tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 18

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 18


With Mandy now back at home everything seemed to quieten down for a few days, giving her a much needed rest from the demands being put upon her.

Alison however was about to plunge into her own set of troubles, and life was going to take a turn very much for the worse......

It was the Monday after Mandy's return and Alison was at work at the department store as usual. It was much as any other day and Alison had planned to go straight from work to her tennis practice as she always did on a Monday. This was something that she really enjoyed and had taken it up some months ago as a way of keeping fit and was pleased with the way it toned her stomach making her waist a little narrower. This was something that she was obviously happy about, her huge bust and shapely ass remained exactly the same which gave her womanly curves even more emphasis.

Unfortunately she could only ever go on a Monday as that was ladies only day. She used to go other evenings too but as you can imagine the sight of Alison running and jumping around playing tennis used to quickly draw a crowd of male spectators. Most of them had their tongues hanging out drooling as they would watch her gigantic 40HH tits bouncing around inside her thin cotton t-shirt. If that wasn't enough to delight then there was her short tennis skirt and the way it would keep flashing her panties stretched across her gorgeous shapely ass for all to see. It all became too much for Alison, the leering and ogling, the wolf whistles, the sometimes disgusting comments, and then came the last straw, this was when some of them actually brought cameras and started taking pictures of her.

So Monday was the only time she could play, her routine was, as usual, she would change into her tennis clothes at work so she could head straight off over there. This was something that most of the guys at work looked forward to, Alison's amazingly voluptuous body contained in a sexy little tennis outfit was truly a sight to behold.

This Monday was much as any other and Alison waited until just about everyone had gone and then went into the ladies toilets to get changed.

Being a the sort of woman that takes a lot of care over her appearance, Alison had a number of different tennis outfits from which to choose.

The one she wore today consisted of a nice pale pink cotton t-shirt that looked as if it had been painted onto her magnificent womanly curves. The skirt was the usual short pleated white number but with a pink stripe either side making it clear to see that the t-shirt and skirt were a matching set. It was obviously very short, as they always are, and as it hung over her slightly plump outward jutting ass, it did somehow manage to hide her panties.....just!

Underneath she of course wore a bra and panty set that went with her outfit, the bra being predominantly white lace trimmed with delicate pink lace edging. Her panties matched only they were pure white cotton trimmed with the same delicate pink lace edging.

On her feet she wore plain white pumps and ankle socks with a matching pale pink stripe around them, she looked perfect!

Thinking that just about everyone had gone she left the toilets and, carrying her sports bag with her clothe in it, headed for the staff door at the back of the building.

"Excuse me!" someone shouted.

Alison ignored the shout and carried on towards the door.

"Erm, excuse me!" they again called.

At that Alison stopped and turned to see who was calling her.

It was Norman the security guard, he was waving at her from the other end of the corridor, "can I see you just before you go."

This was most inconvenient as Alison had her court booked and it was always a rush to get there at the best of times.

Now Norman was rather a strange choice for a security guard, partly because he was rather old, in his sixties, and also because he was disabled and confined to a wheelchair for much of the time. His disability didn't interfere with his job however as he simply spent all his working day just sitting watching the security monitors. If he saw anything suspicious then his job was to radio the security guards on the shop floor and they would then take things from there.

It was a simple job and one that he could do adequately, he wasn't stupid but then he wasn't blessed with too much intelligence either. Spending his time in a wheelchair meant that he was a little flabby around the gut making his uniform rather a poor fit and always looking rather scruffy. His hair was black and greasy and he had a huge bald patch on top, he had a long moustache that was badly in need of a trim and permanent stubble around his flabby chin. Also his head seemed to permanently hang to one side giving him the look of someone who was slightly retarded.

