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And Then There Were Two


As always:

Thanks to rf-fast for the editing work. Your insights are what prevents this story from being mindless drivel. Thanks!

All characters involved in sexual acts are eighteen years of age or older.


And Then There Were Two: Spring Break With My Sister and Her Friends

Spring break. Ten days of fun filled joy that every student can look forward to, whether or not they are heading somewhere fun. Cancun, Fort Lauderdale, and even Europe are all popular hot spots for Hilldale High's senior class. I wasn't going to any of those. For the students of a lessor financial capability, creativity to maximize enjoyment was the way to go. Hanging out with friends, going to the local arcade, finding someone with a swimming pool, or even spending ten days just sleeping in and being lazy were all possibilities. I wish I were any one of those fortunate individuals.

Instead, I was going camping at Lake Mbes. You have to hand it to those early settlers of this region for their originality. The Potawatomi Indian word for lake was mbes. When the settlers arrived, they used that word to name the lake. So Lake Mbes literally translates to Lake Lake; innovative redundancy at its best. Sure, spending seven of those ten days camping at the lake sounds like fun, but I was going only because my Mom and Dad were making me. None of the five other teens taking the trip were my friends. My parents were forcing me to play babysitter to my fraternal twin sister, Isabella and her boyfriend, Jacob.

Isabella and I aren't close and really are the worst twins ever. She's popular and I am not. She's a partier and I am studious. Her friends are cheerleaders and football players and I've got the chess club and debate team. We don't even have twin intuition. It's really all my genetics fault.

Right before we were to start kindergarten, I was diagnosed with a heart defect and needed surgery. My sister dodged that bullet and started school normally while I had to wait a year. This resulted in all sorts of teasing from my peers. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that I must be stupid because my twin is in a higher grade than I am, I'd be a rich man. It didn't matter that I received higher marks in all my advanced placement subjects than she did her normal classes. But it killed my social life, while hers flourished. The grade gap cemented the strain on our relationship. We only talked when she wanted something from me; usually help with her homework.

I was the odd man out based on social status and grade level as we headed out on the trip. As if Isabella and her football jock boyfriend weren't enough, I also had to deal with the schools ladies' man, Max and his airhead girlfriend of the week, Valerie. Then there was the basketball team's star center, Eric and his cheerleader girlfriend Angela. Lastly, there was the stuck up princess of Hilldale, Brooke, who also happened to be my sister's best friend. She is a girl whose icy stare can cause a man to cower in fear. A girl whose venomous words cause grown men to run away crying. This girl's sole existence on this planet is to cause humiliation for all mankind. Or maybe just me. My opinion is probably skewed based on how often I received her hard glare and sharp tongue in my own home. And they say these are the best days of our lives. Right. Did I mention that I didn't want to go on this trip?

And so I became the personal group bitch for the excursion. I hitched the small trailer to our parents Ford Expedition. I dug through the garage to excavate the two family tents along with all our other camping gear. When we picked up someone, I was the one who made sure their belongings, along with a third tent that Eric supplied, were properly stowed. I was the driver on this wonderful voyage. And as luck would have it, I was stuck with Brooke in the front seat with me. She dominated the radio, the cars temperature settings, and even the GPS system because she wanted to see "what was in the area." Never mind that I actually needed it to get where we were going. And when I asked her to stop, her response to me was her icy glare. To top it off, when we had finally arrived at Lake Mbes campgrounds, everybody took off for the lake. Obviously, this left me with setting up the three tents we had. Yup, this trip was going to be more work than fun.

I unhitched the trailer and began to put the tents together. Once I got them set up, I headed to the campsite office to purchase some firewood. When I got back, I threw everybody's bags in their respective tents. Not because I cared or because I was being nice, no, I just needed to unbury the gas grill we brought. After doing all the work and all the driving, I was hungry. I opened one of the packages of hot dogs we were going to have for dinner and began preparing my gourmet meal. No way was I cooking for everyone. I was munching on chips when a hot brunette in a yellow bikini came rollerblading on the path directly in my line of sight. I smiled and she returned it as she passed. Maybe this trip could be fun. No one knows me here. None of these strangers will call me 'Heartache.' Yeah, that's been my nickname since day one of elementary school. Always good to know your very own life threatening disease can be the target of ridicule. I might have a chance to meet a girl.

