tagLoving WivesAn Open Letter

An Open Letter


An Open letter to all you
you sports fans


The Dirty Old Man

Hi Buddy, I just wanted to write and tell you, that I finally managed to meet your sweet young wife the other day. She sure is one fine hot looking young." MILF," with her long strawberry blonde hair, big bright blue eyes, full lips, nice big softball sized tits, narrow waist, well rounded hips.

Oh Man, those, lovely, long, well toned legs, of hers are perfect. But Man, I don't need to tell you that.

But Oh My God, that Ass of hers, is absolutely awesome! Buddy, that lovely firm little heart shaped ass of hers, is to die for.

Wow what more, do I need to say, my Friend, I'd love to bury my head between her milky white thighs, and...Well Pal in all honesty I'd jump your wife's, bones, in a heart beat, if I ever got the chance.

You know, I've been eyeballing your wife, as she walked around the neighborhood pushing a baby stroller.

Let tell you she knows she's hot stuff too. Because I've seen the way she's always seductively strutting her stuff, in her tight little blue jean shorts and those tiny halter tops that she wears, as she saunters along, swaying her hips, from side to side, with her lovely ass cheeks, slightly bouncing.

She's always with this sluttish looking older cougar; I figured that old broad was your wife's Mother.

Hey Pal, you know, that old broad doesn't look haft bad either! It easy to see, that she spends a lot of time in the gym, and plenty of money in the beauty parlor!

Needless to say, it's quite obvious that; old fuck tart, still likes to flaunt her, hard, sexy, well toned body and good looks too.

Damn Man, that older woman looks; like a high class hooker, with her dyed, jet black hair, and the excessive amount of thick make up she wears on her face.

Christ Man, her black tights were stretched so freaking tight, and fit her so smugly, I could clearly see her mount of Venus and the crease of her snatch between her well toned thighs. I could also see the crack of her nicely shaped well rounded ass.

Needless to say, the black sports top she wearing, purposely revealed her ample cleavage, her huge round bumpy areolas, and her big stiff nipples were clearly visible through the tight fabric of her top.

I couldn't help thinking to myself; that I'd love to get into, either one of these fine hot looking bitches.

So whenever, I'd see them, I'd always wave and say Hello, in hopes of getting acquainted with them, and maybe getting lucky with one of them!

Well Pal, I finally made a little plan to meet them...Honest Buddy, it was really simple.

All I did; was made, a bit of fuss over the kid, and played peek-a-boo with the little rag rat.

It worked like, a freaking charm! I was able to start a conversation with them. I told them how cute I though the baby was. Then I complimented the women on their appearances, and asked them how they stayed in such great shape.

I could tell right away that your hot looking wife, felt neglected and that she was starved for attention. Because she was all smiles, as she giddyishly responded saying excitedly, "Oh really, I workout everyday, trying to keep myself in shape."

Your wife was smiling brightly, as she looked me over. Then she glanced downward at my bulging crotch, and got a lustful look in her big bright blue eyes, as she longingly looked at the lump in the front of my jeans.

Pal, it was obvious; she wasn't getting it enough. I could tell that, just by the way she swooned, and giggled at everything, I had to say.

Needless, to say, I knew you, weren't taking care of your horny hot looking young wife, in the bed room, for some unknown reason!

Your Mother was into the compliments too.

She was all smiles and giggles, from my flattery too. I could tell, because she kept pulling her shoulders back, sticking her tits out at me, and seductively smiling at me, letting me know she willing, and available, if I wanted her.

Damn Man; your Mother, kept glancing down at my crotch, and licking her lips. So I kind of figured your old man, was suffering from some sort of erectile dysfunction and he couldn't get it up anymore.

Buddy, the way, that old cougar was looking at me and starring at my dong, her mouth was actually starting to water. I though she was going to drop down on her knees, yank out my dick, and blow me, right there on the street corner.

So what can I say, Buddy? I kept laying my line of BS on them.

Then we finally introduced ourselves to each other. That's when I discovered the old cougar's name was Bunny, and she's your Mother, and your hot horny young wife's name was Terri.

They excitedly and flirtatiously told me that they worked out together every morning in their condos, exercise room.

I told them, I just brought a condo in the same complex. Then we started chit chatting about our condos.

