An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 17


Trembling and shaking with desperation he moaned and groaned as his filthy tongue invaded her sweet mouth. He slipped one hand behind her head to keep it there, and with the other he grabbed her wrist and forced her hand down towards his cock. "P...p...please," he begged. She knew what he wanted but she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction, and so with one mighty effort and a shout of, "NO!" she pulled herself free of his grip and quickly stepped away from the bed.

As she looked back at him she was about to tell him off, but she saw he had a look of desperation and sadness in his old eyes and seemed to be truly upset as he again begged her to help him as he reached his hands out towards her.

She didn't know what to do, she wasn't about to just give in and do what he wanted but at the same time her kind and generous nature meant that she couldn't leave him in this state.

"That was very naughty," she told him, "now I need to examine your testicles again, but this time if you try anything I will leave."

That was the last thing he wanted, so he reluctantly put his hands back behind his head to show that she was safe and he wouldn't try to grab at her.

She was now aware of how incredibly desperate he was and she couldn't help enjoying being such a cruel cock teaser, she could feel the power she had over him.

She again stood at the side of the bed and bent over it to examine his old balls, only this time she stood at a slight angle so her back was towards him and made sure that she bent enough to let him see her black lace panties. As she did she heard him make a sort of whimpering sound and with that she began to gently tease and fondle his balls.

"Mmmm, I think they are as full as they can be now," she said as she bent a little further to take a closer look at them.

The dirty old man was so desperate to shoot his load, he couldn't believe the view he was getting of her gorgeous ass as she bent over. He couldn't tear his eyes away from the thin strip of black lace that was directly between her legs covering her pussy, he knew she had to be doing it all on purpose. It was driving him crazy he needed to touch her, this was a chance that only comes along once in a lifetime, he didn't know what to do, it was pure torture.

"Right! I think you're ready," she said as she stood back up straight and stepped away from the bed, "I'll go now and leave you to, erm, sort yourself out."

With that she turned and headed for the door, walking in a very slow and sexy way, tits bouncing and ass wiggling as she went. She couldn't help but feel quite smug as she left the room, knowing only too well what a state she had left the poor old guy in.

Her pleasure was short lived however, because as she left the room she got the shock of her life, Peter was outside and had witnessed the whole thing. He looked her up and down admiring what she was wearing. "Mmmmm you can wear this when you come to see me tonight," he said as he licked his lips, "but for now I think you have some unfinished business."

Mandy was shocked to see him standing there, she had no idea he was there or how long he had been there for. She knew only too well that she had to do what he said and quickly realised that she was going to have to give the dirty old man what he was craving.

As Mandy was about to go back into the room Peter grabbed her arm. He looked into the bathroom and suggested that she might want to give his Grandad a shower and went on to suggest how it would be easier to wash him if she got in with him. "But leave the bathroom door open," he told her, "so I can see what's going on."

At that he stepped back into another room so as not to be seen.

Mandy returned to the old mans bedroom to find him sitting on the edge of the bed holding his walking stick, his cock was still rock hard and needing attention.

"Oh I've just remembered," she told him, "I'm supposed to give you a shower before I leave, so you'll have to leave that for now," she said pointing at his massive erection, "if you would like to follow me to the bathroom..."

With that Mandy turned and walked through to the bathroom ahead of the trembling old boy. As she went she knew he was following her leaning on his stick with his huge erection waving around in front of his frail old body, so the teasing little minx took the opportunity to thrust her ass out and give it the sexiest walk she could muster.

The old guy shuffled through with his eyes fixed on her gorgeous ass pushing out against the tight white uniform. He was so desperate to touch her and get some satisfaction to ease his unbearable frustration. But rather than grabbing her and running the risk of frightening her off, he decided to bide his time and wait to see what she was going to do next.

The bathroom had a double sized shower cubicle installed in place of a bath. Inside it had a seat attatched to the wall one side and a handrail the other. The old guy got another treat as Mandy reached inside to turn it on, as she did the back of her uniform rode up slightly and her black lace panties again came into view causing him even greater frustration.

