tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 25

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 25


The incident with her neighbour had certainly heightened Alison's awareness to the workings of the male mind. No matter how innocent and trustworthy a man may seem, there's no way you can really know what he may be thinking and feeling deep down inside. She wasn't stupid and had a pretty good idea of the affect she had on men, but this was the first indication of just how far over the edge her gorgeous young body could send someone.

It wasn't going to change her behaviour too much, she would still find it great fun to tease and tempt men regardless of their age, playing on their obvious weaknesses just for the fun of it.

At the age of 40 she could look back over her life and see just what a foolish game it was she used to play, but at the age of 18 she couldn't help herself, she just loved the feeling of power that her body gave her over almost every man she met. She could tell from the way they looked at her that they would have given almost anything if she would allow them to just touch her, but it was her choice and hers alone, that was the real power she enjoyed. Some guys were so pathetic, prepared to try anything just hoping and praying that she might just give in and let them have the use of her beautiful and voluptuous young body even if just for a few moments, but she never would. Instead she would just wind them up mercilessly like a cruel prick teaser by allowing them to look and lust all they liked, but never touch.

Sometimes however the situation would get beyond her control and just a few weeks after her incident with Mr Cramp she would again find herself in a fix. Something happened that would teach Alison a harsh lesson about the male mind and the dangerous game she was playing.

Like any 18 year old college student Alison had a need for money, a need that would lead her to search out any work that she could do in her spare time. It didn't have to be anything fantastic just something to make a little extra cash so she could afford the odd night out and a few new clothes.

In the town where she lived up a narrow side street there was a small newspaper shop that sold sweets magazines cigarettes and so on. Alison noticed to her delight as she walked past it one day that there was a card in the window asking for a part-time assistant, this was just what she was looking for and so she went in to see if it was still available.

On entering the shop one of those old fashioned bells rang above the door. It was completely empty and so she waited at the counter for someone to appear. As she stood there looking around she couldn't help noticing the top two shelves on the wall facing the counter were completely full of adult soft porn magazines. Being a fairly quiet shop up a side street she understood that this was probably more the sort of place that people would come to buy such things. She had no problem with this, after all she knew people bought these things, but she did feel a little uneasy and wondered if maybe this wasn't quite right for her.

Just at that moment an old man with a bald head and pot belly came out of a back room and asked her if he could help her. For a moment she was in two minds, should she ask about the job? Or should she just buy something and leave?

The shopkeeper was quite a short rounded man in his late fifties or early sixties. His flabby belly hung over his belt and he had rings of sweat under his arms. He wore small round glasses with a thin wiry frame, the lenses were thick giving his eyes a hugely magnified stare. Having had a quick glance around the shop Alison thought how he looked just as she would expect. With the extensive range of adult magazines on sale she just knew that he would be a bit of a pervy looking old man, and she wasn't far wrong.

With her standing there in a tight pink t-shirt and figure hugging jeans the old man couldn't help but enjoy having a good look up and down her. The gorgeous young blond was really something else, so incredibly pretty with the sort of lovely innocent young face that you just want to smother with kisses. But that was just a bonus, the real mind blowing shocker were those huge 32GGs thrusting out from her slender frame, he had never seen anything like it, they were just out of this world, so much so that the old boy was momentarily lost for words.

Then Alison spoke, "I wanted to ask about the job in the window."

"J...job? What j.... oh the job!" The old man wasn't thinking straight, his attention at that moment completely taken up by her phenomenal bust.

"Yes," said Alison, "the job?" At that point she could see what was going through his mind and she should have listened to her instincts and just left. But at the same, Alison being Alison, she naively thought that she could maybe use his obvious appreciation of her assets to her advantage in securing the job for herself.

"Oh the job, yes, erm what about it? Do you want it?" He blurted out.

"Well yes, is it still available?"

"Yes yes, of course, when can you start?"

