An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 21


She held the base in one hand and slowly started to pump it up and down as she cupped his balls in the other. "Mmmmmmm what a lovely big hard cock," she told him as her tongue gently swirled around it's tip.

Of course it wasn't lovely at all it was disgusting, the horrible dirty old thing made her feel sick but she had to make it look good.

"Oooh that's so good, oooh look at you," he whispered as he watched the incredible sight of her lovely sweet sensual mouth gently slip over his dirty stinking hard old tool.

It was just too much, more than he could stand, he couldn't control the urges welling up from deep within for another second. He grabbed the arms of the chair tightly as she started to suck hard on it with her tongue pressed against the sensitive underside of his glands. He was in heaven, nothing in life could ever better this, he had to do nothing other than just sit there feeling like a God as the sexiest girl on earth worked her beautiful soft wet mouth all over his rigid old cock.

Mandy knew what was about to happen and she wasn't wrong.

Suddenly he let out a painful sounding cry. "AAAAAAAARGH!" and Mandy's mouth was suddenly full of his dirty thick hot spunk.

The old mans hips bucked up and down as he pumped more and more of it into her, he had never known such a feeling as he kept on coming over and over. He grabbed her head afraid that she might recoil, he needed to keep going until he had completely finished. It was the most incredible sensation, and as she tried to swallow as much as she could she couldn't prevent much of its vast quantity from pouring from her mouth and running back down all over his cock.

He smiled to see her struggling to cope with it all, it looked so good to see her lovely fresh clean mouth full of his filthy sticky old sperm.

Soon enough Mandy could tell he was spent and slowly slipped his cock from her mouth and got back to her feet. She went over to her desk to get a tissue to clean herself up with. It was as if she had forgotten she was only wearing her sexy black lace panties matching suspender belt and stockings. Yet another treat for old Mr Roberts as he watched the gentle bounce of her big round naked tits, she looked so incredibly sexy, so much so that his old cock never really had chance to relax and was soon at it's full hardness again.

Standing with her back to him he admired her slender waist and the way it emphasized the curvaceous shape of her hips and ass. He wanted more of her, and if she wanted that form then she would have to give him what he wanted.

Mandy turned to see he had got to his feet and was standing there in just his grubby old shirt tie and socks, nothing else. It wasn't a very attractive sight but she could see from the familiar look on his spotty red face and the erection sticking out from under his belly that she was going to have to do more.

He stepped up to her and kissed her again only this time he took his time in allowing his hands to slowly explore and feel her gorgeous hot young body all over. Her skin was as smooth as silk and he found himself growing ever more excited as he gently fondled her ass and tits.

She knew what had to be done and suddenly he felt her hand take hold of his hard cock and start to feel up and down it.

"Ooh yes, you dirty bitch, you love it don't you," he grunted in her ear. With that he stepped back and swept his arm across her desk clearing it in an instant. "On the desk," he ordered her.

Mandy sat on the edge of the desk and dragged herself back until she was far enough to lie down on her back with her feet on the edge and her knees in the air. The old man reached for her panties and pulled them down and off in one go. Next he ordered her to open her legs and show him her cunt as he pulled up a chair and sat himself directly between them.

"Finger yourself," said the disgusting old pervert abruptly, "go on, make yourself nice and wet." Mandy had no choice as she slipped her hand down and started to gently play with her pussy while he watched salivating from just inches away. She found it all very humiliating but knew she had to do as he asked if she wanted to be free of Billy.

"Ooh yes yes," he muttered as she slipped two fingers up inside and slowly started to play with herself. She closed her eyes and tried to think of something else, something that would be a turn on, not like the revolting old creep sat between her opened legs.

He grew more and more excited as he could see and hear her getting wetter and wetter. He found it so exciting that he pulled her hand away and rammed the four fingers of his right hand straight into her now well lubricated cunt.

Mandy let out a gasp as the old guy started finger fucking her as hard and fast and deeply as he could. "Oh yes yes, you love it, ooh you dirty little slut you can't get enough can you," he said excitedly. The harder and faster he went the wetter she got and soon it was running out down the crack of her ass and forming a pool on the table. He couldn't control himself any longer and so got to his feet and dragged her closer until her ass was almost off the edge of the table. Then, standing between her legs, he lined his cock up to her now dripping cunt and with one almighty thrust pushed it straight in.

It felt amazing, so tight despite the four finger treatment. He rammed himself into her and started bucking away as he fell on top of her. He instantly went to work on her tits, sucking and chewing them all over muttering away constantly as he did.