She stepped back and instructed him to go in. As he did she stayed outside of the cubicle and tried to wash him from there holding the shower head in her hand. It proved just about impossible and she managed to get herself soaked in the process. The old boy had no idea that she did this on purpose as an excuse to get into the shower with him just as Peter had instructed her to.

She reached up and put the shower head back on its hook and the told him she would have to come in with him so as to wash him all over properly. Had he heard her right? this was what he had been praying for, he sat himself down on the seat and watched as the incredibly gorgeous young girl stepped away and and started to unbutton her sexy uniform.

She couldn't believe what she was about to do, she knew she had no choice and began to wish she hadn't teased him so mercilessly. The filthy old creep had a raging hard on and she was going to strip naked and get into the shower with him!.

He started to shake uncontrollably as she turned her back to him and let her outfit slip to the floor. His eyes bulged at the sight of her incredible ass as she went on to slip her panties down her legs and to the floor, soon followed by her suspender belt and stockings.

"Now I want you to behave," she warned him as she turned to face him. His heart missed several beats as he got his first look at her huge naked breasts, her youthfulness was obvious from the gravity defying firmness of such unbelievably huge things. She went to step into the shower and all he could do was stare as they gently swayed in front of her from side to side, he had never seen anything like them, so big and heavy and yet so firm and perfectly shaped.

With the water cascading all over them both she told him to stand up and grab the hand rail so she could wash him. He seemed to ignore her, his attention fixed on her naked 20 year old body. He reached out his old hands towards her but she swatted them away. "If you stand up and let me wash you then you can wash me"

He just nodded his head and rose to his feet as he took hold of the rail, as he did this she sat herself on the seat and filled her hands with soap. The rampant old codger turned to face her, his huge gnarled dirty old cock pointing straight at her just inches from her face.

She began to wash him all over, the feeling for him was one of pure pleasure, for her however it was a feeling of disgust. He waited in anticipation as she washed all the way up his legs, when she got to the top he gasped for breath as she smothered soap all over his heavy old ball sack. He knew his cock was next but as if playing some cruel trick she went straight to his stomach and chest. He was now at the point where he couldn't take much more of this treatment.

He leaned forward to try and put his cock against her face, he needed her to touch it in way at all, but she simply dodged her head to one side and pushed him back.

"Right," she said, "you sit here so I can stand and wash my hair while you give me a wash." She couldn't believe what she was saying, the look in his eyes as his licked his old lips told her what she already knew, he was going to really enjoy this.....a lot!

The dirty old pervert watched as she closed her eyes and began to shampoo her hair, her beautiful huge tits now swaying from side to side right in front of his eyes. He applied soap to his rough old hands and as if in a trance he reached up towards them. As his fingers touched them he almost expected her to slap him away, instead she simply carried on washing her hair and so, unable to wait a moment longer, he started to lavish soap all over them, at long last getting his first feel. Oh what a feel, they were perfection, so big and heavy and firm he simply couldn't believe what was happening. He swirled the cascading water around over them as an excuse to continue on and on squeezing and groping them like the dirty old man he was.

Mandy kept her eyes closed and her hands on her head to wash her hair, she started to enjoy the sensation as she tried to imagine it was somebody else touching her in this way. She turned to her side and felt his old hands washing the water all over her firm hot young body, her tits, her waist, her ass, everywhere. As he hands went across her outwardly jutting ass cheeks and gave each one a firm squeeze she could hear him let out a long groan.

His cock was now in such desperate need that he knew he was going to have to take her soon, if she wanted it or not. He loved feeling the tightness of her smooth skin, she was so firm and toned, the disgusting old pervert was in heaven as she just allowed him to continue without any objection.

As she turned her back to him she parted her legs slightly, her ass now right in front of his face. He applied more soap to his roaming hands and placed a palm over each tight round cheek. With a circular motion he massaged each one, this was just the most incredible experience, like her tits her ass was just pure perfection . He was now at the point where he was going to do whatever he felt the urge to, and so he began washing up the insides of her thighs. The water cascaded off the shelf of her ass like a waterfall, and as he looked between her legs he could clearly see the lips of her pussy.