"Well erm, tomorrow............Don't you want to interview me or something first?" Alison was surprised by him just offering it to her there and then, but she wasn't about to complain. Of course she knew the reason why he offered her the job straight away and being the sort of naughty little tease that she was it didn't bother her a bit. In fact it made her feel quite smug seeing the affect she was having on this sad pathetic excuse of a man.

"No no, we don't need to bother with that, we'll just give you a couple of days and see how you get on shall we?" The truth was that the old boy didn't care about anything else, to his mind she was more than qualified enough! All she would have to do was turn up every day, when you look as incredible as that then the question of whether she could do the job or not seemed somewhat irrelevant.

It wasn't often that pretty young ladies came into his shop and if they did it was a very rare treat, however he couldn't ever remember seeing one with a body like hers she was just amazing, truly the stuff of fantasies and wet dreams. So to have her asking to come and work there was an opportunity this dirty old pervert was never going to pass up in a million years.

They had a quick discussion about the hours she would work and it was decided that she would come straight from college at 4pm and work until the shop closed at 8pm. The truth was the old boy wanted to give her as many hours as possible for obvious reasons and couldn't wait for her to started, which was why he suggested she could start the very next day.

With a kind and lovely smile Alison thanked the shopkeeper and turned to leave, as she did she flicked her head to toss her gorgeous blond hair back, "see you tomorrow!" she chirped up as she pulled the door open and left.

The pot-bellied old shopkeeper didn't respond, he was too mesmerised by her extremely shapely ass. He hadn't noticed it until that moment and couldn't believe just how incredibly blessed this girl was. The snug fit of her faded denim jeans left no doubt as to what a perfectly formed pair of firm cheeks she had, the sort that men like him can only ever dream of. He really couldn't wait for her to start........

The following day the old man waited excitedly for her, being something of an unclean and lazy slob he lifted his sweat stained t-shirt and sprayed a liberal quantity of cheap deodorant under his smelly armpits just before she was due to arrive. It made no difference but he didn't know that, he thought that was all that was needed, why waste time taking a shower when that did the same job.

Alison arrived at 4pm on the button as planned. Having come straight from college she was still in her uniform, something that the old boy very much approved of, in fact it was something he had been hoping and praying for.

She came in with a cheery "hello!" and dropped her back down behind the counter. She looked stunning in her navy blue college skirt, it had two pleats either side to the front allowing it to move freely about the tops of her legs while fitting nice and tight across her lovely firm ass. It was teasingly short just covering the top third of her thighs, and oh what thighs!!! Flawless in every way showing off her youthful fitness and tanned to a perfectly smooth golden sheen. On her feet she wore white socks rolled down around her ankles and wedge heeled sandals.

"Sorry about the uniform," she said as she noticed him looking her up and down, "I've come straight from college and don't have time to change."

"Oh....that's...erm....fine," he eventually said as if not really paying attention. The reason for his distraction was that along with her sexy little skirt he had just noticed her white college blouse, or more importantly what it was attempting to contain.

The buttons could be seen straining to hold back the force of the 18 year olds phenomenal 32GG's! It looked at any moment as if they might bust free without any warning. The detail of her lacy white bra could just about be made out through the clinging white cotton, the old boy had never had such temptation laid in his path and it was at this moment that he suddenly wondered what he had done.

He didn't regret offering her the job, I mean how could he? Just one look at her and anyone would have done the same. No, he was seriously worried about how he was going to control himself, he could already see how it was going to be absolute torture being in such close proximity to this beauty every day, the temptation of that gorgeous fit young body was going to be just too much. All he wanted was to have a crafty feel, he knew she would never let him but sooner or later he knew it would come to the point where he just wouldn't be able to resist.

