tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAngel's Tease Ch. 04

Angel's Tease Ch. 04


"Quick! Put on her bra and her G-string. We want the customers to get aroused gradually." Dan instructed the group of men with a lusty stare.

Amidst my pleas and whimpers, a voice was constantly blaming me for this unfamiliar situation. My conscience hit me recurringly, "Why did you have to start off with the tease? It's your fault to be in this damn club!"

I couldn't think straight and really don't know what lay ahead...Stan smiled at me, scrutinising my nipples and decided that I needed to have my seducing red and swollen raisins. He took two large pieces of ice and put both into my tight bra. My nipples defied my mental state and erected themselves proudly to the rhythm of a searing pain.

"Slut, remember to stay horny later for the show, isn't that what you want? Lots of men to play with you, whore!" Tony hurled his heavy words at me. With that, he blindfolded me, leaving me wringing in my growing fear which was consuming me.


I knew someone carried me and then threw me gently to the ground which had a rough surface. I couldn't see anything but I could see a mass of brightness under my blindfold, I knew I was in a place where there were very strong lights shining on me. There was silence and it was deafening in a way, deafening my senses and heightening my fears.

"Gentlemen, we have a new girl here tonight as our play toy." I recognised Mr. Sin's voice as he spoke. "Well, let me tell you how this pretty cock-teaser got here. You see, this slut's name is Angel and earlier today, she was having a little tease with her parents' tenants by dropping her towel purposely. She daringly raised the cocks of seven burly men as she went on to masterbate in her room with the door open. Well, little did she expect that these tenants are loyal patrons of our club."

My heart beats increased its tempo with every word Mr. Sin said and strangely enough, my cunt was glistening with wetness at this equal pace.

"She, this slut here then resists the seven guys. Now gentlemen, do you think she deserve to be punished?" An echoing wave of consent hit my ears, gripping my heart in stitches. Who was there? I could hear many low rumbles though I couldn't hear exactly what those noises were.

Mr Sin went on to elaborate, "Great. She will be teased; played; man-handled; humiliated and much more tonight. No fucking though, except for one man who will get her tonight. And if you gentlemen fancy her, feel free to bid for her at the end of the show. She will be your supper tonight at our Royal Palace room, equipped with all the slut-taming instruments."

My imagination was running wild, I did not understand about the show, the bidding and the Royal Palace room at all. Little did I know that my punishment for my tease was going to start from that moment. Someone took off my blindfold and the bright lights blinded me for a moment. I shaded my eyes from the lights and made out at least 20 blur figures in front of me. The vision gradually took form when I clearly saw many men sitting on various couches and sofas. They were all undressed and many were stroking their cocks. I let out a moan and felt cum flow out from my love-hole. The sight of so many men somewhat aroused me and not forgetting the ice that Stan has put into my bra, made me very wet. I was lost in the no man's land between logic and desires.

"Please, no...no..." I pleaded resistingly. Mr Sin smiled menacingly and said lustfully, "Let the show begin!"

The lights were dimmed into a dull orange and before I knew it, Dan and Tony were behind me. Slow erotic music was played in the background, tickling one's sexual thoughts. The duo pulled me up and untied my legs. I looked at them pitifully like a puppy but was responded with a quick slap from Tony. I struggled for a while and because my hands were tied, I felt like a defenceless puppy pitted against two lions. Dan smiled and lowered his eyes to my bra. Before I could stop him, he unlatched it and revealed my round jiggling breasts. I heard loud cheers from the crowd edging Dan on.

I made a futile effort in covering my breasts as Tony held my tied hands firmly. I whimpered and pleaded with tears in my eyes, "Please...don't...don't...please let me go...I am sorry...Please." My resisting pleas were answered by a hard squeeze from Dan, sending a wave of pain onto my left breast.

Tony went on to pull my right nipple with a quick tug and drew a shriek of pain from me. The crowd was hurling their excitement loudly, shouting encouragement to the savage men on stage. "Gentlemen, the Pony." Dan exclaimed, pointing to the side of the stage where a weird-looking structure was wheeled in by the smiling Stan.

