tagGroup SexAnnie Babysits the Kids Ch. 07

Annie Babysits the Kids Ch. 07


Chapter 7 --Cumming to the Pool Party

If you have not read previous adventures of Annie, I recommend them to fully understand the sequence of events leading up to this point in the story, as well as my obsession and enjoyment of other men lusting after my fiancée Anne-Marie. Following is a somewhat brief--although I use the term loosely as so much has happened in the past couple weeks--overview of how our lives have changed. For those who are familiar with Annie's adventures, feel free to skip to the next section...


My name is Bob Angel, and I have always urged my girlfriend and now fiancée Anne-Marie to dress provocatively, in as revealing and sexy clothes as possible to show off her beautiful body. I enjoy 'showing her off' to other men as a visual shout of 'Look what I have!' and desiring her to become more open with her own sexuality. I have often fantasized her pleasing other men--including my friends who work with me at the local auto shop--since the day I met her. It is not because I want to degrade or use her, but I believe something so beautiful should not be squandered; like rare art I want to share her assets with other men to enjoy. I love her and know she loves me; it is a turn-on imagining her with other men to satisfy their lusts with the knowledge she always returns back to me. In my opinion is a difference between fucking in pure lust and making love to somebody and committing your life to them. One I would enjoy her pursuing with others, while the other I know is mine and mine alone.

Annie is worth the admiration of any man with testosterone flowing through his veins. She has a supermodel figure--tall with an athletic figure toned from cheerleading in high school and maintained by regularly working out. Although she does not dress as slutty as I would like her to, she still shows off her body amazingly well. With her long brunette hair framing her angelic face, natural well-defined and firm breasts, and long legs, she always draws the attention of every male around her.

Recently our lives have taken an interesting turn. We had a sexual dry spell due to me working late for several weeks, and both of us were horny as hell when I finally had a night off for us to see each other. Unfortunately at the last minute Annie was asked to housesit for some friends of her family. The Strauss' have two daughters--2-year-old Suzie and 12-year-old Ellen--as well as an 18-year-old teenager named Brian whom Annie used to babysit along with his best friend William when they were younger.

Even knowing our plans were canceled and she had to go and babysit, Annie and I teased and aroused each other to the point of exploding before I drove her to the Strauss' house. I was in a particularly odd frame of mind as I continued to arouse Annie, leaving her horny as hell right before I dropped her off at the Strauss' house. As a final act of revenge, Annie pulled me to the back of the house, pulled down my pants, and proceeded to give me a fantastic blowjob. Annie is the best oral aficionado I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and she used all her talents that night. As I was about to explode down her throat, she suddenly stopped with a laugh and went inside, leaving me alone and standing with my dick in the air, pants around my ankles!

As I had nothing else to do that evening and was still in an unusual—albeit aroused—mood, I decided to hang around and spy on Annie babysitting for a bit. I moved to the side of the house where the living room window was located, finding it opened for the summer breeze. The side of the house was within the shadows of the garage even during the day, so nobody could see me looking in from the outside. What I expected to be a dull and short evening of Annie watching television before I went home, was quickly replaced by something completely unexpected.

The Strauss' son Brian and his friend William were both home; however, being too rowdy and self-centered recent high-school graduates, they were not trusted to watch the younger girls, which was why Annie was asked to come over. Looking in, I saw the two guys talking to Annie, Mr. and Mrs. Strauss apparently already gone for the evening.

From my vantage point, I could hear and see everything in the well-lit room, and from the conversation, Brian and William had seen us in the backyard earlier, commenting on Annie teasing me with her blowjob! More surprising, the boys stated they were going to tell Brian's parents about her behavior unless she gave them similar treatment in compensation. Mr. and Mrs. Strauss owned the local bank where Annie's parents had a sizeable loan, so such a scandal would mean the bank could foreclose on their loan, ostracizing Annie and her family from the community. The circumstances of embarrassment not only to Annie but her entire family and the possibility of financial ruin for her family who was already having problems in this economy were too great to risk. To make a long synapsis short, the boys ultimately blackmailed Annie through a possible 'scandal' of her acting like a slut to become a slut.

