tagAnalAnal with Ebony

Anal with Ebony


Please, tell me why I'm the way that I am, because I don't understand it. I'm a strong black woman with very clear cut morals, but I love to have sex with white men. There is something about a white man holding my arms down with strong masculine arms that make me go crazy. Oh, and if they talk dirty, that is even better. The dirtier they talk, the more I get into it. I can even stand to hear the "N" word from time to time. I love it when a white man runs his hands through my nappy brown hair and calls me something nasty while trying to get me hot. What is better than all that? Well, what is better than all that is when a white man mounts me from behind and fucks me in the ass. There is nothing quite so domineering as a white man plugging your ass while you are faced away from him, alone in your thoughts. That is what I'm gearing up for right now.

I've shaved every inch of my chocolate skin and lathered up with both soap and lotion. I've primped and prodded in ways every black woman should to please her man. I cleaned out my ass and I'm ready to go. He arrives in all his glory.

"Come," he says with that deep and proper tone.

I go to him, dropping to my knees awaiting the pale white flesh that will spring to life at his ready. He doesn't make me wait long, when he unzips himself and instructs me to suck. I love it when he is demanding; it reminds me of my place. I begin to suck. I lick around the tip enjoying each and every flavor that combines to make my vanilla treat. I engulf him into my tiny mouth as he thrusts ever so gently with his hips. I take him as deep as I can only to let him back out again in a pulsing pace. I tighten my throat and my lips around his cock. He moans as he thrusts deeper toward the back of my throat.

"Tell me what you like about my cock," he says.

"I love your big white cock," I happily reply.

"Yes, my little black slut, you do."

I slurp away until he is nice and wet with my saliva dripping off the tip of his swollen red tip. He is patient with me when I fumble at his balls which become salty pearls in my mouth.

"Now," he says with a smirk, "I want that ass."

I'm never defiant with him but I am hesitant when he goes straight for my ass. I know it is his favorite, and I'm not a virgin, but he is large. He leads me over to the couch where he leans my body gently over the arm. My legs are spread as he starts to massage my juicy black ass. I'm getting wet under his touch and his gaze burns into my back. He wants me. I'm worthy.

"Don't move," he says sliding a hand along my back.

He finds my puckered hole instantly as he slides a finger inside. It is already wet from my pussy juice as I breathe and convince myself to relax.

"Oh you are so ready," he says lining up to my tight little opening.

He pushes against the hole and in a flash has found his way in. It is just the head but I'm already feeling full.

"Slowly," I say in a whisper but he isn't in a rush.

He pulls back out slapping his cock against my ass. I huff at the thought of him inside me. I want all seven inches of his thick cock in me. I back up to him, begging him to go with every inch of my body.

"I told you not to move," he says slapping my ass.

I'm still. He enters me again and the familiar sounds start. He pushes deeper and I can barely stand all of him in me at once. Each thrust is almost cosmic as he refuses to stop to let me catch my breath. His hands on my waist are deepening as he continues to thrust deeper and deeper inside me. The couch is perfectly lined up with my clit and with each thrust I get a deep sensation all the way to my toes. I am so full now as he tries to put all of himself inside me.

"I'm going to come soon, darling," he says the most enduring thing he ever calls me.

"Me too," I choke out as his final thrust sends me over the edge.

I cum. I cum against myself. I cum against the couch. I cum all over his thick milky white cock. I can feel every vibration as I let myself relax into him. He comes to. His cum is even more euphoric for me. I can feel his essence seeping into my hole that has just been owned by this beautiful white man.

"Damn," he says with a slap to my ass, "I love you, you are such a little black slut."

"I'm your little black anal slut," I smile.

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