tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 21

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 21


That evening as Mandy lay in her bed she pondered over what Billy had told her he wanted her to do. It seemed quite easy, something that anyone could do, but for some reason, possibly because he had no real friends, he wanted her to do it.

Billy was in fact in deep trouble and facing the prospect of being sent back inside, this was something he wanted to avoid for obvious reasons. His probation officer had received a number of complaints from the other residents at the house about the way he was abusing his position by bullying them and making threats. Now Billy only had a month to go before his probation was up and he was a completely free man, so the prospect of being sent back when he was so close to freedom seemed extremely unfair.

His probation officer, Mr Roberts, was a doddering old fool who was due to retire in less than a years time. His paperwork skills were, to say the least, poor. Being very forgetful meant that he never seemed to know what he was doing from one day to the next, bad for Mr Roberts but quite useful for some of his more cunning crooks. Billy realised this and had long thought that this was something that he too could use to his advantage.

Now the only time that old Mr Roberts ever looks at any of the files he has on his many probationers is when he's due to see them for their 6 weekly review, so he wouldn't give Billy a thought until the day he was due to see him. This meant that if Billy could somehow get someone to access the old fools diary and remove his final appointment with him then he would be free of his probation long before Mr Roberts would ever realise that he hadn't seen him. By the time anyone would realise what had happened it would be too late to do anything about it and just go down as an administration error....Brilliant!

Now that someone was of course Mandy, and it was to be her for a very good reason. She of course couldn't understand why it needed to be her, it was something that anybody could do, but if that's what he wanted then who was she to refuse.

It was widely known amongst people that knew him that old Mr Roberts was a bit of a lecherous old pervert. There always seemed to be a position open for the role of his secretary, mainly because they never seemed to stay for more than a day or so. The trouble was he would always employ his secretary based on what she looked like and how young she was, qualifications didn't come into it. He had a simple rule, when it came to choosing between possible candidates always go for the one with the biggest tits.

Unfortunately for him however when you're a balding old fart and pushing retirement age then you find they don't much care for being constantly ogled. They also don't like it when suggestive comments are made towards them by such an ugly old creep who obviously hadn't a chance in hell of receiving a favorable response. But when you're an old man like Mr Roberts and you occasionally find yourself lucky enough to be shut in an office all day with a cock hardening young piece of skirt then it's pretty hard to control yourself.

The result of this was that usually within a day they would always leave, finding his company too uncomfortable. Some had even made complaints, luckily for the old man the general feeling amongst his superiors was to just give him a written warning. They felt that as he hadn't actually been accused of doing anything other than looking and passing the odd comment, and considering he had given many years good service and only had a short time to go then it would be unfair to dismiss him so late in his career. Had he been a handsome young man then probably nothing would have been said, it was just because he was old and not very pleasant to look at that it was felt he suffered these complaints.

You had to feel a little sorry for him, he couldn't help being old overweight and ugly, inside he was the same as every other man with urges and needs that he sadly could never fulfil. He couldn't resist a pretty girl, they would come and go often unaware of how unbearably hard it was for him to look but never touch, he felt it was cruel the way, he believed, they would almost deliberately tempt and tease.

Anyway a result of the complaints the lecherous old fool knew he was on his last chance and so had to try and control himself, not too hard to do when you can no longer get a female assistant anyway. Most of the employment agencies had stopped sending girls and wouldn't deal with him because of the numerous complaints.

Therefore Billy's reason for sending Mandy was obvious, With a reputation like Mr Roberts had he was certain to offer her the job straight away. Then she would be in a position to access his file and sort out his problem once and for all.

Mandy knew exactly what Billy wanted her to do, and so she took a few days off from her real job and went along to the offices where this man worked to ask for an interview. She figured that if she got the job and started straight away then she should be able to delete this diary entry within the first day or two at the most...easy!

