tagRomanceAn English House Party Ch. 03

An English House Party Ch. 03


Note from the author: Thanks to those who caught my little mistake, I can now correct the age gap. Penelope is twenty years old and the Marquess is thirty-two. They grew up as children and were contracted to be married by their fathers when she was six, and he eighteen. So there is a twelve-year gap and it has been about 10 years since they've seen each other. Sorry for the confusion...and any others that might pop up during these chapters due to the age-mistake! (Like the comment Jason made about the dancing lessons...) But your comments are much appreciated -- I love to hear what you think. Happy reading!


Penny pulled Julian into the room before anyone could catch him. The second the door was shut, Julian closed his arms around her. He bent his head down to kiss her.

"God, I've missed you." He murmured against her lips.

"I hate this." Penny whispered. "I hate this sneaking around."

He frowned and pulled away. "Cry off from the engagement, Penny. I hate myself for asking you to, but...I need you."

She stared at the back of his head helplessly. "You know I cannot, Julian. Our fathers expect it of us."

Julian cursed under his breath. He never understood this of the upper class. What sane man would want to betroth his daughter to a man while she was a child? It made no sense. The upper class, with all their wealth and privileges, seemed to have little freedom in choosing whom they could marry. He could hardly ask her to elope with him, for it meant ruin for her and it would damage his business dealings.

"If you don't wish to become my lover after I'm married, I understand."

He clenched his hands together, closing her eyes at her words. It was their only option, and because they loved each other, they had to settle for being lovers. He hated the guilt that ate at him inside. He respected the Marquess of Fords both as a man and a businessman. To put Penny and the Marquess through this went against everything Julian believed in.

He turned and went to take her in his arms. "You know I couldn't turn away from you, Penny." He stroked her hair, running it through his fingers. He took a deep whiff of her lavender soap. She tilted her head up at him.

"I shouldn't be here."

She started kissing his chin, covered in stubble now. "You shouldn't. But here you are." Boldly, she started to pull at his neck cloth. "Make love to me, Julian. Make me yours."

He held her wrists fast. "You know we shouldn't."

Penny wanted to feel him as close to her as possible. She'd already resigned to the idea of becoming Jason's duchess and all the duties that went with the title. But for tonight, these two weeks, she wanted the freedom to do as she liked, to be who she wanted to be before it would all be taken from her. She wanted to be loved as only Julian could love her.

She rubbed her body against his in encouragement. Her nightgown was thin and she reveled in feeling his heat against hers. With his neck cloth tossed away, she began undoing the buttons at his shirt. "Then you should leave, Julian." She slipped her hand into his shirt, heard him exhale deeply when her hand met with his burning skin. She tangled her fingers in the curly hair that covered his chest.

He shook his head. "Listen to me, Penny, if I make love to you now...he'll know."

"I don't care, Julian. It is you I love -- I don't care anymore."

He took a deep breath. "Then do you trust me?"

"With my life." She sighed, before pulling him down for her kiss. She pushed his shirt off his shoulders as he pulled the ties of her nightgown. It fluttered to the floor, revealing her pale, flawless skin. Still kissing her, he shed his breeches.

"I don't want any barriers between us, Penny."

She was nervous, but she felt so safe with him. Her eyes darted down to his erection sprouting from a thatch of dark hair.

"Look at me, Penny. All of me." He instructed softly. He stood before her, naked, strong. Timidly, she touched her hands to his skin, running it down his chest to his stomach. He hesitated when she came upon his member. His hand came up to guide hers, wrapping her fingers around him. He groaned.

He kissed her hard, pulling her naked flesh against his. She was driven by her love for him, by the thrill of sneaking around, of doing something forbidden to young unwed ladies. His hands, rough and calloused from years of working at the docks, ran over her body, kneading her, caressing her.

He pushed her against the wall, cupping her full breasts. He closed his mouth over her nipple, sucking gently and heard her soft moan fill his ears. He worshipped her other breast, swirling his tongue around her repeatedly.