He wasn't a very pleasant character and there had been a number of complaints from the female members of staff regarding his behaviour towards them. It seemed that the management were always reluctant to pull him up over anything because he was disabled and they were obviously worried that it may lead to complaints of discrimination. This was a card that Norman played to his advantage. Not only would he get away with leering at the women but he was even afforded the luxury of being able to get away with touching them up. Nothing too serious but he did find it almost impossible to resist patting some of them on the bum or even running his hand up the back of their skirts, he was at just the right height you see. When they saw it was him they seemed to let it go, almost as if it was expected, not that they didn't think him a dirty old man, but for some reason nobody would tell him off for it.

As Alison walked along the corridor towards him she could smell the stench of stale cigarettes that seemed to hang permanently around him. "What is it?" she asked him, "I'm in a bit of a hurry."

"Step into my office and I'll explain," he told her.

He rolled his wheelchair back clear of the doorway so she could go in. As she did she could feel his eyes all over her, she knew just how sexy she looked and felt a little exposed and vulnerable in what she was wearing.

As she walked past him he couldn't help having a good look at the way her perfectly fitting pink t-shirt stretched across her massive tits. they seemed to be asking to be grabbed as they thrust out proudly in front of her. From behind he drank in the sight of her gorgeous round ass cheeks and the tantalising way their movement caused her short pleated skirt to sway from side to side. He admired her firm thighs, they looked so smooth and were covered with a luscious golden tan, he could feel himself growing excited already.

As she turned to face him she was momentarily shocked to see the old wheelchair bound retard so blatantly looking her over. "Now what is it you want?"

"Oh," he said as he gathered his composure, "the thing is," he went on in his rather slow and monotone way, "I have reason to believe that you may have some items that don't belong to you concealed about your person."

"What! Don't be so ridiculous," she said as she went to leave.

"I... I wouldn't leave if I were you," he told her in a more menacing tone, "I do have some rather incriminating evidence."

She knew that ultimately the security guards had the power to search all bags and there was nothing she could do to stop him, if he wanted her searched however then it would have to be in private and by a female member of staff. So reluctantly she handed him her bag, instantly he took it and opened it up to begin rummaging through it.

She had obviously put the clothes she had been wearing at work that day in it all neatly folded. However he pulled things from it without a care, making her more and more annoyed as he dumped everything on the desk to his side. Then the moment she had feared but knew was coming, he pulled out the black silk panties she had been wearing and seemed to freeze as he held them up before his eyes. After a moment or two he just giggled nervously as he brought them closer to his nose to have a sniff of the crotch. It was as if he had forgotten she was there, he was so obviously excited at having his hands on her used panties.

"Excuse me!" barked Alison as she swiped them from his hand. She couldn't believe the cheek of him, how dare he!

No sooner had she taken them from him than he had dipped into the bag again and pulled out her matching black lace bra. A huge smile came across his ugly old face revealing a mouth full of badly stained yellow teeth as he marvelled at the size of it.

Again she snatched it from him. Amazed at his arrogance she couldn't believe the way he just stuffed her clothes back into the back and threw it onto the floor.

"Right then," he said as he looked up at her rubbing his hands together, "we'll just have to search you and then you can go."

"Oh I don't think so," she told him rather abruptly, "as you know full well only a female member of staff can do that, and then it has to be in private."

"Well if you would rather I can just hand the matter over to the management, but before you decide maybe you should see what I've caught on the security cameras."

At that he spun his wheelchair around to face the desk. Along it was a row of several television screens and some video recording equipment. He reached across and pressed the play button and all the screens jumped into life with the same picture.

Curious but not too concerned Alison stood there waiting to see what he supposedly had on tape, after all she knew she hadn't stolen anything so whatever it was she felt sure it could easily be explained.

As the video began Alison realised that the camera was zoomed in on her up the ladder in the store room. She quickly realised that rather than using the equipment for its correct purpose he had been using it to film her, for what reason she didn't dare to imagine!

Just then the camera pulled back to reveal Stuart talking to her, it then dawned on her what she was watching. She stood there in silence as she saw he had the whole of their conversation the other day recorded followed by his groping of her while up the ladder.

