tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAn affair to remember

An affair to remember


Betty Rubble sat in the window watching her son Bam Bam playing in the garden. Barney was at work as usual and Betty was bored. She thought about going next door and seeing what Wilma was up to. If nothing else, the kids could always play in Pebbles room while the adults got busy.

Betty and Wilma had been friends for years and lovers for almost as long. It had started out as innocent play one day and became a weekly occurrence over the years when the men were at work.

Betty ran her hands down over her dress as she thought about Wilma's tongue slithering deep inside her pussy. She felt a shiver as she thought about it. Barney hadn't been really big on the whole sex thing lately and Betty had to admit that she was horny as hell.

Going to the mirror in the dining room, she checked her jet black hair that as always was pulled up off of her neck. She smoothed her dress down over her slender body then headed towards the door.

Opening the door, she gasped. "Fred, what are you doing here?" She asked looking at Wilma's husband. She had to admit that she had always thought Fred was a handsome man. About 5'9" and 160lbs, with short black hair and brown eyes. Just seeing him standing in her doorway made her pussy tingle.

"Um...that is..." Fred stammered as he looked at her. Fred was unsure if he was doing the right thing. He knew that if Wilma found out what he planned to do, she would leave him right away. Plus add to that that Barney was his best friend. But Fred had wanted Betty for a long time and since Mr. Slate had told him that Barney was going to be working late today because of a big shipment coming in, he figured this was his only chance.

"Fred, are you okay?" Betty asked reaching up and running her hand over his cheek.

Fred closed his eyes as he felt her soft hand touch him. "Betty, feel free to slap me if you want to, but I really want to have sex with you." he said staring into her blue eyes.

Betty looked at him in shock, and then slowly lowered her hand. "You, you want to fuck me?" She asked stunned.

Fred stepped into the house, closing the door behind him. "Yes, I know Wilma will probably leave me and Barney will probably kill me, but I can't seem to help myself." He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her close as he brought his lips to hers.

Betty stood limply in his arms for a minute. She still didn't believe that her best friend's husband was actually standing in her living room kissing her. She knew she should push him away, but the thought of having a hard cock slithering in and out of her hot snatch was making her pussy throb with need. She moaned low when she felt Fred's hand cup her breast through her dress. "Fred, I..."

"Please Betty. I need you so bad." Fred murmured against her lips. He moved his lips to her neck as he moved his hand up under her dress.

Betty gasped when his hand slithered up between her legs and touched her swollen pussy. "Fred, oh god." She panted as she clung to him.

"You are so hot aren't you?" He asked lifting his eyes to hers as he let his fingers drift over her swollen flesh.

Betty stared at him in shock as his fingers moved over her. She knew she had to push him away, but she couldn't seem to get her body to obey her mind. When Fred suddenly lifted her up in his arms and carried her towards the bedroom, her arms went up around his neck. "Fred, I really don't think we should be doing this, but I'm so hot." She protested weakly as he laid her back on her bed.

"It will be our secret Betty." Fred said softly as he kissed her once again. This time he pressed his tongue against her lips and Betty moaned as she opened to him. She sucked at his tongue as she felt his fingers working at the strap of her dress.

She gasped when she felt the cool air in the room brush against her bare breasts. "Oh Fred." She moaned closing her eyes as she rested back against the pillow.

Fred looked at her for a minute. "You are so beautiful Betty." He said softly running his finger lightly over one nipple and watching it harden. "I need you so bad." He lowered his head until he was able to take her nipple between his lips, sucking gently at it.

"Fred, oh god Fred." Betty gasped as she bucked up against him. She felt his hand on her other breast and moaned as he gently squeezed it.

Fred sucked harder at her nipple as he caressed her other breast with his hand. When his fingers found her nipple, he took it between two fingers and gently squeezed it making Betty mewl in pleasure. "I need you so bad." He said against her skin as he slowly lowered her dress until he was able to pull it off her legs.

Betty laid there naked watching him through closed eyes as he looked over her naked body. She knew she had a good body but wondered if it was as good as Wilma's. When he suddenly very slowly spread her legs open, she didn't care. "Touch me Fred, I'm so hot." She begged when she felt his hand once again work its way between her legs.

Fred brought his eyes to hers. "I can see how hot you are." he panted as he felt his cock hardening under his shirt. He knew if he didn't get inside her pretty soon, he was going to make a mess all over the bed. But ass he looked at his finger moving slowly between her closed pussy lips, he knew he had to taste her first.