When Bunny, suddenly noticed the way your sweet virtuous wife, was swooning over, my words, and starring at me, with an unmistakable look of lust in her big bright sparkling blue eyes, your Mother's mouth dropped open and her eyes got wide.

Well Buddy, I could tell right away your Mother, wasn't happy about the way your wife, was openly lusting over me!

Then your jealous Mother's face, shrived up, like she just sucked on a lemon, and gave your sweet, little, horny, sex starved wife, the dirtiest look, I've ever seen!

Then your Mother glared into my eyes with that same, ugly frown on her face, and told me about your big important job!

Then she snobbishly asked me, what I did for a living. When I told her I was trailer truck driver, she wasn't impressed!

Your wife on the other hand, though driving a trailer truck, was a very, macho, manly thing to do, because she said excitedly in her girly voice, "OH WOW Meat, do you, really drive those big scary things!"

That made your Mother grunt; with displeasure, as she cleared her throat, and glared disgustedly, at your wife. If looks could kill, your lovely horny little wife would have been dead; right there, on the spot.

Your wife replied innocently, in her too cheery voice, like she was being sarcastic, "Oh Mother Mayors, you know my fat nerdy little wimpy Oscar. is only an accountant in his porky Father's office."

Your Mother, continued to glare at Terri, with hatred, in her mascara covered eyes, and mumbled something under her breath, about, her being an ungrateful little bitch!

I tried not to laugh, but I couldn't help myself, and I started to snicker.

Oh I knew, your Mother, was just trying to protect your naive wife's innocents and virtue, from my sexual advances; by reminding me, that Terri was married to her son, and I wasn't in their financial league.

I quickly got the hint and changed the subject.

I invited them over for coffee, as I faked excitement about all the work; I had done on my new condo. What I was really trying to do, was to lure them over, in hopes of getting, either one of them, into bed with me.

Bunny gave me a funny look, and nodded her head, towards your wife as she declined my offer... for both of them.

I looked at your Mother and winked, as I smiled at her knowingly.

While I did that, I was thinking to myself. Yeah right Bunny, if you were by yourself. You'd run right over, and I'd have you flat on your back, with your legs spread, in a second.

Then I smiled innocently, at both of them, as I told them, my offer was always open, if they every wanted to stop by.

I had just gotten out of the shower; when I heard my front doorbell ringing. I put on my bathrobe, as I went to the door.

I was pleasantly surprised, when I opened my front door, and saw your beautiful wife standing there, all by herself!

What can I say Buddy, I was really expecting your Mother to be the one to come over.

Your Wife, looked deeply into my dark chocolate brown eyes, like she was unsure of herself, as she said, "Hi Meat, I hope you don't mind, but I though, I'd take you up, on your offer."

I smiled as I replied happily; in my best easy going sing song voice, "Hi Terri, It's really nice to see you again."

Damn Man, my cock was already starting to rise and get hard, making a tent in the front of my bath robe.

Your wife slowly looked me, up and down. Then she noticed the bump, in the front of bathrobe, causing her to suck in her breath, and blush like a high school girl.

Terri looked awesome. Her long blonde was hanging down over her pale freckle covered shoulders. She was wearing some light blue eye makeup on her eye lids with some black liner, and that hot pink lipstick on her full soft lips. I could also smell the sweet intoxicating perfume she was wearing.

While I was stood there drinking in your wife's beauty and sex appeal. I though about kissing her on the cheek or forehead, but I didn't want to rush her, or do anything that might frighten her away.

She was wearing a loose fitting silk pink tank top. I knew she wasn't wearing a bra under it, because I could see the out line of her perky upturned breasts and the stiff points of her nipples, pressing against the front of her smooth top.

She had on a pair of casual loose fitting black shorts, with pink flip flops on her feet. She looked both classy and sexy at the same time.

Then your wife asked, "Meat, if you don't mind? There's something personal, I want to talk to you about."

"Sure," I replied, "I'd be happy to talk to you about anything you want."

Terri looked at me tentatively, as she said nervously, "Meat I don't know who else to talk to about this. So I hope you are, discreet!"

"Okay." I said, as I though to myself; here it comes. She's going to tell me, what I already know, her husband's, not banging her enough.

Terri was standing right next to me, as I put on a pot of coffee. "What's the matter? I asked, as I slowly turned around, until I was facing her.

Terri looked into my eyes as she answered nervously, in a soft shy little girl's voice, "Meat is there something wrong with me?"

