bed. I couldn't sleep, thinking about the events of my day. It took quite a while before I drifted off to sleep. It was late when I woke up, almost ten o'clock, and I was hungry so I got dressed and left the house to search for a place to eat.

I found a nice little diner, crowded with local people, so figured it must be a good place to eat. I entered and was seated in a booth within a few minutes. An attractive forty something lady approached the booth.

"Good morning, my name is Sally. May I take your order?" She wore a low cut blouse, showing her ample cleavage and was beautiful. I could tell she worked hard to take care of herself and had just enough make-up on to accentuate her blue eyes, blonde hair and high cheekbones.

I couldn't take my eyes off her. "Ah, what would you recommend?"

"How about our breakfast special? Would you like coffee too?"

"That would be perfect."

I stared as she walked away, her muscular legs, nice ass and sexy swagger keeping my attention until she disappeared into the kitchen. I couldn't help but wonder if she was married or might be interested in younger men. She returned with my meal soon, surprising me with how little time it took.

As she placed the plate on my table, I took notice of her hands, checking for a wedding ring, she had none.

"Can I get you anything else sir?" She asked, my eyes focused on her cleavage again.

"I think I'm all set for now. This is only my second day here in Florida, maybe you can give me some pointers, my name is Chad."

"I'd be happy to Chad, I'm due a break in a few minutes. Would you like for me to join you?" Sally seamed genuinely nice, yet I thought she may have been even flirting a little with me.

She returned to the kitchen, I swear with a little extra swagger in her walk, and exited not wearing her apron. As she approached, I got a better look at her figure. She had a fantastic body with a small waist, ample breasts, long legs and highlighted blonde hair. She was a classy lady who took care of herself, not what I'd expect working as a waitress in a tiny diner like this.

"OK, I have fifteen minutes, Chad. What would you like to know?"

"Well, I'm just a boy from Boston and know very little about the area. I'm here for the summer, vacationing, before I begin my career in the fall."

"I thought I detected a Boston accent. I'd be happy to show you around after work if you like. I'm a single lady, so I have a lot of time to myself and would love the company. My daughter recently moved away so I'm all alone now."

"I'm surprised you're single, as pretty as you are," I said, testing her interest.

"I divorced over ten years ago and raised my daughter by myself, she's eighteen and left for California to attend college in the fall."

"You don't look old enough to have an eighteen year old," I said, baiting her to find our just how old she was.

"Oh Lord, I'm forty one, but thank you. I get off work at four, you can meet me here if you like then."

"That would be wonderful, thank you," I said.

I finished eating and waved goodbye, leaving her a big tip, looking forward to seeing her later. I had never been with an older woman, I was hoping for more than just a tour guide. She was as sexy as any twenty year old I'd ever met, probably sexier.

Four o'clock couldn't come fast enough. I arrived at the diner fifteen minutes early, not wanting to chance missing her. I waited outside the diner, she exited promptly at four with a smile on her face.

"Hey Chad, you made it," she said. She had changed out of her work uniform and looked very sexy, wearing a mid-length skirt, a low-cut blouse and high heels.

"I wouldn't miss seeing you for anything."

"I'd like to stop at my place and clean up a little first, if you don't mind. It's been a long day."

"Not at all, let's go," I said, anxiously.

We got into her Miata, she put the top down and we drove a short distance to her small house in the suburbs. It was a nice neighborhood, a working class area of town. I couldn't keep my eyes off her, especially when she got out of the car, her skirt hiked up, showing off her lean, long legs.

We entered the house. "I'm going to take a quick shower, just be a few minutes," she said. "Is that OK?"


"Make yourself comfortable. If you'd like something to drink, there's beer in the refrigerator." The bathroom was right off the living room. As soon as she entered, I grabbed a beer from the fridge and returned to the living room. I could hear the shower running, the door was cracked open a bit.

I finished one beer and retrieved another. The shower was silent, my eyes were fixed on the tiny crack looking into the bathroom. I caught several glimpses of her movement as the crack widened, allowing a better view into the bathroom. I strained to see something, anything.

I caught a few glimpses of flesh, but couldn't see much, just her moving around.

A few moments later she came out, wearing only a towel. "I'll be just a few minutes getting dressed, be right back."

She turned and walked to her bedroom, the towel exposing the lower part of her ass, and it was superb. I couldn't help getting hard watching her walk away, wishing I could follow her. I was memorized by her sexuality, she was a mature, classy looking, real woman. I fought off the urge to follow her to her bedroom and waited.

She came out a bit later, dressed in a short skirt, low-cut blouse, heels and a purse to match, all black. She looked fabulous. Her hair and make-up was perfect, she was beautiful.

"Ready? Let's go," she said.

We got back into her convertible and toured the city, she showed me the beaches and other points of interest in Miami. She was great company, we talked and laughed all evening before stopping for a drink at a local beach-side bar.

We had a few drinks, a nice slow song was being played so I asked for a dance. She accepted so we made our way to the floor, then got close, swaying to the music. I pulled her close, our bodies pressed against each other, my hands explored her backside, discovering a tight, firm body. Her waist was narrow and firm, her hips formed a perfect hourglass figure and her back was sexy. She had her hands around the back of my neck, looking into my eyes.

Her eyes were a beautiful blue, almost the same color as my own. She stood just a few inches shorter than me, but her six inch heels helped. I'm six feet two inches tall and figured her to be about five, four.

Her arms dropped, her hands resting on my lower back. I lowered mine to her ass, finding two perfect cheeks, firm and full. She tensed so I moved my hands back up, not wanting to cross the line. Our eyes were still locked on each other, I couldn't resist kissing her. I leaned down, grazing her lips with mine. Her chin tilted upward, her lips met mine.

Her lips parted, just a bit, as I slipped my tongue between them. Our tongues met briefly, just a touch. She turned her head and cuddled into my chest. I pulled her closer, pressing her breasts into me as I rubbed my growing erection against her, grinding to the music She moaned as my cock came to attention, trying to escape the confines of my jeans.

The song ended so I took her hand and led her back to the table. I had to readjust as I pulled my chair close to her, resting my hand on her knee. Her hand covered mine.

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