He slid his hand higher up the inside of her thigh until it came to rest against her soft wet cunt. Still she offered no objection, so the dirty old bugger twisted his hand until his fingers pressed against it and he began to gently rub back and forth.

At that Mandy let out a moan as she reached forward and leant her elbows on the hand rail, pushing her ass back towards him. He took this as a clear invitation, and so he slipped two fingers between her juicy wet lips and slowly pushed them up inside her as deep as they would go. He wasn't about to let this opportunity pass, and so he started to finger her slowly at first before picking up speed until he was going at her hard and fast. He needed her beyond the point of no return so he could finally get her to satisfy his dirty hard cock.

"Ooh you dirty old bastard," she moaned, "you dirty dirty fucking bastard, mmmm oooh yes yes."

She parted her legs further and lowered herself towards his lap. "mmmm where's that dirty great big cock?" she asked as she reached between her legs and took the base of it in her hand.

The old man couldn't catch his breath for a few moments as the sensation of her touching his cock at long last was almost too much to take. He slipped his fingers from inside her and took hold of her hips as he guided her down towards it.

"Ooooooh!" he moaned as her tight pussy lips parted over the swollen end of his cock, she slid herself down it slowly all the way until she was sat an his lap. He was on the verge and knew he wasn't going to last as she started to rotate her hips and slowly bounce her ass up and down, her tight cunt massaging his bursting member so beautifully.

He reached for her wet hair with one hand and pulled her head back, with the other he reached around her and roughly grabbed her huge swaying tits, squeezing and pinching her swollen nipples.

Mandy was now in the throws of an ever building orgasm and reached down for his balls. "Ooooh yeah, time to empty these fuckin' great things," she groaned as she started to bounce faster on his cock, gripping it with the walls of her cunt as tightly as she could.

Suddenly the old mans balls tightened and with an unknown strength he rose to his feet pushing her face against the wall. He spread his old hands wide over her ass and hips and started to pound his huge old cock into her tight wet cunt with all his might. Harder and harder he fucked her, water splashing everywhere as his grunting and groaning echoed around the cubicle.

Mandy felt an orgasm rush through her body as all of a sudden her cunt filled with what felt like gallons of his hot thick spunk.

The old man had never felt anything like it as he came with such tremendous force, the pressure of so much spunk powering its way up through his cock was unbelievable. Over and over he rammed into her, dumping a seemingly endless load of the filthy stuff in her now soaked pussy. He grunted again and again as he continued to hammer himself against her, the satisfaction was overwhelming for the pathetic frail old boy.

Fearing his legs would give way he rested himself along her back and reached under her to fondle her magnificently huge breasts as they swayed freely beneath her. His pace began to slow as he kept his cock buried as deep inside her as he could, the final drops from his old balls pumping into her.

All too soon he found he could stand up no more and his cock slithered from her as he sat himself back down on the seat.

"You naughty boy," she said in a teasing way as she looked down at him for a moment before stepping from the shower. Although she enjoyed it she couldn't help feeling a little ashamed, and so, grabbing her clothes together with a towel, she hurried from the room and went back through to the bedroom.

After a few minutes, and realising that she wasn't coming back, the old man turned the shower off, took his walking stick and shuffled off after her.

When he got to the bedroom he found Mandy had dried herself and had started getting dressed. All she had on was her black stockings and suspenders, she looked like dream, a pure fantasy, a sight that unexpectedly stiffened his 81 year old cock instantly.

Without putting anything else on Mandy sat on the edge of the bed and, taking a towel, instructed him to come closer so she could dry him off. She was aware that Peter could still be outside and so she had to continue with the whole ordeal.

The old man looked like a drowned rat with his few wet strands of grey hair hanging from the sides of his bald head. He gave her a toothless smile as his sagging wrinkly old body shuffled across the room and stood right in front of her.

