tagRomanceAn English House Party Ch. 02

An English House Party Ch. 02


The Kingsley sisters were blessed with beauty -- hair as black as night and an unusual shade of violet-blue eyes that sparkled with humor. They came from good English stock, wealth and at the age of twenty and nineteen, Penelope and Emma were desired as the perfect society wives.

They sat in the family carriage, on their way to the home of the Marquess of Fords. It was to be a country party and the sisters dressed accordingly. Emma was watching the trees pass by them through the small window.

"My future brother-in-law is quite handsome." Emma said. "So tall, just like the duke. I dare say that the guest list will be very long." Sometimes it was hard to keep up with Emma's conversations, for she switched subjects without preamble.

"As for many of the men, I don't think you've met them all yet. He recited names I've never heard of."

"Well, I hope they aren't boring. I can tolerate talks of science and business, but if one man so much as compares fishing techniques between trout and salmon, I swear I will scream."

"I highly doubt the Marquess keeps such dull company."

Emma gave her a look. "Why do you still refer to him as the Marquess? He is your fiancé."

Penny sighed. "I barely know the man. You can hardly expect me to call him by a name I haven't used in ten years."

"I suppose. Oh, look!" Emma pointed out the window as the manor came into view, a three story stone building with tall windows and columns. "It's just as I remembered it."

Indeed, thought Penny. The carriage came to a stop and a footman came forth to help them down. Jason was there to greet them.

"Penelope, Miss Emma."

"I feel memories flooding over me." Emma said with a small laugh, looking up at the manor. There wasn't a Delaford estate the Kingsley sisters hadn't visited, since their families were so close. Now this place was made the Marquess' permanent residence, as opposed to the family seat, Delaford, which the duke resided in.

They were led through the foyer, a circular room with a crystal chandelier hanging over it, and appointed upstairs. The guests were to settle in before taking tea in the drawing room.

"Everyone is arrived, except for my friend, Whittenhall." Jason informed them. "I shall see you ladies downstairs."

They occupied rooms connected by a door in the east wing, close to the Marquess' own bedroom. Footmen brought up their trunks and maids were starting to unpack their things.

"Do you think any of them will be handsome enough to tempt me?" Emma voiced as she checked her appearance in the mirror. Penny smiled, standing next to her younger sister.

"Perhaps you'll fall in love with one of his friends and we could have a double wedding."

Emma grinned. "That all depends on his friends. Penny, I think this house party will prove to be interesting."


They were introduced to a round of his guests. There was Brandon Steel and his new wife, Julie; The Fergusons consisted of a brother and sister, both unmarried and charming; Mr. George Granville was a slightly stocky fellow with a friendly smile, easy manners and possessed a love for hunting and fishing. Penny already knew that her sister Emma would be avoiding him as much as possible. Viscount Macey, Lord Huxley and Lord Avery rounded out the eligible bachelors.

"Have you settled in comfortably, Penelope?"

Penny turned to find Jason standing casually near the fireplace. "I did." She eyed the room. Others were conversing with ease, sharing tea and cakes. "This is quite a start to your party."

Jason nodded absently. "I thought we'd all relax for the rest of the day, since it's everyone's first evening here."

"I don't suppose you'll refrain from announcing out betrothal at dinner."

"I don't see why we should delay. The banns will be read in a few weeks."

She sipped her tea, using it as an excuse to look around the room. She caught Julian Dunsforth's gaze and saw him lift an eyebrow in greeting. They've yet to say anything to each other. She hoped soon she would get a moment alone with him.

Julian was the opposite of Jason. Having come from a middle class background, Julian had worked his way up from the docks to becoming owner to a successful shipping business, which he now owned with his brother. Julian was dark as Jason was fair.

"I'd like to know what has captivated your attention, Penelope." Jason's low voice snapped her out of her thoughts. She turned to the Marquess. He was standing closer than she thought. The top of her head barely reached his shoulders, but the way he craned his head to speak to her left little distance between their faces.

Her eyes outlined the shape of his lips and then she shook herself mentally. "I suggest a ride for tomorrow morning."

He smiled. "I forgot you're fond of horses. Coincidentally, I did plan for a morning ride. I'll be sure to tell the stable hands to have a gentle mount available whenever you feel the desire to go out riding."

"Where's Whittenhall?" Viscount Macey asked, clapping Jason on the back. "Should be here by now."

"Said he had some business to take care of before getting here."

"I don't believe I've met the Earl before." Penny commented, just as Emma came to join them.

"He's often traveling. But he'll be here."


At that very moment, miles away, Alexander Coulter, the Earl of Whittenhall was enjoying the skilled pleasures of his mistress. He lay naked on her bed, watching his erection disappeared between her painted lips.

Carla was every man's desire as a perfect mistress. She was voluptuous and he appreciated how her large, full breasts bounced as she bobbed her head up and down on him. She'd smartly tied her long brown hair back so he could see her face.

Alex groaned as she took all of him into her mouth, burying the head of his cock into the back of her throat. Moments before, she'd rode him like a wild animal and it was her liking that she end their nights by pleasuring him with her mouth. Alex could only oblige her.

He felt the tip of her tongue flick around the head of his staff and he arched into her mouth. He could feel himself swell and then explode into her mouth.

When Alex finally opened his eyes, he saw his semen drip from Carla's red-painted lips. The image used to please him. Now it only irritated him. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and started to dress.

"You won't stay the night?" Carla purred, stretching out on the bed. With his breeches on, he started lacing up his boots.

"I have a party to attend."

