tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Enslavement Ch. 3

An Enslavement Ch. 3


Eventually he removed the vegetable from her cunt, and had Miss Nicole clean her torso of the remains of his lunch. He gave her one of those smiles that said 'This-is-going-to-hurt-you-more-than-you've-ever-imagined' and unchained her ankles from the ceiling and the rest of her body from the little table. Slowly he removed the breast press from her chest, and Sally looked down to find that her breasts did in fact have some bruises on them.

He led her over to the centre of the room, where her hands were cuffed behind her and chained to a hook in the ceiling. He pulled the chain tighter, forcing her to bend over to avoid hurting her arms. Then he took a large leather sling and positioned it underneath her abdomen, clipped it closed, and attached it to a pulley also in the ceiling. A few minutes' adjustment and Slut Sally was suspended, her feet dangling a few inches above the floor. He attached rope to her ankle cuffs, and such was the design of the room that he could place her legs in almost any position he desired. For now, however, he simply tied them tightly apart, leaving her cunt and arse nicely exposed.

Miss Nicole was again called, and this time it was her job to hold a tray of implements while he, their master, sat on a high chair that gave him easy access to poke and prod at Sally's arse and cunt. Taking it from the tray, he pushed a small dildo straight into Sally's arsehole. It was much thinner than the plug that she had been forced to sleep with in, but he could still see her twitch around the invasion. As he gently thrust the dildo in and out of her, he also stroked her cunt and clit, which were of course rather wet. He continued until she was getting near to orgasm, and then suddenly stopped touching her and pulled the dildo out. Sally moaned in frustration, which earned her two slashes from the riding crop.

"You really must learn to be more obedient, slut," he said. "Remember, your pleasure is no longer your concern, I control all that now. You will not ever have an orgasm unless I give permission."

Sally whimpered a little but remembered to say "Yes, Sir. I'm sorry."

He took a slightly larger dildo from the tray and again, inserted it straight into her arse. Suspended as she was, there was no way for her to resist, and he again began thrusting it in and out of her as he played with her cunt, rubbing and flicking at her clit, and teasing the entrance to her cunt. She was an obvious girl, and it was quite easy for him to tell just when to remove the dildo and stop touching her. Over and over this was repeated, each time with a slightly bigger dildo, until he was using a formidable implement on her - two inches thick, making her bite down on her lip as he worked that large dildo into her arse. She bit down harder as he stroked her cunt, desperate for release, but to her frustration, it never came.

He laughed at her futile attempts to get that final touch to her clit that would set her off, and said "I told you that you would never orgasm without my permission."

The penny dropped for Sally, and she began to beg. "Please, Sir, please my I come? Please let me, I'm so close! Please?"

"Clever, but not quite right," he said. "You have been told that your purpose here is for MY pleasure, not yours. What do I get if you come? Unless it's something I explicitly want, it's not going to do anything for me, now, is it? Hmm?"

All she could manage in response was another pathetic whispered, "Please..."

Without saying anything, he rolled a device from the corner right up to where Sally hung. "Have you heard of aversion therapy, slut?" he asked, not intending for her to answer. "I think it's something you might ... enjoy."

The device was an ingenious thing - a fucking machine. A small motor caused whatever dildo or other attachment had been placed on the thrusting arm to tirelessly fuck its 'victim', and there was another part to it. This part acted as a stimulator for the clit, ensuring no mercy at all. The machine also had a clever action whereby lubrication could be dispensed automatically at set intervals, thereby saving wear and tear on the victim. Slut Sally, of course, had no idea exactly what she was in for. Her master attached a dildo to the machine, not quite as big as the last one he'd inserted into her, but still substantial, and gradually positioned the machine so that the dildo was about halfway into her arse. He checked the position of the smaller piece that would stimulate her clit, and then started the machine.

If Sally could have, she would have jumped, the sound of the machine and the sudden incessant thrusting into her arse surprising her like nothing else. He flicked another switch on the machine and the clit stimulator began to rub across her clit. Due to her previous condition, it only took a few minutes for Slut Sally to have a crashing orgasm, and then another. She lay panting in the sling, and said "Thank you, Sir."

"Oh, don't thank me now. Thank me later. I think I'll leave you alone with this little machine for a while. You have my permission to have as many orgasms as you like," he said, and left the room, taking Miss Nicole with him.

To her dismay, the machine continued fucking her arse steadily, and rubbing against her clit. Her clit was rather sensitive from her previous two orgasms, and she whimpered and moaned as the machine fucked on.

Nothing she could do would get her away from it, her bonds very secure. Eventually tiring somewhat, she relaxed and soon felt another orgasm building. Despite the fact that she did get to come, it was frustrating to her that she had to go at the machine's steady pace. Over the next hour, she lost count of how many times she came, her arse aching from the continual assault and her clit extremely sensitive from the unabated stimulation. She was breathing heavily, sweating and just about to pass out when suddenly the machine stopped.

"Enjoying yourself?" Miss Nicole asked with amusement.

"Yes, Miss," Sally mumbled.

"I've been watching you since you arrived. An interesting case," said Miss Nicole.

