An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 21


Old Mr Roberts was at his desk shuffling some paperwork when Mandy arrived sharp at 9am. He had been excited since he first woke up that morning at the prospect of seeing her again, he was so pleased that she had turned up knowing that there was a real possibility that she may have not bothered.

As he looked up to see her his pleasure quickly turned to a sudden flush of excitement, he couldn't help gasping at just how amazing she looked, unbelievably she looked even better than yesterday. His jaw almost hit the desk as his mouth fell open at the sight before him. Unable to speak he just watched as she slowly walked across the office to her desk.

His lecherous old eyes roamed all over the gorgeous blond 20 year old and to be honest he didn't care if she knew it or not, it was just impossible to tear his gaze away.

She wore a very fine quality black suit that consisted of a short jacket that tapered in perfectly to where it stopped at the top of her hips. Down the front it had just 3 buttons that held it closed and a V neck that teasingly showed off just enough of the full swell of her enormous cleavage. It wasn't tarty as it didn't show too much, but what it did show left no doubt as to the wonderous delights contained within.

The matching short black skirt was a wet dream come true for the spotty faced old pervert. It fitted lovely and tight across her firm round cheeks displaying the perfect outward curve of her gorgeous fit young ass. With legs encased in the smoothest black nylon and a pair of black high heels she had his cock growing instantly in his grubby old trousers until within a matter of seconds it was fully hard.

She pulled her chair out and sat down at her desk crossing one leg over the other. As she did he noticed the dark band of a stocking top appear, it was such an incredibly sexy sight and he simply couldn't resist reaching under his desk and giving his erection a little squeeze as he ogled the beautiful scene before him. "Ooh you naughty little minx," he thought to himself as he wondered if she knew what she was doing by wearing stockings with such a very short skirt, did she have any idea of the affect she was having on him?

The morning went on with poor old Mr Roberts unable to concentrate on anything except for Mandy. Everytime she would get up and go to the filing cabinet he would be sat there with his tongue hanging out glaring at her with lust in his dirty old eyes, she was sending him crazy. Everytime she bent over to reach the lower drawers he felt the unmistakable wetness of pre-cum leak from the tip of his cock into his smelly old underpants, her ass in that short tight skirt was just beyond compare.

As the morning wore on the old boy found it impossible to concentrate on his work, all he could do was look at Mandy and wish beyond all wishes that she would just let him have his way with her. While lost in these thoughts he accidentally knocked a pot of drawing pins over the front edge of his desk causing them to spill all over the floor.

"Oh blast it," he said as he got to his feet and walked around to the front of the desk to survey the minor devastation.

"Here let me," Mandy chirped up as she got to her feet and came across and crouched down in front of him to pick them up. The dirty old devil just stood there looking down at the position and height of her head, it was just inches away from his stifled erection. He smiled to himself as he fantasized. From this position he couldn't help imagining himself running his fingers through her lovely silken blond hair, and if she was a kind and generous soul she would unzip his trousers and slip her sweet tender mouth over his cock and suck him off.

It was agony having her right there for the taking but being able to do nothing about it. Things only got worse as he realised from this position he had a clear uninterrupted view straight down to her amazing cleavage. The full upward swell of her lovely big tits so smooth and tanned was all there for him to see and enjoy. As she reached forward to pick up more of the pins his eyes almost popped out of his head as he got a glimpse of the black lace edge of her bra.

He was in turmoil, maybe she would see the bulge in his trousers take the hint and fulfil his fantasy. Who was he kidding, that was never going to happen, not in a million years. But the more he looked down at her the more he had to wrestle with the demons within. His mind was all over the place. He could just pull his cock out right now and wank himself off, within a matter of seconds he could be covering her pretty face and huge tits in his filthy old spunk. It would be so easy and the thought was so tempting, he wanted so badly to do it. It was a struggle but he had to keep himself in control.

That control was soon tested to the limit as she dropped to her knees and had to reach under the desk to gather the remaining few pins.

