tagGroup SexAngel's Work Ch. 04

Angel's Work Ch. 04


After my party with Beth and Toni I was just horny all the time. I kept a lid on it at college, it's very easy to get a bad reputation. Being called Angel is a lot to live up to.

I got my next job two weeks later. Some of the guys from the football team from a college in the city were having a party. They requested a stripper who will do all the extras. Just my line as it happens.

I managed to borrow a cheerleader's outfit from a friend, just to give the boys that something special.

That Saturday night I was up on the table at a large house in the suburbs, dancing for about fifteen horny college guys.

I slowly strode up and down the table pulling the tiny dress up to reveal my freshly shaven pussy to the guys, that got them all shouting and hooting. With a flourish the top was whipped off, to show my nice, firm tits.

"Undress me." I told the birthday boy as I knelt on the edge of the table in front of him. He very slowly pulled my short skirt down from behind; as he did I stuck my ass up and slid off the table to land in his lap. His erection felt stiff and hot through his pants.

I turned around and slid onto the table on my back, put my legs on his shoulders and told him to eat me. The sight of a bold pussy in his face drove him wild. He attacked my little snatch like a starving man. No messing about for this kid, his tongue was rammed right in to my cunt, sending shivers down my spine.

As I looked up two guys were on the table, offering their cocks to me. I began sucking them, going from one to the next. Birthday boy starting nibbling my clit, and he gently slid two fingers deep into my pussy. The aching in my groin needed some serious attention, but he was doing a good job, for know.

As I was sliding towards my first orgasm, one of the guys I was sucking shot his load all over my tits. I sucked the other cock while massaging his cum in to my skin. The sight of me rubbing my tits sent the other guy over the edge. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and fired his spunk all over my chest as well. As I lay on the table getting fingered and eaten while I was rubbing two loads of cum in to my tits, one of the guys said to the birthday boy.

"As it's your birthday, you get to fuck her first."

At that he stood up and dropped his shorts, letting a nice, thick cock spring free. He slowly eased his prick in to my very small, but extremely wet, cunt. Being filled up, after a week of waiting felt so good I came straight away. As I screamed out, he stuffed the whole of his cock into me. I began moaning and shouting for more cock as he got in to a good rhythm. One cock was dangled over my mouth and I immediately sucked it in to my hungry mouth. I felt a cock in each hand and began to wank those two guys. Another guy straddled my chest and put his cock between my tits to wank himself off.

Every where I turned I saw, and felt hot dicks. I was in heaven. So much cock was getting me wetter than I had been in a long time. I heard a grunt and the cock in my mouth began to pump hot cum down my throat. He came so much that it began to run out of the sides of my mouth. When he pulled his cock out I sucked up what I could before bending forwards and sucking the head of the cock that was between my tits. As I was sucking this cock another guy began to cum on my face. The warm spunk splashed in my hair and over my nose and mouth. This made Mr tit-wank shoot his load all over my tits, followed by the two I had been wanking.

While all this was going on the birthday boy had been pumping my cunt faster and faster. As I began rubbing all of the cum in to my tits, and licking it off my fingers he pulled his cock out of my cunt and came over my stomach. Spunk pooled in my belly button and spilled over the sides of my flat stomach.

"Come on guys. I need to be really filled with cum. I need one guy in my pussy, one guy really needs to get in my ass, and I can always suck a third."

I moved up the table and rolled on to all fours. I huge black guy slid underneath me and pressed the tip of his cock against me pussy lips. I looked down and saw he had a huge cock.

"That's it baby. Fill my tiny, little pussy."

I felt a second cock begin to press against my tight ass, and relaxed enough so he could get the head of his dick just inside.

"Right guys. Three, two, one, FUCK." On the command the two guys rammed their cocks in to my holes. The pressure pushed me forwards, and I ended up with a third cock against my lips. I cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain at being filled so completely. The third guy muffled my cries by shoving his cock in my mouth.

The three guys all found a good rhythm, pounding my pussy, ass and mouth together. I kept crying out with animal lust as orgasm after orgasm ripped through my body. I felt my own cum spilling out of my tight twat and rolling down the huge black cock in my pussy.

I don't now how they did it, but all three guys finally began picking up speed. I was taking a furious pounding, and before I knew it they all came together. I huge load was shot deep in my bowls, as the guys in my ass roared as he came. It felt hot and good. The dick in my pussy twitched and gallons of boiling hot spunk gushed in to my pussy. That felt so good I thought I was going to pass out. Pulse and pulse shot hot cum deep in my stomach. The guy I was sucking pulled his cock out of my mouth and as I screamed in orgasm he shot his cum over my face and in to my mouth.

I lay for a little while, three wilting cocks in me, getting my breath back. The cheering continued and before long each cock was replaced with a fresh one. I kept this up until I had fucked or sucked each guy twice.

By four a.m. I staggered out of the party, stinking of dried spunk, and very sore. I called the cab company was used for these occasions. As I sat on the back seat of the B.M.W., cum spilling out of my cunt and ass I decided I had had enough for I little while.

At home I had a long shower and crawled in to bed. I feel asleep with a very big grin on my face.

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