tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 17

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 17


Peters excitement at the thought of Stuart and Alison together had given rise to another plan, one that he would have to put into action straight away as Mandy was due to return home at the end of the week.

His Grandfather had been ill for the past year or so and, finding it very difficult to get around, had been confined mainly to the upstairs of his house. He had a nurse calling in on him every few days to check him over and ensure that he was taking care of himself. On top of this the old man had been very depressed, even contemplating suicide, so the nurse was also trying to keep an eye on his state of mind.

Peter had been there a few times when the nurse called and, although she was a very plain shapeless dreary looking middle-aged woman, he had noticed that, despite his depression, the old man appeared to get very excited when she examined him.

Peter never knew that a man like his Grandfather, now 81 years old, would ever be capable of raising a smile let alone the obvious erection that formed a tent in his pyjama trousers when she touched him. But then he figured that since his Grandmother had died some years ago and he was on his own it had to be quite an enjoyable experience for the poor old boy, even though her examination never took her anywhere near his excited organ.

The frumpy old nurse seemed to just ignore it, obviously understanding that these things happened and are perfectly natural. Peter however couldn't help noticing and could see how frustrating it must have been for him. He had even thought that maybe if the nurse gave him a little "help" with his problem then it might just go some way towards easing his depressed state.

Anyway he new that obviously that wasn't really possible and discounted the idea until now, when in a flash of inspiration he could suddenly see the possible opportunity to give him a once in a lifetime treat.

So with just a few days before Mandy was due to return home Peter pulled her to one side and told her he had one more "favour" to ask of her before she left. He explained very carefully what he wanted her to do.

He wanted her to pretend to be a nurse and pay a visit on his poor old Grandfather. He didn't want the old man knowing that it was all set up by him, instead he wanted her to act as if she was happy to help him out by showing him some special "kindness".

"I want you to make him happy," he told her, "and make sure you look good....you know what I mean."

Mandy knew exactly what he meant and wasn't happy at being asked to do yet something else. She knew, however, that she had no real choice and as she thought about it she soon began to realise that this may not be as bad as it seemed.

If the old man knew nothing about her, and Peter didn't want him knowing anything about his involvement then he wouldn't be in a position to demand anything and she would be in control. It would be up to her what she did or didn't do, the only real instruction she had was to make him think she was just a nurse and leave him satisfied, how hard can that be?

The week would soon be over and Mandy would be free of Peters demands, and so she agreed a little reluctantly to do what he asked of her.

Now Mandy needed a uniform and as luck would have it she had just the thing. Her mother had one of her white work uniforms that was a few sizes too small and she had altered it several months ago for Mandy to wear to a fancy dress party as a naughty nurse. As it turned out her father saw it and refused to allow her to wear it and so it got hung in the back of the cupboard where it remained to this day.

The following morning she went back home to collect it knowing full well everyone would be at work and so she wouldn't have to face any awkward questions. She found it hanging exactly where she had left it with a plastic cover over it to keep it clean.

On her return Peter was waiting to tell her that he had checked and the nurse wouldn't be calling on his Grandfather today so this would be an ideal opportunity. He gave her the keys to his house together with the address and sent her on her way.

"Don't forget," he told her as she was about to leave, "He deserves a special treat in his life, he doesn't have long left so do what you do best."

Mandy had decided it better to take her outfit in a bag and change at the old mans house. She knew he was confined to the upstairs so she would be able to get ready downstairs.

She couldn't help feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement as she walked up the path to the front door. The house looked run down and in desperate need of some repair, and the garden was all overgrown with weeds. As she went to unlock the front door she noticed a rusty old bicycle propped up against the wall, and for just a moment she thought it looked familiar.

As she entered the house she was instantly hit by the damp musty smell of the place. It was untidy and there seemed to be junk everywhere and she found the whole place rather creepy. In the front room, aware that the old guy was just upstairs, she quietly opened her bag and changed into her "nurses" uniform.

