tagNonHumanAn Unexpected Occurrence

An Unexpected Occurrence


Mike walked through the quiet woods. Night was falling and he knew without even looking at his compass that he was completely lost. "Great," he said to himself as he came across the same log for the third time in a row.

Sitting down on the log, he ran his fingers through his graying, strawberry blonde hair. At 42, he felt he had lived a good life. He married young, had a couple of kids, then had a midlife crisis and informed his wife that he was gay. He knew that Mark, his lover, would wonder where he was if he didn't come home, but that was the least of his worries at the moment. He had come out to the woods behind his house numerous times and never gotten lost. He didn't understand how he could have gotten lost now.

He stood suddenly when he heard a rustling in the bushes to his right. "Who's there?" he called out into the shadows.

He tensed his 5'10" and 160lb frame and then laughed when a rabbit came bounding out from the trees. "Well hello little one," he said as the rabbit bounded away. He sat back down on the log, trying to get his bearings, when he heard another sound.

Again he stood up. This was no rabbit, the footfalls were too loud. "Who's there?" he called, trying to see into the darkness.

When the beast stepped into the clearing, Mike gasped. He had heard of centaurs, but he had never seen one. The one before him was gorgeous even to his human eyes. It had a dark brown horse's body, but with the head and chest of a Caucasian man with ice blue eyes and blondish red hair. He carried a crossbow in his hands and the arrow was pointed straight at Mike's heart. "What business do you have in my forest, human?" the centaur asked, his voice deep.

"Y-your forest?" Mike asked his heart beating forcefully in his chest. "This forest lies behind my house. I have lived here for over 10 years. This is not your forest, it is mine."

The centaur looked him over then brought his eyes back to the face of the man in front of him. "I disagree human. I have lived in this forest for over 100 years. I have never seen you here before." He brought the bow taut. "You are trespassing on my land. You must pay the toll or I will kill you."

Mike swallowed hard. Over a hundred years? That couldn't be right. How had he never seen this centaur before? His eyes traveled over the bare chest, down over the horses legs, and then back up to the centaur's eyes. "What is the toll?"

The centaur smiled broadly as he felt his cock start to lower from his sheath. At least 11 inches long and 3 1/2 inches in diameter. It had been over 20 years since he had fucked a human and this one looked ripe for the taking. "Hm...Well, I do enjoy fucking humans."

Mike's eyes widened as he looked at the centaur. He let his eyes drift down between the horses legs and gasped as he saw the centaurs cock slither towards the ground. "I...that is..."

The centaur moved slowly towards him. "Would you rather I fuck you human? Or would you rather die?"

Mike licked his dry lips. "You can fuck me," he said his eyes locked on the centaur's cock.

The centaur smiled as he put his crossbow over his shoulder and continued towards Mike. Mike stood motionless with fear as the centaur approached. "What is your name, human?" he asked as he stopped in front of Mike and placed his arms on Mike's shoulders.

Mike lifted his eyes to meet the centaur's. "Mike, my name is Mike."

"Mike..." The centaur liked how the name rolled off his tongue. "If you please me, Mike, I will let you live. I will bring you back to my camp and you can be my sex slave."

Mike's eyes widened. "You aren't going to let me go either way are you?"

The centaur smiled. "We'll see. My name is Hanson. Now Mike, on your knees." He pushed against Mike's shoulders as he reared up on his hind legs.

Mike shivered in fear and excitement as he was forced to his knees. Hanson moved him backwards on his knees until he felt a tree brush up against his back. Mike looked up to look into Hanson's eyes and saw his front legs pressing against the trunk of the tree.

"Suck on my cock, Mike," Hanson commanded huskily.

Mike swallowed hard as he looked at the cock pointing straight at him from in between Hanson's legs. Reaching out slowly, he grasped the centaur's hard cock. "I don't think I can get it in my mouth." Mike said softly as he stroked Hanson's cock.

