tagInterracial LoveAn Inch and a Mile Pt. 01

An Inch and a Mile Pt. 01

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

Jim was 18 when he left Seylam, the small town where he grew up, in the mid west. He was twenty five when he returned, after completing a Masters Degree in business. He had a very good job in a corporation in Miami Florida waiting for him.

When Jim left he had no intention of ever setting foot in Seylam again. Too bad were the memories, the pain and the suffering. Seylam was on the surface, a little, good, clean and wholesome town, at the hub of a prosperous farming district. The citizens of Seylam were wealthy, shiny, happy people, the white citizens, that was. However, the blacks were on the wrong side of the race lines, and they lived on the wrong side of the tracks. They were poor, and disadvantaged, living in abject poverty, with no perspectives, no money, no rights, no nothing.

His own parents had died at an early age, leaving him in the hands of his Aunt and Uncle. His Aunt had also died at an early age, and Jim had been raised by his uncle and cousin sister, Rebeca, who was five years older.

Jim could have said a few things about his uncle, Jeremiah, but he had come to bury Cesar, not to condemn him. However, as he drove down the highway, into Salem, in his car, Jim could not entirely blank out all the memories of the strict, sometimes very abusive old guy, who had hated him for being another mouth to feed when the cash was scarce, and beaten his ass to a crisp till Jim was sixteen, and bigger, stronger and faster. Jeremiah had tried to whip him one last time, at which Jim had yanked away the belt and told the old guy, "One more strike and I will break your neck." Since then, they hardly ever talked until Jim graduated from high school and moved to Atlanta to study.

Jim had always had contact with Rebeca, but never written his uncle. Rebeca always begged him to write or call Jeremiah, saying the guy really missed him and regretted what he had done to him. But Jim just could not bring himself to doing it. He had forgiven, but could not forget.

The second reason Jeremiah had left Seylam with no intention to ever return was Eddie. Eddie was a white guy from the most wealthy family in town. Jeremiah and his family had worked for Eddie's family. His wife and then his daughter had done the housework and Jeremiah had taken care of the garden. Therefore, Jim had been taken along by Jeremiah and made to help him out. Jim had always gotten along with Eddie. Eddie was ten years older and he had been quite friendly to Jim. He used to send him to buy weed and the two of them would smoke and listen to Hip Hop together. Jim had always thought that Eddie was a real nice white person and they became buddies. Jim kind of looked up to Eddie like an elder brother he never had.

Jim got a scholarship to attend the high school in their region, which was mainly white. He was supposed to play football, and stay out of sight the rest of the time. Most of the other black guys, who were his mates did nothing but play sport and hang around, but Jim utilized the opportunity fully and worked on his grades. By the time he reached 18, Jim was one of the top students in school, that despite the fact that most of the white teachers hardly helped him at all, for nobody in Seylam needed an intelligent black man.

Jim was then dating a black woman named Katrina, whom he loved and wanted to marry. Eddie was dating a white girl named Emmi, who was considered the hottest, cutest, tall slim blond in town. Jim was happy for Eddie, as his friend was happily in love. Eddie met Katrina a couple of times. He said she was alluring and offered her a job at a restaurant that his family owned. Jim and Katrina were both very grateful, as she had a couple of siblings to look after.

Jim graduated and received a scholarship to attend a black university in Atlanta. Feeling all excited about the news, Jim rushed to tell Trina, at the restaurant.

Her workmate looked kind of worried when Jim turned up looking for Trina. Finally, she told him reluctantly that Trina was in the parking lot, taking her break. Jim went to look for his girlfriend in the dark parking lot and could not see her. Then he saw Eddie's convertible and there was some movement in it. He walked closer and looked inside, thinking Eddie was getting freaky with his girlfriend, Emmi. Eddie was getting freaky alright, but it wasn't with Emmi.

Jim watched from the shadows and couldn't believe his eyes. His girlfriend, Trina was reclining in the passenger seat, smoking a joint, with her skirt raised around her hips. Eddie was kneeling on the car floor before her, his pale face buried between her dark thighs. Jim was paralyzed as he saw Trina slap her dark thighs around Eddie's head, and grab him by his blond hair, to pull his face deeper into her pussy as she fucked his face lustily. The sounds of Eddie slurping and groaning with relish were mingled with Trina's cries, as the white boy tongued her hole and ate her out.

Jim got so mad with pain and anger at the betrayal. He yanked the door open and smacked Trina hard, and she started screaming. Jim dragged her out of the car and smacked her again, calling her a whore. Eddie stuttered and jumped to his feet.