On the wall was a dusty old mirror that she used to check herself out in as she changed her clothes. Halfway through she stopped and asked herself what the hell was she doing? Did she really need to do this? It took her a few minutes to argue the point with herself but the result was that she had come this far and what harm could it do, after all if she wasn't happy or became worried about anything she could just leave.

She looked herself over in the mirror and she liked what she saw. She knew how sexy she was, but this outfit was a real tease. It was lucky that she changed here because had she walked down the street looking like this she would have been mobbed by every man out there.

The crisp white one piece uniform was a little on the tight side, even around her slender and narrow waist. The buttons down the front however did an admirable job in holding it all together. The cut of the outfit was perfect for her figure, although tight it allowed enough breathing room for Mandy and her incredible breasts, instead of squashing them it held them perfectly showing off their impressive size and shape. She had decided not to wear a bra, the firmness of her tits meant she never really needed one, also the fit of the uniform seemed to do the job of holding them in place beautifully.

Mandy had decided to wear a nice pair of black seamed stockings held up by a black lace suspender belt with matching panties. Now the outfit had been shortened with the "naughty nurse" look in mind. Luckily it covered her stocking tops but didn't really leave much room for bending over without displaying the thick dark band that gave away the fact that they were indeed stockings she was wearing.

The uniform had buttons down the front that ran the full length from top to bottom. Being a little tight around the hips and ass she found it easier to undo the bottom two buttons to allow herself a little more freedom of movement.

She slipped on a pair of black four inch heels and as she twirled to look at herself in the mirror she was pleased with the way the uniform fitted nicely across her outwardly jutting ass.

"Gosh that is cheeky," the gorgeous 20 year old thought to herself, "now let's give this old man a bit of a thrill."

As she left the front room and crossed the hall to go upstairs she caught sight of something out of the corner of her eye, it was something that again looked familiar. Hanging on a hook was a filthy old coat, it was all torn and ragged and looked as if it belonged to an old tramp.

Just then a cold chill went down her spine, it couldn't be, could it? She was suddenly reminded of the old tramp that took advantage of her when she was 18. Could Peters Grandfather be that old tramp? With the bicycle outside and the coat hanging in the hall it was a distinct possibility.

"No, " she thought to herself, "no it couldn't be, what would be the odds?"

She put the idea out of her mind and went up the stairs, as she got to the landing she suddenly heard the toilet flush behind the door that was closed to her left. Without thinking she quickly went into the room opposite and hid behind the door, she didn't know why she did this it seemed to just be a natural reaction.

She spied through the partially open door and got a shock as the old man came out of the bathroom. She couldn't believe it, it was the old tramp, but it couldn't be, she had always assumed him to be homeless.

It was definitely him, she recognised him instantly, his image was so firmly stuck in her mind. The only difference was his beard, rather than the thick matted growth that she remembered, it had been cut back and was now just an untidy mess of grey stubble. He had obviously been ill as he now walked very slowly and with the aid of a stick. He took very small but quick shuffling steps as he crossed the landing to go back into his bedroom. As he went he seemed to constantly mutter to himself, his mouth hung open and he seemed to have such a sad expression across his old face.

All he wore was a grubby old pair of white underpants and nothing else, not a pretty sight for her to see as he shuffled off into his bedroom.

Mandy thought for a moment, this was a hell of a surprise and not something that she was expecting. She remembered the whole incident from her past so well and never thought she would ever see him again.

Although she felt she should leave she couldn't help thinking that maybe this was her chance to have a little fun on her own terms for once. The more she thought, the more the little devil inside her started coming to the fore.

She knew that he had no hold over her and he didn't look capable of forcing himself on her. On top of that she felt pretty sure that, as it had been two years since their very brief meeting, he almost certainly wouldn't recognise her. The only instruction Peter had given her was to make him happy, and so she thought that maybe she could do just that, but this time she would be in full control.