Hanson smirked as he bucked his hips forward, burying part of his cock between Mike's lips. "I said suck my cock, human."

Mike gagged on the hard flesh as Hanson tried to push his meat down Mike's throat. Mike breathed heavily through his nose, running his tongue lightly over the hard flesh between his lips. He made sure not to bite Hanson, as the horse's hooves were right above his head.

"Mmmmmmm, yes, that feels good." Hanson moaned, closing his eyes as he felt Mike's tongue work over him.

"Suck me good Mike. Yes, oh yes." He slowly bucked his hips back and forth fucking his cock far into Mike's already stretched mouth.

"Mmmmmmmph..." Mike grunted, feeling Hanson's cockhead pushing against the entrance to his throat. He tried to relax his muscles and almost gagged, when Hanson's cockhead pressed down into his throat.

"Fuck, Agh, oh yes." Hanson cried, furiously fucking himself against Mike's face and enjoying the feel of Mike's throat squeezing his cock.

"Deep throat me, human." Hanson reared his front legs further up the tree and Mike cowered, afraid he would get hit.

Hanson kept his cock moving in and out of Mike's mouth as Mike tried hard to breath through his nose. Mike felt his own cock throbbing painfully in his jeans and reached down to open them.

Hanson saw Mike's hands working at his zipper and smiled. Reluctantly, he pulled away as Mike opened his pants. He lowered his front legs to the ground. "You have a nice piece, human," Hanson said, eyeing Mike's cock appreciatively.

Mike smiled, pleased by the compliment. He had always been happy with his larger than average sized cock. It was 9 inches long and almost 2 1/2 inches in diameter and it kept his lover, Mark, purring when Mike fucked him up the ass.

"Stand up, human." Hanson ordered, pulling Mike up by his arms.

Mike shivered, excitement and fear battling within him again, as he was pushed roughly back against the tree.

He watched as Hanson moved slowly towards him, and then lowered his head until he was even with Mike's hard cock. "You look good enough to eat, human," Hanson purred, right before he took all of Mike's hard cock deep in his mouth.

"Oh, ugh..." Mike groaned, closing his eyes as he felt Hanson's mouth bob up and down over him. "Oh god, that feels so good." He dug his fingers into the bark of the tree as he bucked his hips forward. When he felt his cock penetrate Hanson's throat, he let out a strangled cry, his cock now leaking precum.

"Oh yes, eat my cock," he moaned slamming his hips forward against the centaur's willing face.

Hanson sucked on him for a minute or two, letting his tongue drift all over the sensitive flesh. He was enjoying the cock in his mouth when he felt a tingle in his asshole. It had been a while since the centaur had been fucked up the ass and for some reason the thought of this human fucking him made his cock grow even harder. He savored Mike for another minute, and then slowly pulled away.

"I want you to fuck me human," he panted looking into Mike's glazed-over eyes.

"Fuck...Fuck you?" Mike asked, in awe.

Hanson smiled at him. "Yes, I want you to fuck me with this gorgeous piece of meat you have between your legs." He grasped Mike's cock and squeezed it lightly as he kissed Mike gently on the lips.

Mike moaned against Hanson's mouth, and then smiled in pleasure when the centaur pulled away. "I would love to."

Hanson moved so he was in the middle of the clearing and lowered his body until his ass was sticking up in the air at just the right height for Mike. He moved his tail out of the way and Mike saw a perfect puckered asshole. "Cum fuck me, human," Hanson begged swishing his tail back and forth.

Mike didn't need any encouragement. He quickly moved up behind Hanson and grasped his horse's hips. He positioned his cock against Hanson's ass. "Do I need to lube you up first?"

Hanson's only reply was to buck his hips backwards, burying half of Mike's cock into his willing hole. "Mmmmmmm, Yesssssssss..." Hanson mewled, closing his eyes as he felt his ass stretched by Mike's cock.