As she loosened her college tie and undid the top two buttons of her blouse she couldn't help but notice the obvious affect she was having on him. Beads of sweat broke out on his bald head and he had to remove his wire framed glasses to wipe the condensation from the thick lenses on his shirt. As he placed them back on his podgy ever reddening face she saw the huge patches of sweat under each of his arms. He was really rather disgusting but Alison could put up with that, and if he found her nice to look at then who was she to deny him, after all it wasn't hurting her in any way, in fact if anything she found it quite funny. She figured that maybe if the odd flutter of her eyelashes in his direction meant she would get away without having to do very much work then why not. She was certainly a girl who knew the value of her assets and already began to wonder if she may be able to wrap this sad fat old fool around her dainty little finger.

"What would you like me to do to start?"

"Oh...erm you can tidy up the magazines, they keep getting in such a state," he told her, "oh and call me Brian!"

She went and got started straight away knowing full well that he was probably standing behind the counter watching her every move. Of course that's exactly what he was doing, standing just six feet behind her he had a golden opportunity to let his eyes roam all over her luscious curves. His mouth hung open as he pulled up a stool to sit on and watched her gorgeous fit young ass in the sexy little navy blue skirt.

It had only been a minute or two and already Brian could feel a swelling in his old underpants. It grew even harder when she started working on the first row of adult magazines, the reason was two fold. Firstly he found it quite exciting to see such a lovely pretty young girl having to handle and look at such things. She seemed intelligent and he couldn't help wondering if it was in her mind that these magazines existed solely for one reason and one reason only. She had to know that men would buy these magazines to wank over, and the thought of her knowing such things as she handled them was turning him on.

Secondly of course as she had to reach up to them which gave him a spectacular view under her arms of her magnificent tits. All he could do was imagine himself reaching around her sides and cupping one in each hand. Now getting carried away in his thoughts he imagined pressing his cock against her ass and rubbing himself up and down against her as he squeezed them hard while burying his face in her lovely soft blond hair.

"I can't reach the top shelf." Her voice suddenly snapped him back from his daydream. He must have had a guilty look on his face, not that she could read his mind but he couldn't help wondering if somehow she knew what he had just been thinking.

"Oh...of course, there's erm, a stepladder in the back."

As she breezed by him to go through to the small back room Brian caught the scent of her perfume. A moment later she returned and he caught it again, everything about her was just pure perfection.

While she set the ladder up a man came in a bought a newspaper, as he left the old shopkeeper smiled as he noticed him take a quick look over Alison and then stopping to look again as if he hadn't believed what he had seen.

As the door closed behind him Alison went up the ladder to the third step and got to work on tidying the top shelf. Old Brian was working up quite a sweat now as he admired her perfectly flawless legs, he just knew they would be silky smooth to the touch and the thought of running his hand up them was such a tempting one.

He then saw a golden opportunity, the hem of her skirt was pretty much at eye level and as she leaned forward to arrange the magazines he watched it raise a little higher.

He couldn't miss the chance of trying to get a dirty little look up her skirt, he didn't want to get caught she had only been working there five minutes and if he did she would surely leave and that would be that. But the urge to have a peek was too great no matter what the risk, he couldn't help himself. So the sweaty old creep leaned forward with his elbows on the counter and rested his chin in his hands.

Still she continued to work at tidying the top shelf leaning across towards it as she did. His eyes widened and his heart began to race as he looked up and saw the white crotch of her panties between her legs. This was too much, he couldn't believe his luck, what an incredible sight for a sex starved old pervert. He wanted to reach for his now rampant erection but didn't dare, just then Alison bent down and took hold of the top of the ladder to steady herself so she could come back down. Old Brian then got the treat of his life when by doing this she unwittingly gave him a perfect view straight up the back of her skirt. He suddenly and unexpectedly found himself presented with the incredible sight of Alisons pretty white lace panties stretched across her gorgeous firm ass.

As she took a step down he suddenly realised that he had better not make it obvious what he had been doing, so he quickly shuffled a pile of newspapers on the counter pretending that he was too busy to have been looking at her. Alison never even gave it a thought as she asked what she should do next.........the old boy had gotten away with it.