As Alison brought her hand up to her mouth shocked by what he had caught on tape he told her to wait as the best was yet to come. Alison looked down at Norman sitting in his wheelchair, he was obviously getting excited as he sat there sniggering at what he was watching while blatantly fiddling with himself.

He had got her going into Stuarts office and then, turning the volume up, you could hear everything that was going on inside, leaving no doubt as to what they were getting up to. He then fast forwarded the tape to show her leaving the office, as she stood adjusting her clothes Stuart could be seen through the opened door sat with his trousers and underpants around his ankles.

At that moment Norman switched the machine off and pushed himself away from the desk to look up at Alison. "So you see, it's up to you, I mean it depends if you want your little secret to stay in this office or if you want me to make it public knowledge."

P...please...no don't do this....please." Alison was suddenly begging the dirty little pervert, the power had shifted and she knew he was calling the shots now.

"You just have to let me search you, that's all." Of course they both knew that wasn't all, he wanted more, much more. The disgusting wheelchair bound freak sat there virtually drooling over the unbelievably tempting sight of the young woman's incredibly voluptuous body in her pink and white tennis gear.

Alison knew she had no choice other than to agree, all she could hope for was that whatever he had in mind it would be quick. She was angry, both at him but also at herself. She knew the affect her body had on men and she cursed the size of her breasts and the trouble they seemed to bring her. But she was also angry at being so stupid as to wear such a teasing and sexy outfit, the little pleated skirt that just covered her panties and the sprayed on t-shirt that emphasized her magnificent chest were just asking for trouble.

Norman could see the expression change on her face to one of realisation of the fix she was in. He smiled a dirty smile as he looked her over, this young woman that he had been watching and lusting over for months was at his mercy, he couldn't believe it. At the same time Alison looked at the filthy old pervert sitting there in his wheelchair with his gut hanging over his belt. She noticed the hungry look in his eyes as his broad smile displayed his yellow stained teeth to her, pools of spit formed in the corners of his mouth, he was horrible and smelly and made her feel physically sick.

"Well?" he said, "am I going to search you or shall I make this tape public knowledge?"

"O...of course you can search me," she replied nervously.

He gave the impression of being a bit unstable, and the fact that he was obviously retarded in some minor way worried her and she was keen to keep him happy. She was extremely concerned about this video recording he had, and that coupled with his backward state of mind meant that she found the situation very worrying, even a little frightening.

As she approached him he instructed her to come and stand to his side, that way she would be easier for him to reach. The scent of her expensive perfume filled the air, she was so beautiful and sexy, yet so classy too. With her standing very close along side him he got her to turn around so she had her back to him.

The dirty old creep sat and admired her wonderful shapely ass at close quarters for a few moments, he loved the way it stuck out quite far and the way her little pleated tennis skirt only just covered it.

He wasted no more time, he was so eager to touch her. He reached with both hands and placed them either side of her waist before starting to slowly feel his way down over her hips. His heart was pounding like crazy, he couldn't believe that she was actually allowing him to do this. He grew ever more excited as he slowly began to bring his hands together across her ass. As he cupped each rounded cheek in his hands he spread his fingers wide and carefully felt her gorgeous shapely cheeks all over.

Alison felt sick at the thought of him enjoying himself by using her in this way, it was of course plainly obvious that searching her was just an excuse to have a free grope. She knew she should have refused to allow him to continue, but at the back of her mind was not only the thought that he might show the video to people at work, worse than that he might show her husband. She knew she would never be able to explain as he was a jealous man at the best of times.

Then she felt his hands releasing her ass and a moment later the back of her skirt lifting up.

"P...please don't," she quietly begged, knowing her pleading with him was useless.

He said nothing, instead he just let out a long sigh as her ass encased in her pure white cotton and lace panties came into view. He began to drool from his mouth at the sight before him. Its generous outward thrusting shape and size stretched the fabric tightly causing them to mold perfectly to each cheek. This was a long held dream come true for dirty old Norman as he brought his hand up towards it, the temptation to feel it was simply too much. He held her skirt up with one hand allowing the other to gently roam across her smooth white cotton undies.