The boys had not come about their blackmailing scheme by chance, having had a personal grudge against Annie for years while she had babysat them. Annie told me once she purposely teased them to get them to leave her alone. She dressed in revealing clothes, 'accidentally' flashing them a bit of skin every once and a while until they both got so worked up, they would excuse themselves to their rooms for the night. Annie rationalized it was the easiest way to have a peaceful night. She even admitted feeling sexually empowered with the ability to tease somebody to the point of them having to relieve themselves.

Annie has always been a natural tease, her body movements, mannerisms, and general demeanor unconsciously seducing any man who watched her. When she did it knowingly it was impossible to ignore.

Because of all the past years of pent-up cock teasing, the boys had a personal lustful grudge against Annie and had been looking for any way to manipulate her to their control.

Any other evening Annie would have been of a right mind to call their bluff, life continuing normally; however, as aroused as she was and slightly drunk from our interrupted date, she believed the boys' threats, fearing her parents going bankrupt, their house foreclosed, and how such embarrassment would destroy her family. Eventually she succumbed to their demands, at first only agreeing to show off her body to them; however, as turned on as she was, and the general eroticism the act of having two well-endowed men in front of her, Annie ultimately agreed to a hand job at their incessant urging.

Inevitably her own lust and desire got the best of her and I watched in amazement as during the hand job Annie leaned over Brian and took him fully into her mouth! Things progressed after that, leading to one of the most erotic sights of my life as I watched Annie involved in a threesome—my naked fiancée on her hands and knees sucking one guy while another pounded her from behind, her ass and tits swaying with each thrust.

Instead of being mad or jealous as I stood outside watching the events unfold, I was more aroused than ever, in the end jacking off twice to the scene of Annie following the demands of the two guys, exposing her body and letting them appease their sexual gratification through the use of her. Although she may have started off unwilling at first, as they satisfied their lust her own body betrayed her, yearning for more. Yet in the end she was left unsatiated, as the boys' only interest was in her humiliation, leaving her filled with two strangers' sperm as proof of their control over her.

The following week Annie had to babysit again, and predictably the boys were present, me spying yet again through the window to see if anything else may happen. I watched as the boys revealed videotaping the previous week's exploits, threatening to expose the tape to Annie's school and parents, as well as their parents and everybody in the community, even threatening to accuse her of abusing them as minors in the past.

Ultimately Annie caved in when they threatened to tell me about her indiscretions--the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Annie's greatest fear is losing me, and she loves me with all her heart. She would do anything to keep us together, even prostituting her own self out, as paradoxical as it sounded.

The irony of the situation was this was something I had always dreamed about. Annie thought I was joking when I told her I would not mind her sleeping around with other men. Knowing she loves me and is mine even when satisfying another man's lust is one of my biggest thrills. I am all for women's lib and equal opportunity, but I believe a sexually beautiful woman should use the gifts God gave her, and the greatest gift any woman can give is serving another's needs with her body. I believe in true love and devotion as well; to me there is a difference between fucking and making love. Yeah, ok, maybe I'm a bit weird, but that's who I am, deal with it!

Over time the boys made several demands of Annie, placing her more and more into their control—the more she succumbed to their demands, the more incriminating evidence they gained. One weekend they got her to dress up as a biker slut and go shopping with them at a mall, her body on display to all who saw her. They had Annie try on all sorts of slutty clothes--often in the changing room with her--making her buy a whole wardrobe of 'appropriate' slave attire.

Without her knowledge they drugged her with a recreational sex drug causing her to become uncontrollably aroused and then leaving her alone at the Food Court. Fate that day was in an unusual mood as my best friends ended up finding her, her body blindly wanting satisfaction to her sexual cravings.