The cock teasing little minx smiled wickedly to herself as she undid the top few buttons of her uniform in order to show some of her incredible cleavage. She looked down at the swell of her 34FF bust proudly and whispered to herself, "right, let's have some fun."

As she entered the room she saw a high metal framed bed to her left with the old man laid out on it with no covers over himself.

At first he didn't seem to see her and she looked him over. He was truly revolting, in fact he looked rather creepy laying there in just his grubby old underpants and nothing else.

She slowly walked around the bed until she was standing at the foot of it directly in the line of the old mans sight.

"Hi! I'm an agency nurse, and have been sent to help you today," she said in a happy chirpy voice.

The old man lifted his head from the pillow and raised himself onto his elbows as he quickly focused his eyes on her. His drooping mouth instantly fell open all the way at what he saw before him.

For a moment he thought she was an angel, her face so young and pretty topped framed with such beautiful blond hair. But as he began to take in the vision before him his eyes wandered down over her clean crisp white "nurses" uniform. He was stunned at the amazing size of her huge chest, the top few buttons opened just enough to give a teasing glimpse of her spectacular cleavage. They stood out so high and proud filling her uniform out to perfection before it tapered in tightly to a perfect fit around her narrow waist.

His view from the waist down was blocked by the metal frame at the foot of the bed. Mandy could see the expression of lust on his craggy old face and thought to herself how she was going to enjoy taking vengeance on this dirty old pervert.

She wanted to tease and tempt him but not satisfy him, she wanted him to suffer until he was begging her to let him have his way. She felt so wicked and cruel but at the same time strangely excited, she knew what he wanted already from the look on his face, but this would be her decision, Peter wasn't there so how would he know what she had done.

Slowly she walked from the foot of the bed around to his side. She saw his gaze wander downwards and stare at her legs sheathed in a skin of smooth black nylon, the shortness of her uniform obviously meeting with his silent approval.

He was finding it difficult to speak and so Mandy reached down and took his hand in hers.

"How are you feeling today?" She asked him in a sympathetic soft tone. "I understand you have been very depressed."

Unable to speak the old guy nodded his head as saliva began to drool from his bottom lip. Mandy knew that as she leaned forward to speak to him he was having a good look down her cleavage.

"Well I'm here to try to help you," she went on, "but first lets have some fresh air in here."

With that she placed his hand back on the bed and turned to the window, as she slowly turned and walked away she knew he would be looking at her sexy ass pushing outwards against the snug fitting crisp white uniform. When she got to the window she deliberately leaned forward to open it knowing full well that she was giving him a sneaky glimpse of the pretty lace pattern of her stocking tops.

The old boy couldn't believe what he was seeing, she was possibly the sexiest thing he had ever laid eyes on. As he drank in the sight of her incredible body in such an unbelievably sexy uniform he was aware that his old cock was starting to rapidly harden.

He was unable to help himself from staring at her, examining every fine detail of her curvaceous body as she took it upon herself to quickly tidy the room for him. Deliberately she would bend to pick things up from the floor offering a cock hardening view of her shapely firm ass, or if she was facing him, her ample cleavage.

After a few minutes of merciless teasing Mandy turned and came back to his bedside, she pretended not to notice the giant lump in his grubby old underpants as she sat herself on the edge of the bed. She crossed one leg over the other and acted as if she didn't know that she was now showing her stocking tops. Of course she was fully aware of what she was doing and she again took the excited old mans trembling hand in hers. With her other hand she reached out and placed it on his forehead.

"Oh you poor thing," she said gently and sympathetically, "you do have a bit of a temperature."

It wasn't surprising really, and she of course knew it. Deliberately she leaned forward to the old pervert in order to give him a closer look at her cleavage, the cock teasing little minx was starting to enjoy her little game.

