tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAnal Nurse Ch. 03

Anal Nurse Ch. 03


NOTE: WE suggest that you read the FIRST TWO CHAPTERS, in order to understand

what's going-on in this third installment.........

Harriet Burnside, our mega-stacked main character of this series, has been summoned to the office of Iranian Kalikow, her department's Head Nurse and lesbian butt-buster extraordinaire. After being confronted with the evidence of her crimes, Harriett begs and pleads for mercy, but in the end is force to submit to the kinky Russian woman's perverse desire for her luscious body. In return for her submission, the Head Nurse has agreed to head-off any civil or criminal charges, and has guaranteed Harriett that she will keep her job. We begin the story with the two women stripped for action, and Harriett on her knees, sucking-off her lecherous boss.....

Poor Harriet gagged as the fat plum-sized head was forced past her delicate lips and into her mouth. She whimpers as the solid length of bogus penis completely fills her mouth. The heartless Head Nurse pays no attention and gathers the beautiful brunette's pinned-up hair in her strong fingers, moving her head up and down, a rhythm she soon matches with her own hips. Her slim hips thrust upwards to meet her subordinate's mouth each time it bobs down. Harriett is desperate to slow the rapid tempo, but the dominant Russian woman will have none of it.

"Behave yourself, Nurse Burnside; I'm controlling this." Harriett realizes that perhaps the best way to bring her ordeal to an end might be to exhibit more enthusiasm for the task, and so she opens her mouth wide and concentrates on opening her throat, as she did when Ben was alive. Irinia Kalenko is quite pleased by this act of submission.

"There, now; that's it; show me what you can do with that pretty mouth."

This goes on for awhile longer, until the bossy Head Nurse decides she is ready to take the activity to the next level: She reaches under one of the sofa cushions and produces a bottle of baby oil, which she hands to Harriett. "Here," she said, handing the plastic container to the surprised brunette. "Lube up my cock. Feel free to use as much as you want; believe me, you're gonna need it."

To Harriett, this statement sounded rather ominous. She pushes her dark suspicions aside and does as she's ordered, un-capping the bottle and drizzling the viscous fluid onto her supervisor's big rubber dong, massaging it onto the thick staff with knowing fingers. She had performed this task more times than she could count when Ben was alive; his penchant for rough anal sex was a staple of their sex life. When she has finished, Irinia stands up, her huge dick on eye-level with the increasingly-horny 35 year old. This is by far the biggest dick she's ever seen; her "balls" hang beneath it's base like plums in a bag, and for a moment Harriett is panicked at the thought of taking the huge member into her body. Seeing this, Irinia steps closer, grasping her by the shoulders and lifting her to her feet. Harriett gasps-aloud as the oiled tool pokes into her soft belly when the other woman pulls her close.

"W-what are you going to do?" the trembling brunette manages to squeak.

Ms Kalenko's reply is immediate and cold. "Stop asking questions. Now get onto the sofa, on all fours."

Afraid to disobey, Harriett does as she's told. She can't help the shudder of dread that courses through her.

She slumps onto her elbows, her delightful behind lifted tantalizingly high. And delightful it was: big, round, and firm, bisected on each side by the lacy straps of her suspender belt. She flinches as her hefty cheeks are pried apart and more lubricant is dribbled onto her tender brown pucker. Irinia presses forward, and rubs the tip of her dong in the slick split between the huge-chested nurse's spread buttocks, eliciting a gasping whimper from the kneeling brunette. The oily cock-tip comes to rest against her anal opening, then a slight pressure as it begins to bully its way past her sphincter muscle. Her boss seems to have quite a few of her late husband's sadistic tendencies, and she is quite sure that the bullying would not cease until the entire length of the predatory Russian woman's "cock" is buried deep in her backside.

The pressure increases, stretching and stretching and stretching her until the unrepentant tip pops inside the beleaguered brunette's anus: It's in! "Eeeek!!" Harriett groans as the solid length pushes deeper, stretching her terribly and opening her wide. The butt-stuffed nurse lets-out a long sigh of relief as Irinia's hips come to rest at last against her soft buttocks.