As I have mentioned, every guy who knows Annie has lusted after her, and my friends are no exception. We often pride ourselves in attempting to seduce each other's girlfriends, not minding if we succeed, as we all feel similarly in terms of sharing a woman's body. In particular my best friend Rick has been obsessed with Annie since the day we started dating. He has always pursued her, and I often told Annie she should sleep with him to satisfy his craving and get it over with, but Annie always believed I was joking.

Finding her stoned and in such an aroused state at the mall, dressed provocatively and completely at their mercy was a dream come true. As the events unfolded, they finally led her in a sexual stupor to the men's bathroom where she gave the entire gang blowjobs.

Later in the evening the boys continued her sexual domination by arranging a group of strangers at the mall to fuck her in a gangbang. Annie's blackmail continued as not only had my friends recorded Annie's 'sexploits' in the bathroom with their cell phone cameras, but Brian and William had her gangbang recorded as well, further capturing her within their folds of domination.

Since then life has been stimulating for both of us. The boys have continued their sexual control over Annie; ordering her to dress provocatively in clothes they picked for her at the mall, also demanding she not wear any underwear unless instructed. Furthermore, she is at their beck and call to be used for their own enjoyment as much as possible. Meanwhile they have denied her to have sex with me unless they give her permission.

Annie has explained her changes by telling me she is seeing if I was truly serious about her dressing more slutty, even though I knew the actual reason. The abstinence from sex she has further stated is due to our engagement, in order to have something to look forward towards on our honeymoon.

Additionally, my friends were now blackmailing her, threatening to reveal to me her behavior at the mall and her gang blowjob session with them. The first part of their plan has been to force Annie to attend a pool party we were had arranged for this weekend.

Annie has always known of my friends' lust of her, especially Rick--so has avoided any contact with them as much as possible. This was the first party she was going to attend since graduation, always finding an excuse not to be around other times. To explain her sudden change in attitude, she explained to me how she missed seeing all her friends, wanting to catch up with her girlfriends who would be at the party.

With all the recent events, Annie has become blatantly sexual. She has had several doses of the recreational sex drug the boys bought, resulting in her being almost continually aroused. Though her changes could be explained solely by the drug, Annie has admitted in her own diary (which I secretly discovered the location of long ago) how she is enjoying the attention, feeling a part of her being 'freed.' Her thoughts have been in constant dichotomy between wanting to enjoy other men's' use of her body and her abiding by 'normal' society's morals of a 'proper' and 'good' girl. Moreover, her love for me has her afraid of giving in due to the possibility of losing me, unable to reach the same conclusion as I have that she can be a slut and still be in love with me.

It is through reading her diary as well as spying on her without her knowledge I have discovered and been recounting her adventures. I again urge you to read what has occurred before to understand both our feelings and Annie's predicament up to this point as the story now continues. The day of the pool party has come (or cum as the case may be) and gone, and I am telling the events in the order they occurred, as opposed to bits and pieces out of synch as I found them her diary afterwards or watching myself in order to better explain the story....


Annie awoke Sunday morning feeling more alive than ever, particularly compared to the last couple weeks. All last week she had woken with pure sexual need and uncontrollable lust, yet now she felt energized. Her body still burned with desire, but it was a familiar tingle, her mind aware of her desires and willing to give in to them to some extent. She felt built for sex, ready to let her body be used.

Thinking through the past day, she realized her lust was controllable to some degree, particularly with her mind starting to accept her role as a slut. Yes, her yearnings were as strong, but thinking about relieving those urges instead of denying them seemed to be the key. It was as if being used at the car wash had broken down some barrier in her mind, some part of her no longer fighting the desire to be used. Now the main worry in Annie's mind was the uncertainty if the price of controlling her inner dark desires was worth it, especially if she had to fuck a dozen guys to appease it!