Penny was at a loss for breath. Her heart pounded so loudly, she wondered how the entire house couldn't hear. But nothing mattered. Nothing but Julian in her arms. He left a trail of hot kisses down her breasts to her stomach, before he knelt before her. Confused, she watched him part the hair between her legs.

"Lift your leg, Penny." She did as he said. "Spread yourself wide." He hooked her leg over his shoulder and she squirmed when she felt his hot breath against her there.


"Shh...just trust me, Penny." She bit her lip to keep from crying out when his fingers touched her, tracing the lines of her wet folds. One finger slid into her and she nearly screamed. She bucked, grabbing for his shoulders for balance. In and out of his finger moved, working her pussy. Then she felt his mouth close over her mound, licking her, flicking her engorged clit. She covered her mouth with her fist and closed her eyes. The pleasure was too much as he continued to take her with his mouth and pumping two fingers in and out of her. All at once, everything exploded inside of her and she let out a choked moan. Julian drank her in, clutching her hips to his face.

"I...I didn't know." Penny said, breathless. Julian stood up and kissed her, letting her taste herself. Strangely enough, it only aroused her. Then she felt his arousal pressed against her stomach. "You didn't..."

"Do you still trust me?" She nodded. They traded places, where he leaned against the wall and he gently pushed her onto her knees.

"What do I do?"

"The same thing I did...but you can use your hands if you don't want to use your mouth." Like before, he guided her with his hands. He showed her how to take him by the base of his cock and run her hands up and down. "Keep doing that...alternate fast and slow if you want or go steadily, it brings me great pleasure." He groaned her name.

Curiously, she stuck her tongue out to taste. Her eyes shot up to Julian and she realized he was watching her intently. He tasted salty and slightly bitter, but it wasn't unpleasant. When she opened her mouth, this time she closed her lips over him.

Julian hissed, but his hand came up to rest on the back of her head, indicating that he enjoyed it. More confident, Penny slid him deeper into her mouth. She continued to do this and soon was able to take most of him into her mouth.

He was moving his hips slightly in rhythm with her mouth and once or twice, she felt the tip of him hit the back of her throat, causing her gag reflex to react. This is turn made him groan softly. Ever carefully, she tried to push his entire length into her mouth. She felt her throat tighten around his cock and pulled back. When she look up at Julian, his eyebrows were furrowed deeply, his face beaded with sweat.

"Keep...Keep doing that, Penny. That feels so good." She took his deeply each time now and the sight of her sucking him as skillfully as a whore made Julian's cock twitch. His stomach clenched and he thrust forward. "I'm coming, Penny....I'm coming."

She wasn't prepared for his load and swallowed each spurt instinctively. He pulled out as he began to soften in her mouth. He pulled them to the bed and lay there with her in silence.

"I thought making love is when you...well, when you enter me."

"It's another form of lovemaking. But this way, your virginity will be in tact for your wedding night."

She laid her hand over his beating heart and looked at him. "If I had a choice, I'd want you to be my first, Julian."

"I know." ***

Penny mounted her horse gracefully and settled into the sidesaddle. As several of the guests were still abed, only she, Emma, Nora Ferguson, Whittenhall, Jason and the Viscount made up their little riding group. The sky was dull with gray clouds and the weather was breezy. Both she and Emma sported new riding habits of forest green dresses and matching jackets with little hats angled on their pinned up hair.

Emma's hat sported black netting that covered her eyes and a long pheasant feather. She eyed the Earl as he mounted his horse with ease. He brought his horse over to hers.

"You prefer riding to lazing in bed, Miss Kingsley?" He asked. She tilted her head at him.

"Yes. I am surprised that you do as well. I took you for a man of leisure, not sport." That damn smile of his appeared on his face. "Well, now, that depends on the sport, doesn't it?"

Unlike the other men, he wore no hat and already the wind was disheveling his reddish brown hair. His green eyes flashed with something darker that she couldn't decipher and honestly, didn't care to.

"Of course, there are many things to be said about lounging in bed."

