tagGroup SexAngie Gets Even

Angie Gets Even


Angie George was gone frequently on business trips and was one of the most successful saleswomen in the state. Angie was about 5'8" with short, curly blonde hair and wore glasses with small red frames. She was in excellent shape and had great breasts.

"Girl, you've got to get back at that deadbeat."

"Well I'm not taking him on the trip to Nassau."

"You should really let your hair down and show him how turnabout is fair play."

"I'm just going to let things happen and have a relaxed time."

"Well, you should you earned this trip to meet with the buyer's in Nassau."

"But, I am going to have a good time. And I'm going to make him sorry for fucking that girl from his gym."

She wore her brown jacket and matching skirt with a blouse opened up to the top of her cleavage. This is how she boarded the plane bound for the tropics and she packed light with only her briefcase, purse, and two suitcases. The suitcases had some lingerie and 2 swimsuits. A very small two piece that was blue and a thong. She got off the plane and the hotel had a driver waiting for her.

"Welcome to Nassau."

"Thank you."

Angie sat with her legs crossed and stared out the window of the vehicle as it moved past the pleasant tourist shops towards the beach front hotel.

"I don't know whether it's customary to tip, but if you'll follow me to my room I'll be able to tip you there."

"Oh, I don't know, I've got 'em waiting as day come."

Angie leaned towards the glass, her cleavage falling out of the blouse a little and said "I'll make it worth your while." She licked her lips and let a breathy and subtle ooh escape. She sat back down and said thank you as she winked at him. And then returned to the staring out the window.

When they arrived to the hotel the bag boys retrieved her luggage from the trunk of the cab. Angie walked up to the concierge and began to check in and receive her messages for the trip.

"Ms. George you'll be staying in one of our finest suites. Room 608. These men will accompany you and carry your baggage and should you need anything feel free to buzz us down here."

"Thank you."

"I will walk you to your room, open it for you, and present you with the key."

The elevator ride was slightly awkward. Even Angie didn't exactly know what she was going to do when she got to the room.

Upon entering the room the men stood in a line facing Angie, unable to make eye contact with one another. The room was clearly hers to command. Angie walked over to where her luggage was and bent over at the waist, ass sticking out. The short skirt hiked over her buttocks just enough to expose her round ass and smooth white panties. She remained bent over and cocked her head around.

"I can tip you guys individually or two at a time?"

She licked her lips and stood up, the skirt stayed hiked up as she walked over to the group. She licked her lips and squatted down to get eye level with their cocks. Angie stroked the bulge in one fellow's pants. Her asshole puckered and she rubbed the other hand from ass to vagina. Her three fingers felt good over the thin damp cloth. Angie trimmed a light v-shape over her pussy, which was now exposed from the hand movement that was making her wetter and wetter. Her whole body was a little moist from the climate and her excitement. Dick after dick went into her mouth and came out hard glistening with pre-cum and saliva. The brown top that hugged her chest and overlapped itself right over left contouring each breast was pulled up exposing her flat stomach and pierced navel. She pulled her hands away from two pricks and removed the top. Surprisingly, she wore no bra and presented two perfectly round full b, nearly c cupped breast that had pink erect nipples. Her areola were not perfectly symmetrical but did have a nice eraser tip sized nipple.

"I wanna taste you guys." She licked the tip and continued. "This dick is too big but I need it so bad." A finger inserted into Angie's asshole.

Servicing each wasn't difficult for her and each left once they were satisfied. Angie had a string of semen dangling from her chin that oscillated as the last man thrusted behind her. She rocked back and forth as she moaned and played with herself as he slid in and out. She turned around and swallowed him. Angie was sweaty with semen on her back, on her belly, in her hair, on her shoulder and generally all over her. "How did I get cum on my shoulder? I understand getting it on my face, there's definitely some in my ass. I needed a cum bath." "You covered in cum huh?" "I needed this so bad." "You gots da sweetest ass." "Mmm, I'm going to be here for a few days. I'm going to do this again. Know anyone who might be interested? I want men with big dicks, several of them and I want cum all over me." When he was done he left. Angie felt satisfied and cleaned herself up. She remained without clothes for the rest of the evening and did not leave the room. The next morning she was like a new woman, with new appetites. She put on her suit and looked in the mirror. She was going to have to shave completely. The yellow micro mini covered just her clit and labia and had very thin strings, it was literally 4 cubic inches of cloth. The top was equally small and just exposed the very outer edge of her areolea. She walked the beach picking up sea shells and letting her ass feel the sun's rays. Very aggressive men would touch her and she gave them her room number and a time to be there.

