tagText With AudioAn Early Morning Public Orgasm

An Early Morning Public Orgasm


After the normal evening check-in and conversation with her Master, girl received some unexpected and last minute instructions from her Sir.

Out of the blue, Master ordered seven hard as hell (HAH) bed-time pussy slaps and instructed girl to insert the largest glass plug (DJ) into His cunt. Then, girl was sent to her bed for the night -- with His command to set a 3:00 am wake-up alarm.

Upon waking at that ungodly hour, she was to remove DJ and assume her worship position (on her knees bowing on the floor, chest and head down, with ash/pussy up and open for Sir). She was to stay in that position for the next 15 minutes. Then, Master ordered 7 more painful cunt-slaps before permission was given to resume her slumber.

As you listen to the attached audio, you will hear that girl was to wake at her normal morning time and work herself up to a 98% near-cum ... holding it at that intensity for 7 minutes. (Have you ever thought about how long seven minutes can be? Not long enough if you are in the middle of an amazing cum, but seems like an eternity when you have been ordered to accomplish a 98% near-cum and hold it at that level for seven long minutes . Once the time limit was accomplished, a fast, hard full-cum was ordered by Sir. Master allowed her to only use her fingers on His clit and pussy. No other proxies were permitted to help her with her commanded orgasm.

Follow girl as she lives through her Owner's commands, his precise orders for his obedient collared-slave and his continuation of building up her courage for public sessions as an owned slave.

(Note: This is a re-submission after continued attempts in August. Thank you for those who tried to assist in getting the broken link repaired.)

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Click Here to listen: .mp3 format or .ogg format. (16 min/mp3)

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