She let her eyes roam slowly over him, the black netting of her hat offering a cover to allow her to linger her eyes on the lower part of him a little longer. When she met his green gaze, her rosy lips curved into a sensual smile.

"I'm sure you could lecture on it at university, my lord. But there is no need to tutor me."

Her comment intrigued him. Alex gave her a bemused, yet very amused look. As Jason led off the ride, Emma cast one last look at him over her shoulder -- much like one beckoning him to follow -- and kicked her mount into a gallop. He chuckled and did the same.

As they were all skilled riders, Jason led the course through hurdles and easy jumps. Penny reveled in the freedom of the wind in her face, the exhilaration of speed and abandonment. The mare she was given moved with her as one and they made the jumps smoothly.

Later the party paired up, with Penny and Jason at the front, the Viscount and Nora Ferguson, and Emma and the Earl bringing up the rear. Their pace was slow as they enjoyed the quiet of morning. Behind her, she heard the drone of conversation.

"Come, Jason. Let us race." Penny said. "I challenge you to the jump down by the lake where the red oak fell so many years ago."

But Jason shook his head. "It's too dangerous, Penelope. No one's ever made a jump that difficult, not even me. And frankly, I wouldn't try."

Something in Penny wanted to rebel against him. Who was he to dictate what she could or could not do? A small voice reminded her that he was her fiancé, yet it only served to irritate her more.

"We're both skilled riders. We'll make it, Jason. Now, on your mark,"

Jason frowned. "Penelope," he warned.

"Get set -- Go!" She shot forth, barely hearing Nora ask loudly, "Where is she off to?"

Jason cursed and kicked his steed into a run. The party that remained behind stared after them.

Penny laughed and glanced back. Jason's face was hard with fury as he sped up to catch up to her. This only encouraged her and she bent her body forward and held the reins tightly.

"Slow down, Penelope. The jump is too dangerous!" He shouted.

"Are you afraid?" She called back.

His horse caught up with hers but she dodged him when he tried to reach over to grab her reins. They rode over the hill that led down to the lake. As the water came into view, Jason tried once again to reach for her reins.

"Penelope, I am warning you. Stop this at once!"

"No harm will come of it. It's just a bit of fun!"

"Penelope, for God' sake! You're riding sidesaddle. You won't make it!"

As the red oak drew closer, she braced herself for the jump. "Come one, girl. You'll make it." She crooned to the horse and clutched the reins, bringing it in as the horse drew back and then up. Penny felt gravity pull and she angled herself to meet the jump, but felt her leg slip as the horse drew higher than she anticipated.

Jason reined in his horse and watched in horror as Penelope's leg slip from under her, causing her to lose both grip and balance.

"Jesus," He muttered and dismounted. Her scream echoed in his ears as her horse gained foothold on the other side of the fallen oak. Penelope landed hard on the ground, cutting off her scream. He broke into a run.

He fell to his knees beside her, lifting her unmoving form into his arms.

"Penelope. Can you hear me?" His heart pounded with fear as he pulled her hat off and touched her pale cheek. "Penelope, darling, open your eyes."

Her eyes fluttered open and Jason let out a heavy sigh of relief.

"See," She whispered. "All was well." She started to sit up and felt nothing broken or sprained. The jump had been too much, but she was uninjured. Jason still held her tightly and she tried to shrug him off.

"Is anything broken? Are you in pain?"

"I'm all right. I just had the wind knocked out of me, Jason."

He grasped her by the shoulders and shook her. "You little fool."

She frowned, unable to understand why he was angry. "I said I was all right."

Fury burned in his blue eyes, etched into his handsome face. "You could have killed yourself, Penelope. Not to mention injured my horse."

She lifted her chin rebelliously. "But we're both all right. No harm done."

He shook her again. "What if the horse hadn't been able to make the jump? You could have been gravely injured, thrown off or killed. You could have twisted your neck and died, Penelope."

His sober words made her stop. "I apologize for putting your horse in danger."

He looked at her incredulously. "You apologize for..." He exhaled deeply. "I take back my offer to have a horse at the ready for you. Until you can ride safely, you will refrain from doing so."

