tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 06

An Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 06


Bob was due back on the seventh. Anticipating his arrival and our conversation, I laid in the necessary elements of his favorite meal. When he called from the airport to let me know he'd arrived, I was prepared. When he arrived home, everything was ready.

I met him at the door in his favorite outfit. Not overtly "fuck me" in nature, it made clear I would be available on his timetable. I believe one of the things he liked best about it was the translucent top with its scooped neckline showing a lot of skin and cleavage down to a "barely there" bra.

I fixed him a drink and one for myself. We sat on the patio enjoying the warm evening and talked about his trip, his successes, his frustrations and the potentials still out there. I said nothing to relate the results of his trip to the next sales meeting. That would come later.

After an hour's conversation and several drinks, we ate. He was quite mellow after the cocktails and wine. We shared a port with dessert.

He helped me clean up, loading the dishwasher, putting away leftovers. As I finished washing a few delicate items in the sink he nuzzled my neck and rubbed his cock against my butt. I continued with my washing chores until he began toying with my breasts. I stopped. There was no washing dishes for me when he had his hands on my boobs. I rubbed my hips against his as he stood behind me. I felt the catch of my bra released. He pulled my top out of my skirt and ran his fingers under the top, under my loosened bra.

He held my breasts, circled his fingers around my nipples, kissed my neck. Skillfully he worked my bra from under the top and dropped it. I stood with my only motion being a slow caressing of his cock with my hips. He continue to feel me up like a teenager.

"Are you wearing my favorite panties," he asked in a voice that was only a whisper.

"You'll have to look and tell me if they're your favorite," I responded.

"I think I'll try the braille method," he said. He pulled my skirt up and using only his fingers began to explore my panties. He found my pussy and worked his fingers exquisitely though the fur, then he found my clit. I could barely stand still.

He stopped and pushed my panties down, not far, just enough. Again he stopped. He turned me around and kissed me deeply.

"I didn't get to fuck you at the last meeting. I'm going to fuck you at the next meeting. I want to fuck you after I've watched you be fucked by Bruce and George, maybe some others, too. You seemed to really want them and they never got their chance. I want to watch them get their chance.

His cock was rock hard now. I knelt and dropped his pants. I licked droplets of pre-cum from his cock.

He pulled me up to a standing position and worked my skirt off. Then my panties.

I helped him out of his shirt.

He pulled my top off.

We stood naked in the kitchen.

I knelt again and took his cock in my mouth sucking on it. He fucked my mouth.

I stopped and led him to the bedroom where I had him lie on the bed. I had earlier turned the bed down making ready for this. I sucked his cock slowly, deeply. As I felt him ready to explode I stopped and whispered, "How do you want me? Want me to suck you off? You can stick in my ass tonight. I'm yours however you want me."

"It's been a while. I'm good for more than once," he replied and pushed my head downward.

I took his cock in and explored it with my lips and tongue, then rose up and sat astride him letting him guide it into my pulsating pussy. He came with his hands fondling my breasts, rubbing my hips, my stomach. I kept up the fucking until his cock fell out, then took it in my mouth working it with my tongue until he was hard again.

I moved and lay face down alongside him sliding a pillow under my pussy, raising my ass. "Fuck me," I said.

I heard him looking for a few seconds for our lube, then felt him apply it. He rubbed it around the edge with a circular motion. As he rubbed, I relaxed.

He continued to apply the lube. As I relaxed more, he rubbed the lube inside the little entrance. As he did I relaxed more and he entered further.

Throughout all of this he used his other hand to stroke my clit and run a finger in and out of my pussy.

I gripped the sheet in a death grip as my climax approached. I rocked my hips. "Put it in," I pleaded.

I felt him change his position and felt his knees on either side of my hips. I felt him bend forward leaning on both arms. I felt the tip of his cock come into contact. I pushed back against that hard cock. It began to enter. I felt the stretching as he pressed harder pushing it inside.

Suddenly it was inside! It had passed through that little entrance and I felt him push deep. He began a slow fucking. I responded with my hips showing him how welcome he was.

We continued in this slow way until at last his cock swelled and I felt him cum. He fell forward and lay on my back for long minutes. I stroked my clit enjoying the sensation of his cock deep inside, his warm body lying on my back and an impending climax.

Though I was near, I let the climax wait. When he rolled to one side, his cock pulled out and he continued the roll until he lay on his back. He kissed my shoulders and left the bed.

When he returned he was clean and carried warm towels which he used on me. He turned me on my back and kissed me. This kiss lingered, then moved slowly down my body. He explored me with his tongue and lips. Licking, kissing, nibbling, he made his way to my pussy, then down to my feet and back to my pussy where he located my inflamed clit. Using his tongue and fingers he brought me to my first climax.

He turned into a 69 position and presented his cock to my mouth while he produced another climax using his teeth and tongue on my clit.

I sucked on his cock as I climaxed and was disappointed when instead of coming in my mouth, he pulled it out.

He rewarded me by sliding it expertly in my pussy. Soon climaxes were driving me wild.


Although Chapter 5 perhaps should have been the Non-Consent category, you may have to look for it in the Exhibition category.

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