With her head on the floor looking under the desk her ass was thrust up in the air. The old boy stood behind her as she scrambled around under the desk with his mouth wide open at the sight of her short skirt stretched so tightly across her firm round cheeks. He could now clearly see the edge of her stocking tops, he couldn't believe the sight and fell to his knees behind her. He bite down on his hand as he fought with the incredible temptation to just reach forward and grab it. Kneeling directly behind her like this he could easily imagine himself pushing that skirt up and, taking her beautiful hips in his hands, driving his cock straight into her gorgeous cunt.

"Ooh just imagine," he thought to himself as he grabbed his cock and, lost in the fantasy of it all rubbed it up and down through his old trousers. The dirty old pervert couldn't pull his eyes away from her gorgeous pert young ass in that tiny little skirt as she innocently carried on picking up the pins. He wanted her so badly she was driving him crazy, it took all of his strength and will power to not just take her there and then.

He could fuck her now, she couldn't escape, there would be nothing she could do. "Oh God help me," he thought to himself.

"No no," he told himself, "God no." With his head spinning he got to his feet and rushed back around to his seat, he had to stop playing with himself before he shot his load in his underpants. This was torture, he had to control himself.

At last Mandy had gathered all the pins and went back over to her own desk where she carried on with her work. Old Mr Roberts was left with a desperate erection that was in need of some serious attention, he knew that as soon as she went to lunch he would have to get it out and relieve himself.

As lunchtime approached Mandy knew she would have to get him to sign the form that would send Billy back to prison.

"Just these to sign," she said as she placed it onto his desk between a few others. As she leaned forward she saw him looking at her tits, the hungry look on his scabby old spot covered face made her feel sick. She hated the way he looked at her, how dare he? As if she would be interested in a dirty old man like him, with his fat belly and lack of personal hygiene, how could he think anyone would find him attractive? He was revolting and from his constant ogling you would think he had never seen a girl before in his entire life.

But Mandy knew she had to be clever, she needed to be free of Billy, that was more important than anything else. So she smiled sweetly and allowed him his free look waiting patiently while he signed the papers.

When he came to Billy's he stopped and looked at it. Mandy started to panic, this had to work, she had to be free of him, who knows what future demands he might place on her, her plan had to matter what!

Then her biggest fear happened, he told her that this wasn't right and he wasn't going to send him back inside, instead he had already decided that he was just going to give him a final warning. As he continued looking at it he asked her somewhat puzzled where the form had come from and who had filled it in.

Mandy stuttered and stammered as she tried to explain how she had filled it in to save him time. He wasn't having it and sat back in his creaky old chair and threw the paper across the table. "I don't understand," he said to her, "there's more to this than meets the eye."

Mandy just stood there like a rabbit caught in a cars full beam. The old man thought for a moment but couldn't figure out what was going on and why she had done this, it all seemed a little suspicious. As he thought his mind went into overdrive and he started to wonder if he could possibly turn this to his advantage. Just looking at her standing there had his frustrated stinking old cock desperately throbbing in his underpants and crying out for relief.

Mandy could see the thoughts going through his dirty old mind and already had a pretty good idea what he was thinking, it was the same as every other man she had ever met. She had to think, what was she prepared to do if needed? He was a dirty smelly disgusting old man, his face was so ugly covered in those nasty spots and scabs, she didn't want to have to give him what she was quickly starting to realise he wanted, but then the choice was either that or face a lifetime of endless demands from Billy....... She knew deep down there really was no choice.

Now he knew nothing of her problem with Billy, all he could see was an opportunity to threaten her with the sack and the deluded old fool thought that just maybe she might be prepared to do something for him to save her job. He knew there was no way it could really work, but to look at her standing there he knew it had to be worth a try, even to just get a quick feel of those lovely big tits would mean so much more to him than she could ever know.

He pretended to be angry and kicked his chair back as he got to his feet telling her that in circumstances like this he would normally be giving her the sack. Now of course Mandy didn't care about that as she had no intention of ever coming back after today anyway, all she needed was for him to sign that form.

The blustering old fart went on to crudely suggest that he may be persuaded to overlook this incident. He raised his thick bushy eyebrows and looked her up and down, it was blatantly obvious what he was getting at.