"He made me do it Jim. He said he would fire me and ruin my family if I didn't let him eat me."

"She is a lying whore! Shut up you black bitch!" Eddie shouted.

"Its true Jim. He also said he would fire your Uncle and your cousin," Trina cried.

"How could you Eddie?" Jim asked, flabbergasted.

"Chill man. She is just another worthless black cunt. I will give you some cash and we will just forget this shit, alright? She is just another black whore dude!" Eddie reached for his wallet, his face shining from Trina's pussy juices.

Jim grabbed him by the collar, yanked him off balance and started beating him up, thoroughly.

Trina started screaming. It took ten men to get Jim off him. He was hauled to the police station where he was unlawfully detained for 48 hours and bitch slapped by some white cops and not allowed to drink water or use the bathroom. When he was finally released, Eddie was waiting for him with two huge, beefy white boys. They caught him and held him as Eddie kicked his balls and beat him up cowardly, calling him a nigger.

When he arrived home, his Uncle Jeremiah and his daughter Rebeca were mad as hell, as they feared they would lose their jobs because he had beaten up Eddie.

Jim left town a few days later, to study. He had no intention of returning, ever again.

However, now his Uncle was dead, and he had come for the funeral. He drove to the small house on the black side of the tracks, where he found his cousin Rebeca and his Uncle's two other children mourning with most of the black folk from town. Most needed several seconds to recognize Jim. When he had left, he had been a skinny young guy with hardly a hair on his chin. Now he was a muscular, dark, handsome black man, with broad shoulders, muscular torso, and a dark, handsome face. The sides of his face were shaved clean, but he had a short mustache and a thin patch of beard on his chin, kind of like Eddie Riley in his guy days. His hair was cut very short.

Jim and his cousins fell into each other's arms and mourned.

The highly emotional wake lasted two days. Then Jeremiah was buried. Jim's cousins all now lived out of town, except for Rebeca, who was now twenty nine, and divorced, with two children. She would now inherit Jeremiah's house.

An evening after everybody dissipated, Jim helped Rebeca bring her two children to bed, and then sat with her on the porch, talking about this and that. Rebeca told him that she now a kind of employment agency, which took care of supplying white households with gardeners and house workers.

"So, what is Trina up to?"

"Trina, well, she has two kids by Eddie. He bought her a house, in a neighboring town. Eddie is married to Emmi and works for his dad. Emmi doesn't know about Eddie and Trina."

"So, they are secret lovers, huh?"

"No. Trina is really just Eddie's whore. He pays her bills and gives her money, but if she does not do as he says, he will kick her out."

"Does he have kids with Emmi?"

"No! Emmi is a stupid, arrogant, snobbish whore. She sleeps all day and goes shopping and acts like she is all that. She is very abusive to maids and workers. The girl that I have working for her, a Mexican, Connie, is always complaining. Now I have to find someone to to do her grounds, now that dad is gone."

"Let me do it."

"You? You are going to work in Miami aren't you?"

"Yeah, but I wanna do it for a month. See how Eddie is living."

"No Jim, let it go. I don't want trouble."

"I wont do anything that will get you in shit. I swear."

Chapter 2

Rebeca knew that Jim wanted revenge. And she knew she should not let him talk her into it.

However, the more he thought of getting his revenge on Eddie, the more Jim liked the idea.

He knew how he could convince his cousin. Jim and Rebeca had once been more than kissing cousins. Though they were close, they were not blood relations as Jim's uncle had married her mom when Rebeca was already born, of another man.

When he turned from a boy into a man, his kinky cousin had taken it upon herself to initiate him into full manhood. Now, there he was, a full grown, muscular, handsome, athletic, virile man. And Rebeca was a divorce, who didn't have a man. She surely needed dick, and as Jim gazed at his alluring cousin, he felt his cock stir in his pants.

Jim smiled as he remembered how he had just turned sixteen, and he was playing with his younger cousins. It was boys against girls as usual. The boys were to hide, the girls to seek. Rebeca was then almost twenty and hardly ever played with the kids anymore. AT sixteen, Jim was slim but had a fair amount of fur on his pubes and had been shaving for several months. Rebeca surprised them by joining them. Then she whispered in his ear to go and hide in the tool shed at the back of their garden. Curious, Jim followed her instructions.

A short while later, Rebeca came and joined him. His tall, fit, curvy cousin wore her hair short. She had on a tight, boob tube and a short, sexy frilled skirt that cupped her thick, round butt cheeks. Jim found her alluring. He had wanked his young cock several times fantasizing of fucking his cousin sister.