I turned the hot dogs over one last time and decided they were done. I fixed my plate, two dogs and a pile of chips, and started walking over to the picnic table. I didn't make it. The group had come back from the lake and Eric intercepted me.

"Thanks Heartache," Eric chuckled as he took my plate. "I didn't realize how hungry I can get from just relaxing in the sun."

He should see how hungry you get from doing all the work, but I just looked up at him. He was 6'11" and I was 5'10". He was muscular and I once had to read a muscle magazine for health class. I just turned and headed back to the grill only to find the other ten hot dogs already gone. I guess I was cooking for everyone. Once I made my plate again, I went to the edge of the lot and made myself comfortable on one of the benches surrounding the fire pit. No way was I sitting at the picnic table. I doubt anyone would have slid over for me anyways.

Dusk was falling across the sky and I figured now would be a good time to start the fire. A couple logs, my used paper plate for kindling, a lighter and I had the fire going quickly. The heat masked the temperature that was slowly dropping. I always loved the sight and sounds of a campfire. The dancing flames, the crackling of the wood, the smoky smell; it somehow always brought a calmness to me. It was the perfect way to relax. If only I had brought marshmallows. No, they would probably eat all of them as well.

My relaxing, however, only lasted ten minutes as the seven others joined me. I stayed, but remained silent in hopes of being ignored. I did not want to leave the comforts of warmth. I ended up sharing my bench with Valerie and Max. I was grateful it was Max sitting next to me. If it were Eric, my ass would be half on the bench and half in the air.

My staying in the shadows, so to speak, worked and it was a surprisingly nice evening. It started out with playful banter, teasing and friendly conversation I am normally not privy to. The chatting became more personal and secrets flew with each empty can of beer. I stayed with water just so I wouldn't open up about how I really felt about my comrades. I'm sure my comments would have made the week that much more enjoyable for me. It was apparent the girls were getting antsy. Angela was first and she tried to nonchalantly sneak away with Eric to one of the tents, as if any 6'11" man can sneak off anywhere unnoticed.

The six of us stayed. We followed the conversation up with a round of ghost stories, each of us taking a turn. I was quite proud of myself for one, not backing down and two, having one of the better stories that were told. I'm sure it had something to do with me being sober. After their respective turns, Isabella and Jacob were locked in a heated debate. They couldn't decide which of their tongues wanted to be in whose mouth the most. I did my best to ignore them. My sister being tongue molested was not a lasting image I wanted engraved in my memory. It didn't take long before they finally said goodnight and made their way to the second tent, leaving four of us. I was beginning to feel I was in Agatha Christie's novel, 'And Then There Were None,' except people were leaving in pairs to have sex and not being murdered. I also knew I'd be the last one remaining.

Valerie and Max kept up conversation with Brooke, though their hands were saying what was really on their minds. Max had his hand wrapped around her and was lightly caressing her tit while Valerie's hand was rubbing the bulge in his pants, and it wasn't subtle.

"Just go ahead," Brooke shook her head. "It's quite obvious where you two want to be."

Valerie smiled and blushed, "Thanks." She stood and nearly dragged Max to the third and final tent, leaving me alone with Brooke.

We each just stared at the fire, the crackling of the wood being drowned out by the grunts and groans behind us. I knew this would happen. I just knew I wasn't going to be sleeping in a tent this week and I prepared accordingly. I went to the trailer to collect my things. I threw on a sweatshirt to add a second layer of clothing and then grabbed my sleeping bag and laid it out near the fire.

"What are you doing?" I heard Brooke mumble. It was said so low, I wasn't sure she meant to say it aloud.

"Preparing for bed," I threw a couple more logs of wood on the fire. "I was supposed to share the tent with my sister and Jacob but I also knew that wasn't going to happen. Watching them make out was bad enough." I chuckled as I turned and noticed Brooke's body had a shiver to it. She was only in a pair of jean cut off shorts and a white t-shirt that was so thin that I could see her red bikini underneath.

"Yeah, I'm not sure how long I'll be waiting for Valerie and Max." I could hear the slight chattering of her teeth.