"Mmmmmmm, you are so tight," Mike moaned as he pushed his hips forward and buried his cock completely up Hanson's ass. He held himself still for a moment, feeling Hanson's muscles contract around him.

"Fuck me," Hanson ordered, wiggling his butt slightly as he tightened his muscles. Mike held onto Hanson's hips as he slowly withdrew out to the head. Hanson moaned as he felt Mike leave him, and then squealed in pleasure when Mike suddenly impaled him forcefully.

"Fuck, oh god, Agh, yes, fuck me." He bucked backwards against Mike, just as Mike started vigorously pounding into him.

Mike's breathing became labored as he felt his cock enveloped by Hanson's tight ass. "Oh, Agh, ugh, so good," he panted, as he pounded furiously into the centaur before him.

"Fuck me, oh fuck me. I'm going to cum," Hanson cried out.

Mike hadn't realized that Hanson was stroking his own cock as he pounded into him. "Cum for me," he chanted as he moved his hips even faster until his cock was a blur as it flew in and out of the centaur's ass. "Cum for me while I pound the shit out of you."

"Yes, oh yes." Hanson bellowed as his hand flew over his cock. "Fuck me, I'm cummmmiinnnngggg..."

Mike watched in awe as Hanson squirted glob after glob of hot, steamy cum all over the ground. "Fuck, oh god." Mike screamed, feeling Hanson's ass tighten almost painfully around his thrusting cock. "I can't hold it."

"Yes, cum in me." Hanson moaned as he continued to milk his own cock. He squealed in joy as he felt Mike let loose inside him. "Yes, oh yes."

"I'm cummminggg..." Mike shouted as he buried himself to the hilt and his balls exploded.

After a mintue, Mike collapsed back against the ground. "Oh god, that was fantastic," he panted, glancing at his shriveled cock resting against his jeans. He looked up and watched his cum slither out of Hanson's well fucked ass.

Hanson slowly pulled himself to his feet, and then turned to look at Mike. "Thank you, Mike, it has been a long time since I had a fuck that good."

Mike smiled at him. "You're welcome. Will you let me go now?"

Hanson's eyes darkened. "No, not yet. I told you I would fuck you and I still plan to."

It was then that Mike saw that Hanson's cock was still rock hard even after the cum he had just unleashed. "You'll kill me with that thing," Mike whimpered, moving slowly backwards on his butt.

Hanson smiled at him. "No, you will enjoy it." He reached out and grasped Mike tightly around the waist as the man turned over onto his stomach and tried to get to his feet.

"No, please," Mike cried as he felt his feet leave the ground as the centaur carried him over to the log he had been sitting on before.

When they reached the log, Hanson threw him down onto his stomach. Mike had the wind knocked out of him for a second before he cringed when he heard the back of his pants being ripped away from his body. "Please..." Mike begged while Hanson's hands spread open his ass-cheeks.

"Relax, human, you will enjoy it," Hanson said softly as he once again lowered his head.

Mike closed his eyes in fear, and then opened them wide, moaning as he felt Hanson's tongue brush against his hole. "Oh, oh yes," he groaned as he felt Hanson lightly licking at him. When he felt Hanson's tongue slither inside him, he cried out and bucked backwards. "Oh god, yes," he panted as the centaur slowly licked him. "Tongue my ass."

Hanson slowly pushed his tongue deep into Mike's ass, making the man squirm with pleasure. He could hear Mike's cries and pants and knew it wouldn't be long before he was sinking his cock deep into this human's hot ass.

He worked his tongue in as far as he could, then slowly withdrew it and replaced it with two fingers. Mike whimpered a bit in pain but Hanson ignored him. He was intent on his task. He stretched Mike's hole as best he could, then slowly worked a third and finally a fourth finger inside the other man.

"Oh god, that hurts. Stop." Mike screamed digging at the log on which he was lying. He tried to pull out of Hanson's grasp, but the centaur held him immobile.