Lying down on his stomach, he moved down on the bed until his face was even with her hot snatch.

"Oh Fred." Betty mewled when she felt him spread her open and his tongue touch her in a long taste. "Yes, that's it, eat me." She lifted her hips against him and cried out when his tongue darted over her clit. "Fuck, eat me." She begged humping against his mouth.

Fred moaned against her as he locked his lips around her clit and slipped two fingers into her sopping hole. "Oh, you are so wet." He moaned lifting his eyes to hers.

Betty's breath became labored as she wrapped her legs around his neck. "Eat me; I need to cum so bad." She panted. Her hips moved furiously against him as she humped her body. She could feel his fingers sliding deep inside her and cried out in pleasure.

Fred moved his fingers fast and hard inside her as he sucked greedily at her clit. He could feel her shivering beneath him and knew he wanted to make her cum with his mouth before he fucked her. "Cum for Me." he chanted over and over in his head as he attacked her sensitive flesh with his mouth and fingers.

"Oh god, eat me, Make me cum." Betty begged digging her fingers into her breasts and squeezing them painfully, as she humped her body against his mouth. "Don't stop, it feels so good." Her legs tightened around his head as his tongue whipped over her swollen clit. She knew this was wrong, this wasn't her husband, but she was so hot, she didn't care. "Eat meeeeee..." She screamed as she suddenly convulsed in release.

Fred growled against her as he continued to whip his tongue against her clit and slammed his fingers deep into her slit. He could feel his fingers squishing around in her juices and knew he had to have her. He pulled away while she was still convulsing and quickly pulled up his shirt, showing her his hard cock.

"Mmmmm, nice." Betty purred seeing him fully enlarged. She spread her legs wide and held her arms out to him as he laid over her. "Fuck me Fred." She purred.

Fred rubbed his cock against her and moaned loudly. "Oh Betty." He moaned as he found her entrance and pushed forward burying himself inside her. "Oh yes."

"Fuck me," Betty cried lifting her hips as he slowly withdrew then came back into her. "It feels so good.

Fred wrapped his arms around her holding her close to him as he slowly thrust into her. "Oh, you feel as good as I knew you would." he moaned against her neck. He felt her pulling him deep inside her and couldn't hold back the moans.

"Oh Fred, yes, Fuck me." She cried wrapping her legs tightly around his waist as she met him thrust for thrust.

"Betty, oh god, ugh...yes." Fred panted as he started plowing deep inside her faster. "Your pussy feels so good." He locked his lips on hers as he hammered into her. He could hear her juices squishing between their moving bodies and it pushed him to new heights. "I love fucking you. You are so hot." He panted against her neck as he felt her muscles tighten and loosen around him.

"Fuck me Fred, oh fuck me." Betty cried digging her nails into his back as he rode her. "Make me cum again."

Fred slammed faster and harder into her making her squeals in pleasure. "Yes, oh god yes." She screamed as she felt her orgasm start to rise over her. "Fuck me, oh god fuck me." She slammed her body forcefully against his each time he slammed into her making his cock drive further inside her hot snatch with each stroke.

"Betty, fuck, oh, ugh..." Fred panted as he felt her body tightening around him. "Cum for me. I need you to cum for me." He pistoned his cock even faster and heard her cries of pleasure.

"Fred, fuck, I'm cummmmiinnngggggg..." She screamed as she once again convulsed around him.

"Betttttttttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..." Fred cried as he buried himself completely inside her.

Betty screamed as she felt him coat her insides.


While Fred and Betty were having their little sex fest, Wilma was having fun of her own. She had dropped Pebbles off at her mothers and decided to take a trip down to the quarry. Mr. Slate had told her earlier that he was letting Fred off early today if she wanted to come by.

As much as she loved her husband, Wilma had to admit that he was nothing compared to Fred's boss. That man really knew how to fuck a pussy.

At the time Fred had been knocking on Betty's door, Wilma was kneeling in front of Mr. Slate's desk with his cock buried in her mouth. "Wilma, ugh, oh god." Mr. Slate moaned as he felt her tongue move over him. "Yes, suck my cock."

"Mmmmmmm..." Wilma moaned around the hard flesh in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down over him as she worked her fingers in and out of her sopping hole. She knew that Mr. Slate would fuck her and she needed it really bad.