She dressed herself smart for the interview in a pair of black trousers that were lovely and tight from the waist to the knee before flaring out from the knee all the way to the floor completely covering her four inch heels. Her gorgeous tight ass stuck out beautifully and the perfect fit of the trousers showed off the individual perfection of each gorgeous round cheek. Underneath she wore a tiny thong to avoid an obvious pantie line. On top she wore a brand new plain white t-shirt that hugged her as tightly as the trousers.

As she walked the long corridor towards the lone office at the far end she was blissfully unaware of the old mans reputation. Instead she was more concerned with how old and in bad condition the place seemed to be. Also as it was at the opposite end of the building to where most of the other offices were it felt a little creepy.

She soon found herself standing at the door and paused a moment to compose herself before she knocked.

She heard a deep grumbling voice come from inside the room but couldn't hear what it said, and so she knocked again.

"Come in come in," this time it was clearer and so Mandy quietly opened the door and stepped into the room.

As she entered she saw the old man sitting at his desk, he was looking down through the small round glasses perched on the end of his nose reading some papers on his desk. He didn't even look up as he grunted, "yes?" He assumed it was one of the clerks from upstairs come to collect something as they often did.

Mandy was a little puzzled and unsure of what to do. She gazed around the room, all the furniture was thick with dust and the place looked more like an antique shop than an office. As she looked at Mr Roberts she couldn't help but notice his balding head peppered with a few dirty looking scabs. He wore an old brown jacket that had seen better days, his shoulders seemed covered in flaking skin and dandruff and his tie had some obvious remnants of his last meal down the front. His shirt was probably once white but over the years it had faded to that dull grayish white and the collar seemed to have a ring of dirt around it where it rubbed on his spotty neck.

Mandy cleared her throat before speaking for the first time. "Erm...ex...excuse me sir."

On hearing a female voice that he didn't recognise he suddenly went from virtually ignoring Mandy to instantly giving her his full attention. He took his glasses from his face and sat back in his chair as he smiled at her through yellow tobacco stained teeth.

Mandy noticed his chubby red face was covered in spots and nasty scabs, some of the spots looked like painful boils, he obviously suffered from some sort of skin condition that left him pot-marked all over, it was either that or he simply never washed. He had huge bushy eyebrows with long thick hairs curling back against his forehead. His eyelids seemed to sag, so much so that the red flesh beneath his lower eyelids was exposed like one of those big old drooling dogs..

Mandy was momentarily freaked out by his unpleasant appearance, but then she remembered of course that this time it was only a job and nothing else had been asked of her, and so what he looked like wasn't of any real importance.

He made a disgusting sound as he cleared a load of phlegm from his throat before taking a moment to look her over.

He was completely blown away by this incredibly gorgeous young woman standing in his office, he couldn't quite believe it as his brain tried to take in as much information in those first few seconds as it could.

He instantly noticed the amazing size of her huge tits and the way her white t-shirt seemed to cling to their firmness. It was rare to find a girl with such fantastically big tits that wasn't also overweight in some way, and the clingy t-shirt allowed him to see she wasn't overweight, it showed off both the narrowness of her slender waist and the enormous size of her tits, he had never seen such a figure.

"Y...yes, how can I help you?"

"I've come about the job," she told him, "I heard you had a position open for a secretary."

"Oh yes yes," he eagerly replied as he rose to his feet and gestured towards a chair in the far corner, "please, bring a chair over."

Mandy noticed how scruffy his clothing was, his lower shirt buttons struggled to contain his round belly as it hung over his trousers. His food stained tie was too short and unable to reach over his stomach stopping far short of where his belt was.

As she turned and walked across to get the chair he took the opportunity to check out her ass in the tight black trousers. It was just perfect, so sexy, and as she bent to pick up the chair the tight trousers seemed to stretch even tighter across her lovely firm round cheeks. "Oh what a fucking ass," he thought to himself, "oh thank you God, thank you very much!"