Jim wanted to ask what was up but Rebeca put her finger to her lips and produced a blunt. She lit it and puffed on it casually, looking very cool. Jim, who hadn't smoked even cigarettes before, didn't want to seem like a dork and so he took a cool, deep puff and coughed violently. Rebeca stifled her giggles and taught him how to smoke.

Jim was soon buzzed. Then his cousin Rebeca, who was a head taller, pushed him against the wall. The surprised youngster gasped as his cousin pushed her soft, warm body into his. She plastered her lips into his mouth and kissed him ravenously. Before he knew it, he was mauling and devouring his elder cousin and kissing her back aggressively.

Then his cousin pushed him against the wall and sank to her knees at his feet and ripped off his jeans, freeing his cock from its constraints. She gasped, calling it big, long, thick and beautiful. She then proceeded to give him the first blow job of his life. It was a skilled, greedy, sloppy one that had him panting, gasping and groaning until his cock exploded in her face and his cousin drank his cumm down greedily. She then walked outside, licking her lips, as the dazed young man caught his breath. To his shock she then shouted aloud that she had found him. Jim had barely raised his pants as the others rushed over.

After their first encounter, Rebeca initiated Jim into sex and pleasuring a woman, as she called him. She soon taught him how to eat her pussy, and when he became good at it and made her cum all over his tongue, she allowed him to fuck her. Jim soon realized that Rebeca was a freak. She said her pussy was dangerous, as she might get pregnant and so she had him fucking her ass on the regular. Jim soon realized that Rebeca loved anal sex. She soon was licking his ass and made him lick hers too. Jim loved it too and spent so many hours with his tongue or cock buried in her hole. She really loved anal sex, and she would stroke her bursting clit as he stuffed her hole full of his thick cock.

"What are you smiling at?" Rebeca asked, ripping his thoughts back to the present.

Jim focused his eyes on his cousin.

Rebeca was a tall, curvaceous Southern Belle. She had the imposing body of a Selena Williams. She was tall, with a sturdy, curvy body. She had big, generous breasts, a slim waist, and a flat belly, with a soft curve at the bottom. She had a thick, wide, gorgeous bubble butt, full, juicy thighs and strong legs.

She had a dark, oval, pretty face, with big, black brown eyes and thick, heart shaped lips that readily split into her sweet, dimpled smile. She wore her hair short. "Nothing," he replied in his deep, dark voice."

"Its getting cold here. Lets go inside and smoke another one, then I have to sleep," Rebeca said, stretching herself languidly.

Jim walked in after her, gazing at her curvy body undulating like a snake. Rebeca had a wing of the house to herself, where she had a bathroom, bedroom and a living room. Rebeca freshened up as Jim made himself comfortable her in her living room. As she came to join him, he broke into a dirty smile, for she was looking alluring. She had put on a short, sleeveless halter top, with a deep, plunging front that exposed most of her big, creamy, chocolate breasts and her belly, just covering her nipples.

Rebeca's wide, flaring, curvy hips and thick, round ass were all packed away in a short, wrap around skirt that stuck to her like a second skin. Her feet were is flat sandals. Her rich perfume wafted to his nostrils, intoxicating him.

Her hair was neatly combed, with a few curls dangling enticingly onto her face. Her face was powdered and she had lightly shadowed her eye lids, making her brown black eyes seem bigger and rounder. Her full, thick lips were a glossy, dark red shade.

"You're looking fine Mama..." Jim said, his voice becoming all thick and husky.

"Thanks daddy," she said and sat besides him. They drank wine, smoked two kick ass blunts and chatted about their lives, she telling him about her marriage and divorce, as he talked about college and kept gazing at her sexy thighs and legs.

Rebeca was so stoned her eyes became slanted like an Asians.

"I need to sleep soon, honey," she said in a lazy drawl and stretched herself again, languidly. Her nipple peeked out and she smiled as she slowly pushed it away. She stood up and so did Jim.

"Come here and greet me properly," he said and pulled her into his arms, to hug her heartily.

Her arms snaked around his middle and and she pressed her warm, soft body into his lean, muscular one. They looked into each other's eyes. Jim's face slowly dipped to hers and his lips claimed hers. Rebeca sighed and melted in his arms. Her mouth opened for his and he shoved his thick tongue inside and explored her mouth aggressively. Rebeca opened her mouth wide and feasted on his tongue, gasping and moaning away.