"Then who will comfort me at night?" Carla asked with a pout. She spread her legs for his benefit and started touching herself in hopes of convincing him to stay. It would have worked before, but Alex was determined to finish what he'd come here to do.

As he shrugged on his shirt, he went to lean over the bed and kissed her on the mouth.

"You've been good to me, Carla." He said, and grabbed his neck cloth and jacket. She smiled up at him sensually and moaned softly from her own ministrations.

"I could be good to you some more if you will stay, my lord."

He offered her a tight smile. "I think not. It's over between us."

She stopped and stared at him. "What?"

"You may keep the house and I will have this month's allowance deposited to you. But after that, you'll have to find another protector."

"You are leaving me?" Carla's voice rose in anger as she sat up in bed. "How could you? You promised -- "

"I made no promises."

"You arrogant bastard -- "

He extracted a long velvet box from his coat pocket and tossed it on the bed. "This should soften the blow, my dear."

She was furious, but she grabbed the box as if he would snatch it from her any moment. She opened it to reveal a long necklace of diamonds. "You are a cruel man to leave me like this."

He looked around the room, richly decorated with everything his money offered. With the house came the servants, the little carriage he'd provided her.

"Goodbye, Carla."

She was screaming at the top of her lungs as he stepped out of her house toward his carriage.

"Where to, my lord?" His driver, Henry asked.

"Straight to Jason's house in the country."

"Are you sure, my lord?" Henry cleared his throat, his eyes subtly going to Alex's clothes.

Alex sniffed his shirt. He smelled heavily of Carla's perfume. "On second thought, better stop at the house so I can change."

"As you wish, my lord."


Dinner that night went smoothly. Penny was sitting to the right of Jason as he announced their betrothal, which met with sounds approval and applause, followed by a formal toast of champagne. When Penny dared to glance at Julian, she saw him offer a tight smile. He knew about the betrothal beforehand.

After dinner, the women adjourned to the drawing room for tea and coffee, while the men remained behind for cigars and port.

Miss Reinhart, a slender brunette and wide mouth was at the pianoforte playing a duet with Nora Ferguson. A small card game was assembled when the men joined them. It was now that Julian approached Penny, while she sat on a bench near one of the windows.

"You look well, Penny." He said in a low voice. She scanned the room, saw Jason deep in conversation with the Viscount and then smiled at Julian. She was wearing one of her favored gowns, a bronze satin one with short puffed sleeves and a gold-laced neckline.

"And you, Julian."

"I suppose this shall be your home when you marry him."

She looked around the drawing room. Richly decorated in gold and cream molding, the high arched ceilings were painted with mythical and heavenly scenes. Persian rugs covered the polished hardwood floor, where furniture of the highest craftsmanship was perfectly aligned to offer comfortable seating.

"Yes, I suppose I should get used to it."

Julian stared into the cup in his hand. "It's far from Sussex. It's far from me."

It was where they first met early this Season. She was there to visit an aunt and Julian, there purchasing an estate.

"London will always be there for us to meet." She murmured. He took a seat next to her, though he made sure not to sit too close.

"Penny, I -- " A cheer of triumph from the card table startled them, cutting of Julian's words. "We shouldn't speak of this here. I must see you alone."

Penny saw the Marquess stand and glance her way, indicating that he was about to join them. She lifted the cup to her lips.

"Come to my room tonight at midnight." She whispered quickly.

Jason's butler, Miles entered the room. "The Earl of Whittenhall has arrived, my lord." Jason turned. "Good. About time. Send him in, Miles." He joined Julian and Penny, draping his arm casually around her waist as he did so when she stood up.

Emma, who'd been conversing with Jamie Ferguson caught the look exchanged between her sister. Her eyes flew to the Earl of Whittenhall entering the room. The candlelight caught in his reddish brown hair as he walked past everyone toward Jason. The Earl was tall with large shoulders and slender build, and when he smiled, she could see the tiny lines that spread at the corners of his eyes.

"Whit, I want you to meet my lovely fiancée, Penelope Kingsely. This is her sister, Miss Emma Kingsley." Like a gentleman, the man kissed her sister's hand and then turned to Emma. She lifted an eyebrow when she watched him roam his eyes slowly over her, beginning from her head descending down to the very hem of her dress. On second thought, he probably wasn't a gentleman.

But she let her hand rest in his and he lifted it to his lips. She was shocked when she felt his tongue against her skin instead of the light brush of his lips.

"It is my immense pleasure to meet you, Miss Kingsley."


The Viscount joined them. "You missed a delicious dinner, old boy. Where have you been?" The Earl was still staring at her, and Emma couldn't help but stare at him back. The corners of his mouth lifted. "I was a little preoccupied."

No doubt, she thought dryly. He probably allowed himself to be preoccupied with many women all te time.

"No doubt you've cleared your head now that you've gotten a taste of country air, my lord." Emma said.

The Earl's smile broadened. "I quite agree that the country air has done some good." My, Miss Emma Kingsley was a delectable slip of a woman. Normally he was drawn to the more sophisticated and buxom sort, but Emma Kingsley, with her youthful body and full breasts just straining against the dress of hers had desire shooting through him. He'd planned the timing of Carla's dismissal perfectly. He was in the market for a new mistress and Emma Kingsley will do nicely. He accepted a cup of coffee and drank, eyes still on Emma, who joined the card game, paired up with Jamie Ferguson. She caught him staring and gave him a disdainful arch of her eyebrow. She was sassy. And he couldn't help but wonder if she was equally as feisty in bed.

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