"No why, I think you're perfect. "I answered, as I though to myself, if I play this right, I'll have a brand new fuck toy, before the day is over.

Your wife was almost sobbing, as she went on to say, "It's my husbands parents, they don't like me! And their always with us, they never go home. If his parents aren't at our condo, were over at their's.

When were not with them. Oh Meat, my husbands always working late, playing golf, or watching sports on TV.

Meat he never has any time for me... and he never wants too... you know... Do you think, I'm ugly, or to skinny?"

Before I could answer her, and dispute her ridiculous questions.

Terri went on to say," Meat do you think he's got a girl friend?"

Now that thought, never occurred to me!

But I tried to look surprised, as I said," Jeez Terri, I think you're beautiful and sexy. But I don't know, maybe he has got a girl friend. You know Terri, sex is a purely a physical thing."

I was trying to plant a seed, as I cleared my throat, and shrugged my shoulders, as I went on to say," We all have our sexual needs," Then I looked into directly into her big bright blue eyes as I asked," don't we?"

While I was saying that, I was thinking to myself, what an asshole you are Buddy. I can understand; that you have to work, for a living, and you need to relax, and you want to watch a game, or play some golf once in a while.

But man, even if you do have, something strange on the side! Not fucking that hot, sweet, sexy wife of your's, is totally beyond me!

Terri swooned, at my reply, "Oh Meat, do you really think, I'm beautiful and sexy."

Then she looked into my eyes, as she impulsively wrapped her arms around my neck, draping her soft warm womanly body against mine.

My cock got harder as I felt her big full firm breasts mashing up against my chest. My hard swollen man meat was poking right into her lower belly, as I put my arms around her, and pulled her tightly against me.

Terri lay her head against chest, sighing, "Ohhh God Meat, I like the way you're holding me, with the feel of your big hard body pressed against mine."

I kissed her on the top of her head, and ran my finger nails up and down her spine, sending little shivers of pleasure throughout her body.

I could feel your wife's nipples swelling up against my chest, as she instinctively began gyrating her hips back and forth and from side to side against my hard pulsing cock. Moaning softly," Ooooh God, Meat I shouldn't be doing this..., I'm a married woman."

As she said that, I kissed her ear, nipped her ear lobe, blew my warm breath into her ear, then I stuck the tip of my tongue into her ear, causing your wife to shove her hips harder against my cock and dig her finger nails into my shoulders.

Buddy boy, let me tell you, your wife, wasn't even trying to resist, my sexual manipulations.

She was obliviously enjoying them, because Terri turned her head to side, giving me better access to ear and neck, as I swirled my tongue around inside her ear, and rubbed her ass cheeks. Your wife began to shiver, with excitement, and need, as she pumped her hips against faster, against mine.

I gripped your wife's firm rubbery ass cheeks, and pulled her tightly against me, to hold her still, as I ground my pelvis against hers.

Your wife moved her head and looked into my eyes with a look of pure animal lust in her big blue eyes as she sighed passionately, "Oh Honey we really shouldn't be doing this, you know, I'm a married woman."

I really didn't care, I knew if I didn't take her, and have sex with her, some other guy, would just end up fucking her, anyway.

I haft closed my eyes, parted my lips, as I slightly turned my head to the side, and whispered, "Terri you're human, and you need sex...Don't you? "

When she heard, what I said, she sighed, "Oh God yesss. It's been sooo long... he never does it to me, anymore!" as she turned her head, closed her eyes, and opened her mouth.

When our lips met, your wife tightened her arms around my neck, and thrush her hips forward against mine. As my tongue enter her mouth, Terri's hands dropped down over my ass cheeks, and kneaded them, as she pulled me forward, and rapidly began pumping her hips against me.

I swirled my tongue around hers, then I back it up a little, and flicked the tip of my tongue back and forth across the end of hers.

Terri pulled her mouth off mine, looked into my eyes, with her lust filled blue eyes and said desperately, "Meat, I really don't think, I should be doing this. What if my husband fines out?"

I didn't want to push her, or do anything that might scare her away.

So I let go of her, as I said, as sincerely as I possible could," Okay Honey, if you really don't want to do it, it's alright, I understand."

While I was saying that, I was thinking to myself, this is just going to take a little more coaxing and gentle persuasion, on my part, to get your wife, willingly into my bed.