The rest of the evening was spent with old Brian showing her the ropes. Every minute was pure torture, no matter what he was doing he couldn't take his eyes off Alison. She made a cup of tea for them and as she carried the two cups through he found it impossible not to stare at the gentle bounce and sway of her huge bust, praying that the straining button between her 32GGs would give way and make his dream come true. Or he would stand behind her showing her how to work the till unable to stop himself from looking down her full firm cleavage, if he managed to it was only to have a crafty look down her back at her ass and the way it thrust out behind her. With his hand just inches away it would have been so easy to give in to the unbearable temptation and just grab it, God knows this ass was crying out to be grabbed!

As the evening drew to a close the old shopkeeper was so pleased to hear her say that, if it was okay with him, then she would be back at the same time tomorrow. All too soon she had grabbed her bag and blazer and was gone, leaving one very frustrated old pervert behind her.

Unable to wait until he got home the old boy locked the door and went through to the small office at the back of the store. Without a moment to lose he pulled his trousers and underpants down and sat himself in his chair. He grabbed his desperately hard cock in his hand and pictured Alison in his mind as began wanking himself off.

"Oh yes yes, ooh Alison you dirty bitch oh yes yes," he moaned as he closed his eyes and drifted off into fantasy. He imagined it was her hand wanking him off while he dreamed of running his hand up the back of her skirt and groping her ass in those lovely white lace panties. The buttons of her blouse would magically burst open and she would thrust her huge tits in his face.

"OH YES YES, OH GOD YES!!!" He cried as she wanked him harder now pleading with him for sex, begging him over and over to fill her tight virgin pussy with his big hard cock. Suddenly his legs started thrashing around as a huge thick rope of spunk flew from his cock high into the air quickly followed by another then another.

"Ooooh yeah Alison you dirty little bitch oooooh yeassssss mmmmmmmmmmm" As he spoke he slowly drifted back to reality, he was alone and it was his hand on his cock, but oh what an incredible feeling. He had just had the best wank he had experienced for a very long time, which was clear from the sticky mess he had just made, there was spunk everywhere. His imagination had served him well and he just knew that Alison was going to be the source of many many more such fantasies.

Over the following days Alison turned up at 4 O'clock on the dot wearing her college uniform ready for work. Each day was much the same as the first and poor old Brian was finding increasingly difficult to control his feelings. The more time he spent with her the more he wanted her and as the days went on he couldn't resist putting his hands on her every opportunity he got. Nothing serious that might get Alison worried, just touching her arm when he spoke with her, or placing a friendly hand on her shoulder when he was showing her how to do something. His favourite little trick was placing his hands on her waist when they were both behind the counter and he had to squeeze through behind her, that was such a thrill for the fat old pervert. He would more often than not place his hands on top of her hips and as he let go he would allow his hand to fall and "accidentally" brush across her ass. Alison noticed but let it go every time, she thought it was probably accidental as she was aware that her shapely ass did stick out behind her somewhat.

Friday was her fifth evening at the shop and she had been noticing how the sweaty old pot-bellied Brian seemed unable to take his eyes off her chest whenever he spoke to her. The 18 year old wasn't stupid, she knew the affect her 32GG's had on men and had to expect it to a certain extent, but with him it was starting to get a little too obvious.

She didn't really mind men looking at her that way, it was what gave her that feeling of power over them and she was sure it was probably what got her the job in the first place. But all the same she was starting to realise just what a dirty old man he clearly was.

She also wondered if it was her imagination or was the sad old fool starting to flirt with her. She didn't mind, why would she? It was all harmless fun as she saw it, after all there was no way he would honestly think that she could be even remotely interested in him, he would have to just look at himself to see that.

He was easily pushing 60 and with that fat sweaty gut, balding head and body odour, there was no way he could be deluded enough to think a lovely blond 18 year old who could probably have any man she wanted would ever think of him in that way.

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