The wooden structure looked menacingly simple yet threatened and accelerated my breathing. The audience whistled and cheered, making me more puzzled than ever. It looked like an upright "T" with straps on top and it had an horizontal plank in the middle. The two guys tore my G-string off and forced me to open my legs. They mercilessly hoisted me onto the extension which had a triangular shape at the end of the plank. My cunt was now directly on top of the triangle.

My hands were tied to the top of the T-shaped structure and I realised I couldn't stand on level ground with my legs in between the plank. I had to tip-toe because if I don't, my cunt will touch and rub on the triangle. I used my strength to stand in the tip-toe position, feeling vulnerable and helpless in the restricted position. I looked away from the audience in shame.

Tony smirked and said. "Gentlemen, as you all know, the wooden pony is a devious device, designed for the slow sexual torture of beautiful women. Its earliest use as a sado-sexual device was in Japan, but a similar device, the rail, was used in Europe as a general-purpose torture. In it's most vicious form the Wooden pony is a wide triangular wooden plank, set with the sharp end up. This helpless woman is lifted into the air and set upon the pony as you can see, her full body weight supported on her most tender flesh. Her legs are forced wide open by the width of the lower part of the plank. Additional weights are attached to her ankles to keep her from falling off, making her ordeal immediately unbearable."

At the end of his speech, I felt myself giving way to my tired knees and I used the last of my strength to lower myself as gently as possible to the hard and narrow surface of the Pony. I uncontrollably let a soft moan escaped from my lips as I felt my delicate flesh pressed between the pony and my pelvis. In the next moment the discomfort forced my muscles to lift myself up and I rose up again, but only for a few minutes this time.

Muscles throbbing, again I lower myself, carefully placing my weight on a new, unmarked place. It took longer to summon the strength to rise a third time, but after long seconds riding the Wooden Pony I pointed my toes and pushed against gravity, sweating from the exerting...I finally realised that comfort is impossible and I squirmed constantly from the pain.

"This constant motion is what we want, slut, you are riding the pony." Tony explained with interest. "Let's make her ordeal worse." I couldn't resist with words anymore as I was busy trying to summon my strength to lift myself up yet failing the task and as a result moaning wantonly.

"Mmm...ah...please...mmmm...mmmm" I bit my lips as I moaned. It was unbearable yet I felt this weird sense of enjoyment from this torture. I hate myself for reacting in this way and felt like a complete slut.

Dan and Tony added more weights to my ankles, making my ride a more deliberate one and my "riding" pace increased due to the intensity of the torture. I was moaning louder and the slut in me was stirring even more as my breasts jiggled shamelessly with the motion.

"Clamp her nipples!" a loud manly voice boomed in the room among the cheering. Before my refusal could be uttered, Stan clamped a tight clothes peg each on both of my swollen nipples, sending waves of pain through my erected nipples. I moaned even louder and I could feel my cum dripping more on the plank which was torturing me. With every motion, I was unleashing the slut in me. I knew I wanted the men to do whatever they want with me at this stage already. I knew I couldn't resist them any more, I felt helpless yet the horny whore in me was yearning for more. My resistance was waning but when Dan called the audience to take turns to touch me while I was riding the pony, I felt humiliated and resisted by controlling my moans. I bit my lips hard and made only muffled moans while all the audience came up to touch me all over while I was riding the my wooden Pony.

"Fucking slut!" Tony screamed at me "Resist more and you will get more punishment!" In my mind, I wanted to give in but his words somewhat encouraged my resistance..."get more punishment" was reverberating in my head and I threw back my head in defiance. "Gentlemen, this slut needs a harder time, doesn't she? This Asian girl is a natural whore, see how she defy to get more punishment?" Dan said, reading almost every single bit of my mind.

"Let me do it." Mr Sin cackled as he walked towards me. He stood hoveringly in front of me and the next thing I knew, my vision fell into darkness.

* * * * *

(To be continued...)

(Hi guys, I hope you like this fourth chapter I have written for the Angel's Little Plan series...I am always wet and my nipples are protruding in arousal whenever I write these stories...if you like roleplay, email me to tease & punish me today...)

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