"Relax, human," Hanson murmured as he worked his fingers faster. "It will be fine." Tears streamed down Mike's face as he felt Hanson's fingers driving far and fast inside him. "Please," he begged.

Hanson pulled his fingers out and placed the head of his cock against Mike's puckered entrance. "Relax," Hanson said softly as he started to push forward.

Mike tried to keep his body relaxed but couldn't hold back the scream of pain when Hanson thrust into him. He felt like his ass was being ripped out from the inside out. "Oh god, you're killing me," he screamed, clawing furiously at the log.

"Relax," Hanson ordered holding on tightly to Mike's back as he continued to slowly penetrate him. He pushed until half his cock was buried inside Mike.

Mike pressed his face against the log as tears continued to stream down his cheeks. "Please, you are ripping me apart," he cried as pain wracked through his stuffed hole. Hanson held himself still, buried inside Mike, as he reached between the other mans legs and grasped his cock. "Calm yourself, human," he said softly as he slowly stroked Mike's cock. "It will be okay."

Mike felt Hanson's hand on him and moaned even though his ass still felt like it was on fire. Slowly the pain decreased until it was just a dull throbbing, but his cock was rock hard as the centaur continued to slowly stroke him. "Oh, ugh," he panted as he tentatively pushed back with his hips.

Hanson smiled as he watched more of his cock slide into Mike. "Yes, that is it," he whispered, keeping his hand working slowly on Mike's cock as he pushed forward with his hips once again.

There was a bit of pain when Hanson pushed into him again, but mainly, Mike just felt full. "Oh, ugh..." he grunted as he felt himself once again being impaled.

Hanson buried himself completely in Mike, and then held himself still. "Are you ready, human?" Hanson asked, squeezing Mike's hard cock.

Mike laughed bitterly. "As ready as I will ever be."

Hanson stroked Mike slowly as began to withdraw inch by inch. Mike winced as he felt his muscles pulling at the hard cock. When Hanson was out to the head, Mike felt him slowly push back in. This time there was no pain, only the feeling of fullness. "Oh god, fuck me," Mike said weakly, enjoying Hanson's slow thrusts.

Hanson smiled and took his hand off of Mike's cock, placing his hands on the human's hips. "Your wish is my command." He buried himself inside Mike completely, and then forcefully pulled out before slamming forward once more.

It wasn't long before both human and centaur were moaning loudly, the forest full of the sounds of pounding flesh hitting against flesh. "Fuck me, oh god, it feels so good," Mike panted as he pushed his upper body up with his hands while he slammed his ass back against Hanson's powerful thrusts.

"So good," Hanson agreed, closing his eyes as he tore into Mike's ass like a torpedo. "I love your ass, human. It is so tight. I want you to cum for me human. I can't hold back much longer and I need to feel you tighten around me."

Mike was panting like crazy. His cock was flopping up against his stomach with each vigorous jab from Hanson. "Fuck me, oh fuck me," he panted, hanging his head as he rammed his ass back against Hanson. "I'm cummmmiinnnngggg..."

Hanson howled as he felt Mike's ass tighten around him. "Yes, cum for me. Tighten around me. Take me deep inside you," he cried as he buried himself completely and let go.

Mike screamed in pleasure and surprise as he felt his insides coated with the centaur's cum. "Cum in me, oh fuck cum in me," Mike roared even as his hand moved to his cock and finished milking it.

After they had recovered slightly, Hanson pulled away. By this time his cock had slithered back up into its sheath. "Oh yes, human. You would make a good sex slave," he panted as he looked at his cum dripping out of Mike's well-fucked hole.

Mike looked over his shoulder. "Please, let me go."

Hanson smiled. "You may go. Just come back soon, I loved having your ass."

Mike agreed, and then sat watching as Hanson slipped back into the trees. Mike felt Hanson's cum sliding out of his ass and gingerly stood up. He fixed his pants the best he could, then slowly made his way back home. When he emerged from the forest and found the back of his house, he decided right then and there, that he would never venture into those woods again.


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