"I said I was sorry, Jason -- "

He frowned deeply. He tossed her over his knee.

"What are you doing?"

"Punishing you."

She fought him, but he held her firmly as he began to flip her skirts up. "This is uncalled for, Jason. You cannot punish me like a little girl caught steeling biscuits."

"You nearly killed my horse and yourself. It calls for drastic measures, darling." She felt the cool breeze on her bottom, shielded only by the thin material of her drawers.

"Jason, you cannot mean to actually punish me like this and -- " She let out a yelp of pain as the palm of his hand came down hard on her bottom. Shocked that he actually spanked her, she tried to wiggle out of his arms, turning her head just in time to see his hand make contact with her skin.

"You forced me to this, Penelope. I warned you."

"This is undignified, my lord!" She shouted.

"What you attempted was undignified for your station, for the Duchess of Delaford and as my future wife." Another slap make her jerk in pain.

"Damn you -- let me go!"

"Such language." -- Another slap -- "You may think me one of your many suitors, those lovesick fops who overlook your wicked tongue and bewitching beauty. Think again, darling. I will not tolerate insubordination that could harm yourself or others."

"I'm afraid your travels -- ah!" Another slap. "Your travels have led you to believe that your form of punishment is acceptable." She cried out again. "It is not! Not here! This is England, my lord. We are civilized people!"

"Argue as much as you like, Penelope. It won't soften my heart."

"You don't have a heart." She said angrily and felt the sting of his hand. Her hair, loosened from the fall fell over her face and she pushed it aside in frustration. She clenched her teeth, muffling her cries of pain as his hand came down on her again and again. Her skin was burning and she squirmed, feeling her face flush with embarrassment.

What's worse was she felt a strange wetness between her legs. She tried to close them together to keep him from finding out. He pushed them apart and she felt the sting of his hand again.

"I've learned my lesson. Now let me go!"

"I don't think you have, darling." He said. His voice had grown husky. Two more slaps and he stopped. Soothingly, he rubbed his palm over her now sore bottom.

"Let me up, Jason." She demanded.

She felt his palms knead her skin, slowly moving to her inner thighs. "Jason, what are you -- " She whimpered as she felt his hand close over her mound. Her drawers had a wide opening there and she could feel the heat of his hand against her. She squirmed, this time not in pain, but wanting.

"Let me up." She said flatly, unconvincing. Jason noticed this and caught her gaze as he traced her damp pussy.

"You little minx," He muttered, finding her clit and flicking it lightly. "You've grown wet from my punishment."

"No." She shook her head. She felt an ache down there where he touched her, yet fought to stop this. He shouldn't be arousing her. Only Julian could do that. Not Jason. She reminded herself that it was Jason who'd sought to punish her like some wayward child. But she lifted her bottom up when she felt his fingers circle her clit, sliding one finger into her.

"Stop this." She hissed. "I demand it!"

He ignored her, and leaned over to capture her reluctant mouth as he fingered her. She was so aroused that too soon, she came in his hand. Feeling guilt and hating him -- hating herself -- she pushed off of him. They stared at each other, both panting for breath. Her eyes went to his breeches and saw a big bulge straining against the tan colored material.

The fire in his eyes made him look dangerous and she couldn't break her gaze from him.

"I meant what I said." He made to stand and towered over her. "I am not one of your worthless and cowardly suitors. I won't tolerate your tantrums or schemes. I'll do what I must to protect you."

"Protect me from what?" She glared daggers up at him.

"From yourself, if I have to."

"And who's going to protect me from you?" She shot back.

He frowned. "I'm going to be your husband. You don't need to be protected from me."

"Just because you'll be my husband, doesn't mean you'll be my true lord and master."

He bent down to lift her up and kissed her hard on the mouth, grabbing her by her bottom so he rubbed himself against her.

"Oh, I'll be your lord and master. That's a promise." Then he backed away from her and grabbed his riding crop from the grass. "Get your horse. I'll tell everyone you took a fall and won't be joining them for the rest of the afternoon."

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