Mandy was disgusted by the suggestion, he was repulsive and the thought of it made her stomach churn. She could see beads of sweat forming on his scab encrusted bald head and a look of hope in his pathetic old eyes. She quickly glanced down at his scruffy unwashed trousers to see the obvious erection that he made no attempt to hide.

The priority for Mandy however was to get that form signed no matter what, the alternative was unthinkable, she had to see this through, it was her one and only chance and she had to take it.

"Oh please don't fire me," she pleaded, "I need this job so badly," it was an Oscar winning performance.

" badly?" His suggestion was obvious and reluctantly Mandy was forced to play along.

"Well, if you just sign the form and forget all about it then maybe I'll show you."

Oh God what an unbearable tease, his cock was straining at the seams of his stained old underpants she was simply mouth watering, he was getting more and more desperate.

He didn't care about the form all he cared about was the gorgeous young creature in front of him. Quickly he grabbed a pen and signed, Mandy was thrilled, surely it couldn't be that easy. She then realised that it wasn't, he took the form and placed it in his desk drawer.

"Well I've signed now what will you do to get it?"

She now had no other choice, she hated the sight of the filthy old creep but she knew what he wanted, and she knew what had to be done.

Without a word she walked around to stand in the narrow space between him and the desk. As she leaned against it the old man found himself almost drooling at the way her short black skirt stretched tightly across the tops of her luscious nylon clad thighs. As his gaze roamed upwards all he could think was how he wanted to tear open that expensive jacket to see the treasures she had concealed within. Then as his eyes met hers he could control himself no more, such a pretty sweet young face, so innocent so beautiful, the temptation was too much, he couldn't help himself.

"Oh God I'm sorry," he blurted out as he lunged himself at her and, throwing his arms around her, went to kiss her.

"I can't help it, I...I'," his words trailed off to a muffled moan as he forced his mouth over hers and started to force himself onto her kissing her with such incredible desperation.

Mandy was pinned against the desk unable to move as the disgusting old pig slobbered all over her. His breathing was quick and his words frantic and hurried. "Mmmmmmmmm oh God I want you, oh yes yes yes.....mmmmmmm," he groaned as he tried to push his horrible smelly tongue into her mouth.

His podgy old hands slid down into the dip of her lower back until they reached the steep outward slope at the top of her ass. He couldn't stop himself, he found her so irresistible, as they moved lower he felt the smooth tightness of her skirt as it stretched across her firm outward thrusting young cheeks, it was all just so unbelievable, like a dream.

Within a second or two he let out a sigh as he felt the firm tightness of each shapely cheek, one in each hand. Unable to help himself his hands were soon all over her ass, feeling squeezing groping, he was out of control like some sort of crazy wild beast.

His excitement only grew as he spread his hand around the outside of her thigh and felt the unmistakable outline of her lace suspenders through the short tight little skirt.

"Oh God, yes yes," he went on.

Then as Mandy felt him start to tug her skirt up she knew he was getting over excited, she had to try and take some sort of control. It was obvious what needed to be done, she wasn't going to talk her way out of this one, she had seen it all before and knew enough to know that this was a man who wasn't going to stop until he got what he wanted.

With a bit of a struggle she managed to push him back and told him to sit back in his chair. He ignored her request to begin with and came back at her to continue his assault. Several times he did this and each time she pushed him back until the dirty old slob smiled arrogantly at her as he slowly sat himself back down. He gave an obvious look to the drawer where the form was before looking back at her with a broad grin across his spot covered scabby old face.

The message was clear, if she wanted it then she knew what she had to do.

The filthy old pervert licked his lips as he looked Mandy up and down, he wasn't going to wait long and she knew it. He watched as reluctantly she started to undo the buttons on her jacket, his eyes widened and he let out a sigh as she slipped it from her shoulders and it fell onto the desk behind her. All she wore underneath was a very fine quality black lace half cup bra.