"If you're cold, you can warm up in my extra-large sleeping bag. It's thermal insulated and still close to the fire."

"With you?" As if it wasn't apparent by her voice alone, her eyes showed her disdain for that idea as well.

"No, not with me," I laughed. "I told you I was prepared already. I'll be fine." Brooke didn't move and I shrugged my shoulders before heading back to the trailer. On my way back, she had finally gave in to her cold body and she was snuggling into my sleeping bag.

I set a sweatshirt on top of her and then went to set up the contents of the box I was carrying. "What's that?" Brooke asked with more curiosity than I thought she would have at something I was doing.

"That would be a sweatshirt," I answered sarcastically. "It will help keep you warm."

"Thanks," Brooke giggled. "But I meant the thing you're setting up."

"I know what you meant, I was just teasing." I glanced back at her and I must say she looked pretty sexy slipping into my sweatshirt. "It's a telescope. There's too much light pollution in the city to get good use out of it, though I still try. But it's perfect for places like this."

Brooke looked up to see the clear night sky. "Makes sense."

I had set up the tripod, but decided against its use. I lay down next to Brooke and adjusted the knobs to get clarity. I scanned the sky briefly before the scope landed on the constellation Orion. "Would you care to look?"

Brooke stared at me quizzically, "Really?" I kept the tube of the telescope aimed where I wanted it and put the eyepiece near her. She rolled her eyes but obliged my whim. "Wow it's beautiful," she was sincerely astonished. "Where do all the colors come from?"

"What you're looking at is the Orion Nebula. It's an interstellar cloud of various gases. It's named Orion after a great hunter from Greek mythology." I gave her a minute and then angled the telescope again.

"Is that the moon?"

"Yup." I looked at Brooke and the fascination on her face was enchanting. "Right now you're looking at the Sea of Serenity." I moved the tube down and to the right, "And this is the Sea of Tranquility." I then moved it down and to the left. "This is Tycho, one of the moons many craters. They are formed when a meteor impacts the surface. Kind of like if you punched a piece of dry wall."

Brooke chuckled at that, "I don't think I could make a hole that big."

"Well I don't know? I've seen you get pretty mad before," I teased. Brooke playfully punched my arm. "See, now I have to check for a crater," I pulled up the sleeve of my sweatshirt, doing a quick inspection of her impact.

"Ha, ha," Brooke smiled.

"And this is Venus." I angled the tube to the planet.

"It's so bright," Brooke yawned.

"Because she was the Goddess of Love and Beauty," I expounded. "Someone so exquisite that all the Gods wanted her for their own."

"So who did she choose?" Brooke tilted her head so she could look at me.


"I bet he was one stud of a god to land her," Brooke mused.

"Sorry to disappoint the fantasy, but he was considered the ugliest god in the heavens, complete with a limp. He wasn't even in charge of something great like the sea or wisdom. He was an all-around good guy and a simple blacksmith. Or a common factory worker if we were comparing him to today's standards."

Brooke's eyelids were struggling to stay open. "I wonder why she picked him."

"Not sure," I whispered as I brushed a stray tendril of hair from Brooke's face, her eyes finally given up the fight.

I carefully moved the telescope from next to her and put it away. I went to the trailer and fished out one more sweatshirt and a flannel. I lay back down near the fire, using the sweatshirt as a pillow and the flannel as my blanket.

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of a screaming child from a nearby campsite. As I opened my eyes, I realized I was alone. They had taken off in the SUV somewhere, which means I was on my own for breakfast. I grabbed some clothes and headed to the showers. I had dirt in places I didn't even know I had. My time with Brooke was worth it, however, and I would sleep on the ground again if I would get that opportunity once more. She was actually nice when she wasn't around her friends. Whom am I kidding? Last night was only because of circumstance. She was cold and I happened to be there with a sleeping bag. She'll certainly make sure not to repeat that problem by changing her clothes first.

The day went slow for me and as the hours passed, I was getting livid. All there was to eat was vending machine junk food and after two courses of it, I was ready for something more substantial. I was being driven mad by the barbequing that was happening all around me. I decided to take a walk around just so I wouldn't go stir crazy.