She sat herself down on the opposite side of the desk and he asked her to tell him a bit about herself. As she spoke he found himself mesmerized by her pretty young face framed by her lovely blond hair. He couldn't remember the last time he saw anyone more beautiful, he watched her pouting moist young lips as she carried on talking about herself. His own mouth started to water as he tried to imagine what it would be like to kiss them, they looked so tempting, so soft and sweet. His imagination started to run away with him as he went from thinking how it would be to kiss them to how it would be to slip his cock between them and have her suck him off.

Mandy finished talking and there was an awkward silence for a few moments as Mr Roberts brought himself back from his daydream.

"Good, excellent," he suddenly said as he shuffled some papers, "well, erm the jobs yours, when can you start? right away?" He hadn't heard a word she had said, but it didn't matter, he wasn't about to let her go, no way!

"Right away? well, erm, yes I suppose so."

The lecherous old pervert got to his feet and came around the table to shake her hand. He was instantly "hands on" with her as he put his arm around her shoulder and took her to the desk in the corner to show her where she would be sitting. He had positioned the desk a long time ago with the possibility of young female staff in mind, it was sideways on to him facing the wall, thus giving him a perfect full length view of whoever sat at it. He was so excited but at the same time he knew he didn't want this one to leave like the others, that was the last thing he wanted and so he knew he would have to be a bit careful.

Most of the morning was spent with Mandy doing some filing and typing out letters, she slowly became aware that every time she glanced over at the old man he was looking at her. This made her a little uncomfortable but then she was quite used to being stared at by men and so she tried to think nothing of it.

He, on the other hand, was having the time of his life having the company of such a gorgeous hot young thing all to himself. He chatted about all sorts of things, he couldn't stop himself from going on and on, he was just so thrilled with her. All the time he's talking he's also looking, dreaming, fantasizing....lusting. He couldn't stop thinking how it might be to feel those huge lovely tits in his hands, he had never seen a more perfect pair. It would be a dream come true to squeeze them and find out just how heavy and firm they really were.

The more he looked the more he wanted her, she had his cock so permanently hard. Every time she walked across the room to do some filing he couldn't take his eyes off her incredible ass and firm thighs in those tight fitting black trousers. It was driving him crazy, if he didn't break off soon and go for a desperately needed wank then he was starting to seriously worry that he might lose all control and just grab her and force himself onto her.

Luckily lunchtime arrived and Mandy took herself off out to get something to eat, leaving Mr Roberts still sitting at his desk. The moment she stepped out and closed the door behind her the dirty old pervert couldn't wait a moment longer. He hurriedly unzipped his trousers and pulled his rock hard cock out. Within a matter of just a few seconds he had grabbed it pumped it up and down and shot a huge load of thick creamy spunk all over the underside of his desk.

"Oooooh thank God," he sighed as he closed his eyes and slumped against the back of his chair slowly squeezing the remaining spunk from his aching old balls. After a few minutes he cleaned up the mess and put his dirty old cock back inside his trousers. Just in time as it turned out because a couple of minutes later Mandy came back with her lunch.

She sat down to eat it at her desk and started to think about how to get into the diary to do what Billy had sent her there for. As she ate Mr Roberts came across and sat on the edge of her desk and started chatting to her again while munching on his own lunch.

Mandy found it quite hard to eat with him so near, he was actually putting her off her food. He ate like a pig with his mouth open and the grubby state of him, coupled with his scab covered spotty round old face, was making her feel a little sick.

Like a so many deluded old men he couldn't see it and carried on talking to her confusing her polite kind nature with thinking that she liked him. He was under no false illusion that she fancied him but he did think that she was at least interested in all the rubbish he was spouting.

Through the afternoon he found it impossible not to look at her and increasingly difficult to keep his hands off her. After all he was alone in the office with no chance of being disturbed and before him was without a doubt the most unbelievably gorgeous incredibly sexy young woman on earth. She was turning him on so much but he knew he had to control himself, he had to fight the unacceptable urges welling up inside him.

Half way through the afternoon Mandy called him over to find out how to access his appointment diary on the computer. The overweight dirty old pig wasted no time in coming over to show her. She needed to know, even though it meant having him leaning all over her far too close for comfort while he clicked away on her mouse.

