tagLoving WivesAnne and Tom Ch. 03

Anne and Tom Ch. 03


Again -- a warning for those who don't like swinger and promiscuous wife stories -- please move on. I don't understand why you would read these if you're not interested in the stories.

For those of you who want to know about the discussion between a man and wife about these decisions, I left them out of the stories and focused on the erotic part of the story. The discussions did occur. They were honest. However, this site is named Literotica and not husband and wife talk alota.

For those of you who that have enjoyed, thank you and here's more.


On Sunday, Anne told me everything that had happened with her and Sean. I was hard the whole time, but she was too sore to do anything about it. After she finished, I jacked off and came some on her face and some in her mouth.

Monday and Tuesday she was still pretty sore, which left me to jacking off more. In reality, while we were both hornier than ever, we had no sex because she was still sore. It was the longest we hadn't fucked in several months.

Wednesday night I was on the couch watching TV, when Anne, wearing only a tank top and pair of string-bikini panties, snuggled beside me, her hand going to my crouch and mouth to my ear.

"You know what I need for you to do to make me feel more comfortable with our recent decisions," she whispered in my ear as she stroked my cock, which was responding.


"I need you to fuck another woman and tell me all about it. And soon."

The "and soon" part threw me off. I had planned on doing this, but hadn't made plans yet.

"I will," I replied realizing my cock was fully hard now as Anne stroked it through my pants. "I don't know who yet. It's not as easy for a guy, you know."

"I know, but I know there are plenty of women that want to fuck you," she whispered as she took a break from kissing my ear. "What about that Tammy girl? When she left your company didn't she tell you at her going away party that her biggest regret wasn't getting to fuck you?"

"Yeah, but that was almost two years ago. I can't just text her out of the blue and ask her if she wants to fuck."

"I guarantee she still wants to fuck you. A girl never forgets. And I'll help you text her and what to say."

How could I resist that? I grabbed my phone and Anne moved to her knees between my legs and began to undo my pants.

"And I'll suck your cock while we do this," Anne said freeing my cock from my boxers while I looked up Tammy's number in my phone.

"Okay, I've got her number, what do I write first?"

"Just ask her how she's been and how she's doing at her new job."

My text -- "hi tammy!! long time no talk. just wanted to see how ur doing and how the job is going!"

I set my phone down and began to enjoy my wife's work on my cock. However, my focus was short lived when my phone buzzed with Tammy's immediate response about 30 seconds later.

Her text -- "OMG!! HI TOM!! going great. good to hear from u!! how's life at my old stomping ground?"

I read the text to my wife who then told me what to write back.

My text -- "things are good. still don't have anyone to replace the quality of work u did for us. we've been through 3 people that had ur position."

I was enjoying my wife's oral work when my phone buzzed a few moments after I had sent the last text.

Her text -- "i hate to hear that. sometimes i wish i hadn't left"

My text -- "still have 'regrets?'"

Our replies were almost instantaneous now. My wife was blowing me and telling me how to text the girl she wanted me to fuck. Okay, that I wanted to fuck also.

Her text -- "OMG!! YES!! i can't believe u still remember that. i wanted to fuck u the first time we met!"

My text -- "of course I remember. can u meet for lunch...maybe take the afternoon off?"

Her text -- "what about ur wife?"

My text -- "she's out of town."

Anne and I had decided before her rendezvous with Sean that we would keep those we played with alone out of the loop on our decision. Making it seem like an illicit affair somehow made it hotter for us and made it more comfortable for the other person.

Her text -- "when and where?"

My text -- "how about 1:00. the Hilton has a good restaurant and convenient for upstairs fun :-)"

I was no longer needing my wife for help with texting Tammy so she was focused slowly on my cock. Interestingly, however, I was focused on my phone and not paying attention to the work she was doing. She was keeping me good and hard and horny, which helped me stay focused on setting up the fuck date with Tammy.

Her text -- "can't wait. been wanting to do this -- u -- for a long time. hope u can keep up ;-)"

My text -- "don't worry about me, lol. bring clothes and stuff to get ready for work on friday. i'm fucking you afternoon, evening and night."

Her text -- "you'd better live up to that promise...c u then! :-)"

My text -- "I will. c u 2morrow."