He looked down at her sweet and pretty face, his huge old cock bobbed around in front of it as hard as could be. With his rough old hands he reached down and took either side of her head and started to pull it forward towards his throbbing tool.

"P..p..p..pretty, pretty," he stammered. Whatever his illness was it had obviously impaired his speach.

Mandy knew what he wanted but couldn't bring herself to do it, although his cock had been washed in the shower and was a fine huge specimen, it still looked old and gnarled with such huge and heavy balls hanging low in their overstretched old sack.

"Now behave yourself," she told him as she pulled her head back and pushed him away. She again reminded him to behave as he moved up close to her again muttering to himself. "Mmmmm l..l..lovely, mmmmmmm ooooh yes yes." He wasn't about to give up, sensing her half-hearted attempts at resisting him he knelt on the bed beside her and pushed her back causing her to reluctantly lie down.

Before she could get back up he clambered over her to hold her down. "Oooh t..tits l..lovely b..big tits mmmm," he drooled as he sunk his face into them, locking his toothless old mouth hard over one of her hard swollen nipples. She tried to push him off but he was now a man on a mission, he grabbed her other tit with his hand and squeezed it hard as he slobbered and sucked on them both all over. Now almost out of control he moved up her neck and forced his rancid old mouth over hers. He moaned and shook as he pushed his tongue as deeply into her mouth as he possibly could, slobbering and dribbling like a dog.

He ran his creepy old hand down her body until it was on the top of her thigh, excitedly he rubbed it up and down feeling the smooth silkiness of her stockings. This caused him to grow more and more excited, like many men he had always had a thing for women in stockings.

Realising the inevitable Mandy pushed him back telling him reluctantly that she would let him do this but it would be the last time.

The old guy just stared at her as she manoeuvred herself up the bed and lay with her head on the pillow, her gorgeous blonde hair spread out across it. She drew her knees up and positioned her feet apart flat on the bed, a more beautiful sight could not exist. Her perfect flawless young body looked so tempting laid out before him, if he could make one wish then this would be it, an incredibly voluptuous 20 year old gorgeous blond girl on his bed waiting for him to do as he pleased with her.

He knelt on the bed between her feet, the discomfort in his old bones and joints seemed to vanish into thin air as he stared at her sweet young pussy, so fresh and inviting. He placed his hands at the inside of her knees and gently spread them as far as they would go. He then stooped forward and gently kissed her stockings on the inside of one of her thighs. He slowly worked his way along until he reached the soft naked skin just above her stocking tops.

He licked and kissed his way further, Mandy closed her eyes as she made the decision to try and enjoy what was bound to happen as much as she possibly could. He lifted his head to lovingly admire the beautiful gift that awaited him between her legs. He rested his weight on his elbows and wrapped his hands around the tops of her thighs as he leaned forward and slowly kissed the lips of her pussy. As he continued he wormed his tongue between them and inside her tender moist cunt and started to taste her juices that were building up within.

As he grew ever more excited he pushed his wrinkled old face into her now wet cunt and licked it like an over exited dog moaning and groaning as he did.

Mandy couldn't help but enjoy the treatment she was receiving from this disgusting old man and she let out a long sigh as he sucked on her swollen clit. At the same time he pushed three fingers up inside her and started to wiggle them around, he was thrilled to see her love juices runing out of her cunt and cover his old hand.

He couldn't wait, he needed her more than anything on this earth, and so like some sort of reptile he crawled up her body slobbering and drooling all over her as he went, pausing for a few moments to suck and chew on her lovely big tits. Soon he was positioned between her opened legs and his huge hard cock was nudging its way between her pussy lips.

Mandy now needed it as much as he did as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately on the mouth, her tongue swirling around his. Then suddenly they both let out a groan as in one thrust he plunged his cock into her all the way up to the hilt. Instantly Mandy lifted her stocking clad legs and wrapped them around his back, he drew himself back before he again drove it all the way up inside her. As he started to pound into her with long driving thrusts he began to get faster and faster, every time he ploughed into her she could feel the weight of his huge balls slamming against her ass.

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