His big hands closed over her round, juicy butt cheeks. He palmed them and sank his fingers in, kneading them like dough. Rebeca squealed into his mouth and thrust her lusty, hungry hips against him. His hard cock pressed into her excited pussy, inciting her to grind against him feverishly. Jim pulled her wrap around skirt up around her hips and grabbed her bare ass cheeks, pulling her onto his cock and grinding it fiercely into her crotch. Rebeca was hit by short, sharp spasms.

With her last energy, she finally pulled herself away from him.

"Stop it Jim. We are not children anymore, yunno. I mean, damn it! I got fucking kids of my own..."

"Quit being fake, ho! You know you want it as bad as I do," Jim chuckled, squeezing an ass cheek

"Jim, I wont deny it, I used to love fucking you. But it ain't right. We cousins. Ooo..." She gasped as Jim slid his palm between her ass cheeks and stroked up and down her sensitive crack. His other palm slid between her thighs and cupped her cunt, to find the gusset of her thong wet, hot and soft. He squeezed and her hips shuddered.

"Please Jim. Stop," she wailed as Jim stroked up and down her sensitive gash, causing her hips to twitch.

"We love fucking each other," he said huskily as he wriggled a long finger into her drenched pussy.

"No, Jameson. Please respect my wish, Jameson" She pleaded desperately with him, even as she felt her pussy melt in his palm.

He pulled her halter top off her big, creamy orbs and grabbed a tit. He fondled it, running his thumb all over the fat, excited nipple sending sharp thrills all over her body. Then he bore his face down on hers and returned his tongue into her mouth. Rebeca couldn't resist him as he kissed her fiercely and finger fucked her, stroking the roof of her tunnel and the walls. She started rolling her hips, sucking on his tongue like it was a fat dick. His hand started slapping into her pussy, making meaty claps. She felt her pussy gather together, and suddenly explode all over his fingers. She buried her face in his chest and cried as she came hard.

As she recovered, Jim dragged her into her bedroom, stripping off her clothes in the process. He grabbed her by the throat and pushed her down on her knees before him and opened his pants to drop them. His thick, long, jet black, veined shaft sprang into her face, pointing at her luscious lips.

"Rebeca, suck my fucking cock. You know you want to.." Jim growled and pushed her downwards.

"I told you we shouldn't, Jim. No!" she rasped, as her eyes gazed hungrily at his meat. "It still looks so good though..." she rasped.

"Take that dick in your hands, Rebeca..." Jo said huskily, taking his cock, stroking it slowly right before her mesmerized eyes, and slowly peeling the foreskin back to reveal the big, engorged, silky, dark, heart shaped head. The long slit was welling with precum. He rubbed it lightly on her luscious, soft lips and Rebeca shuddered, as the musky scent of his cock made her dizzy.

"No Jim! We shouldn't!" she whispered, as he ran it along her lips.

"Yes, we should," he said firmly, grabbing her hair and yanking it, not very sharply, but enough to show her he was in charge. "I want you to suck my cock. You are going to do it, or I will shove it in your mouth!" He tugged on her hair and rubbed his cock all over her face. Rebeca shuddered, feeling his spongy dick on her face.

"You such a scanless Nigga!" Rebeca pouted, and her palms rose in slow motion to take his dick. She moaned as she rolled it between her palms. Nostrils flaring, she dipped her face and licked the strings of his precum from his slit. Then she smeared her wet lips on it and suckled and licked it, moaning with joy. Rebeca resistance disappeared fast as she wrapped her tongue around his thick, blunt head like an eel. Jim gasped and his knees almost gave.

"Yeah, Rebeca! Suck my big cock!" he groaned.

Purring and moaning she worshiped his dark cock with her glossy mouth. She draped her lips over it and sucked it into her mouth. Then she bobbed her head, making loud, slurping sounds as she vacuumed him and stroked his shaft with both hands.

"Shit! That's it! Gobble up my cock!" Jim gasped sharply as his cock swelled to bursting in her mouth.

Jim moaned, mauling her thick tits and tweaking her huge nipples, making her swoon as he towered over his cousin and fed her his thick, rigid meat. Rebeca went wild, gorging herself greedily on the thick veined pole, crying with sweet delight.

Jim moaned and groaned,feeling so good as Rebeca bore down on him and forced his big dick down her throat. She engulfed his whole cock in her gaping mouth and fucked him with her constricting windpipe, making gurgling noises as her beautiful brown eyes twinkled up at him.

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