A few moments later, Irinia begins to sodomize her gorgeously-stacked employee with smooth, easy strokes.

This is not Harriett's first trip down the "Hershey Highway", and except for the extra-thick girth of the thing, she managed to accept the 12" latex monster almost as easily as she had Ben's formidable man-meat.

At least, that's what she thought, as long as her boss's in and out strokes remained slow and steady; then the horny immigrant picks-up the pace: Irinia's strong, slim hips begin to pump into her hard and fast; pushing everything she has into Harriett and almost causing her to cry-out, which the besieged underling prevents by knuckling of one of her hands tightly against her open, gasping lips.

Her rhythm established, Irinia sets a slightly more rapid pace, plowing into Harriet's loosened back-door like a pile-driver. Each time her rampant cock would hit bottom, Harriett farted; barely-audible at first, then louder and

more lewdly, more fragrantly as well as the foreign woman seemed determined to carve-out new territory in the voluptuously-built brunette's digestive tract.

Her lips curl in anguish and her face flushes pink, while strands of her dark hair, which have escaped her conservative bun, plaster themselves against her lovely face. Her head rolls on the arm of the couch while Irinia continues to dig-away at her pliant anal trench. Guttural grunts of pain-pleasure escape the mammoth-bosomed brunette as she wrestles with the maximum-sized pseudo dong deeply-embedded in her rectum.

The familiar heat spikes in her belly as the energetic buggery continues. Irinia notes with relish how easily her staff's puckered sphincter had yielded to her thick member; how it dilated wildly in an effort to accept every inch of her man-made shunt. "Hmmm; you like "Mr. Big, you nasty bitch?" Don't worry; there's plenty more where this comes from."

The harder and deeper Irinia plunged her cock the more Harriett liked it. She had no willpower left; she simply allowed the other woman to do as she wished. The heat of the nasty anal-fucking, the power and domination of her boss, the solid, constant weight of the rubberized "balls" slap, slap, slapping against her swollen cunt-lips all conspire to initiate a series of "pre-orgasms" as a prelude to the 'BIG ONE'...

Harriett's stomach clutches spasmodically, and her hips churn in a herky-jerky, shuddering fashion and it feels as if the top of her head blows-off from the force of her orgasm while Irinia rides her to the very end.


Both women are dressed and have taken their original seats behind and in front of Irinia's desk.

Now that she's had her, she has no intention of allowing Harriett to be fired, much less arrested, for her crimes, and tells her so.

"Ms Burnside, now that you've lived-up to your part of our little "bargain", I intend to live up to mine.

In an hour, you are to tell your friend and co-criminal that you have more drugs to turn-over; tell him you'll meet him on the basement, behind the main cooling system, at 4 pm."

Harriett is confused. "But I don't have any drugs; I haven't been on rounds yet."

"Keep your eye on the ball, Harriett," Irinia advises her sharply. "You do as you are told, let me worry about the rest. It doesn't matter about the drugs; you won't be meeting him. A friend of mine will."

Harriett has more questions, but has been cowed by Iranian's authorities tone and manner.

She decides it's best to keep quiet and let things play-out as they will.

A few minutes later, Nurse Burnside leaves the office, very much conscious of the smirking gaze she receives from Irinia's Assistant Head Nurse on her way out the door.

Once Harriett is gone, Iranian picks-up the phone and dials an outside extension.

"Hello, Sergei?" A string of rapid Russian follows....

Part 4 is being written for publication soon. I want to thank everyone for being so patient (for the most part). I hope that 2005 makes each of us happier, hornier, more prosperous, healthier, and all in all 100% better, in all ways, than in 2004.


We welcome all feedback, positive or negative, butt if NEGATIVE please at least be CONSTRUCTIVE, so that we may learn something new/better.

I join the other two authors in wishing everyone well in 2005. Hope you enjoy this series, and YES, there are more stories starring CHRISSY MARTINEZ on the way!

Joli (Nastilatinabitch)

Britisha would like to thank the other two ladies for their wonderful contributions, and to all of you for your support. I will try to get more chapters done as quickly as possible, butt it does take time to produce a good product. Please remember to vote on LITEROTICA and leave comments for all of our submissions. Thanx, until next time!


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