He took his time to explore every inch of it's incredible shape, it felt so good, better than he had even dreamt, but soon his excitement took over and he couldn't resist grabbing a good handful and squeezing it hard. First one cheek and then the other, he was so turned on as he groped and fondled her ass all over, her sexy white panties were driving him crazy.

Suddenly Alison let out a shriek as the dirty old sod opened his mouth wide and bit down hard on one of her cheeks. This caused her to instantly jump and step away from him, but as she turned to tell him off he simply laughed at her. The sight of the filthy old pervert sat there in his wheelchair displaying his disgusting yellow stained teeth and drooling from the corners of his mouth repulsed her, but she knew he was in full control and there was nothing she could do about it.

As his laughter faded away his eyes slowly moved from looking at her face and down to her chest and a more serious expression came across his face.

"Now come and sit here facing me so I can search the rest of you," he instructed as he closed his knees together and gestured for her to sit on them.

Doing as she was told she stood astride him and sat herself down on his knees. Her ass was perched on the very edge as if instinctively she was trying to sit as far away from him as possible. With her knees to the outside of the wheelchair arms she faced him with her legs quite wide apart, her small pleated tennis skirt hung between her opened legs just able to conceal her panty covered crotch.

Norman licked his dirty lips and dragged the back of his hand across his mouth before reaching forward to take the gift sitting on his lap that was being presented to him. He placed his hands on her shoulders and felt around her neck before stroking her lovely soft blond hair with his dirty nicotine stained fingers.

"Mmmmmmmm," he whispered as he looked into her gorgeous big eyes, "you are so beautiful."

With that he lowered his hands until they gently came to rest on her lovely big tits. His finger tips slowly began to explore over them, he could feel the lace design of her bra through the tight pink cotton t-shirt. His touch was like one of a blind man feeling his way over them. Alison closed her eyes and turned her head away as she bit on her lower lip, he filled her with disgust and she hated him, but his touch was strangely starting to turn her on.

"Oh my God," he whispered under his breath as he marvelled at the phenomenal size and shape of them. He couldn't resist spreading his hands wide and giving them a much needed squeeze as he felt them all over. His hands roamed across the two most fantastic tits he had ever seen, it was like a dream he couldn't believe she was allowing him to do this. His eyes bulged at the sight of her sitting there, his cock was harder than it had ever been, she was just every wet dream he had ever had all rolled into one.

Alison just sat there, her 40HH breasts being groped and mauled by this repulsive old man, her tight pink t-shirt so clean and fresh under his filthy hands stained yellow and brown from a lifetime of heavy smoking.

"Let's check to see if you've hidden anything in that huge bra," he said as he began to lift her t-shirt up. "Oh lord," he groaned as he lifted it up and over her tits bunching it up under her neck. "Lovely, oh yes," he went on as he admired her tits in their perfectly fitted white lace bra.

He wasted no time in grabbing them and having a good feel, they were irresistible.

"Get them out," he ordered her.

Still looking away and with her eyes closed Alison slipped her hand inside one bra cup and heaved out the biggest most gorgeous tit he had ever seen, while at the same time pulling the bra down with her other hand. She repeated the process with her other tit and after a moment or two pulling her bra down and her tits up until she was comfortable she sat there waiting for his next move.

Old Norman was amazed at what was before him, her huge tits looked like they had exploded out between her bra below her and t-shirt above. They looked as tight as two fully inflated balloons squeezing through a letterbox. Her nipples stood out long and hard looking as if they might burst open at any minute.

Alison felt his filthy hands surround her right breast and start to squeeze it causing her nipple to swell even more. She had always had such sensitive nipples and when she felt his dirty wet lips start to suck on it and his teeth gently bite down she moaned without realising it. He instantly saw that this was something that she liked, something that turned her on whether she liked it or not. So he released his mouth and took each nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he watched the expression on her face as he squeezed each one hard and slowly pulled on them.

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