Mr. Slate slowly fucked his cock in and out of Wilma's hungry mouth and moaned loudly as she went to town on him. Reaching down, he grasped her bare breasts, squeezing them roughly in his hands. As soon as she had come into the office, she had stripped out of her dress and dropped to her knees before him. Now as he watched his cock being devoured between her soft lips, he knew he wanted to fuck her.

"Lean across the desk my dear." He said hoarsely as he reluctantly pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Wilma smiled up at him, and moved quickly to her feet. She turned so she had her back to him and leaned over his desk so her pussy was open to his gaze.

Mr. Slate moved to stand up and sink into her, but at the first gaze of her tender flesh, he couldn't resist a taste. He moved out of his chair and onto his knees before her. Wilma turned to look over her shoulder, wondering what was taking him so long when she felt his tongue touch her. "Oh Mr. Slate, yes, eat my hot pussy." She cried pushing back with her hips as she felt his tongue move over her.

Mr. Slate spread open her lips and dove onto her flesh. Wilma squealed in pleasure as he ran his tongue and teeth against her tender clit. "Ugh, oh god, eat me." She cried digging her nails into the side of the desk.

Wilma was so engrossed in the tongue lashing that Mr. Slate was giving her, she didn't noticed the office door open or Barney, her neighbor walk in. "Mr. Slate, I'm done for the..." Barney stopped speaking as he saw Wilma leaning over Mr. Slate's desk. "What is going on?" He asked even as his cock started to rise.

Wilma was close to cumming and was thrusting her body back against Mr. Slate's mouth when she heard Barney's words. "Oh god, no not now." She cried looking at him even as her orgasm washed over her. "I'm sorry, I can't help it, I'm cummmmmmiinnnnnnngggggg..." She slammed her body back against Mr. Slate's mouth as her body convulsed.

Mr. Slate not realizing that Barney was in the room, moaned loudly as he drank up her juices. He grasped her quivering legs as he pulled himself to his feet and immediately drove his cock deep into her waiting well.

"Ugh...Oh Yesssssssssss..." Wilma cried out momentarily forgetting that Barney was in the room at the sudden thrust into her pussy.

"What the hell?" Barney cried as he watched Mr. Slate slamming forcefully into Wilma from behind.

Mr. Slate and Wilma looked at him but Mr. Slate didn't stop his forceful thrusts. "You will have to wait in line Mr. Rubble." He panted as he reached around Wilma and grasped her breasts even as he continued to slam into her.

"Barney...Ugh...Please, ugh, don't tell Fred." She panted slamming back against Mr. Slate as she felt her orgasm start to rise once again.

Barney watched the action in front of him for a minute. He knew he should tell Fred that his wife was cheating on him with his boss, but watching Wilma being impaled by his boss and the way she was screaming in pleasure was driving him crazy. "I won't tell him, but you have to suck me off." He said pulling his shirt up over his head until his cock was sticking out away from his body.

Wilma was panting from the pounding Mr. Slate was giving her, but when she saw Barney's hard cock, her mouth watered. "Deal." She panted.

Barney moved a chair over to the desk so he could climb up onto it, then grabbed the back of Wilma's hair and pulled her down over his hard cock. "Oh yes." he moaned as he felt her lips envelop him.

Mr. Slate watched the action going on in front of him and moaned loudly. "That's it Mrs. Flintstone, suck his hard cock while I fuck you." he growled mauling her breasts while he tore into her furiously from behind.

Wilma moaned loudly as her pussy was filled repeatedly by Mr. Slate's hard cock. She could feel her orgasm rising furiously and knew she wanted the men to cum with her. She tightened her pussy muscles making Mr. Slate moan and sucked furiously at Barney making him cry out.

"Suck me Wilma, fuck suck Me." he cried yanking on her head and forcing her down over him. "Fuck, I'm cummmmmiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg..." Between the mouth on his cock and watching Mr. Slate fuck her from behind, it wasn't surprising when Barney suddenly slammed deep into Wilma's mouth and emptied himself down her throat.

Feeling Barney cum in her mouth send Wilma over the edge. She tried to scream in pleasure and almost choked on the cum sliding down into her stomach.

Feeling her cum around him sent Mr. Slate over the edge and he buried himself to the hilt inside her as he let go. "AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH..." He cried as he released his balls deep inside her.

Well I guess we can say dear reader, it's just another normal day in Bedrock...

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