"Oh God yes, fuckin' hell," he whispered as he marvelled at the size each lace cup holding her beautiful big tits perfectly in place. Next she turned her back to him and asked if he would be so kind as to unzip her skirt. He had to pinch himself to make sure this was really happening, she didn't need to ask him twice.

He shifted forward in his seat and slowly ran the zipper down, his tongue was hanging out and he started to dribble as he started to peel the fine black material downwards. Right before his eyes her gorgeous shapely ass came into view, and as her skirt slipped down her nylon clad legs to the floor he found himself inches away from the most perfectly smooth round pair of ass cheeks he had ever seen. The image was incredible and made the more exciting by the thin black lace thong panties that emerged from between them and the matching suspender belt.

As she turned back to face him he just stared at the small triangle of sexy black lace that covered the ultimate desire between her legs, the dream of all dreams was right there concealed by no more than a flimsy piece of lace. The image was made even more fantastic by the black suspender straps that ran down her thighs to where they clipped onto her gorgeous black stockings. He sat back in his chair looking up at a vision more beautiful, more incredible than anything the universe could offer. As he stared he unbuckled his trousers and loosened his zipper.

Mandy knew she had to get this done, and so reluctantly she walked around to stand at the side of him as close as she could get. He looked disgusting as she gazed over his scabby bald head and his dandruff covered shoulders. So, not wanting to take the time to think about what she was about to do, she just stooped forward and forced herself to kiss him passionately on the lips. As she did he opened his mouth which left her with no choice and her tongue started to gingerly explore the inside of his mouth. As this was going on he reached up and groaned with pleasure as he placed a hand on each bra covered tit. Slowly he started to squeeze, he had never in his life had his hands on such a huge pair.

He assumed they would be soft and squidgy but was stunned and amazed to find how heavy and so incredibly firm they were. He knew he shouldn't be surprised as she was only 20 years old, but he couldn't get over how they felt, they were pure perfection. He wanted more, he needed them free of their confines, he thought it a selfish crime to hide such wonders from the world.

As if she knew what he was thinking she straightened herself back up and reached behind to unhook her bra. She hated what she was having to do and felt sickened by the hungry lustful look all over his repulsive face. But it had to be done, if she needed an incentive then she would just think of Billy and where all that could lead to. So slowly she allowed her bra to fall away until the filthy old pervert found himself with her huge young tits completely naked right before his eyes.

He grabbed hold of them and pulled them towards his face, as he locked his mouth over one of her bullet sized nipples he dropped one hand and slowly brought it up between her legs. Apparently without a care for what Mandy wanted he cupped her pussy in his hand and started to slowly massage it through her black lace panties.

"Ooooh yes," he grunted, "feels nice and moist." He was right, she couldn't control the gentle but ever increasing flow of juice that was starting inside her.

Before she got too into it Mandy knew she had to try and finish him off as quickly as possible, she was only too aware of how her body would let her down by responding to this disgusting treatment.

She stepped back and repositioned herself between his legs. "Ooh what do we have here," she teased. She knelt down and pulled the waist of his trousers and underpants halfway down his spotty white old thighs. His cock was now fully exposed and fully erect, in fact it was as hard as stone and soaked all over where pre-cum had been almost pouring from it. He never in his wildest dreams thought he would ever have a gorgeous blond 20 year old like Mandy kneeling between his legs with her lovely sweet young face just inches from his rampant old erection.

She looked up at him through her big beautiful eyes and innocently bit on her bottom lip as she asked in her naive girly way, "now what should I do?"

"Oh God please please oh please I'm begging you." He knew she was teasing, she knew exactly what to do.

Of course she knew what to do, even though his cock was big and smelly and she really didn't like the look of it. As she looked up at the dirty old bastards greedy sweaty face she knew she had to get it over with.

He watched her pretty fresh innocent face get closer to his disgusting old cock, the anticipation was electric, his cock twitched and jerked as more pre-cum oozed from its tip. Then as she seemed to look up lovingly into his eyes she pressed her soft tender lips gently against it. He let out a loud groan, it felt incredible, and it only got better as she pushed her tongue out against it and began to lick around its sensitive purple head.

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