"Mmmm oooh yes you dirty bitch, mmmm lovely lovely oooh yes..." He reached up to her face and pushed his juice covered fingers into her mouth. "Ooh yes you filthy slut," he groaned as she sucked them clean, "I bet I know what you want mmm? I bet I know exactly what you fuckin' want!"

As he spoke he quickly pulled himself out and manhandled her over onto her stomach. Now laying face down on the desk he quickly climbed on top of her, and looked down at the gorgeous round cheeks of her ass thrusting up in the air.

"You want me to fuck you in the ass don't you, you want my big fat cock up that lovely tight asshole," he grunted as he puffed and sweated all over her.

Before she could answer she felt him pushing his hardness between her cheeks. She could tell how excited he was from all his heavy rapid breathing and constant muttering,"ooh yes yes yes, oooh fuck yes."

He had never felt anything tighter in his life as his well lubricated cock forced its way deeper and deeper into her tight little asshole. It took some effort and time but soon he was in all the way to his balls and as he lifted himself halfway out again ready to start pounding into her he whispered into her ear.

"I've wanted to fuck that gorgeous ass ever since you first walked in here," he was so crude and disgusting as he went on, "if ever I saw an ass crying out to be fucked it's yours!" As he finished muttering in her ear he suddenly started slamming his cock in and out of it over and over faster and faster.

"oooooh fuck that's tight," he cried, "oooh yes yes yes!" He raised himself up with hs hands and looked down her back to where her ass rose up from it like hills from a valley. It looked just amazing to his cock slamming in and out between those beautiful firm cheeks. It was too much, it just looked and felt too good and already he suddenly felt himself starting to climax.

"OOH FUCK YES YES YES!!!" His cries rang around the office as he felt an incredible surge of spunk powering from his balls and gush through his cock. "AAAAAARGH YESSSS!!!" he cried as he pumped and pumped her ass full of the dirty thick stuff over and over again. All the while Mandy had to just lay there and take it in the hope that after this he would have had enough.

All too soon for the old boy he was spent and his heavy bulk collapsed on top of her while his cock pumped and pulsated every last drop into her. After a minute or two he pulled himself out, as he did a great big blob of spunk followed and ran down between her cunt lips.

Feeling satisfied the old codger went back to his own desk and slumped down heavily in his chair. For a good five minutes or more they both rested where they were until Mandy decided to make her move.

As she clambered off the table she thought the time was right to grab that form. She came across in just her stockings and suspenders and nothing else and opened the drawer to get it. As she did he couldn't resist grabbing her and pulling her onto his lap. "Get that in a minute," he told her, "do you have any idea how fucking gorgeous you are?"

As he spoke he started to kiss her neck and the side of her face, he knew he would probably never get a chance like this again. So like a slobbering grunting old pig he made the most of it. "I just can't get enough of you," he told her, "mmmmmm lovely oooh yes so fuckin' lovely mmmmmm.".

P...please don't, please," she pleaded as she tried to pull away. His response was to just laugh and tell her how she was a naughty girl and not to be such a tease. He couldn't believe how sexy she was, he had shot his load twice in the last thirty minutes and his cock was already hardening up again. He had never experienced such feelings, he honestly would never have thought he had it in him, but then this girl was in a whole class of her own, she really was something else.

He ran his fingers through her lovely soft blond hair, turned her face towards his, and kissed her passionately on the lips. His hands again started to wander all over her lovely firm young body, he was finding it impossible not to get excited again. "Mmmmm you're just so lovely," he groaned as he fondled her lovely big naked tits, "mmmmmmmmmmmm," was all he could say as his kissing grew more passionate, more desperate.

Mandy felt sickened by this filthy old creep but knew that maybe if she put in one last great effort then she would be able to get the much needed form and finally get out of there.

Deciding to just get on with it she lifted her ass off his lap and reached down behind herself for his now fully hard cock. As she fumbled with it he let out a series of groans obviously enjoying the touch of her soft fingers taking hold of it.

With her legs still together and to his side she slowly lowered herself down to sit back on his lap. This time however the old boy got the most amazing sensation as he felt the tip of his cock press against her moist pussy lips. Not lowering herself any further for a moment Mandy slowly rubbed the tip of his cock between them so it could find it's way in. As she felt it part her lips she carefully lowered herself down, as she did so his cock started to squeeze it's way into her incredibly tight wet tunnel.

With her knees clasped tightly together it meant that he felt huge, almost too big in fact as she sat herself down, but a gentle rotation of her hips seemed to make the going a little easier.

"Oh my God!" he cried as the tightly gripping walls of her cunt slowly slid down the full length of his excited tool. Eventually she was sitting firmly on his lap just as before, only this time she had his dirty big cock buried deep all the way inside her.