Once I was done texting Tammy, I looked down and saw Anne was staring at me with my cock in her mouth. Her eyes smiled at me and I knew she was excited even though she couldn't talk. She swallowed me hole and was sucking me with the contractions of her throat.

Now that I was focused on the blowjob, I didn't last much longer and blasted several shots of a huge load down my wife's throat as she deep throated my cock during my orgasm. Her eyes smiling at me the whole time!!

Once we were done on the couch, we hung out and made some small talk before told me she was going to bed.

"I need some sleep," she said as she stood up and took off her tank top. "Any you do too big boy. You've got some fucking to do tomorrow."

She had a big smile on her face as she bent over to strip off her panties. She turned and walked naked away from me towards the stairs to go upstairs.

I felt my cock twitch as I saw her naked body begin up the stairs. I got off the couch and turned everything off. By the time I got upstairs, Anne was already in bed. I did my nightly routine and stripped naked to join my naked wife in bed, which she had been every night since your night with Sean.

I was hard. Rock solid. Thinking of my naked wife and my planned rendezvous with Tammy. I got into bed and pushed into my wife, who was lying on her side. My cock immediately nestled between her ass cheeks. She pressed back into me, but thoughts of fucking my wife were quickly dashed.

"Now, now, big boy," my wife said turning over to face me with a big smile on her face. "You're going to need that stamina tomorrow."

We exchanged "I love you"s and she rolled over to go to sleep.

I was rock solid, but forced myself to sleep as well.


I checked into the Hilton around noon and got to my room that I had reserved for my rendezvous with Tammy. I had brought a suit for tomorrow and my morning routine stuff as well as a shirt, boxers and pajama bottoms just in case I needed to go get ice for drinks or something. However, I planned to stay naked as much as possible with Tammy.

I decided to text her to see if she brought clothes and wanted to bring them to the room before lunch. Of course, I wasn't opposed to just ordering room service as well.

My text -- "did u bring clothes and stuff for overnight stay?"

Her text reply didn't take long.

Her text -- "of course"

My text -- "I'm in room 857. u can drop of ur stuff before lunch if you wish."

Her text -- "on my way. b there in 15."

About 20 minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. It was Tammy.

As I let her in, I took a moment to assess/remember what she looked like. She was blonde, maybe 5'3". Not fat, but nice curves -- especially her probably c-cup tits on her smallish frame. More cute than hot, but always dressed to look nice.

We exchanged welcomes as she put her clothes in the closet. But when she came out of the bathroom, I grabbed her, pulled her to me and kissed her. She immediately returned the kiss and our tongues danced.

I backed her into the foyer wall and lifted her slightly so her body was pressed between the wall and my body. She had opened her legs and wrapped them around me as I lifted her against the wall so our crotches pressed against each other.

We both frantically unbuttoned each other's shirts and lifted her tits from the cups of her bra. Her skirt had rode up and I somehow was able to unbutton my pants to free my hard cock. I reached down, pulled her panties aside and maneuvered my cock to the entrance of her wet pussy.

I pushed my hips forward and entered my first pussy that wasn't Anne's since I had started dating her 12 years ago.

Tammy gasped and rotated her hips, which allowed me to enter her fully. The position we were in only allowed small movements, but still felt amazing. We stayed like that for several minutes and kissed passionately at the same time.

It was obvious that we weren't going to be able to stay like that forever and she whispered in my ear that we should go to the bed. I pulled out of her and let her down.

She started to the bed and removed all of her clothes on the way. I stood back and enjoyed the view. She got on the bed on all fours and smiled back at me. I quickly undressed and joined her on the bed in my birthday suit as well.

I got behind her and entered her just as easily as before. I began fucking her from behind. Hard. Pure animal lust. I felt her body start to tense and knew she was getting ready to cum. I felt mine build as well and just as she started to cum, I blew my load deep into her pussy.

I collapsed onto the bed beside her and felt her still breathing heavily. I pulled her into me and we began kissing again. Our naked bodies were pressed against each other and I noticed that my erection hadn't gone away after cumming. That hadn't happened to me since I was in college.

