tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAnna's Walk Home (ENF)

Anna's Walk Home (ENF)


Anna was lying down on a grassy field - a section of the public park that was on the fringes of the city. It was early in the morning when Anna awoke. The first birds had begun to chirp, and the sky was just beginning to turn a light shade of blue. The street lamps were still on, casting their light onto the quiet roads in the quiet suburban town.

Her house was almost two miles away.

"Jesus Christ" Anna said as she pushed herself on her knees. "What happened last night?"

She knew part of the answer, and it was as much to be expected considering her initial orientation confusion. There had been a party, she had gotten drunk, and the rest of the night was a blur.

For the current moment, Anna decided she wouldn't worry about the events that got her into her current situation. Instead, all she wanted was to hurry back home, clean up, and take the day off for some much needed rest. She could deal with the rest later.

As she picked herself up though, Anna couldn't help but feel something was off. Something related to last night. Something she might have to worry about. When she got up on her feet, and felt a cool breeze push against her slim figure, she realized what was wrong, was that something was missing.

She wasn't wearing pants.

"Fuck!" Anna said as she bent down to her knees. The jeans she had been wearing last night were nowhere to be seen. The park was empty, with no sign of her friends or more importantly, her modesty. All that was left to cover her long legs were her red pair of panties.

"God, why did I decide to wear lingerie?" she muttered. There was no way she could pass these off as bikini bottoms. The blood red linen snuggly hugged her peach-shaped butt, and left some, but little, to the imagination.

Meanwhile, Anna's top wasn't helping her much either. Her jean jacket from last night had also disappeared, leaving her in just her white tank tank top. To make matters worse, on the sides of the cloth, the red material of her matching red bra peaked out.

Anna shivered, not only from her lack of warm clothing, but from her fear of what to do next. She had no way to contact a trusty friend, and no way to drive back home. The only option left was for her to walk, which meant risking being seen by strangers (and possibly colleagues). It would be a gnarly walk of shame. Through whatever means, Anna had to avoid it.

The first order of business that had to be taken care of was getting out of the open, unconcealed environment of the grassy lawn. Carefully, Anna rose to her feet. Then, after a moment of hesitation, she sprinted across the grass. She headed towards a nearby thicket of trees - a small forest that ran along the edge of the park. On the other side of the trees was a busy road that ran through town. She would have to head in that direction if she wanted to get home.

Unfortunately for Anna, the patch of forest was almost ¾ of a mile wide, and she was without shoes. Her first instinct was to take the trail that ran through the forest, to avoid the trouble on her feet. However, it didn't take long for Anna to remember that joggers often used the path early in the morning on their way to the park. It would be too risky. So Anna decided to cut through the thicket on her own.

The forest trek initially was relatively easy for Anna. She had been on the track team in high school, so managing the distance on foot wasn't too big of a deal. The tree branches were relatively high, so she didn't have to swipe away too much vegetation or clamber through the branches like a monkey. As a precaution though, she decided to tie her long black hair in a ponytail, not wanting to be seen with leaves and berries in her hair if she was caught. That would surely be a sight to see!

As Anna progressed through the woods though, the terrain became much less navigable. The trees got thicker, and it became more of a nuisance swatting away the branches that seemed to grapple and cling to her clothing. At one point, Anna was walking under a low-strung pine tree, when a crooked branch pulled her back. She had caught one her tank top straps on the tree. Instead of using her hands to fix it, Anna decided to push forward.

"Stupid fucking branches!" she thought. With a great big step, Anna tried to free her strap from the tree's clutches.

Anna felt a bit of a tug, but then complete freedom. Unfortunately for her, there was also a "RIPPP." The sudden motion of her step had snapped her tank top strap in half.

"You've got to be kidding me." Anna muttered. "First my pants, now this? Whatever, it's not like the thing is gonna fall off because one strap broke." With this in mind, Anna continued her journey through the dense vegetation. As she walked on, her tank top, pelted by the abundance of dirty twigs and leaves, started to display a myriad of brown and green stains. Her hair became messier, with parts of the forest caught in its thick tail. Anna's slim legs became more tired - the terrain had turned more hilly, and her lack of shoes wasn't helping.

After a few more minutes of walking, Anna encountered another problem. She had just climbed over a small hill, when she saw a troublesome obstacle. Down on the other side was a small creek, running through the forest. Anna thought back to the trail, which she had ventured herself several times.

"Fuck" she thought. "There was a bridge going over this on that path. But who knows how far away from it I am now." Being careful so she wouldn't fall, Anna slowly clambered down to the creekside. Observing the water from an overhanging ledge, she thought about how much trouble getting across would do her. The water didn't seem too deep.

"And I'm not wearing shoes or pants that could get wet." she thought. Seeing that there wasn't any part of the river that was thinner up or downstream, Anna decided this was where she would have to make her crossing. She walked to the edge of the ledge and sat down.

"Better to take myself down slowly when I do this." The water ran about six feet below her feet. If she scooted down on her back, it wouldn't be a problem. There were a few pesky shrubs in the way, but she was now pretty experienced in avoiding those.

Or so she thought. As Anna took her first step down the side of the ledge, she lost her balance on some sandy soil, and fell on her back. She tumbled down the side, going straight through a bush and falling into the running water with a splash. Quickly, Anna resurfaced and got to her feet. The water only went up to her knees, but thanks to her cataclysmic fall, she was completely drenched. Her hair had fallen out of her ponytail, and now covered her entire face.

"What a pain" she said, as she brushed it back. "WHAT THE??" Anna looked down at her chest to see that her tank top was now completely missing.

"Where did it go?? Oh god. What the fuck?" Anna hurried back to the ledge to examine the bush. "It must have ripped off when I went through this stupid thing." But it wasn't there. When Anna casted her gaze back at the river, she saw what had happened. Part of her tank top, a lonely little scrap of it, was caught on some rocks. The rest, was floating down river, now long gone from her reach.

"Shit" Anna cried. She was going to have to walk back home in her water-logged, blood-red lingerie.

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by Anonymous

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by Shmi01/03/19


Keep the story going, because I have feeling poor Anna is going to end up totally bare-assed nude.

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by LeBaron198712/28/18

Nice start

More please!

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