The whole experience only got better for the lecherous old pervert as she started to rock her hips back and forth. His cock was being squeezed and massaged so expertly by the tightness of her lovely wet cunt that he knew at this rate he wasn't going to last long.

Sitting on his lap like this meant his hands were free to play with her gorgeous body all they wanted. So with her squirming around on his cock and seeming to grow in excitement he decided to make the most of it. He felt her all over, her skin was so soft and smooth as he allowed his hands to roam all over her fondling squeezing and groping every part of her exquisitely voluptuous firm 20 year old body.

Mandy suddenly found to her surprise that she was slowly starting to build to an orgasm. His cock was obviously having the desired affect. With her excitement growing she twisted towards him and put her arms around his spotty old neck as she started to bounce and rotate her ass up and down on his lap. She closed her eyes as she rode him harder and harder, the squelching sound of her soaking cock filled pussy rang around the room.

The dirty old boy just sat and watched as she jumped and writhed around on his monster erection. Her gorgeous tits bounced around right in front of his face, he could see how erect her nipples now were and he wasted no time in locking his mouth over one and sucking it as hard as he could. He tried to devour as much as he could cram into his filthy slobbering mouth groaning and drooling all the time.

Having her nipples assaulted in this way only got Mandy more excited. "Ooooh you dirty old pervert," she cried as she tossed her lovely blonde hair back with a backward flick of her head. "Ooooh yes eat my tits go on, mmmmm ooooh suck them, squeeze them, use them."

He couldn't believe his ears as she pushed her tits into his scabby red old face and rubbed them around all over it. After a few minutes she found the sitting sideways on his lap awkward and, still impaled on his cock, swivelled to face away from him grabbing the edge of the desk in her hands. With his knees apart and hers still tightly together the sensation just got better and better as she now found with her back to him the position made it much easier for her to bounce herself up and down the full length of his stiff old tool.

He couldn't believe the sight of her perfectly shaped ass as she squirmed up and down on him smothering the full length of his erection with her cunt juices. He reached out and stretched his hands around her slender waist wanting to feel her amazing curves before moving them down and out over her beautiful round cheeks.

Mandy was getting more and more into it as she started to moan loudly and reached down to feel his swollen old balls in their hairy old sack. Soon it was all too much for the old boy and he needed to take control.

With a huge grunt he got to his feet and pushed her forward until her thighs were squashed against the edge of the desk. She stood there leaning forward as he reached around and grabbed her huge swaying tits in his podgy old hands. He gripped them tightly as he started pummeling into her, his balls swinging violently back and forth between her legs.

"God them fuckin' tits are huge, ooh fuckin' hell yes!" As he spoke saliva ran from the corners of his mouth and dribbled from his chin onto her back.

"Oh yes fuck me you filthy dirty pig!" Mandy suddenly cried, "fuck me come on harder harder!!!"

He needed no more encouragement as he grabbed her hair with one hand and pulled her head right back while the other hand continued to maul and grope her tits.

"Fuckin' take it you cock hungry bitch," he cried as he grunted and sweated away. "Ooh fuck that's deep," he groaned as he felt his cock ramming against the entrance to her womb. He was going at her so hard that every upward thrust almost lifted her feet clean off the floor.

Mandy was now completely lost in the whole experience and she knew the much needed orgasm was only seconds away.

With him slamming himself into her as hard and fast as he could it didn't take long before he let out an ear piercing cry.


At the same time Mandy too let out a shriek and her juices gushed from deep within herself all over his invading manhood.

The old mans cock went off like a pump action shotgun shooting huge dollops of his thick creamy goo right up inside her. It was yet another incredible sensation as he pounded and slammed himself into this gorgeous creature as hard as he could.

He grabbed her hips and held her tight as he filled her tender sweet young cunt with more spunk than it could handle. All he could do was let out a long satisfied sigh as he looked down to see himself emptying his dirty smelly old spunk deep into this most gorgeous sweet thing.

Mandy remained still while he allowed himself a few minutes to finish off, randomly jerking and groaning as he did. It took a few minutes but she knew she couldn't hurry him he was obviously making the most of every last second.

Soon he stepped back and his spent old tool slithered out of her as he slumped down onto the chair completely exhausted.

Taking advantage of his sleepy state Mandy grabbed the form from the desk and quickly took it over to the fax machine. She dialled in the relevant number and then dressed herself as she watched it being sent to it's destination.

Once it was gone she made the excuse that she needed the toilet and left the room with no intention of ever returning...

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