Tammy noticed as well, which brought a smile to her face. She pushed me to my back and straddled me. She pressed her hips down on me and my cock re-entered her pussy. Between the wetness of her orgasm and my cum in her pussy, I slid in easily.

Since I had just cum about fifteen minutes before, I had plenty of stamina as we changed positions several times before I found myself on top of her, missionary style, with her legs wrapped around me. She had cum a few times and her final one during this round pushed me over the edge and shot a second time deep in her.

We were both out of breath and just lied on the bed next to each other, naked and breathing heavily. Finally, she had to get up to use the bathroom. I used the time to send a quick text to Anne.

My text -- "tammy and I have already fucked. 2x."

I turned my phone to silent and set it face down on the nightstand.

When Tammy returned from the bathroom, she snuggled her naked body into mine and we kissed some more. Some light kisses and some deep all tongue kisses. After a short time of this, we actually stopped kissing and talked, catching up on each other's lives.

She liked her new job and life was going very well for her. Then she asked the question that I knew was coming.

"So you're cheating on your wife now?"

"You're one to talk," I said in reply and pointed to the diamond ring on her left ring finger.

"Well, I'm just engaged. And too big of a slut to settle down with one guy yet. Maybe after I'm married. What's your excuse?"

"I know my wife is fucking someone else," I said not lying, but only telling her the half-truth sticking to my agreement with Anne. "So I figured that I'd get out there as well. That's why I texted you."

"Ahhh, I'm your first?"

"Yup." My cock was starting to get some life to it. Tammy noticed and started stroking it. It didn't take long for me to get fully erect again.

"You can fuck me anytime you want, Tom. Your personal fuck buddy."

"How about now?" The question was obviously rhetorical and round three began. Like the first two rounds, it finished the same way. Both of us out-of-breath.

But this time, I was starving. I saw the clock read 5:00 and we hadn't made it to lunch yet. Tammy had to use the bathroom again and I told her I'd check out the room service menu. As I did, I grabbed my phone and saw Anne had texted me.

Her text -- "u horndog. can't wait to hear about it. thinking about u 2 is getting me so horny. i luv u!!"

My text -- "u horny slut ;-)!! we just fucked a third time. ordering room service now. I'm sure more fucking tonite :-). luv u 2!!"

I set my phone down and walked over to the desk that had the room service menu. Tammy walked up behind and pressed her naked body against mine as we looked at the menu. Once we decided on what we wanted I called and we put on some clothes -- her a shirt that covered her and me a t-shirt and boxers.

We continued catching up on each other's lives as we waited for the food. Once it arrived, we ate and continued reacquainting our friendship. We finished food and Tammy suggested a shower, which I agreed.

In the shower, we cleaned each other up, paying special attention to the erogenous areas. By the time, we finished the shower, I was hard and Tammy was horny as well.

We dried off and headed to the bed. Tammy suggested a little game. She explained the rules, which were basically to see who could tease the other into begging to fuck. Kissing and touching the other person's body was allowed and encouraged, but any tongue or hand action on the other person's genitals could only be fleeting.

"What to do I get if I win," I asked.

"You get to fuck my ass," she replied quickly. "And if I win, you have to give me oral for at least 30 minutes."

I agreed and we set about teasing each other. We kissed and explored with our hands. I have to admit, it was the single most erotic thing I'd ever done in bed. We did this for over and hour before we both decided we both won.

I performed oral on her for 30 minutes before I fucked her ass. After cumming for the fourth time, I was exhausted. It was now 10:30.

When I went to the bathroom, before falling asleep, I took my phone. I saw my wife had texted me three times.

Her text -- "I'm ur slut. so horny right now. need cock. no fair ur getting some while i have to wait."

My text -- "fucked tammy 2 more times. in her ass the last time!! going to sleep now. can't wait to share with u 2morrow. luv u!!"

When I got done, I went back out the room and saw Tammy asleep already on her side. I slid into the bed and pulled her into me as I quickly fell asleep.

We woke the next morning and fucked again before getting ready to go to work. Once we were both ready to go to work, we shared one more deep kiss before she headed out of the door, but not before we promised to get together again very soon.

I checked out of the hotel and went into work for a couple of hours before heading home. I needed to fuck Anne.

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