"There you are!" he said as he placed his chubby old hand on her shoulder and gave it a squeeze. As he did he spread his fingers downwards to feel the top edge of her boob where it started to swell from her chest. He thought he was being so subtle that she wouldn't notice, but of course she did. It gave her the creeps and sent a chill down her spine as he paused a little longer than necessary before returning to his own desk.

Mandy soon found Billy in the diary booked in for 2 weeks time, but just as she went to click on the button to cancel it she suddenly had a great idea. From what she could see it looked as if she could turn this to her advantage. Instead of deleting his appointment she could bring it forward and have him thrown back into prison straight away, therefore freeing her from any future demands he may have on her.

As she looked into it she found that the only way for that to happen was for Mr Roberts to fill out a form saying that he was in breach of his conditions of probation and to instruct the police to arrest him and have him locked back up.

Thinking it all through Mandy decided to change his appointment to today obviously without anybody knowing. Instead she would fill out the form herself tomorrow and just somehow get him to sign it for her. She would probably have to slip it in with some other papers and just make sure he doesn't read it. It was obvious to Mandy the affect she had on him from the way she kept on catching him ogling her, so it shouldn't be too difficult to distract him at just the right moment.

With the plan all worked out in her mind she switched her computer off and got to her feet.

"I'm finished now," she said hinting that it was time to go home.

"Ooh right, OK," replied the old man as he got to his feet and came over to her desk. For a second or two he looked awkwardly around as if he had forgotten what he had come over for. Then he put his arm around her shoulders and gave her a friendly squeeze, "have you enjoyed your first day?" he asked.

Mandy tried to lean away from him as much as she could, she didn't like him getting so close. "Yes...yes thanks," she replied.

"Good good, then we'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yes I'll be here."

He was so thrilled to hear her say that as he removed his arm from around her shoulder and said, "that's a good girl." He found being close to her so exciting, she was such a lovely cock tease and as she turned to leave he noticed a small speck of dust on her ass. It was too good of an opportunity to miss, he just had to take the chance.

"Oh wait a moment," he said, "you've got dust all over your trousers, must have been that old chair."

Mandy looked over her shoulder and down her back but couldn't see anything, "have I? where?"

"Here let me," he said playing all innocent and helpful.

"Oh....thank you," came her reply, the exact reply that he had wished for.

He stepped up and gently patted her ass as he brushed the speck off with his hand. It was such a thrill for the dirty rancid old fart and he was amazed at how firm her cheeks were, he couldn't imagine a more perfect ass, the shape of it and the teasing way it stuck out was simply lovely.

"Hold on, it's not coming off very easily," he lied taking the opportunity to give it a more vigorous brushing down. He was mesmerised by the way it instantly bounced back to it's perfect shape every time he brushed it over. He couldn't believe his luck, he was actually touching this gorgeous young ass, the sort of ass that men like him could only ever dream about. It felt so smooth, the sexy black trousers so very tightly stretched across it. He soon realised that she had no pantie line and a little more daring exploration gave him the thrill of feeling the triangular outline of her tiny thong high up where the steep slope of her ass met the inward arch of her lower back.

This all only lasted less than a minute but it was probably the most exciting minute of his sad old life. "There you go," he said as he gave her ass one last gentle pat, "all nice and clean for you now."

As Mandy left she didn't think too much of it, some girls might have realised what his game was and slapped him but she had more important things to think about.

Old Mr Roberts on the other hand couldn't believe what he had just gotten away with, it went almost unnoticed by her but meant so much to him, and so he couldn't wait to get home to enjoy some solitary pleasure while recounting the days events.............

The following day Mandy decided to dress a little more sexily, she had no desire whatsoever to turn the dirty old pervert on any more than he already was, but she needed to make sure that she was prepared for anything. If her plan went horribly wrong and she found herself either failing or even worse in some sort of trouble, then she knew there was a good chance that a flash of thigh a glimpse of cleavage and a sweet innocent smile would probably bail her out.

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