Going to the car wash and giving her body to every man present had somehow removed all her inhibitions. There was a crossing point while she was being serviced where her mind had given in to the depraved pleasures of the attendants, as if a dam had broken and all the pent up lust had crashed forth. Instead of being afraid and abhorring what she was doing, she had allowed the sensations full freedom, allowing acceptance of her role as a sexual object to saturate her entire being. She had done what felt 'right' to her. The end result—besides mind-shattering orgasms at the time—was waking up this morning and although fully aroused, no longer afraid of the arousal, instead anticipating it, wondering on ways to appease it.

A part of her could not believe she had sex with so many guys at once, or been so open and eager about it, or even had gone there to begin with; however, another part of her consciousness was accepting it, and was now the more dominant emotion. A week ago she would have been horrified at her actions; this morning she looked back on it with a tingle of excitement. The only difference between yesterday and previous incidents with not only the boys, but Rick and the gang as well was she gave herself willingly, whereas before there was always non-cooperation in what she was doing.

She looked down at her chest, the bed sheet having fallen to her waist, seeing how her skin glistened with remains of the car wash treatments. The various cycles had cleansed her better than any spa treatment, and her mind wandered, imagining what it would have been like going to bed covered in cum, waking with it dried upon her skin, the smell of maleness surrounding her.

She ran her fingers through her soft hair, her mind fantasizing it being stiff and matted with dried sperm. Instead of rejecting the idea as before, the thoughts of sex sent a thrill through her, the cleft between her legs becoming moist at the thought of being used so thoroughly by men.

Her mind was still in turmoil, but it was lessened in terms of the amount of rejection and abhorrence she felt being used as a sex object. It was not a complete reversal, giving in to a complete acceptance of being a slut—she did not plan on walking outside and fucking any man she met. There was still a large part of her consciousness questioning how she could have gone through with such a display of promiscuity, particularly frightened of what Bob would say if he found out. That being said, she could see some benefits in following the orders of her masters versus rebellion.

She did not willingly relish her predicament with the boys or Rick and the gang; however, a part of her now felt almost exhilarated to be desired not by one or a few, but several dozen men.

Without thinking she squeezed her left breast, savoring the spike of her pulse, the tingle of her nipple as her palm grazed over the responding, hardening nub. She increased pressure on it, kneading it between her fingers, moaning quietly as the nerve endings of her nipple reverberated through her body. Running her hand lower, she felt the smoothness of her belly, images of it covered with the warm, slimy ejaculate of a man filling her head, picturing the slickness as she rubbed it across her stomach.

She wondered what was happening to her. She had always argued with Bob over his belief women were sexual objects in nature, meant to be used. When they had first discussed to topic she had thought him a Neanderthal in his thinking, but after getting to know him, she realized he respected women as more than sex objects. He merely had none of the reservations many people had over 'free sex' or what roles were expected by each sex—women to be used, men to use them. To him sex was a pleasure to be pursued, although he had never been with another girl since they had started dating--at her own request she acknowledged, wondering now if it was selfish of her and unjustified. Already she had been pleasured by—holy Christ, over two dozen men she realized! Not only with strangers but people she knew, and her love for Bob had not diminished in the slightest. Instead she actually felt she understood him more, with stronger feelings for the intimacy they shared together beyond the pure unadulterated lust of sex.

Was she merely justifying her use by so many men? Was this an excuse she was subconsciously using to rationalize why she felt—good, that was the feeling she had. Was she trying to explain feeling good from so much sex with some convenient excuse? She had been used and willingly ravished by almost a dozen men in a single day, and felt better than she had in a long time, with only a twinge of regret. What was happening to her?

Annie stretched in bed, her left leg uncovered by the sheet as she remembered the first attendant's gaze upon her legs as she stood before him in the revealing outfit. Reflecting on the moment, her body became covered with goose bumps as pins and needles flowed across her skin, her mind reliving his eyes gliding up and down her body. She should have been ashamed of herself for even allowing that much to happen, let alone agreeing to the 'ride' through the car wash and the depravities she allowed to be committed upon her person.

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