Swiftly Miss Nicole unchained Sally from her suspension position, and Sally fell to the ground, her legs very unsteady. With some effort, Miss Nicole helped her to her feet and laid her down on a large-ish table with a padded top. She secured Sally in a spreadeagle position, then climbed onto the table and straddled Sally's chest. She grabbed hold of Sally's hair and putting her face directly in front of her, said, "All right, you disgusting little slut, it's time you had some real action. I see you making those pathetic puppy-dog eyes at Master. You're nothing but a doormat, you only submit to him because you can't even dream of resisting, you stupid baby-bitch!" she hissed at Sally.

"No!" cried Sally, but Miss Nicole slapped her hard across the face and Sally tasted blood.

Sally leant down and bit one of Sally's nipples very hard, making her scream. She bit the other one, too, and kneaded it firmly, digging in her sharp fingernails. Then she lay down on top of Sally completely, took hold of the now-crying woman's hair, tilted her head back and clamped her mouth over her neck, sucking and biting hard. Sally tried to break free but she was tied firmly and Miss Nicole was a little bigger and stronger than she. Miss Nicole let go of Sally's neck and admired the bruise.

She raked her fingernails down Sally's body, leaving small scratches, and moved down the table and turned around so that she was straddling Sally's hips. Miss Nicole leant down, her head now between Sally's thighs, and pulled her cuntlips apart, digging her nails in and making the tied-down girl yelp in pain. With long, slow strokes, Miss Nicole licked up and down her victim's slit, tasting her juices, flicking her tongue over her clit and biting cruelly at the tender flesh. Sally's whimpers turned to moans as the woman nibbled over her clit, and teased her by inserting her tongue into her cunt a little way then stopping. Sudenly she stood up on the table over Sally, turned around and stepped up until her feet were either side of Sally's head and the girl beneath her could see Miss Nicole's glistening cunt underneath the short skirt.

"Try anything stupid and I'll have you punished worse than anything you've ever imagined," she said as she sat down right on Sally's face, grinding her wet cunt against the girl. "Eat me out good, little girl, and you might even be rewarded. Come on, you bitch, make me come!" she yelled as Sally tentatively began to lick Miss Nicole's cunt. She had never tasted another woman before, and was surprised that she didn't mind the taste, in fact quite liked it... Trying to grab breath when she could, Sally licked and sucked as much of the other woman's cunt as she could manage, which was a little difficult as Miss Nicole was moving around quite enthusiastically. "Stick your tongue in me, slut! Right up in me!" Miss Nicole ordered, and Sally obeyed, working her tongue up inside the woman's cunt. Miss Nicole twisted and thrust against Sally's face harder and harder, finally crying out with pleasure as she came, dripping her juices all over Sally's face. She sat there panting for a second, when much to Sally's surprise let alone Miss Nicole's, Miss Nicole was pulled off the girl's face and thrown to the floor.

Their Master had returned, and he was not happy. "What the HELL do you think you're doing, you disobedient little whore??" he yelled at Miss Nicole. He hit her over and over with his riding crop, and she shrieked in pain, and tried to roll away. He grabbed her hair and pulled her up to a kneeling position. "I don't know what the fuck you think you're playing at, but it had better have been worth it, because your punishment is going to be something else." He gave her another vicious crack with the crop across her thighs, and ordered her to strip. Shaking and crying, Miss Nicole obeyed, slowly removing all her clothes. She knew better than to even try to apologise, knowing it would only make her situation worse.

Dragging her across the room by her hair, he securely locked her wrists to the top of a large wooden X, then took an odd-looking belt from the wall. To two attachment points he fixed two very large dildos, not so much long but each three inches across! He threaded one strap around Miss Nicole's waist and belted it tight, then pulled the strap with the dildos attached between her legs. Without any pretense of gentleness, he worked one dildo first into her cunt and then the other into her arse, eliciting a strangled wail from her as her holes were stretched painfully. He then buckled tightly and locked the strap to the waist strap.

Miss Nicole's ankles were also locked to the X frame, and seeing that she was completely secure, he took a heavy leather flogger and laid into the girl. She screamed with every stroke, and after a surprisingly short while, her shoulders and buttocks were bruised and flecked with blood. Breathing heavily, she couldn't scream anymore. He went to the X frame and tilted it on its stand so that Miss Nicole's body was now lying horizontal to the floor. He repositioned the fucking machine to her crotch, and unbuckled the strap holding the excruciatingly large dildos inside her, reattaching the dildos to the thrusting mechanism of the machine. It didn't look like there would be any clit stimulation this time... The machine was started and all she could do was let it painfully fuck both her holes until her master had decided it was enough.

He turned now to Slut Sally, who was still tied to the padded table. He untied her and made her stand up, and led her to the room where her cage was. "We'll have to continue your training tomorrow. As you can no doubt tell, I have a punishment to attend to," he said, and with that, firmly pushed her into the cage, padlocked her chains and the cage door and left, turning out the light as he went. Sally sat there unmoving in the cage for a long time, listening to the screaming and crying Miss Nicole made as her punishment was delivered, trying not to think of what could possibly cause such torment. Eventually, the screams and moans stopped, and Sally once again fell asleep uncomfortably on the pile of straw like an animal.

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