She saw the hungry look in his eyes but realised that he was different to how he had been just two years ago. He seemed genuinely sadder, less confident, she felt sure that in this situation he would have just grabbed her and forced himself onto her but he didn't seem capable. She was determined to pay him back by teasing him mercilessly, but then at the same time she couldn't help feeling desperately sorry for him.

She sat back up straight for a moment and then all of a sudden she got to her feet and took a step back. She was fully aware of the state she was getting the dirty old boy into and so she went on with her little act.

"Right," she said trying to sound like a professional nurse, "if you could remove your underpants I need to do a quick examination."

Without hesitation the old man drew his knees up and slipped them over and down to his ankles where he shrugged them off with a shake of his feet. As he lay back straight he smiled like the dirty old pervert she knew him to be as he saw her look at his huge hard cock for a moment.

It looked exactly how she remembered it, huge hard and covered in deep ridges, she couldn't help but feel a little excited at the sight of it, not to mention rather wicked.

His excitement was getting out of control and he hoped more than anything that the examination would involve her touching his desperate throbbing erection with those soft sweet young hands of hers.

She instructed him to put both hands behind his head and to lay still.

"Let's have a look then," she said as she leaned across the bed bringing her pretty face closer and closer to the dirty smelly great thing. "I'm just going to have a check of your testicles," she explained to him, "mmmm just as I thought," she went on, "they are rather swollen, I need to just feel them for a moment."

Was he dreaming? He held his breath as she gently touched them with her fingertips, feeling them all over while his cock twitched and jerked all by itself.

She went on to explain how his depression might be eased if he were to release the pressure in his balls by masturbating. "It releases chemicals into the brain," she went on, "that would make you feel happier."

All the while she's explaining this the poor old man was being driven mad as she continued to gently fiddle with his balls the whole time.

"The best way for it to work," she explained, "is to build up as much pressure as possible, in other words, wait until you are excited to the point that you can stand it no more before ejaculation. That way you get the maximum chemical release into the brain."

Mandy was pleased with herself, she sounded really convincing, it was almost as if she knew what she was talking about.

The dirty old man was hanging on her every word, his eyes were roaming all over her gorgeous young body. Her huge tits, narrow waist and beautifully shaped ass all contained in the sexiest little white nurses outfit you ever saw. He wished he had the strength to overpower her and tear her clothes from her so he could squeeze her amazing tits, grope her gorgeous ass and shove his cock up her sweet young pussy. His mind was as willing as ever but the body was weak, he knew it wasn't going to happen but the tempting sight of her was almost more than he could stand.

She then told him that she would demonstrate how the theory works by showing him how much better he could feel. He waited in anticipation to see what she would do. She released his balls and walked along the side of the bed towards him. "Now keep your hands behind your head," she told him.

Mandy couldn't believe what she was about to do, he was so disgusting and old but for some reason she was actually starting to feel sorry for him and she felt this was something she just had to do. Of course the other thing she had to remember was her instruction from Peter, "make him happy," he had told her and so she hoped this would be all it would take to do just that.

She leaned across him and brought her pretty young face closer and closer to his, the smell of his breath from his toothless old mouth was vile. He watched with his eyes wide open as she closed hers in an attempt to imagine something less disgusting, and very gently placed her lips over his.

He let out a groan as she kissed him so softly, her mouth was so sweet and her lips so moist. Slowly as the kiss became more passionate she opened her mouth a little and the old man took the opportunity to push his tongue out against hers. He expected her to pull back, but to his utter amazement she slipped her tongue deep into his mouth and began to circle it around his.

He was in heaven, he couldn't understand why this beautiful young blond who could, without doubt, have any man in the world, would ever want to kiss an ancient old fossil like him, but he wasn't about to complain as he was loving every second of it.

After a few moments Mandy decided that enough was enough, she couldn't hold her breath any longer and so she started to lift her head away.

However the old man had other ideas and quickly grabbed either side of her head and held her still as he pushed his face hard against hers and began to slobber all over her mouth.

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