I was almost back to the site when the woman in the yellow bikini rollerbladed toward me. She was wearing jean shorts and a light blue top today. I got the sense she was slowing up, whether it be for me or the fact she was coming up the incline I was heading down it didn't matter.

"Hello," I smiled.

The woman came to a stop, "Hi. How's it going?"

"Not bad, just out for a walk enjoying the wonderful scenery," I looked directly in her eyes to make the point that I was referring to her. "You're really good on those blades. I saw the speed you made that hairpin turn by my campsite. Impressive. By the way, I'm Ian."

"Leslie," She smiled. "And yeah, I've been on skates since I was kid."

"I wish I had my pair with me, but I doubt I'd be able to keep up with you. Perhaps you'd consider walking with me one day?"

"You know, I'm just up this hill. Let me switch to my shoes and we'll go right now."

We both went in that direction, but with Leslie being on her blades she easily beat me there and was coming back down before I could reach it. "That was fast."

"Just means you were slow," Leslie rebutted.

"Show off."

"Slow poke."

And that is how our relationship began. We went the entire lap around the campgrounds and our conversation went from mirthful teasing that was delightful and pleasant to a serious political debate. We talked about our hobbies and mutual interests we shared. I also found out Leslie was twenty, a sophomore in college two states away, and was here with her parents. We were getting to the subject of me as darkness began to fall. We were also coming near my campsite and I noticed the SUV just arrived as the seven of them were piling out. I was hoping that they wouldn't notice me, but all it took was one. Jacob nudged my sister and pointed at me and that got everybody's attention. Max let out a wolf whistle and Valerie slapped his arm to show her displeasure.

"Hey Heartache, why don't you introduce us to your peach?" Jacob called out.

Leslie glanced at me for my reaction. "I'm not friends with any of those immature idiots. I'm only here because my parents felt my sister needed a babysitter."

Leslie smiled, "So you're wasting your spring break to be a good older brother?"

"I suppose that's what it looks like, but she's old enough to make her own horrible decisions in life. Not that she'd listen to me anyway. Truth is, I'm here so I wouldn't have to spend my vacation listening to my parents making me feel bad about," and my voice raised an octave or two as I tried to impersonate my Mother, "how their innocent daughter is all alone with her wolf of a boyfriend in the woods. If only they really knew all she has done in her life."

"So she's not innocent, how about you?" Leslie entwined her arm in mine for all to see.

I thought for a moment. I imagine most guys would lie, trying to give a cool comeback to ensnare the girl; but that just wasn't me. "When it comes to purity, I'm as clean as a preachers sheets," I replied honestly. Leslie stopped so I did as well. I turned my head to her, "Sorry. I don't like..."

Leslie kissed me. Not a peck either; an open-mouthed full of tongue kiss in front of everyone. It surprised me, which caused my momentary delay in reciprocating but I soon kissed her back. I wasn't even sure I was doing it right. But all the same, when we pulled apart Leslie was smiling. Just another experience I will keep with me regardless of how much hell I'm going to get from the seven spectators.

"It's nice to meet a guy that isn't completely full of shit." Leslie then took hold of my hand and we strolled along the path.

I gave her my story as we continued. I told her everything and she was stunned I was still in high school and even more shocked when I told her how my sister and I were both eighteen but I was only a junior and she was a senior. I was surprised by her response as well.

"You don't act that way. I thought for sure you were already in college." Leslie seemed to be lost in thought for a moment before continuing, "At least we can share this week together. But if you meet my parents, don't tell them you're in high school. They'll think I was robbing the cradle or something."

"Deal," I smiled.

We stopped just out of view of her parents and kissed again. It wasn't like before. It was more tender and, as she pulled back, she put her hand to her lips, "Damn, I wish you lived closer."

"It's only two states," I smirked.

"I know, I know," Leslie shook her head. "I'll see you tomorrow."

As she disappeared, my stomach growled something loud enough for a vulture to start circling above me. I was beyond famished. I was on a mission as I headed back to the campsite. They were all laughing and having a grand time around the picnic table. I went straight to Isabella and held out my hand.

"The keys," I demanded.

"Just because you kissed a girl doesn't mean you can talk to me that way," Isabella retorted.

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