Angie got drunk at an open air bar on the beach. Guys approached her and would buy her drinks. "You know the problem with men is you never have plans to finish what you start." She said to one. "Whadda ya mean?" "What I mean is you buy me this drink, but when are we going to do what we both have in mind?" He leaned in and put his arm around her. Angie stopped him and pulled away. "What about your friend over there?" "What about him?" "Well, do you think he wants to cum?" He stepped back. "I don't know."

"Let me find out." Angie walked over to what appeared to be her aggressor's friend and caught his attention. Angie was in the beach side bar with the same micro mini she wore earlier.

"You must hate tan lines."

"Only the wrong ones. Your friend over there invited me to your room, but I think we might need a chaperone."


"Well.... Three's company. If you know what I mean."

Angie followed the first man and beckoned the second. When they got to the elevator she went straight to work teasing both by grabbing their dicks through their khaki shorts. One kissed her neck while the other massaged her breasts. Both fellas had hands maneuvering below the waist. The micro mini was positioned to expose her genitals.

"You boys know exactly what I want. But I know I'm too much for you to handle. You better call some friends over."

The elevator dinged with just enough time for her to reposition the swim suit.

"I thought four was a crowd."

Angie leaned in and whispered to them "Four, is short of a party. And I love a good party." She was straight to the point and led one over to the bed and pushed him over.

"Undo your shorts." She barked orders now and untied both bows at the waist of the bikini bottom, which fell to the floor in an unintelligible mass of string. She pulled off the top. The chaperone watched as she mounted his friend. She moaned and bucked up and down sticking her middle finger deeper into her ass. "Don't just stand there and watch, fuck my ass." She looked his direction and he didn't move.

He shot back with "how about a party?"

"Mmm, let's." She raised off his cock and inserted him into her ass. She watched in the mirror as she gyrated over top of him. "Fuck my ass. Fuck it with that cock. My pussy's so wet. Stretch me, Fill me up! Uhhhn, I want that big dick in my mouth. Fuck that ass and cum in my mouth." She felt him close to orgasm and got off to inhale his member. She turned around and licked the tip and moved her mouth down the side to the base. She moved to the top and inserted his whole penis into her mouth. Angie appeared to have no gag reflex, her hands were rubbing her clit. She slid her mouth up and down on the cock while her throat seemed to swallow his member over and over. His orgasm was instantly swallowed.

"Who's next? I want your dicks to fill me all the way. I want all of you to cum for me."

The room was full of about eight men now, and she sat on the bed masturbating as she stared at their crotches. "You guy's shaved for me. I'm gonna suck your dicks dry." They all stepped close to the bed and she grabbed the first two cocks within reach. The two men stood side by side and she swallowed each with abandoned. Angie was being pulled up onto the bed ass way in the air as she paid two men attention with her mouth. Her tight body was being rubbed and her buttocks were being spread to insert a large erect penis. She took a break from sucking dicks to rub her self and moan. "Deeper with that big dick. Cum in my mouth not in my ass." She looked back up and deep throated the man to her left. She swallowed slowly with his member fully inserted into her mouth. He gushed cum that ran right down her throat. She pushed his thigh away from her and said "next, please."

With a string of cum that ran from the tip of his member to the bottom of her lip, she licked her lips as it split and dangled from her chin. The man behind her was gyrating into and out of her. "I'm gonna cum." he said, as he pulled out. Angie whipped around and looked right at the dick with her mouth open. She looked like a porn star as some of the ejaculate landed in her mouth and some on her face. Angie was covered in cum and had satisfied each man that was in the room. "Well, I think we'll have to do this again some time." Angie said with a giggle as she got up on her knees to get off the bed. She slapped two men on the butt as she walked to the bathroom to wipe herself down. Angie left the room for her own. She was incredibly satisfied and smelled strongly of sex.

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