Terri's face was flushed pink with desire, as she said," Oh thank you Meat, for understanding, you know, it's not that, I don't want you, to do it to me...I really want you to...But what if my husband finds out?"

I looked at her, as I nodded my heard up and down, and kissed her on the forehead as I said, "It's okay Terri, I understand your concerns. "

Then I winked at her, and devilishly grinned at her, as I raised my eye brows, and playfully said in my best naughty little boy voice, "But Terri, you know, I defiantly won't tell him!"

Your wife smiled and giggled, like a blushing, virgin high school girl, trying to be persuaded into giving up, her virginity.

Then I winked at her and laughed as I said casually, "Let me show you around."

I held her hand gently, as I slowly walked her around my condo, then I finally took her into my Master bedroom.

Terri's smiled politely, as she looked around my bedroom, and seen my shinny new black bedroom furniture. Then her eyes got big as she looked at my big king sized bed, with the huge picture of a lion lying on his side, with paw over his lioness in the center of my bedspread.

Then I took her into the master bathroom, as Terri looked around at the black marble titled walls. She stepped in front of me, as she gazed at our reflection in the wall sized mirror across from my shower stall.

I Have to say Buddy, we made a nice looking couple.

She looked like she posing, as she leaned back against me, and pressed her ass firmly against my dick. Then she took my hands in hers, and put my arms around her waist.

Your wife tilted her head back against my chest. As I gently rubbed my penis from side to side, against her soft rubbery buns.

I brushed her long straw berry blonde hair to the side and tenderly kissed the back of her neck, causing her to suck in her breath deeply, and sigh passionately as she exhaled.

She had this dreamy lustful wanton look in her big blue eyes, as she reached down, took hold of the bottom of her tank top, and lifted it up, exposing her perfect upturned, softball sized, pink tipped boobs, in the mirror.

Then she asked softly, "Do you like my boobies, you don't think, they're too big for my body, do you?"

I reached up with both hands, and cupped one of her large soft rubbery tits in each of my big hands, and gentle caressed them. As I rubbed the tips of my thumbs, roughly back and forth across her pink nipples, causing them to stiffen I said, "Oh God No Terri, your tits are perfect."

Terri sighed softly, as she sucked in breath, closed her eyes, covered my hands with hers, holding my hands on her titties groaning, "Oh, Oh God Meat, I like that..." as I played with her nipples and squeezed her boobies.

Your wife was panting and trembling, as I kissed the side of her cheek, and nibbled on her ear lobe, while I played with her tits.

When I started kissing and carefully sucking on that hot spot between her neck, and shoulders, making sure I didn't give her a hickey.

She sighed, "Oh, God, I don't know how much more of this; I can take, before I become an unfaithful wife..."

Terri looked surprised, as I reached down and put my arm behind her knees and lifted her up.

She didn't even try to resist.

Instead she wrapped her arms around my neck and began giggling, as she asked, "What do you think, you're doing? Are you trying to make me, an adulterous wife?"

I didn't answer her; instead I stopped and kissed her open mouth. Your wife responded passionately; by moving her head around in small circles, against my lips, and shoved her tongue, deep into my mouth and swirled it around mine

As I carried her over to my bed; Terri looked into my eyes and asked softly, "Meat, do you think, he'll know, if we...do it?"

I winked at her playfully as I answered, "I'm not going to tell him, are you?" Then I laid your wife down on my bed.

She laid there for a second, like she was thinking, but she didn't she answer.

I pulled her tank top up over her head and took it off. I lay down next to her, on my side and began kissing her forehead, eye lids, the tip of her nose, and finally her soft full lips.

Man, your wife was dreamy eyed and sighing so sweetly, as I slowly began kissing, her shoulders and down over her chest, until I finally got to her breasts.

When I started caressing and massaging her boobs and began licking around the outline of her bumpy hard areoles. Your wife sounded like she was purring as she began sighed, "Mmm, mmm, mmm...Oh yes."

I could feel your horny innocent little wife, beginning to lift and lower her hips. In anticipation of what, she knew was to come.

Terri reached down, slid her hand inside my robe and grabbed my dick, then she gasped, "Oh God Meat, you thing is so much bigger then my fat husbands, little wiener... Do you think...? He'll be able to tell, if you stick that big thing into me?"

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